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This slidedeck contains an overview of the 2012 GRESB Report, and presentations on sustainability in commercial real estate, by Philips, ProLogis, CBRE Global Investors and Corio.

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GRESB Event at Philips Lighting

  1. 1. GRESB | | | Copyright © GRESB 2012! 1
  2. 2. Today’s program!14.30: !Tour of Philips’ Lighting Centre (for those opted into tour)!  !16.00: !Introduction to GRESB ! ! !Sander Paul van Tongeren, APG Asset Management and co-founder GRESB  ! ! !! ! !Benefits of A Sustainable Lighting Investment Strategy! ! !Derk Bots, Commercial Director of Philips ! ! ! !Best Practices:! ! !Simon Cox, UK Sustainability Officer, Prologis! Anne de Jong, Portfolio Manager, Offices, CBRE Global Investors! Lara Muller, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, Corio! ! ! !Discussion Forum: The Present and Future State of Sustainable Buildings! ! !Moderator: Nils Kok, Maastricht University and co-founder GRESB! !18.00: !Drinks and networking!! GRESB | | | Copyright © GRESB 2012! 2
  3. 3. Eindhoven – September 20, 2012! Sander Paul van Tongeren! APG Asset Management!GRESB | | | Copyright © GRESB 2012! 3
  4. 4. Why sustainability matters!The driving factors! !   Increased demand from tenants and institutional investors! !   More and stricter environmental regulation!The financial business case! !   Increased net incomes ! !   Risk-mitigation strategies! ! Source: Eichholtz, Kok and Quigley (2012) GRESB | | | Copyright © GRESB 2012! 4
  5. 5. Why GRESB for investors?!How to measure “sustainability performance”?! !   Limited coverage and transparency of rating agencies! !   What to do with non-listed investments?! !The added value of GRESB:! !   Measure “sustainability” performance at portfolio level! !   One approach and one methodology ! !   Used as engagement tool by investors!! GRESB’s mission is to enhance! shareholder value by evaluating and! improving sustainability practices in the! global real estate sector”! GRESB | | | Copyright © GRESB 2012! 5
  6. 6. GRESB data is now used by 35 investors…!GRESB | | | Copyright © GRESB 2012! 6
  7. 7. …and GRESB is supported by!All major industry associations across the globe!Supporting members!•  ACSI (Australian Council of Super Investors) •  IVBN (Dutch Property Federation)•  AFIRE (Association of Foreign Investors in •  PCA (Property Council of Australia) Real Estate) •  REALpac (Real Property Association of Canada)•  ARES (Association for Real Estate •  RIAA (Responsible Investment Association Securitization) Australasia)•  BPF (British Property Federation) •  UNPRI (United Nations Principles for•  Ejendomsforeningen Danmark (Danish Responsible Investment) property federation) GRESB | | | Copyright © GRESB 2012! 7
  8. 8. GRESB’s Associate Members!!   Leading experts in your region who can provide strategic advice/ consultancy services / products to improve your sustainability performance!! !Please contact us via and we will connect you with these organizations! GRESB | | | Copyright © GRESB 2012! 8
  9. 9. GRESB is becoming the global standard…! 2011 2012GRESB | | | Copyright © GRESB 2012! 9
  10. 10. …and the coverage is increasing
! Market coverage !GRESB response rate! 2012! 2011! (value weighted 2012)!Listed! 95! 69!North America ! 44%! 31! 15!Europe ! 65%! 40! 32!Asia ! 11%! 14! 12!Oceania ! 75%! 10! 10!Private ! 348! 271!North America ! 63! 45!South America ! 6! 4!Europe ! 211! 162!Asia ! 36! 37!Oceania ! 32! 23!Total ! 443! 340! KEY FACT 31% global increase in response rate GRESB | | | Copyright © GRESB 2012! 10
  11. 11. Response Rate: Europe!Respondents Listed! Private!Number of respondents! 40! 2011!Market coverage! 65%!Gross asset value! 214,301! 252,346!(US$ million)!KEY FACT25% increase in response ratefor listed companies in 2012 GRESB | | | Copyright © GRESB 2012! 11
  12. 12. 2012 GRESB Report – launched September 5! New in 2012 GRESB Report:! ! !   Sector leaders to acknowledge unique property types (no individual scores)! !   More in-depth analysis on sustainability performance of the global real estate sector: Aspects! !   Improved transparency in Methodology & Scoring and Verification of data! ! Report is available via!!GRESB | | | Copyright © GRESB 2012! 12
  13. 13. GRESB Methodology & Scoring
!Online survey, 35 questions (excludingnew development!!Two dimensions: Management & Policyvs. Implementation & Measurement!!Link to Global Reporting Initiative (GRICRESS) the EPRA Best PracticesRecommendations on Sustainabilityreporting and the INREV SustainabilityReporting Recommendations! GRESB | | | Copyright © GRESB 2012! 13
  14. 14. GRESB Methodology & Scoring Document
!GRESB Synopsis: objectives! !   Greater transparency ! ! !   Ability to review the scoring for each aspect and question! ! !   Demonstrates which questions are benchmarked against sector peers/ performance!!Scoring document! !   Available via the online data portal! GRESB | | | Copyright © GRESB 2012! 14
  15. 15. Data Verification and Analysis

! KEY FACT Over 40 data points are manually verified on content and accuracy. GRESB | | | Copyright © GRESB 2012! 15
  16. 16. Management
!Dedicated Expertise Commonplace! !   Some 80% of respondents have an articulated vision and strategy on sustainability! ! !   88% have dedicated resources for implementing sustainability strategy! ! !   70% respondents have made senior management responsible for sustainability issues! ! !   57% of higher management is informed at least every quarter on sustainability performance! GRESB | | | Copyright © GRESB 2012! 16
  17. 17. Policy & Disclosure
!Substantial Increase in Transparency! !   At 81%, energy consumption is the main policy focus (75% in 2011)! ! !   Other common policies adopted are: water consumption and waste management (both 69%)! !Reporting performance! !   51% listed companies disclose sustainability performance in annual reports, as opposed to 16% of privately owned companies ! ! !   31% use the GRI framework! GRESB | | | Copyright © GRESB 2012! 17
  18. 18. Environmental Management Systems
!EMS Implementation DrivesReduction of Energy Consumption!!–  Oceania (86%) is most experienced using EMS!!–  35% of implemented EMS are externally certified and 29% are aligned with international standards!!–  6.7% like for like decrease in energy consumption for respondents having an EMS! GRESB | | | Copyright © GRESB 2012! 18
  19. 19. Performance Indicators!What Gets Measured, Gets Managed!! !   60% of respondents collect and report data on energy consumption (34% in 2011)! ! !   However, 66% report on less than 50% of the portfolio (coverage)! ! !   8% of respondents have information on tenant-obtained energy use! ! !   32% have developed performance targets focused mainly on energy consumption reduction! GRESB | | | Copyright © GRESB 2012! 19
  20. 20. Global Environmental Performance (2010-2011)*!GRESB | | | Copyright © GRESB 2012! 20
  21. 21. Building Certifications
!Certification Prevalent in Most PortfoliosDedicated!! !   At 62%, LEED is most commonly used green building certification, followed by BREEAM (28%) and Green Star (6%)! ! !   72% of the respondents used nationally recognized certification schemes (e.g. mandatory energy performance certificates)! GRESB | | | Copyright © GRESB 2012! 21
  22. 22. Social Factors!Substantial Upside Potential in!Tenant Engagement!! !   54% of the respondents have tenant engagement programs in place! ! !   Green leases (26%) are becoming more prevalent; and 35% have regular meetings with tenants! ! !   65% have developed a sustainability policy for external service providers; and 55% have integrated sustainability criteria into contracts! ! GRESB | | | Copyright © GRESB 2012! 22
  23. 23. Overall sustainability performance is improving! KEY FACTS All regions are (still) lagging Australia Companies/funds are moving from “Green Starter” to “Green Talk” 20% of respondents are considered Green Stars, similar to 2011 GRESB | | | Copyright © GRESB 2012! 23
  24. 24. Private is still lagging behind Listed, but….! KEY FACTS The performance of ‘Listed’ has stabilized ‘Private’ is catching up quite rapidly (was a Green Starter in 2011) GRESB | | | Copyright © GRESB 2012! 24
  25. 25. Europe Sector Leaders! Europe! ! LegalSector! Company name! Fund name! ! structure! !Retail! Lend Lease Investment Management! Lend Lease Retail Partnership! Private! !Office! Climate Change Capital! Climate Change Property Fund! Private! !Industrial! Valad! European High Income! Private! !Residential! The Unite Group! -! Listed! ! !Other! Big Yellow! -! Listed! ! ! !Diversified! Land Securities! -! Listed!All European sector leaders (listed) in the 2012 GRESB Survey arefrom the United Kingdom: British Land Co (Retail); DerwentLondon (Office) and Segro (Industrial).! GRESB | | | Copyright © GRESB 2012! 25
  26. 26. GRESB Scorecards and Member Portal!2012 GRESB Scorecards and Member Portal! !   Improved quality and design! !   Benchmark composition against same property type and region! !   More detailed benchmarking available at question level! !   New developments separate section !! GRESB | | | Copyright © GRESB 2012! 26
  27. 27. Member Portal

Features! !Overview of selected respondentsincluding:! !  Average scores! !  Four Quadrant Model! !  Number of Green Stars ! !  Percentage outperforming benchmark! !  Portfolio characteristics (aggregated )! GRESB | | | Copyright © GRESB 2012! 27
  28. 28. More information?
! !   Visit the GRESB website at:! !   View the full 2012 GRESB Report! !   Contact GRESB at!GRESB | | | Copyright © GRESB 2012! 28
  29. 29. Voordelen van het investeringen induurzame verlichtingstechnologieënDerk BotsCommercial Director, Philips
  30. 30. Philips Lighting Het aanpakken van fundamentele maatschappelijke problemen Wie we zijn Onze markten Onze missie Gestart in 1891 elektrisch licht Het Hoofdkantoor Eindhoven, Nederland verbeteren 2011 Omzet €7.6 miljard in 20111 van het leven 53,000 medewerkers van mensen belangrijkste markten Europa, Noord en Zuid Amerika en door middel Azië-Pacific Lampen/componenten & controls van zinvolle 80.000+ producten en diensten Professionele armaturen innovatie Consumenten armaturen 5% van de omzet geïnvesteerd Automotive in R&D LED modulesConfidential 30
  31. 31. Het creëren van zinvolle innovaties Verbetering van leven op een nieuwe manier Verkrijgen van inzichten in de behoeften en verlangens van mensen Verander inzichten in innovaties “Leer snel, goedkoop falen” Leiden open innovatieConfidential 31
  32. 32. Verandering is de enige constante En dat beïnvloedt hoe we denken, doen en reageren Milieubewustzijn We worden steeds meer Onze levensstijl verandert Energiezuinige stads- en wereldburgers Mensen besteden meer verlichtingstechnologieën Gebouwen en straten tijd aan ontspanning, kunnen wereldwijd nemen ongeveer 75% recreatie en sociale realistische besparingen van alle voor verlichting bezigheden thuis. bieden van 40% en meer. verbruikte energie voor hun rekening.Confidential 32
  33. 33. De digitale revolutie LED-verlichting transformeert het hele landschap* 2010 13% Traditioneel 87% 87% LED 2015 50% Traditioneel 50% LED *Source: Philips Lighting global market study 2009, updated for 2010Confidential 33
  34. 34. Een toekomst die rijk is aan zinvolle oplossingen Ontworpen vanuit de behoeften van mensen Leverancier van oplossingen •  Oplossingen die ontworpen zijn •  Diensteninnovator vanuit de mens •  Geïntegreerd •  Modulair, flexibel, samenwerkend projectmanagement •  Verkoop aan voorschrijvers en •  Intelligente verlichtingssystemen eindgebruikers •  Nieuwe softwarestandaarden •  Innovatie van businessmodel Systeemintegrator •  Partnership met onze klanten •  Economische systemen •  Efficiënte integratie van producten •  Digitaal •  Bevorderen van lichtregelsystemen Productenkampioen •  Standaard producten •  Verkoop aan •  Producten met lange levensduur handelskanalen •  Technologiegestuurd •  Industriële schaal  Confidential 34
  35. 35. Eenvoudig het leven verbeteren met licht Het verschil van Philips Lighting Gericht op de mens + Partners in innovatie + Zinvolle oplossingenConfidential 35
  36. 36. Eenvoudig het leven verbeteren met licht Gericht op de mens Verlichting is niet alleen voor licht, het inspireert, creëert en maakt een statement Maak een goede indruk met aantrekkelijke ruimtes die een genot zijn om in te werken. Gebruik oa LEDs om sferen te fine tunen voor elke stemming, behoefte of taak. Geniet van de ultieme kantoorverlichting met geavanceerde verlichting regelingen en slimme aansturing. Onze oplossingen verbeteren het imago van uw bedrijf en creëert maximaal effect met minimale 9/25/12 belasting voor het milieu.Confidential 36
  37. 37. Eenvoudig het leven verbeteren met licht Partners in innovatie Samenwerken zorgt voor goede resultaten. Co-development: Het creëren van nieuwe verlichtingsoplossingen die waarde toevoegen aan uw project. Toegang krijgen tot de meest recente technologieën, kennis en expertise Turnkey projecten en diensten: Een minimum aan gedoe, maximale voordelen Financiering, installatie, inbedrijfstelling Dedicated Philips team bewaakt en beheert uw 9/25/12 projectConfidential 37
  38. 38. Eenvoudig het leven verbeteren met licht Zinvolle oplossingen Verlichting is goed voor 30% van het energiegebruik in een kantoorgebouw. Met onze kantoorverlichting wordt uw gebouw: - “Groener” - Meer energie-efficiënt - Normconform Wij kunnen u helpen energie te besparen door: - Upgraden lampen - retrofit - Aanwezigheidsdetectie/daglichtregeling - Combineren taak- en algemene verlichting - Intelligente besturingen bv koppeling verlichting, zonwering en GBS 9/25/12Confidential 38
  39. 39. Afvalbrengstation Veenendaal “Uitstekende lichtkwaliteit en CO2- neutraal. Dat zijn kenmerken die ons bijzonder aanspreken.” Het team Klant: ACV groep Locatie: Afvalbrengstation – Veenendaal Architect: Mies Architectuur Installatieadvies: INNAX Installateur: Linthorst Lichtoplossing: SpeedStar, LEDline, DayZone, LuxSpaceConfidential 39
  40. 40. Conferentiezalen ABN AMRO “Met een hoger lichtniveau en een sprankelende uitstraling zijn onze zalen weer van deze tijd. We hebben een veel betere lichtkwaliteit en de storing op onze audiovisuele installaties is helemaal verdwenen.” Het team Klant: ABN AMRO Locatie: Foppingadreef – A’dam Architect: Sinot branding&design Installateur: Cofely - Amsterdam Lichtoplossing : DayZone, StyliD en lichtregelsysteemConfidential 40
  41. 41. Whirlpool Nederland Breda “Het nieuwe lichtplan, met als hoogtepunt de PowerBalance LED armatuur met lichtregelsysteem, past perfect bij de groene ambities van Whirlpool. De energiebesparing loopt op tot wel 60% en het licht is beter en rustiger en dat werkt prettiger.” Het team Klant: Whirpool Nederland Locatie: Heerbaan - Breda Installateur: Jansen ET - Bavel Lichtoplossing : PowerBalance, LuxSpace, StyliD, ZadoraConfidential 41
  42. 42. NAM Assen “Met lagere onderhouds- en exploitatiekosten, een afname van het energieverbruik en een significant langere levensduur biedt LED de nodige voordelen” Het team Klant: NAM Assen Lichtontwerp Philips NL Lichtoplossing : DayZone, DaySign, LuxSpace, MASTER LEDspotConfidential 42
  43. 43. Confidential 43
  44. 44. Corporate Responsibility Simon CoxFirst Vice President Project Management and UK Sustainability Officer Copyright © 2012 Prologis
  45. 45. Prologis – At a Glance Prologis is the leading owner, operator and developer of industrial real estate Focused on global and regional markets across the Americas, Europe and Asia $ 43.9 billion AUM 52.9 million m2 3,088 Buildings 21 Countries 4 Continents45 Copyright © 2012 Prologis
  46. 46. Prologis Business Activities Real Estate Operations: Global presence Local knowledge Diversified global customer base Private Capital: Management of 18 diverse funds Typical co-investment of 10-50% Value Creation: Sustainable Development Renewable Energy Leasing Global Customer Solutions46 Copyright © 2012 Prologis
  47. 47. Corporate Responsibility Environmental Social Governance Stewardship Responsibility and Ethics Operations Community Corporate Engagement Governance §  Lighting upgrades §  Green Path §  Governance practices §  Benchmarking §  Corporate carbon §  Independent directors §  Greenprint Foundation emissions §  Business conduct hotline §  Smart metering §  Education and training §  Technology pilot projects §  CR Champions Ethics §  Charitable activities §  Code of business conduct Capital Deployment §  Prologis Foundation §  Employee training §  Environmental certification §  Volunteering §  Communications §  Energy performance §  Space for Good Program §  Embodied carbon §  Infill development §  Intermodal facilities §  Renewable energy §  ISO 14001 Three dimensions of care: for the planet, for people and for the pursuit of excellence in business47 Copyright © 2012 Prologis
  48. 48. Sustainable Buildings - Environmental Certification •  BREEAM 2011 Very Good - Pan European Goal •  EPC ratings based on local systems48 Copyright © 2012 Prologis
  49. 49. Sustainable Buildings – Reduced Emissions •  Designing low energy buildings requires a ‘step by step’ approach: CO2 Design out the need for energy Customer Carbon Footprint •  Include passive energy saving features: 15% roof lights, dual aspect offices, solar shading, air tightness and high levels of Use energy efficiently insulation Prologis Carbon Footprint •  Use efficient plant and Use appropriate systems: fluorescent lighting renewable energy with movement and daylight controls, low NOX boilers, smart metering and energy monitoring •  Consider appropriate use of renewable energy: Solar thermal hot water, Solar Wall, tri-generation CCHP49 Copyright © 2012 Prologis
  50. 50. Sustainable Buildings - Embodied Carbon Mitigation •  Carbon ‘Life Cycle Assessment’ - BS EN ISO14040 •  Cool Earth – 1,078 acres of rainforest protected •  Local education projects – 14 Schools Customer Carbon Footprint •  Planet Positive Certification Prologis Carbon Footprint50 Copyright © 2012 Prologis
  51. 51. Award Winning Approach51 Copyright © 2012 Prologis
  52. 52. Market Drivers and Opportunities Customers •  Reduce operating costs •  Reduce emissions •  Complement existing CSR programmes Investors •  Occupancy •  Future Proofing •  Value Presentation Prologis •  Sustainability as a customer service •  Reputational benefits •  Consistency and transparency •  Risk management52 Copyright © 2012 Prologis
  53. 53. Portfolio Buildings - Analysis Benchmarking: •  Greenprint Foundation – Carbon Index •  Trials of smart meters and certification tools •  GRESB •  Memorandums of understanding Lighting: •  Up to 64% of total energy use •  Warehouse lighting = 88% •  Specification = 1.46W/m2/100lux •  40% of portfolio has high efficiency lighting •  6 million m2 retro-fitted Energy Performance Certificates: •  A or B Ratings achievable with lighting upgrades53 Copyright © 2012 Prologis
  54. 54. Infill Logistics Prologis target Global Locations near ports, airports and transport corridors Infill locations can significantly reduce supply chain emissions Intermodal facilities offer further benefits54 Copyright © 2012 Prologis
  55. 55. Conclusions • Sustainability can drive occupancy and preserve value • High quality buildings + upgrade as technologies improve • Consistency is more important than flagship projects • Access to good data is essential • Getting this data brings us closer to our customers55 Copyright © 2012 Prologis
  56. 56. GRESB SeminarCBRE Dutch Office Fund 20 September 2012 Presented by: Anne de Jong Portfolio Manager Offices The Netherlands
  57. 57. Introduction CBRE Dutch Office Fund 45 Institutional Investors Fund Management Independent Supervisory Board CBRE Dutch Office Fund Fund Management CBRE Dutch Office Master Funds Fund Manager Portfolio Manager CFO Hans Copier Anne de Jong Richard van Altena Portfolio Dutch Office Fund 80 buildings > 600 tenants Ca 834,721 m² Ca EUR 2.1 billionCONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY
  58. 58. Investment and Leverage Policy Operating Policy Our competiveness is determined by 3 items §  The quality of our locations −  further increase our focus on multifunctional locations. §  The quality of our buildings −  Sustainability is now a key element of the portfolio strategy −  Our (future) tenants demand buildings which offer them the possibility to introduce The New World of Working −  All our tenants demand high quality building offering them at a maximum level of comfort −  We will be more focused on investigating possibilities to adjust our tenants into multitenant buildings §  The quality of our management (including services to current and potential tenants) −  To attract more new tenants and retain current ones we should further improve the level of our management and services. −  Introduce more flexibility in contracts.CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY
  59. 59. Sustainable housing An obvious result of the investment strategy of CBRE Global Investors WTC Amsterdam 1982 WTC Amsterdam 2010 Sustainable housing= •  Selecting the best locations for every sector in The Netherlands •  (Continuous) investment in the prime quality of the real estate Result = sustainable demand for our buildings, thus return for our shareholdersCONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY
  60. 60. Sustainable strategy Ambition 2010 – 2020 ‘The CBRE Dutch Office Fund wishes to be a leading provider of sustainable real estate products in our industry by providing tenants with sustainable accommodation solutions and offering our shareholders the most sustainable European office Fund.’ Objectives Our aim is to set the standard and therefore exceed the objectives set by the Dutch government, RGD and the IVBN. We have set 5 main objectives for 2013: Five main objectives for 2013, based on property lifecycle Acquisition Properties that are acquired will have an outstanding sustainability level or have the realistic potential to be upgraded to an acceptable level (measurement: minimal EPC-label A) Operation Outperform on sustainability performance in our industry peer groups (measurement: average EPC-label of portfolio outperforms Dutch office market) Refurbishment Properties that will be refurbished will be upgraded to an acceptable sustainability level (measurement: minimal EPC-label C) (Re)Development Properties that are (re)developed will be (re)built to an outstanding sustainability level (measurement: minimal EPC-label A) Disposal Sustainable criteria will be taken into account during the disposal process (measurement: presence into the relevant disposal documentation)CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY
  61. 61. Achieving sustainable buildings together with our Tenants Obtaining results for tenant and landlord Result: •  Demands of the client (tenant) are realized; •  Obtain conditions of the owner (landlord); •  Comfort for the users of the office building; •  Part of corporate responsibility policy of both client and landlord.CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY
  62. 62. Sustainable renovations and redevelopments Overview of realised sustainable renovations within the DOF portfolio WTC Amsterdam Nieuw Amsterdam Gebouw Amsterdam Amsterdam - Tenant brochures -  Total redevelopment - Execution quick wins - BREEAM renovation certificate - BREEAM in use - Energy label A after renovation certificate - All buildings energy label A Vivaldi offices Hojel City Centre I Amsterdam Utrecht - Greenlight EU award -  New ways of working - Innovative lightning -  Minimal label from E to C - Energy label B after renovation Groene Toren Lange Voorhout The Hague The Hague -  Energiy label from G to B -  Energy label C -  Cooperaion with tenant - New façade glassCONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY
  63. 63. Sustainability achievements §  Dutch Office Fund is considered to be a Green Star in the GRESB survey which was executed on behalf of a group of investors (a.o. ABP, PGGM); §  The WTC Amsterdam belonged to the first group of five properties which received the first BREEAM in Use certificates. §  Due to major renovations projects in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht the average energy label score is gradually improving. The portfolio is well ahead in relation to the market average. 50% ING DOF 40% Dutch market 30% 20% 10% 0% A B C D E F G CBRE DOF will head towards an average of energy label B after completion of the redevelopments and refurbishmentsCONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY
  64. 64. Green Action Plan 2012 PORTFOLIO 1. LABELING & BENCHMARKING - Label key properties of ING DOF with BREEAM-In-Use - Benchmark portfolio on ISAs Key Performance Indicators (KPI) 2. PERFORMANCE MONITORING - Adapt INREV sustainable reporting standards - Provide report on actual standings based on INREV standards 3. TENANT ENGAGEMENT - Further develop programs for tenants to inform them regarding sustainability - Provide insight in the energy behaviour of the tenants 4. PROCUREMENT POLICY - Set up procurement policy - Communicate procurement policy to stakeholders 5. PROPERTY MANAGEMENT - Add a sustainable paragraph based on actions to the property management agreement 6. ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (EMS) - Develop EMS system for the portfolio - Integrate all relevant data and KPIs Sustainability reporting, sustainability report 2012 PROPERTY 7. CLIMATE INSTALLATIONS - Optimize climate installations where feasible based on 2011 analysis 8. WATER CONSUMPTION DATA - Start monitoring water consumption in m3 - Calculate spendings on water consumption in € 9. WASTE MANAGEMENT - Start tender for waste management procurement - Gather data on waste consumption in m3 and €CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY
  65. 65. Sustainability report 2012 Available at out website: WWW.DUTCHOFFICEFUND.COMCONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY
  68. 68. CSR STRATEGIES: VALUE CREATION Innovation, growth & Cost competitive reduction & advantage Efficiency Compliance & Risk
  69. 69. EXHIBIT 1: SAM 2011
  72. 72. The Brands that Survive Will Be The Brands That Make Life Better
  75. 75. GREAT COMPANIES ARE STAKEHOLDER VALUE BUILDERS, NOT JUST SHAREHOLDER AGENTS“These companies pay their employees very well, provide great value tocustomers, and have thriving, profitable suppliers. They are also wonderfulfor investors, returning 1025% over the past 10 years, compared to only122% for the S&P 500 and 316% for the companies profiled in the bestsellingbook Good to Great -- companies selected purely on the basis of their abilityto deliver superior returns to investors.”
  76. 76. THE CASE FOR CORIO • A growing number of consumers are choosing to buy sustainable brands. Retailers are adapting to this movement Drive consumer quickly. We should too, as a business moving from B2B to B2C & as a preferred partner for retailers preference • Sustainability is only adding to a brand’s succces if it is based on top performance. • Many retailers have sustainability goals of their own. A more sustainable brand is increasingly a more desirable brand. • We share our expertise in areas such as wellbeing and energy efficiency. This collaboration is broadening andBe the preferred partner deepening the relationships we have with retailers. for retailers • Sustainability is increasingly a retainer for existing customers and attracting new ones, hedge against changing tenant preferences • It will help us and our customers reduce exposure to energy price volatility Fuel sustainable • Sustainability is a fertile area for product and service development. It is allowing us to deliver new services /solutions with new consumer and retailer benefits. innovation • There is a proven relation between urban development levels and our profitability. Unemployment in our areas impact our rental growth directly. By helping people become more economically and socially viable, we help the vitality of our centres.Be a top social performer • Energy is a basic requirement in today’s and tomorrows society. High energy prices due to scarcity will destabalise the societies in which we operate and affect purchasing power of individuals. By developing sustainable solutions to local energy demands, we not only help society but secure our future.Be a top environmental • Managing our business sustainably reduces energy use, waste and water. It not only generates cost savings, it also saves the retailer money through lower service charges performer Translate sustainability • Higher rental income, lower obsolence risk, lower cost of capital, higher sales prices are a few research based findings related to sustainable assetsvalue to economic value
  77. 77. OVERVIEW CSR HIGHLIGHTS We embrace the concept of Shared Value: to fulfil our mission while advancing economic and social conditions in our communities. §  Included in DJSI Europe 2012 , ASPI, Vigeo, ESG leaders index §  Sector Winner in Transparency Benchmark by Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs §  Corio included in the list of great places to work §  BREEAM Very Good certification for Tarsu (Turkey) §  ICSC Resource Award and a BREEAM Very Good rating for Forum Duisburg §  Galerie Dresden first shopping centre to have a BREEAM Excellent rating in continental Europe §  Groene Baksteen award 2012 §  Fastest mover in VBDO benchmark9/25/12 Nevap lezing 77
  78. 78. S4EEB: INNOVATIONS4EeB aims to monitor and processsounds and noises for determination ofoccupancy to improve building energymanagement (BEM) and efficiency. • Integration with other HVACL systems • Interoperates with all ICT systems • Capable of learning from previous situations
  79. 79. Let’s ask ourselves in these turbulent times…Can we, the real estate industry, afford to ignore the evidence?