Intent to Co-op Summer 2/ Fall 2016


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Intent to Co-op Summer 2/ Fall 2016

  1. 1. Intent to go on Co-op for Spring/Summer 1, 2017 COLLEGE OF SCIENCE
  2. 2. If you are planning to go on co-op in Spring 2017 You must have completed the Co-op Preparation class during or before the Fall 2016 semester. You must fill out the web form at the end of this presentation by Friday, September 16th. If you are not currently in the Co-op Prep class, you must schedule a meeting with your Co-op Coordinator to review your resume. You can do so on the MyNEU Advisor Calendar. Students enrolled in the Co-op Prep class this Fall semester will be doing this first in class.
  3. 3. Co-op Work Study Some jobs will state in the job description that they require you to be qualified for “Co-op Work Study.” In order to apply for these jobs, you must provide your Co-op Coordinator with a form confirming you are eligible for these funds. You can get this form at the Student Employment office at 271 Huntington Avenue. There are limited funds for Co-op Work Study, so even if you are eligible to receive these funds you are not guaranteed a co-op work study job. Co-op Work study is different than regular work study. You can see if you qualify at the Student Employment office.
  4. 4. NUcareers Northeastern University is pleased to announce the availability of a new online job posting system – NUcareers – for Northeastern co-op students. NUcareers presents an easy-to-use dashboard where you can manage your searches and applications to co-op and full time jobs, as well as participation in recruiting activities such as career fairs, workshops, and on-campus interviews. NUcareers will be phased in over the month of July. Starting July 6th you will be able to upload a resume and other required documents. Beginning August 1st your access to the system will be expanded to include searching and applying for Spring 2017 co-op jobs (once you have met with and been cleared by your Co-op Coordinator). NUcareers access Tutorial for uploading resumes in NUcareers If you have questions about NUcareers, feel free to consult, and/or the NUcareers Help Blog.
  5. 5. Important Information for International Students If you are not a U.S. citizen, it will be critical to update your visa to reflect that you will be working on co-op. As soon you have accepted a position, be sure to fill out the form below with your Co-op Advisor and the Office of Global Services (formerly ISSI). Visa Update form/process
  6. 6. New Job Opportunities In addition to applying for existing jobs in NUcareers, you can work with your Co-op Coordinator to develop jobs with new employers. Speak with your Co-op Coordinator before contacting a company; he or she can give you informational materials, look over your cover letter, and let you know if that company already has a job in NUcareers. If a company has an existing position in NUcareers, you may not contact them directly about setting up your own co-op. More information about developing a new co-op position.
  7. 7. Global Co-ops You must inform your primary Co-op Faculty Coordinator if you are planning to do a co-op outside the United States. Start the application process early—visas take time to process and approve. Make sure you RSVP for a COS Global Co-op Information Session. Scholarships are available to students pursuing international co-ops.
  8. 8. International Co-op Sample Opportunities: International School of Bremen (Germany)—Science education Diamond Light Source Ltd. (England)—Software computation NERF (Belgium)—Behavioral Neuroscience research CERN (Switzerland)—Physics University of Heidelberg (Germany)—Life science research Turks & Caicos Island DEMA (Turks & Caicos)—Environmental restoration Goldsmith’s, University of London (England)—Research on music, mind, and brain City of Cape Town (South Africa)—Sustainability Leibniz University (Germany)—Research lab KCCR (Ghana)—Tropical medicine research University of Minho (Portugal)—Psychology Research Inadditiontothepositionslistedabove,youcanexploremedical,veterinary,clinicaland environmentalopportunitieswithpartnerorganizations.DiscussthisoptionwithyourCo-opAdvisor.
  9. 9. Tips for a Successful Co-op Search Keep an open mind about the type of experiences you are willing to apply for, especially for your first co-op. Co-op is a competitive process, and employment is not guaranteed. Be prepared to face some rejection from employers and to work hard throughout the semester to secure a position. Communicate with and update your Co-op Coordinator often throughout your search process. Respond quickly to phone calls and emails from your Coordinator and from employers.
  10. 10. Important Interview Information You must be willing to interview for every position that you apply for through NUcareers. An interview can be a great opportunity to find out more about a company or position, so we encourage you to apply for a wide range of positions. If you schedule an interview, you must attend. If you are unable to attend because you have accepted another position, you must notify the employer at least one full business day in advance. Failure to do so will disqualify you from participating in co-op. Be sure to put the employer’s phone number and address in your cell phone before the interview, in case you run into unexpected delays.
  11. 11. Accepting a Job When offered a job, you must acknowledge receipt of the offer within 24 hours. Even if you are unsure of whether you will accept the position, it is important to communicate to the employer that you received the offer and are considering it. The employer may ask for a answer within a specific timeframe, but typically you will have 3 business days to accept or decline the position. Once you have accepted a position, you may not change your mind and accept another offer. Let your Co-op Coordinator know as soon as you have accepted a job.
  12. 12. Deadlines Friday, September 16th– Deadline to declare your intent to go on co-op by filling out the web form at the end of this presentation. Schedule a meeting with your Co-op Coordinator to review your updated resume. After (s)he has approved your final resume (s)he will be able to clear you to look for jobs in NUcareers. If you are in the Co-op Preparation class this fall, you will spend the first few classes working on your resume, as well. Thursday, October 6 at 11:59 PM– Deadline to apply for your first 7 jobs (no more than 7). You should continue to apply for more jobs after this initial date.
  13. 13. To officially declare your intent to go on Co-op in Spring 2017, fill out the web form below. It is better to sign up now and decide later not to go on co-op than to miss the sign-up deadline (September 16th). Sign-up for Spring 2017