Cowgirl Up FanFic Bible Season One a/o 2/14/11                                       1.Howdy! And welcome to the Cowgirl U...
Cowgirl Up FanFic Bible Season One a/o 2/14/11                                          2.running the ranch, she’d love to...
Cowgirl Up FanFic Bible Season One a/o 2/14/11                                         3.the 1880’s – in a time where you ...
Cowgirl Up FanFic Bible Season One a/o 2/14/11                                            4.magic she had for the good of ...
Cowgirl Up FanFic Bible Season One a/o 2/14/11                                      5.MERIDITH -- Another one of Jo’s frie...
Cowgirl Up FanFic Bible Season One a/o 2/14/11                                          6.She traveled to towns who had no...
Cowgirl Up FanFic Bible Season One a/o 2/14/11                                          7.sees her as a hired gun, and has...
Cowgirl Up FanFic Bible Season One a/o 2/14/11                                         to use Rober McKee’...
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Created by Nancylee Myatt - this is an overview of the Cowgirl Up series and characters including fanfic writing ideas and writing tips from Ms. Myatt (the creator of Cowgirl Up)

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Cowgirl Up Fanfic Bible.doc

  1. 1. Cowgirl Up FanFic Bible Season One a/o 2/14/11 1.Howdy! And welcome to the Cowgirl Up fan fiction page. I’ve created a briefcharacter bible for you, with back story and possible scenarios for past and presentday. I thought it would be great to be able to write about your favorite charactersliving and loving in 2011 and in the 1870’s. I know I’ve been having a fun doingthat… I’d like to say that I look forward to reading what you come up with, but asyou know I’m not legally allowed to do that. And as you also know, that hasn’tstopped me from wanting you to give you the inside scoop to keep my charactersand their worlds alive on the page, if not the screen.We hope that there will be many seasons of Cowgirl Up and opportunities to growthe characters you love and create new ones to throw into bunkhouse. But untilthen, happy writing and happy trails… Nancylee aka OK Red COWGIRL UP CHARACTER OVERVIEW PAST AND PRESENTDOUBLE D RANCHLU BROWN -- Lu and her partner in business and life, Cricket, own and operate theDouble D Women Only Dude Ranch. Lu is the consummate hostess. Her life’s goal isto make sure everyone is having a great time. Lu is a little earthy hippie dippie. Sheis also registered nurse, and an ordained minister in the Church of the AlternativeSpirit. Which comes in very handy, as the Double D has inspired quite a fewcommitment ceremonies. But there’s another side to Lu – a kind of a boozy, horny,life-coach. She loves her desert life with Cricket and the western spirit they arekeeping alive.LU – In 1876 Lu would have been a woman who decided she could run a business in aman’s world. She started out as a Miss Kitty type, running a saloon and catering tomen. But then she realized there were women with money and ambition. Women whodidn’t want to lie and live as a man to pursue their true nature. She came west, usedher family money and bought a ranch near some hot springs in California. Womencame to her ranch for the healing waters and the nurturing spirit of the women of thewest. Some stayed, some came back year after year (without questions), and othersdiscovered opportunity and their true identity and set out to claim that life.CRICKET EARP – Cricket is the no-nonsense Head Wrangler of the ranch. Whileshe’ll teach you to “cowgirl up” with a smile and a gentle hand, do not be fooled, sheis one tough cookie. Cricket and Lu have an old married couple’s relationship,sweet, but they could use a little spice back in their lives. Cricket is done with
  2. 2. Cowgirl Up FanFic Bible Season One a/o 2/14/11 2.running the ranch, she’d love to be living out the American Dream on a beachsomewhere… Cricket has a plan to make that happen with her evil alliance with theClitteraw tribe next door.CRICKET – In 1876 would have been a woman with a famous legacy and noopportunity. A girl raised in a family of men who were making a name for themselves.Not until she met Lu did she realize that her legacy and skills had value for otherwomen in this new territory. She became a teacher, protector and advocate forwomen of the west. She would have even have done a stint in the wild west shows ofthe day, claiming fame and fortune.SUNNY TRAILS – Sunny is a wrangler at the Double D, growing up right next door.And when she was tired of living as a half-breed and half-a-citizen in her ownteepee, uh, home, she moved next door to the Double D. Her mother is MorningWind, her father was a one night stand at an Eagles concert. And her half-sister isEager Beaver. But Sunny is all cowgirl. She just wants a piece of what’s coming toher and some room to roam. She’s actually smarter than most of the gang she’s“throwed in with.” Which means, when things get rough, she might actually get outof Dodge for a new start.SUNNY – In 1876 would have had to fight to be a free woman of color. A half breedthat neither side wanted to claim. She would have had to work like the other people ofthat time, Chinese, Irish, etc., for her own independence. And would have most likelymigrated west where the best hand wins. Finding other women of independence livingin the west would have been her salvation. Which means, she would have madealliances that might not have yielded the freedom or money she had anticipated. Shemight have done better not partnering with anyone.RUSTY – Rusty Stoffer is a hot girl with skills. She works as a stunt woman onwesterns and on the off times as a wrangler at the Double D. Which is basically aplace for her to meet women who have the same interests… women, horses, gunsand party. Rusty lets most everything roll off her back. Which makes her the perfectweekend hook-up. She’s the girl you want on your side – whether it’s a night outthat turns rowdy at a bar, a rank horse or a coiled snake. Rusty has created a greatlife for herself. But if she ever really let’s someone in, it would rock her world, andthey’d be looking for their own little Ranchito and a sunset ride.RUSTY – In 1876 would have been traveling with a wild west show or working on aranch in the west for an outfit who couldn’t afford a man in her position. Rustyhowever, always saw the silver lining. Do I have my own money? Am I’m notbeholding to a man who sees me as property? Am I living a life that let’s me be who Iam without consequence? Yes. She’s probably figured out before most everyone thatshe is a lesbian and it works.COON-ASS KATE – Kate is the real deal. Whether it’s 2011 or 1876, she was bornand bred to be a cowgirl and a survivor. Unfortunately, she’d probably do better in
  3. 3. Cowgirl Up FanFic Bible Season One a/o 2/14/11 3.the 1880’s – in a time where you called it like you saw it, and were respectedbecause of what you know vs. failing upwards. Kate’s one of those women who is sofocused on the life she is living and has no time for people who can’t rise to theoccasion. She likes men because there is no mystery. She always knows exactlywhere she stands. She uses them and then moves on, just like a man. Women areattracted to her because they feel that they would be taken care of, and that she’sprobably as raw and rough in the bunkhouse as she is on the trail. But at the end ofthe day, she’s an untapped resource. It will take a special person to tap the Kate Keg.COON-ASS KATE – In 1876 she was probably a lot like Calamity Jane. A rough-edgedwoman whose best friends and loves were both men and women. But only those thatdidn’t try to make her into anything she was not, or force society’s rules and norms onher. Does she actually get to find true love and fulfillment? Probably not… Butwhether the 1880’s or today she’s as pure as it gets. And you’re always going to have agood ride with Kate.THE NATIVESEAGER BEAVER – Full blood Clitteraw. She and her mother, Morning Wind, are thelast of their tribe. They are desperately trying to get their own piece of the NativeAmerican Dream – a Casino. All they need to do is get back the property they haveleased to the owners of the Double D. and they are on their way. Eager Beaver isresolute in her goal, until she meets Jo, and feels that she has met her soul-mate.Perhaps they have been together through many lifetimes. Eager Beaver will be inconflict over matters of the heart and the wallet. She’ll have to work around heroverbearing Mother who just wants to get on with her golden years as a casinoowner.EAGER BEAVER – In 1876 was the daughter of the Chief of her tribe. And in this tribe,not unlike many others of it time, the women were held in high regard. They got tochoose the relationships they had and the terms of the union or separation. EagerBeaver doesn’t fear the white people, in fact she has a fascination for them. And she’lllook outside of her own tribe for love and experiences. But in 1876 that could be arisky adventure, as the Natives were all viewed as savages or beggars. She could verywell end up on the wrong side of the gun of some narrow minded yahoo.MORNING WIND – Full blood and now the standing Chief of her tribe. She’s amodern Indian – a golf cart has replaced a horse, and bingo has taken the place ofweaving and jewelry making. However, she still knows the practices of the old waysand is not opposed to using them to get what she wants. While she is not pleasedthat her daughter is gay, she is more pissed about the end of the tribal line. But youwon’t find her on the PFLAG float at desert Pride. Morning Wind wants everythingthat she’s entitled to and will stop at nothing to get it… and a box of wine.MORNING WIND – In 1876 she was the right hand to her husband the Chief. When hewas killed in a raid, she spiraled. And found the devil liquor. All of the energy and
  4. 4. Cowgirl Up FanFic Bible Season One a/o 2/14/11 4.magic she had for the good of tribe, became focused on revenge. She stopped teachingher daughters the way of the ancestors and left Eager Beaver to find her own way.The tribe however, continued to care for and hold Morning Wind in deep regard, andto stay off her bad side.THE DOUBLE D GUESTSSILVERADO BUNKHOUSEJO -- Jo Darby is the leader of the Silverado Bunkhouse girls – Team Blue. It was heridea to bring her friends, Dee and Meridith to the Double D for a cowgirl fantasyweekend. Jo’s an adventure junkie and super competitive (in work, play andromance). She’s got a bit of a thing for cowgirls, so this is the perfect weekend forher. Jo is a lady killer, and the women love her. However, she is going to findherself being the hunted instead of the hunter this weekend. At the end of the day,for a good time, Jo is the girl you want to hitch your wagon to. But she might not bethe girl you want to hitch your U-Haul to. She’s funny, sexy, self aware, andcompletely open to whatever hand she is dealt.JO – In 1876 Jolene Darby was raised a woman of means and opportunity. Her familysettled in Chicago and she was sent to school in St. Louis. That’s where she met Dee.They became best friends, discovering that they weren’t like the rest of the girls intheir school and generation. Jo convinces Dee that they should see the wild westbefore settling down (against their will) into the lives (and relationships) that theirfamilies have planned for them. They catch a train to San Francisco and never lookback. Going from one adventure to another until they end up at the Double D andfinally find the life and meet the soul-mates they’ve been searching for.DEE – Dee Maddox is Jo’s best friend. Jo has dragged her along on some crazyvacations, which for a girl who is accident prone, has been a real testimony of heraffection for Jo, and a drain on her health insurance. Dee is gay, but she’s the kind ofgirl that really wants a girlfriend who is more of a friend than a lover. That’s not tosay that she isn’t smokin’ hot in the bedroom, but she would like both in arelationship. So finding a kindred spirit is her goal. And she’ll have to kiss a lot offrogs to find her Princess. Dee could really use a woman appreciates her innerbeauty as much as her gorgeous exterior. And a cowgirl might just be that perfectmatch.DEE – In 1876 Dee-Ann Maddox was raised in St. Louis born to wealthy parents, andwent to a fancy girl’s college there where she met Jo. Jo helped Dee be brave enough toadmit she like girls and didn’t want to follow her parents plan for her future andarranged marriage. They caught a train to the west under the guise of seeing a littlebit of the new world before returning to the life that was planned for them. While Deeat times misses a calmer safer life, she knows that Jo is showing her the life and worldshe was born to. Jo and Dee probably were lovers at first, but are now just life longfriends, seeing how much of the world they can experience in this lifetime.
  5. 5. Cowgirl Up FanFic Bible Season One a/o 2/14/11 5.MERIDITH -- Another one of Jo’s friends. Meridith Manning is British, an attorney,and knows exactly who she is and what she wants out of every situation. She is alsovery competitive, which is where she and Jo share a connection. She is currentlysingle, coming out of a bad relationship with her ex-girlfriend who hired a tougherattorney than herself to handle the terms of the separation. Meridith thought Jo andDee were taking her to a spa to help her forget her ex. Once she got over that baitand switch, she gets totally into using the ranch weekend to blow some steam.Meridith could use a good dose of “strange,” a random hook-up, a person thatdoesn’t want something from her, more than the weekend in front of them. But atthe end of the day, it’s the person that surprises Meridith, the person that doesn’tcome from her background, money, education or generation that is probably goingto give Meridith pause to find the love of her life.MERIDITH – In 1876 Meridith Manning has traveled the furthest to find her life andlove at the Double D. Born in England to parents who were teachers at a University.The family took a ship across the pond and around the horn landing in San Francisco.Meridith’s father became a lawyer and hung a shingle in the City by the Bay. He sentall of his children to college and law school setting up a family practice that wouldsurvive many generations. Meridith, while working in the firm, also knew that shecraved experiences that weren’t always in keeping with the respectable life she wasleading. She met Jo and Dee in a private club for women and the alliance andfriendship was made. The excursion to the Double D was just another in their quest forzest adventures. But it’s the one that put Meridith on a road she would have neverimagined herself on.TOMBSTONE BUNKHOUSEBABE – Babe Savino Is the leader of the Tombstone Bunkhouse. She’s at the DoubleD to break a record and win “Best All Around Cowgirl.” Winning and prizes andtrophies and titles and medals, makes Babe feel validated. Babe is a mountedpoliceman in New Orleans. Riding and using a gun are an everyday occurrence forher. So being a cowgirl was the perfect segue. Babe says she’s straight, and sheprobably is. There’s probably a guy or two at home struggling to be on top. And theguy who can tame this one, will be the one taking home the prize. She does not haveany real girlfriends outside of the women she has met on these cowgirl fantasyweekends. What she’s missing in the men that she doesn’t see, is that she’s anawesome butch who could have an amazing relationship with someone who isn’tcompeting with her in work and love life . She might end up being one of those girlswho is tough on the street but doesn’t have the guts to go against the norm and findherself fully realized in same sex relationship.BABE – In 1876 Babe Savino was raised in New Orleans by a family who were Civil warvets and now policemen. Women of that day, in the larger more established cities, didnot take on roles of soldiers or lawmen. So for Babe, who craved law, order andjustice, and had the skills to make it happen, heading west was a natural migration.
  6. 6. Cowgirl Up FanFic Bible Season One a/o 2/14/11 6.She traveled to towns who had not yet carved out the justice system and where thefastest gun was the law. She was able to work with and “under” some famous lawmencarving out names for themselves in the west. She met Dakota on a ranch in theWyoming/Montana territory on a buffalo and deer hunt. Dakota was the first girl sheever met who handled a gun with all the skill and confidence of well… herself. Babetold her about the Double D in California and The Dakota Kid was on board to showoff her skills. Babe would have been a great scout for the Wild West shows back in theday, if she wasn’t too busy finding talent to support her own personal gain and ego.DAKOTA – Not sure that’s her real name. The “fantasy” element of these weekendsare the thing that feeds her. She and Babe met when they were in the samebunkhouse at the Double D last year. After they saw what a good team they were,they decided to come back, with a rodeo pro and ‘get er done.” Dakota is straightand has never even experimented with a woman. It’s not for lack of opportunity,and she appreciates the admiration and appreciation from either sex, but the rightwoman hasn’t revealed herself to her. Men, she gets. She can enjoy, use or abuseand let go. Bottom line, she’s in a place right now that’s all about “me” and men areless complicated. She is all girl, but is tough, a natural marksman and equestrian.She loves to leave the “Sex and the City” behind every so often to Cowgirl Up. Thisweekend she’ll find herself feeling safe and comfortable to consider people andcircumstances she has been able to block before.THE DAKOTA KID – In 1876 could have been the fastest gun in a “Young Guns” type ofgang. She had the looks, the sarcastic wit and the skills that could fill a dime novelabout the Wild West. She was never without the company of a lover, but never wantedto be married and be absorbed into some man’s life. Dakota is a bit of a mystery,where her family is, where her money came from, and she plays her cards close to hervest. The Kid could be the love child of a famous Wild West icon, or a runaway whocreated a new life for herself. Like Meridith, she probably enjoys the company of bothmen and women, but when we meet her, she has not fully allowed herself to open up tobeing bisexual. It those days, it really was don’t ask, don’t tell. Or maybe there werejust more important things to obsess over than who a person was sleeping with – liketrying to live past the ripe old age of 30, or not getting killed by plague or Indians, orjust plain hard living… But the alliances that Dakota makes at the Double D willbecome her family and a soft place to fall…ABBY – Abby Weaver is a real rodeo cowgirl from a ranch in Oklahoma. Sweet,tough, loves animals more than people – because she actually understands thembetter. Raised by great men and women living the cowboy way. Abby is not dumb,just hasn’t been out in the world much beyond the roads she travels hauling fromrodeo to rodeo. Abby has spent more time with animals on the circuit than she hascultivating real female friendships. Which doesn’t give her the arsenal she needs toenter into an all girl weekend and competition. Men appreciate her skills and lustafter her smokin’ hot looks. As a result, she relates more to the wranglers than theranch guests. But she is forever optimistic and sees the Double D experience as anopportunity to meet some new girlfriends. Abby does not realize that Babe only
  7. 7. Cowgirl Up FanFic Bible Season One a/o 2/14/11 7.sees her as a hired gun, and has no interest in bonding. Abby’s sweet nature putsher in some real jeopardy at the Double D. But it’s also that authentic nature thatdraws like kinds to her. Abby has no judgment about who you love, which is thebest way to find true love.ABBY – In 1876 Abegail Weaver would be a working cowgirl on a cattle ranchsomewhere in Indian Territory Oklahoma. She would be doing everything a manwould be doing on the ranch, as that was the norm for family run outfits. Then menand women she would have an opportunity to meet would most likely come from thepeople who worked on her ranch or the ranches near by. And maybe some otheropportunity if she went to church or to town. But mostly a very small world. Abbyprobably would have never ventured too far from her family home if it hadn’t been forBabe. She met Babe when Babe came to her ranch to watch a family run rodeo andasked Abby is she would like to be paid to do what she does on her family ranch forfree. Abby saw this as a short term opportunity to see a little bit of the world. But shehad always planned on coming back. That is until she got to the Double D. and feltshe’d found a 2nd home. And maybe a girl to share it with…THE JUMPING OFF POINTI’ve given you backstory for each of the characters past and present, and their livesbefore they meet each other and before they travel to the Double D. All of which Ifeel are ripe areas. I think you can tell stories that sit squarely in 2011 and some in1876. Or you can run parallel stories like we are doing in the flashbacks and visionsin our Cowgirl Up episodes.What I’ve tried not to do is give any spoilers for the upcoming segments. So Ihaven’t addressed who actually ends up together because there’s some surprises,who wins the competition, and there’s an ending that will impact a lot of whathappens in season two. As the episodes roll out, and the amazing actors blow lifeinto the characters, you’ll get more information to write to. And remember, it’s acomedy, so tone is important. Even in the past, there should be real jeopardy but alightheartedness and sense of humor from our cowgirls. Again, City Slickers meetsBlazing Saddles meets Bad Girls meets Young Guns meets…The truth about writing a western, or any series for that matter, is that stories revealthemselves in one of two ways. The stories start in town or come to town, likeGunsmoke or The Rifleman. Then the characters in that location solve the problemor react to the event. Or the stories go from town to town following a character, asin Have Gun Will Travel or Kung Fu. Then we watch the character negotiate his orher reaction to being the event or story that they carry with them. Modern TV it’sBuffy (characters in one location battle the evil that comes to town) vs. Supernatural(characters travel from town to town in search of the source of the evil event).Make sense? I’m sure you writers already know this, but thought I would throw itout there for some of the newcomers. And while we’re on the subject of TV 101, I
  8. 8. Cowgirl Up FanFic Bible Season One a/o 2/14/11 to use Rober McKee’s 5 points of storytelling when I break a story: IncitingIncident, Progressive Complication, Crisis, Climax, Resolution. Works for comedy,drama and all things inbetween.The women of Cowgirl Up have journeys which can go in many directions. Here’s acouple I’m writing to (for this project and some others I’m currently working on)that might spur your imagination.2011 – It really was just a weekend away. Not life changing, but one that brings thisgroup of women back together at the Double D on a future weekend. Or together forother real life adventures.2011 – We follow the women home and see just how much of the Double D and therelationships and hook-ups they made impact their lives.1876 – The women find like kinds at the ranch and decide not to return to theirnormal lives. They stay and build their own community. Like the Gold Rush drewpeople from all over the world for their chance at striking it rich, the Double Dbecomes a community of women of that time who need a place to run to.1876 – The Double D residents and the bunkhouse guests unite and leave the ranchusing their collective skills for good and evil. They travel under disguise as an AllGirl Wild West Show, while they become a notorious outlaw gang robbing banks,stages and trains along the way.(Cowgirl Up is owned by Tellofilms & MyHardt Productions. All characters and written material wascreated by and owned by Nancylee Myatt. All treatments, scripts, outlines, character breakdowns,etc., are WGA Registered to Nancylee Myatt)