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Customers are irrational apri 8



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  • 95 percent of all thinking activity takes place in our irrational mind. And just what is that 5 percent of our rational brain spending its time on? It’s not typically making decisions. Rather, it’s rationalizing the decisions and actions we take after the fact. In other words, it’s creating excuses for us as to why we behave the way we do.
  • …act before they consciously make a choiceWhen you make a decision and then act upon it, your rational brain are the last to know…lie to themselvesWe rationalize what we did rather than think before we do. That’s why companies need to get at the customers’ true feelings.…can’t predict how they are going to act in the futureIf you can’t rely on what your customers say they want in the future, what would you do?…’s behavior can be influence by almost anythingFrom the design and colors on the walls of the room, to the tone of voice you’re exposed to, to the temperature of a beverage you’re holding. They have an impact on the memories and emotions that you generate, and in turn your behavior…think in metaphorsMetaphors such as pictures, logos, concepts provide a direct conduit to a person’s irrational brain. That’s why companies often presenting the issues that it solves in terms of “climbing mountains” or “reaching the summit”…apply human characteristics to inanimate objectsHuman characteristics that a customer apply to a product may come from its look, feel or capabilities. They help create a stronger, more emotional connection with customers.…want products with every feature, but then don’t use most of themBecause customers are not good at predicting how we’ll behave in the future. You may want all the bells and whistles on your new phone, but when it comes down to it, you just use it for talking and texting. As a company, how do you balance your product designs to walk the line between “the next big thing,” something that’s actually comfortable and useful?…tell themselves storiesWe have a need to make sense of our lives. To do that, we connect the big mess of experiences and lessons and people into a cohesive story. As customers create their stories, it’s an opportunity for companies to fit into those life stories


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  • 7. Customers Are Irrational • Customers make decision emotionally and subconsciously • Most people don’t know what they want • Ask for how they feel, and observe their actions©Alpine Company Limited. Proprietary. 7
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