Dvr 007 english user manual


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Dvr 007 english user manual

  1. 1. Product Pic tur e and Func tion 6. System Re set: Press Down a nd select [ Yes] by REC Button ,th en Preview and Delet e pr ess Mo de Button to c onfirm . Tur n on the DVR and st op recording by pr essing REC bu tton at first. 7. Ligh t Fr eque ncy: P ress Dow n and set [50 /60Hz] by REC Button. And then,press Mode But to n 10 twice to ent er into Pr eview Mode 8. Time St amp : Pre ss Do wn an d se le ct [On /Off] by RE C Button to Pr ess Up 8 or Down 9 t o select t he pr eviewed file andprev iew in d eci de if recording with time display. full scr een by pr essing REC But ton .If it is video file,it can play or stop 9. Ver sion: S how the softwa re v ersion Numb er. by pressing RE C Butt on . If you want to delete it, press M enu But ton 5 HD 720 P Porta ble DVR to ent er into delete mode,and then, select Yes by REC Butt on and confir m to delete the file by press Mode Butt on . USB Mo de Connect DV R with computer by USB cable,then turn on the DVR At t he view in full screen mode, press Men u Button to ent er into slide and the screen shows MS Ca nd [My computer] will occur two removable show ,select 5/3/1 second by REC But to n and play by Mode Bu tt on. disk,o ne is bulit-in storage and the other is SD card storage .At the moment,the file of the DV R can be downloaded to the computer. Adjust the se tting of DVR Pr eview on the HD T V 1. SD/MMC Card Slot 8.9. Up /Down 10. Mode Button Set ting in R ecor ding Mod e T urn on t he DVR an d stop re cord in g b y pr ess REC Bu tton at fir st. An d 2. Working(Green) indicator Charging(Red) indicator 11. USB Slot Turn on the DV R and stop recording by pressing REC Button at f irst the n conn ect th e H DMI link of DVR with th e H D T V.Pre ss M o de Button 3. Microphone 12. 5V Direct Current Slot and then press Menu Button to ent er into sett ing interface. To pr ess twice to ente r Pre vie w mo de. Then pre ss Up or Dow n to d ecide the 13. Lens Me nu Butt on again to exit aft er finised. pr eviewe d file.If wan t to p review rec ord in g, Pre ss REC Button to p la y. 4. REC / Snap 14. Speaker 5 . Menu 1. Resolution: Select [1280x720 / 848x480 / 640x480pixels] by To stop ,p ress REC Bu tto n ag ain or stop wh en it finished a utomaticall y . 15. Reset hole 6. Power Switch REC Button . Note: 1) Pleas e inse rt the SD/ MMC card befo re r ecor di ng. 16. Mount hole 7. HDMI Sl ot 2 . Cycling Recording: press Down at first and select [2/10/15/OFF] 2)T his DVR reco rds in cycle i f you cho ose 2/10 /15 minutes a s 17. 2.5 inch LCD In str uction Ma nua l minute by pressing REC Button to choose how many time will be Attached Accessories storage time.W hen the storage me dium is full, it wil l re cord storage per one section. Note:The system default is1280x720 and 2 minute per one section. fr om the be gi nning ag ai n a nd era se o ver th e previou sly M anual Mo unt USB Cable recor de d mate ria l automatica ll y.It will h ave 2 se con ds p au se Car Charger (Include the adpator 12V/24V transfers to 5V) S etting in Cam era Mod e tim e,and namely the con tents in th e 2 se cond s will n ot Operate Press Mo de Butt on enter into camera mode and then press Menu recor de d. But if you choose [OFF] as storage tim e, it w ill not bu tt on t o ent er int o setting inter fac e. recor d in cy cle . Wh en the S D car d i s full, it stops to recor di ng. Two Power opti ons: A) Use bui lt-in Li-i on ba ttery 1. Res olution: Select [1M/3M] by REC Button . 3)Beca use the DV R is D C5V input,plea se use th e a ttache d car DVR can be activated after it has be en placed on the vehicle by 2. Quality :Pre ss Down and select [Fine/Nor mal/Good] by REC Button. ch arger. It have adap tor 1 2V/24 V tran sfers to 5V alr eady. pressing the Power Switch 6 and tu rn off by pressing it again. 3. Selftimer :Press Down and select [Yes or No ] by REC B utton. Charging: connect with USB cable or car charger. The indicator display 4. Burst: Pres s Down and select [No/5/3 PICS] by REC Button. Technic al Specifications red and c onvert t o no l ig ht when it is full S etting the function s: 1) Reco rding resolu tion:1280*72 0/848 *4 80/ 640 x480 p ixels B) Connect with Car Charger Turn on the DVR and stop recording by press REC button at first. 2) Vide o form at:H.26 4 DVR will re cord aut om atically when the car starts,tur n off and And then, press Menu Button Up REC Button enter into the 3) Repeat sto rage b y section: 2/10 /15 minutes o r OFF save the last file when the car stops. following function setting. Press Menu Button again to exit after finish 4) Power sou rce: Built-in re cha rgeable b attery or 12V /24V Ca r Ch arger Recording setting. 5) Supp orts SD /MMC card( Fro m 1GB u p to 64 GB) DVR will ent er i nto defaulte d recording m ode whe n turn it o n,the 1. Vo lume: Press Down and s elect 8 kinds of volume standard 6) Microphone: can record soun d wo rk green indi cato r bli ckers and i ndica tes it is record ing.Th e recording by REC Button. 7)Inte rface:H DMI & U SB2.0 file is saved in the S D/MM C Card. To stop, press R e cor d in g B u tt on 2. Language:Press Down and select [English/Japanese/Chinese] by Thank you for purchas ing HD720P P or table DV R from our c ompany. REC Button . Sm all Tip to Sa ve You B ig H eada che 4 or e nding when car stop s , the work indicator won t b licker.In order t o help y ou operate it c orrec tly, please read t his i ns truc tion 3. Date:Press Down and set [Year ] by REC B uttton ,then pres s Mode A HD DVR is in a way ve ry similar to a computer.If the DVR hangscarefully before using. Camera mode Button to choose [Month/Dat e] and s etting them by pres s REC Button . itse lf during op eration, pl ease follow the proce dures below and 4. Clock: Press Down and set [Hour] by REC Button ,then press Mode m ost likely the DVR can be re-activa ted: Tu rn on the DVR and stop recording by pre ssing REC bu tton 4 at fi rst . Button to choose [Minute] and setting them by press REC Button DVR will resta rt after press Reset Hole gentl y by diameter less And the n,p ress M o de B ut to n 10 to ente r into Camera mode. To take 5. Format: If want to format and please Down and select [Yes] by REC than 1mm col umn. photo by pressi ng Snap B utt o n 4 . Button ,then pres s Mode Butt on to confirm. . N o fu rth er n otic e wi ll b e g iv e n fo r a n y m od ific at io n o f th e tec h n ic al s pe c ifica tio n .