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Revista Philips TOTAL MAG

  1. 1. feelwhat light can do Simply Enhancing Life with Light by Rudy Provoost Stories told by several lighting designers Lighting for Feel what light can do. Homes & Professionals
  2. 2. Advertorial // Philips Feel // 3 CitySpirit is a range of street lighting Transparent materials have luminaires that’s designed to provide been used to lighten the daytime excellent environmentally friendly appearance. The inner components, lighting without compromising on pole mounts and covers are made architectural appearance. The eight of aluminium to ensure they are distinctive designs are clearly linked sufficiently robust. yet allow modularity. CitySpirit incorporates several new To ensure perfect integration optical concepts that address topics with the urban architecture, the such as spacing, night preservation, CitySpirit’s luminaire, mast and comfort and light performance. bracket have been developed as one design. The range provides an elegant and complete project solution, including wall-mounted and bollard versions. CitySpirit
  3. 3. 4 // Philips Feel // Content page Feel what light can do // Philips Feel // 5 034 Feel what light can do for your business Philips Lighting will be communicating using Twitter during the light+building conference. You can find us on Twitter at The Philips Lighting Twitter conference hashtag is "#phlken". We will be using this in all our Tweets about the conference, and you can use it to have dialogue with us via Twitter. HOMES STORIES ABOUT 020 Ledino 022 LivingAmbiance 024 Lirio by Philips 026 Bathroom collection 030 Arcitone PROFESSIONAL 036 Feel at home in LIGHTING your city 036 outdoor 050 office 060 SchoolVision 068 Healthcare 080 retail & Supermarkets 030 Homes Feel what light can do.
  4. 4. 6 // Philips Feel // Content page Content page // Philips Feel // 7 LIGHTING DESIGNERS STORIES FROM 044 Mark Major 066 Carlos Fortes 074 Francois Migeon 116 Martin Lupton 010 044 Mark Major TEcHNOLOGy 102 oLED 122 Solar lighting The proFession oF 104 Dynalite 106 Starsense lighTing designer 089 Fortimo DLM has maTured 090 Lumileds 089 Fortimo LLM 088 Fortimo Twistable 088 Fortimo LED Spot PEOPLE OF PHILIPS SIMPLy ENHANcING 032 STORIES TOLD By Fernand Perreira LIFE wITH LIGHT 078 120 132 Manon Jansen Andreas Wente rainer Barth By RUDy PROVOOST 032 Fernand Pereira
  6. 6. 10 // Philips Feel // interview with rudy Provoost interview with rudy Provoost // Philips Feel // 11 Simply enhancing life with light By rudy Provoost
  7. 7. 12 // Philips Feel // interview with rudy Provoost interview with rudy Provoost // Philips Feel // 13 if i had to describe Philips in make more considered and much as three-quarters of a single sentence, i would say creative choices about their the world’s population will we are “a global company of home, using LED innovation, live in them. This will present leading businesses creating ease-of-use technology and greater challenges for cities value with meaningful attractive home lighting in maintaining their identities, innovations that improve designs to create a unique, providing safer streets people’s health and well- personal ambience? to drive or walk down, being”. We strive to make or simply managing their best use of the opportunities Light and lighting touches life for lighting, in particular, like little else. it has the ability to achieve lasting change in to energise and stimulate many aspects of life and, in our hearts and minds. Like particular, enhance well-being. sunlight, it can make us feel vital and optimistic, creating a global company oF This notion, of light and well- ambience to help us express leading businesses being, is the signature of our who we are and what we creaTing value wiTh presence at light+building this value. Lighting has moved year, showing you how we beyond pure functionality: meaningFul inno‑ simply enhance life with light. for example, we know the vaTions ThaT improve By focusing on people and biological benefits of light can people’s healTh and their needs, we are applying result in lighting solutions that well‑being meaningful innovation to keep people alert at work, develop solutions that reduce winter depression meet the requirements of or simply generate a sense architects, lighting designers of mental and physical energy usage efficiently and and installers, as well as city well-being in stressful cost-effectively. Population mayors, company CEos environments. growth, changing lifestyles and consumers at home. and the global economy are How can we improve urban Lighting has a profound changing the way people live living by making city streets role to play in some of their lives, and the kind of liveable, safer and more the most important global homes they want to occupy. sustainable through bright, trends of the day. Take urban And, of course, all of this white LED street lighting, environments, for example. at the same time as global while enabling cities to Today, cities account for more consciousness of the need to strike a distinct identity for habitation than at any time make a lasting change in the themselves? How can we in human history, and by the way we consume energy. empower consumers to middle of this century, as
  8. 8. 14 // Philips Feel // interview with rudy Provoost interview with rudy Provoost // Philips Feel // 15 Set against the backdrop a reflection of who we are not only providing brighter, The technological value propositions drawn this and more, by working of these global, societal and who we hope to be. more secure streets at night, transformation of the from its own legacy and from together. No one else has trends are the fundamental in tough economic times, but reducing light spillage. lighting industry presents the integration of over 30 the breadth and depth of changes taking place in they have become a place LED street lighting can also an incredible and exciting brands, collectively positioned expertise in all aspects of the lighting industry itself, to retreat – staying in has benefit the overall look and opportunity for value to provide customers from lighting, or the means to and the LED revolution in become the new going out! feel of a street: streets that creation. Philips has both professional and offer solutions that address particular. LED technology our homes have become might normally be ‘cluttered’ positioned itself centrally consumer lighting domains the needs and challenges is transforming the lighting places to express ourselves, by masts and poles can to make an impact at every with experiences based on a faced by society today. industry, pervading both to showcase our personal be cleaned up by the link of the lighting value unique canon of excellence. over more than a century, existing and new areas of identities. Home lighting innovative application of we have built up a depth of application and changing solutions are where we new luminaire solutions understanding and a craft the rules of the game by enable consumers to truly Philips has developed. for innovation that continues opening up new possibilities shape their personal space to benefit profoundly all for how and where electric through form and function Philips’ presence at our stakeholders – lighting light can enhance the human experience. while at the same time enhancing their sense of light+building 2010 will provide an experience of the wiTh philips,you are professionals, their customers and consumers alike. comfort and security, and total power of LED lighting in aT The ForeFronT in homes, LED lighting is their emotional health and making cities more liveable, oF Technological With Philips, you are at the creating limitless possibilities well-being in the process. homes more personal and innovaTion and new forefront of technological for the application of colour and nuance, even becoming Step outside, and we can start to see what the switch workplaces more productive. As this remarkable, versatile value creaTion innovation and new value creation. We believe that an integral part of household to LED lighting can do in our technology continues to grow trust, openness and brilliant architecture. Think about it: cities. As urban populations across the entire spectrum ideas can change the world. conventional lighting is, for change and expand, cities are of lighting applications, the most part, either on, off looking to lighting to help our customers are rapidly rudy provoost is a or dimmed. Dynamic lighting establish an identity. Buildings, acknowledging the benefits chain: from components, The future has never been member of the board offers colours and effects monuments and open spaces LED solutions offer them controls and luminaires to brighter. While there are of management of royal that conventional lighting are now being transformed in terms of energy savings complete lighting solutions, certainly challenges to philips electronics and cannot match, opening up by a vibrant wash of exciting and sustainability, as well as with LED at the heart of overcome, more importantly, the ceo of philips tremendous opportunities for and unique night-time colours. in decorative and general our future. Philips Lighting there are discoveries to make lighting. us to personalise our homes. LED is also helping cities to lighting terms. is comprised of a wealth of and lives to be bettered and our homes are increasingly address the balance of light, knowledge, strengths and improved. We can do all of
  9. 9. 16 // Philips Feel // Homes Homes // Philips Feel // 17 feel what light can do at home
  10. 10. 18 // Philips Feel // Homes Homes // Philips Feel // 19 discover a whole new world oF expressive lighTing possibiliTies Ledino New technologies are bringing light into another dimension. N othing is more intimate than the space called home. We enjoy it’s not just about the LED lights itself, which we show in an abundant variety, scenarios. And to give you the instruments to express yourself in a stylish way, With state-of-the-art decorating, expressing our among which our latest Philips presents a brand new lighting solutions Philips style and creating the right LED retrofit portfolio. More series of contemporary LED Enhancing life contributes to making atmosphere. Lighting is a than that we let you literally luminaires like the Ledino and homes more beautiful, powerful way to create an feel what our cutting-edge Lirio by Philips collections. more functional and ambience that perfectly suits lighting solutions do to you nicer to live in, thereby our moods and needs. The and to spaces like your with light enhancing life. consumer section of the living room or bathroom. Philips Lighting booth shows You’ll discover a whole new groundbreaking new home world of expressive lighting lighting solutions that beautify possibilities opened up and inspire while allowing by Philips’ innovations like us to shape our personal LivingAmbiance and Arcitone, environment in a simple and allowing you to design and to sustainable manner. implement your own lighting
  11. 11. 20 // Philips Feel // Homes Homes // Philips Feel // 21 enhance your home and garden // ledino wiTh beauTiFully Feel inspired by light designed clear, warm whiTe lighT Philips Ledino is renowned for its contemporary, sleek and stylish designs that match with any modern taste. This wide array of indoor and outdoor luminaires represents the perfect fusion between revolutionary minimalistic designs and inspiring pure light effects. light+building is offering you a unique opportunity to experience the essence of purity of the Ledino collection. With the introduction of the next generation of warm white, high-powered LEDs and a new range of breathtaking luminaires, you’ll be inspired more than ever to express your sense of style. Come and feel for yourself how Ledino by Philips is turning light into a new experience. made possible by philips led technology You can download the latest information on our solutions at
  12. 12. 22 // Philips Feel // Homes Homes // Philips Feel // 23 creaTe The ambience To maTch your mood or momenT aT The Touch oF a buTTon // livingambiance Feel how light changes your Experiment with different lights, adjust ambiance them individually or in any combination, People love to create their own and then simply press a button on the atmosphere at home. Lighting helps remote control to store the scene. them to make their home a special, With just one touch, you can change personal place. Until now the means your room from a romantic evening were limited. But as from today lighting setting to a scene for a fun-filled is entering a whole new era with the evening with friends. introduction of LivingAmbiance, Philips’ With many different products in the revolutionary range of lighting products range, both with coloured and white that enables you to create the right light, you can choose to bathe your lighting scene with just a press on home in any colour, from bright sunshine a button. yellow to pale-leaf green, and to dim the our exciting new LivingAmbiance range light from bright to cosy warm white gives you unlimited possibilities to play – all to help you create the perfect with, to discover and to experience. ambience for just any mood or moment. You can download the latest information on our solutions at
  13. 13. 24 // Philips Feel // Homes Homes // Philips Feel // 25 // lirio by philips Stylish luminaires inspired by the latest in architecture and design Lirio by Philips offers a range of decorative premium luminaires that allow you to express yourself in a creative way. in 2010 Philips is adding no less than six new series of timeless designs to this successful collection, two of them having their world premiere at light+building. Designed by young, upcoming Belgian designers with a passion for quality and innovation, these LED driven luminaires offer contemporary Feel The and discreet luxury for people who are actively looking for inspiration. one of the Freedom new models on display, a pendant with no visible lamp inside, has everything to oF design become a flagship for the domestic lighting design market. You can download the latest information on our solutions at
  14. 14. 26 // Philips Feel // Homes Homes // Philips Feel // 27 Feel confident in your bathroom opTimal lighT and saFeTy wiThouT compromising on design
  15. 15. 28 // Philips Feel // Homes Homes // Philips Feel // 29 // philips bathroom collection Especially designed for humid environments, Philips bathroom collection provides optimal light and safety, without compromising on design. The luminaires of this top-notch bathroom lighting collection have been designed with maximum attention to aesthetics, quality and functionality. A bright idea to beautify your bathroom Feel well and and in the meantime save a lot of energy conFidenT in your with the best-in-class light sources powered by long-lasting Philips High baThroom ThanKs Power LED. Bathe yourself in a new light To good lighTing and experience how well and confident you feel in your daily grooming with Philips bathroom collection. You can download the latest information on our solutions at
  16. 16. 30 // Philips Feel // Homes Homes // Philips Feel // 31 // philips arcitone leT The beauTiFul ambience Feel unique oF conTemporary lighTing, show your home oFF in The besT possible lighT Philips Arcitone offers a line of architectural luminaires with unequalled features, bridging innovation, architectural design and ambience lighting. These new icons combine the latest lighting and energy-saving technologies, like the new anti-glaring LED disc, and a state-of-the-art gesture control interface for some pendants. Just wave under the sensor, and the light will shine. Most of all they represent an extraordinary contemporary style, revealing the beauty of light. With their unique look and feel, you can simply mix and match these luminaires to fit in each modern home environment, elevating the experience to the next level. You can download the latest information on our solutions at
  17. 17. 32 // Philips Feel // Proffessional lighting solutions Proffessional lighting solutions // Philips Feel // 33 Have you noticed that every evening during the light+building trade fair St. Fernand Pereira Philips Professional Lighting Solutions Peter’s Church in Frankfurt- on-Main is illuminated surprisingly differently? This “it is very important for designers. This has now floodlighting at it, nowadays lighting designers, both is due to several young, Philips to collaborate with changed and we have the lighting designer looks experienced and in training, associations such as the deployed a policy in our at the building’s history, a chance to learn more and creative lighting designers. PLDA and the iALD. And company that underlines its characteristic features, gain practical experience.” They are taking part in by that i don’t mean: ‘just both our ethics in this its surroundings - and he He says that this is also the ‘Celebration of Light’ donating money’’’, says field and recognition of ensures that the building shown in the book ‘Light Lighting Design competition Fernand Pereira. “We the independent lighting acquires added value and & Emotion’, which Philips that Philips is organising in prefer to use our know- designers. This prevents us depth due to the lighting. published during the PLDC how and technologies to from getting into potential He is not simply looking Convention in Berlin in conjunction with the PLDA. make a contribution to conflict situations. to achieve a ‘wow’ effect, 2009. it presents the results According to Fernand the seminars, workshops but is able to subtly dose of a worldwide study of Pereira, Philips’ Senior and other educational “ Not Las Vegas in lights, but light and colour effects. So 47 independent lighting Director Professional Lighting events that they organise. a good balance between not Las Vegas in lights, but designers, gives a good Solutions, the fact that The purpose of this is to light and technology” a good balance between picture of their vision of the contribute to development light and technology.” use of light and, thanks to Philips is collaborating with of the profession of lighting the innumerable examples, associations of independent designer. Specially for also constitutes a source of lighting designers is a good light+building, we and the inspiration for other lighting thing. Why? PLDA have now organised designers. a competition for young light and well‑being The proFession oF lighting designers entitled ‘Celebration of Light’. We What will the profession be are challenging them to design an architectural plan lighTing designer like in 20 years? Pereira: “A lighting designer will soon for illuminating St. Peter’s Church in Frankfurt-on- has maTured be the biggest advocate of light and well-being. The Main. And the winning important thing is that design will be executed and people feel good and at this young independent ease in their environment. lighting designer will receive atmospheres, According to Pereira, the No matter whether at € 10,000.” emotions and accents existence of organisations home or at work. With the Whereas the first lighting such as the PLDA shows right light in the right place. recognition of designers had a variety that the profession of And with a great deal of independence of backgrounds, such as lighting designer has attention to energy saving Philips and the PLDA may theatre lighting, Pereira matured. “PLDA is doing a and sustainability. Philips, be organising a competition sees lighting design now tremendous job in providing together with the lighting together, but Pereira as a profession in which educational programmes in designers’ community, is fully admits that sometimes creative and artistic partnership with univer- committed on turning this the word competition also ideas are given plenty sities such as Wismar, vision into reality.” had another connotation. of scope. “For example: Hildesheim or KTH in “in the past Philips has not whereas a church used to Stockholm just to mention always paid full attention be illuminated ‘to death’ a few. The workshops Philips’ Senior Director to independent lighting by ‘throwing’ a pool of they organise also offer Professional Lighting Solutions, Fernand Pereira
  18. 18. 34 // Philips Feel // Professional Lighting Professional Lighting // Philips Feel // 35 feel what light can do for your business
  19. 19. 36 // Philips Feel // Professional Lighting Professional Lighting // Philips Feel // 37 maKing liFe ouTdoors more inviTing, aTTracTing more visiTors To your ciTy wiTh FuTure‑prooF led lighTing soluTions Feel at home in your city
  20. 20. 38 // Philips Feel // Professional Lighting Professional Lighting // Philips Feel // 39 Light is life B Guggenheim, Bilbao, Spain esides our homes, crime, promoting tourism, our streets are developing local business and the place where you really fostering local identity and feel what light can do. over pride. originally developed the years, we’ve increasingly for purely functional reasons, focused on the functional urban lighting has evolved into side of the urban landscape a far-reaching, multi-faceted and ignored the emotional entity. Light speaks to our elements that make us emotions, humanising our feel at home in a city. surroundings, bringing The consequences are all harmony to our environment around us: crime, vandalism, and creating a warm, inclusive feelings of isolation and a sense of well-being. Good lack of community pride. lighting brings light to the city We’ve now come to realise and the city to life. it is a vital the importance of feeling ingredient in humanising the we belong in our cities. city and improving the quality Even more, lighting can turn ways to stimulate the lasting There’s a real movement of urban life. it has the ability the urban environment into emotions that build a city’s to re-humanise our urban to create an environment a spectacular event that image and make people feel environment and lighting that makes people feel entertains, enlivens and at home. in our outdoor has proven to be a highly safe and restores their pride captivates. in short, light is section at light+building effective, cost-efficient and and sense of identity as life. Philips is offering you an you’ll experience what light fast-track means of tackling members of a community. almost infinite number of can do for your city. Parque Juan Pablo , Madrid, Spain
  21. 21. 40 // Philips Feel // Professional Lighting Professional Lighting // Philips Feel // 41 05 // eW Graze “We believe that making outdoor and ColorGraze Powercore spaces more sound, secure, and A range of architectural lighting fixtures extended with new white-light and colour versions engaging, enhances people’s lives” for multiple exterior applications, including accent highlighting and wall washing. 03 // CitySoul LEDGiNE 01 // eW Blast Create a future-proof identity. Powercore Many municipal authorities eW Blast Powercore is an LED are embracing the benefits of floodlight providing a high-intensity contemporary outdoor lighting wash of neutral or warm white – increasing comfort, safety and light at a significantly lower security, making districts more power draw than comparable attractive and enhancing the non-LED fixtures. public’s sense of well-being. 02 // MileWide LEDGINE With the pure, contemporary MileWide LEDGINE, cities can fulfil all their road lighting requirements. Its Knud Holscher- designed form plus dedicated masts and brackets integrate perfectly with today’s cityscape. 03 // Koffer2 04 // SpeedStar Fortimo LLM LEDGINE When it comes to lighting LEDs ensure a safe journey home. residential streets, municipal Municipalities are under pressure authorities face a dual challenge to meet energy conservation – to ensure people’s safety while goals by reducing their energy saving energy and driving down consumption and carbon footprint cost of ownership. while complying with lighting You can download the latest information on our solutions at norms and standards.
  22. 22. 42 // Philips Feel // Professional Lighting Professional Lighting // Philips Feel // 43 // CitySoul LEDGINE Create a future-proof identity luminaire creates an elegant light-point. Suitable for side-entry, suspended or post-top installation, this versatile luminaire fits every application. Multi-layer optics provide uniform distribution and reduced glare, allowing direct replacement of HID solutions without compromising on spacing, mounting height or light quality. And the energy-efficient CitySoul LEDGINE is delivered ready for Many municipal authorities are tool-less serviceability, upgrades, embracing the benefits of contemporary ensuring savings far into the future. outdoor lighting - increasing comfort, The luminaire’s internal architecture safety and security, making districts more makes maintenance straightforward, attractive, and enhancing the public’s and it comes with ready recyclability. sense of well-being. Not to mention its Are you also interested in using LED positive impact on environmental technology in your urban environment? protection and city branding. We offer you the chance to win a complete street installation with our CitySoul LEDGINE is a family of modular newest LED luminaires with LEDGINE street LED luminaires. Its classic design - technology. Just register at our booth including dedicated masts and brackets and go for future-proof, serviceable and - merges well with today’s urban upgradeable LED street lighting! environment. Available in two sizes, the simple, flat, ellipsoidal form of the You can download the latest information on our solutions at
  23. 23. 44 // Philips Feel // Lighting Designer Lighting Designer // Philips Feel // 45 Mark Major Mark Major of Speirs and Major the garden lighting and the We also try to minimise How do you foresee the use of Associates spoke to us about uplighting to the roof. Natural environmental impact, so that OLEDs in the future? the interaction of light with daylight is used extensively, we are looking at well-being the health and well-being of as are low energy sources to in a holistic sense - namely the The revolution that is those who experience it and its achieve low cost of ownership. well-being of the planet. occurring in solid state lighting importance for lighting design technologies, including OLEDs As a professional lighting Why is light strongly linked and LEDs’ is quite incredible. At What is your most recent project designer, how do you interact to health? the same time, having worked with a Health and Well-being with architecture? with LEDs for well over a aspect? While accepting that the visual decade, we are familiar with the I trained as an architect so it’s in function is critical, lighting needs technical challenges in delivering One recent example is my blood, in the sense of being to add more and be sensitive proper and lasting solutions. Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centre pre-occupied with the human to people’s natural responses at Charing Cross Hospital in experience of light. And, of to light. We also need to OLEDs promise even greater London, which won the RIBA course, architects are used to understand the effects that bad potential than LEDs but we Stirling Prize. A key part of working with changing daylight lighting can have on well-being. must be patient and allow the brief was to create a in the design of their buildings. pioneering manufacturers to non-institutional, almost In addition, the potential for deliver working systems before domestic, ambience. Simplicity Also, architects tend to think pollution from the by-products we promise them to clients. was also important so complex from the big picture, at a city of industrialised lighting controls were avoided. scale, down to the fine detail. systems is something that must What is your LED dream? In lighting terms this would be be factored into our thinking. The interior uses a lot of from city lighting down to an To have the same colour quality, dimmable glowing glass fixtures, individual luminaire and the How do lighting technologies range of focus, dimmability and complemented by direct/ effect it has. help with these projects? simplicity of use as we previously indirect lighting that provides enjoyed with incandescent task lighting and adds a glow to How do you integrate light and The increasing sophistication lighting. If manufacturers can the floating roof. The exterior well-being into your projects? of lighting design places greater deliver that same flexibility is also welcoming thanks to demands on the manufacturer through LEDs and/or OLEDs I Our primary concern is always to come up with innovative will think the brave new world the contribution of light to but robust solutions that has definitely arrived. well-being because it’s about improve well-being. I firmly LIGhtING for the human experience. This goes beyond simply adding believe the time has come for lighting designers, technologists wELL-bEING the biological and physiological needs of people to look at and manufacturers to work in close collaboration with each the wider subject, such as other to meet the demands of addressing the requirements of tomorrow’s society. people with special needs..
  24. 24. 46 // Philips Feel // Professional Lighting Professional Lighting // Philips Feel // 47 // SpeedStar LEDGINE LEDs ensure a safe journey home Municipalities are under pressure to meet energy conservation goals by reducing their energy consumption and carbon footprint while complying with lighting norms and standards. Our SpeedStar LEDGINE luminaire addresses these fundamental issues and provides a solution to reduce the impact on our environment. SpeedStar is an energy-efficient luminaire requiring minimal maintenance and incorporating the easy-to-upgrade LEDGINE, which can be connected to lighting regulation systems for further energy savings. This carbon-neutral luminaire is the ideal solution for functional road and street lighting. Are you also interested in using LED technology in your urban environment? We offer you the chance to win a complete street installation with our newest LED luminaires with LEDGINE technology. Just register on our booth and go for future-proof, serviceable and upgradeable LED street lighting! You can download the latest information on our solutions at
  25. 25. 48 // Philips Feel // Professional Lighting Professional Lighting // Philips Feel // 49 wE UNDErLINE thE GrowING IMPortANCE of ENErGY EffICIENCY. thIS rECoGNItIoN IS rEfLECtED IN thE DESIGN of oUr ProDUCtS AS wELL AS IN thE wAY wE Do bUSINESS The future is now Carbon neutral luminaires Philips Lighting has great news for everyone who cares about the S aving energy by constantly developing more efficient Now Philips Lighting is taking its responsibility to a new level by offsetting the and projects that generate carbon credits. One carbon credit stands for a verified environment: from now light sources, luminaires and carbon emissions linked reduction of 1 ton of CO2. on we deliver carbon dimming devices is our core to the manufacturing of its neutral luminaires for business. Moreover, as a luminaires. We have assessed The whole offsetting road lighting, helping company which is also active the environmental impact process will be verified our customers to meet in the field of health and well- of the production of each and certified by registered the green challenges being, taking care of people luminaire, measured in kg of institutes. So when you ahead. Philips will take and their environment is in equivalent carbon emitted in buy Philips road lighting it’s responsibility for the the DNA of every single the atmosphere (e.g. 46 kg definitely a carbon neutral offsetting of all CO2 employee. More than 10 of CO2 for 1 Mini-Iridium product that you’re buying! emitted during the years ago, we extended our Cosmopolis). Depending on production of its road responsibility and launched the quantity of luminaires lighting luminaires, the EcoVision programme, produced, we offset this like the SpeedStar an ambitious and efficient impact by purchasing LEDGINE and Koffer2 plan, driving us to drastically carbon credits from the luminaires shown at reduce the environmental Climate Neutral Group, light+building. impact of our factories. which deploys activities
  26. 26. 50 // Philips Feel // Professional Lighting Professional Lighting // Philips Feel // 51 Feel good, ENAbLE PEoPLE to foCUS AND PErforM bEttEr bY CrEAtING work better ExACtLY thE rIGht AMbIENCE for thE offICE
  27. 27. 52 // Philips Feel // Professional Lighting Professional Lighting // Philips Feel // 53 Feel good, work better We all feel better and work lower levels of absenteeism. Lighting doesn’t just better when our office One of the most important illuminate. It has the power environment respects our factors in feeling good is to define and enhance your body clocks. And when daylight. We all know that a company’s image and identity artificial light complements break outside in the daylight in this competitive market. daylight, it’s much easier to can ‘recharge our batteries’. Bright or subtle. Sophisticated concentrate and stay alert. Philips helps you bring or playful. Always responsible. In any office, when we feel that sparkle of energy and Philips offers you all lighting better, we work better. sense of well-being indoors. ingredients to inspire, uplift A healthy office environment Our lighting technologies and make a statement with a helps keep us motivated and complement the natural light complete range of solutions energised, so we can stay that enters an office and can that is technologically focused, be more productive even imitate the changing advanced, socially responsible, and give our best. Studies pattern of natural daylight. cost- and energy-saving, show that we feel better This keeps people alert by pleasing to the eye and working under higher quality ensuring their biorhythms inspiring for people. See at lighting. In offices it enhances stay in tune with the natural light+building what light can productivity, resulting in cycle of the world beyond do to your office. improved motivation and the office walls. oPtIMISE thE AMbIENCE for EvErY SItUAtIoN to MAkE offICE MEEtINGS MorE INSPIrING AND ProDUCtIvE
  28. 28. 54 // Philips Feel // Professional Lighting Professional Lighting // Philips Feel // 55 “Innovative, well-designed 03 // iwCove MX Powercore and solutions, offering pleasant iColor Cove MX Powercore A brilliant way to bring essential lighting while consuming less” lighting effects to alcoves, accent areas and confined spaces is the use of our LED-powered cove lighting. 02 // OccuPlus Save up to 55% on your energy costs with the smart OccuPlus, a sensor/controller that takes care of occupancy control and daylight regulation. Works with any luminaire or lamp. 05 // ToBeTouched 04 // DaySign The stylish ToBeTouched with The eye-catching DaySign, our glow ring that lights up on innovative collection of LED-based approach, a simple but appealing luminaires with super-thin light- device for using and programming emitting surfaces, is perfect for light settings. the creation of accent lighting or atmospheric general lighting. 06 // Dynalite controls Dynalite controls offer state-of-the- art solutions for integral remote operation of your lighting, audio- visual equipment, screens, curtains and other office devices. 01 // SmartForm The Smartform TPS460, the very flat exponent of the Smartform family of highly versatile modular luminaires, is from now on also available with energy-saving LED modules. You can download the latest information on our solutions at
  29. 29. 56 // Philips Feel // Professional Lighting Professional Lighting // Philips Feel // 57 // LuxSpace Feel connected The highly energy-efficient LED- Mini and Compact - is very easy to instal, powered LuxSpace family has been and its long lifetime of 50,000 hours extended with two new additions: means an end to the hassle of relamping LuxSpace Micro and Mini Square. In – a true ‘fit and forget’ solution. general lighting applications, LuxSpace Micro’s extremely low power consump- LuxSpace features the latest LED techno- tion results in significant energy savings logy and delivers consistent light output, compared with traditional CFL and stable colour performance and high halogen downlights – without sacrificing colour rendering. It is available in three light quality. LuxSpace Mini is now also sizes and outputs – designed for 150 mm available in a square version, opening up cut-outs, LuxSpace offers a compact new design possibilities while retaining all look and feel. Consuming only 19 W, it the benefits of the LuxSpace family. enables up to 50% energy saving com- Each of the three available sizes – Micro, pared with traditional CFL downlights. oPtIMISE thE AMbIENCE for EvErY SItUAtIoN to MAkE offICE MEEtINGS MorE INSPIrING AND ProDUCtIvE You can download the latest information on our solutions at
  30. 30. 58 // Philips Feel // Professional Lighting Professional Lighting // Philips Feel // 59 // DayZone Innovative design meets sustainability When it comes to general lighting for offices, customers are looking to capture the benefits LED technology has to offer – sustainability and fresh, appealing design, without compromising on visual comfort. Our DayZone recessed LED luminaire delivers good-quality functional lighting with an energy efficiency that is comparable with, or even better than, traditional fluorescent systems. The A SUStAINAbLE ChoICE wIth innovative nature of LED technology A frESh, APPEALING DESIGN means that, with DayZone, we can break with past design rules of fluorescent thAt woN’t CoMProMISE lighting and offer a new look and feel, oN vISUAL CoMfort both in appearance and dimming behaviour. Glare control and colour consistency are designed to comply with future office norms. You can download the latest information on our solutions at
  31. 31. 60 // Philips Feel // Professional Lighting Professional Lighting // Philips Feel // 61 Feel good, wE bELIEvE IN INNovAtIvE LIGhtING SoLUtIoNS for learn better SChooLS thAt CrEAtE A hEALthY AND StIMULAtING LEArNING ENvIroNMENt for tEAChErS AND PUPILS