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My volunteer day
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My volunteer day


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In 2010, AMA introduced a paid volunteer day to its staff. This is my experience.

In 2010, AMA introduced a paid volunteer day to its staff. This is my experience.

Published in: Lifestyle

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  • 1. In 2010, AMA introduced a paid volunteer day to its staff. This is my experience. by Diane Bégin
  • 2. Back in 2006, when volunteering with a women’s service organization I became aware of Hearts & Hooves. Michelle Kropp started the organization in Sherwood Park that rescues mini and dwarf horses.
  • 3. The minis and dwarfs visit facilities like hospitals and palliative care centres to bring cheer to people. 
  • 4. In 2006, our women’s service organization had given a grant to Michelle Hearts & Hooves to help build a place for visitors on their farm. We also had a Me chance to tag along on a visit.
  • 5. Ever since, I’ve wanted to volunteer with them again, so when AMA introduced its volunteer day, I jumped at the opportunity. It was a GREAT way to get out of the office and enjoy the summer sun! 
  • 6. Diane Comeau was our guide for the scheduled visits in Fort Saskatchewan on July 22. She’s just amazing with both horses and people. She’s a student in  the University of  Alberta agriculture program.
  • 7.   General   There were also a number of human volunteers and of course, five of our four legged friends. My buddy for the day in the bottom picture was Timbit.
  • 8. Diane C. bought Timbit at an auction. Because he was overweight, she called him Timbit. Timbit’s skin quivers when you touch him – a result of the abuse he suffered before being rescued. Fortunately, he warmed to me quickly.
  • 9. We met at the corral in the parks area in Fort Saskatchewan where the horses could eat and run around a little. (the humans ran around a little too) 
  • 10. Our whole day involved walking from location to location from about 10am until 2pm. Because it was a beautiful sunny day, we stayed outside, but we did go inside one seniors’ facility with the horses. 
  • 11.  We (well the horses) were a magnet for people when walking around town. The best part was chatting with seniors who seemed so happy we were visiting. Even cleaning up after the horses wasn’t so bad!
  • 12. I am very grateful to have been given the opportunity to volunteer for a day with such a great organization run by such great people! Special thanks to Diane C., Timbit and everyone who participated on July 22.