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#Hashtag — The People's Vodka
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#Hashtag — The People's Vodka


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From our Digiday Agency Innovation Camp. The Purple Team's competition presentation

From our Digiday Agency Innovation Camp. The Purple Team's competition presentation

Published in: Marketing, Business
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  • lone star example

  • There’s no middle ground.

    It’s either pretentious or trashy.

    What if we became the first honest vodka brand?

    A vodka that’s more human and relatable.
  • So let’s focus on a different territory.

    Different occasions.

    We know our target enjoys drinking at home.

    So let’s focus on authentic every day moments and places.
  • Whether it’s at the bar or bringing a handle to a party.

    Your friends are judging you. And you know this.

    It informs your purchasing decision.

    What can we do to break this social tension?

    How can we make a vodka feel authentic for 21-35 year olds?
  • Transcript

    • 1. Hello. We’re #HASHTAG Let’s talk about Vodka, shall we?
    • 2. 2 We’re in a race to validate a vodka. WHERE WE STARTED
    • 3. 3 A vodka, that people think they don’t want anymore.
    • 4. 4 After all, they’re out of college now. It’s time to “level up”, show their friends they’re sophisticated. Richer. Better looking. More successful.
    • 5. 5 “May I get you a Belvedere / Kettle One / Grey Goose and hand-crafted soda my dear?” IT’S TIME TO DITCH THE WELL-VODKA AND SAY YES TO:
    • 6. 6 Or is it?
    • 7. 7 Our target demographic feels pressured to level up. Embarrassed if they don’t buy into the hype. But in reality, they’re often just looking for a good drink at a reasonable price, without all the emotional baggage that comes with a premium spirit. WHAT WE FOUND:
    • 8. We need to and we need an to push against STAND FOR SOMETHING
    • 9. 9 3 somewhat insightful insights about vodka
    • 11. THEY’RE FIGHTING FOR SHARE IN DA CLUB* & BIG EVENTS 2No. * © Curtis Jackson, 2003
    • 13. THE BIG IDEA
    • 14. 14 THE PEOPLE’S VODKA We are honest vodka. The anthesis of the elitist and trashy vodkas of the world. We’re going to use our products as a vehicle to connect with everyday people and celebrate their everyday moments. We’ll do this in two phases.
    • 15. 15 THE LETTER phase 1
    • 16. 16 THE LETTER Announce our brand belief by paying off annoying celebs to not drink our vodka. Anti-sponsorship deals announced to celebs on social media.
    • 17. 17 THE MEDIA PLAN “The letter” is a pure PR play. But once it is out, we’ll work to amplify it through high reach social media. With everything pushing to our People’s Vodka digital experience…
    • 18. 18 INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE phase 2
    • 19. 19 CREATE & SHARE A lightweight interactive site where fans can personalize their own vodka starting with a socially sharable and printable vodka label. Personalize STEP ONE THE VODKA I’m not ashamed to stay at home and watch Netflix on a Saturday night Infuse STEP TWO
    • 20. 20 THE only $49,863 left to pay off my student debt VODKA
    • 21. 21 THE I can’t believe she said yes VODKA
    • 22. 22 THE here’s my generous contribution to your barbecue VODKA
    • 23. 23 THE surprise! my mother is coming to live with us VODKA
    • 24. 24 THE I found a gray hair and I’m only 24…FML VODKA
    • 25. 25 THE I finally got that sex change I always wanted VODKA
    • 26. 26 THE do tears count as a mixer? VODKA
    • 27. 27 THE #becausevodka VODKA
    • 28. 28 THE hey Facebook just reminded me it’s your birthday so I felt obliged to buy you this vodka VODKA
    • 29. 29 THE no seriously I’m really happy you bought a house before me VODKA
    • 30. 30 THE sorry i’m gifting you vodka for valentine’s day VODKA
    • 31. 31 THE for no particular reason VODKA
    • 32. 32 THE when will he stop reading these stupid examples & just get on with the presentation VODKA
    • 33. 33 CREATE & SHARE Fans who want a richer experience can collaborate with our mixologist and graphic artist to create a one of a kind infused flavored vodka through our website. Meet your makers STEP TWO Hi, I’m Tom. Infuse STEP TWO Meet your makers STEP THREE Drag your ingredients into the bottle MINT CINNAMON COFFEE CHILLI
    • 34. here’s my 34 The printable label The poster / social share The custom artifact Surprise! my mother is coming to live with us THE VODKA THE generous contribution VODKAto your BBQ In store / bar evolving the big idea
    • 35. THE MEDIA PLAN
    • 36. THE MEDIA PLAN We’ll start the experience through integrating rich media units across mobile and desktop. GET TRAFFIC TO THE EXPERIENCE
    • 37. THE MEDIA PLAN GET TRAFFIC TO THE EXPERIENCE Target people who are celebrating everyday life moments. Disseminate our message in an unobtrusive way across multiple platforms/media partners.
    • 38. THE MEDIA PLAN INCREASE THE SHARE Motivate social shares of custom labels and vodka bottles.
    • 39. THE MEDIA PLAN INCREASE THE SHARE Keep the conversation going through social listening.
    • 40. THE MEDIA PLAN WHAT WE’LL MEASURE - Social conversation tracking - Social shares and engagement - Label shares from website - Brand study
    • 42. 42 THE now this is where we stop and you applaud VODKA