Proposal writing training for internal and external sales


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Do you use sales proposals as part of your selling process? As we all begin to have an increased tendency to produce shorter sharper ‘snippet’ style communication, we are often challenged by the need to create persuasive, professionally formatted formal documentation that “sells” our ideas credibly and professionally.

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Proposal writing training for internal and external sales

  1. 1. Proposal Writing Training forInternal and External Sales
  2. 2. Do you use sales proposals as part of your sellingprocess?As we all begin to have an increased tendency to produceshorter sharper „snippet‟ style communication, we areoften challenged by the need to createpersuasive, professionally formatted formaldocumentation that “sells” our ideas credibly andprofessionally.Selling ideas using formal written proposals is just asimportant when selling your ideas internally tomanagement – for example to gain support for aninitiative or project – as it is when selling your productsor services to external customers.
  3. 3. If you would like to have more success in gainingsupport for your ideas and proposals and sellingmore to your customers through a formal processof proposal writing, then focused training can helpyou communicate more effectively and moreprofitably.Using proposal “templates” can also speed upthe proposal development process, so make sure to saveyour documentation to be re-used again and again!
  4. 4. Lesson 1 - Writing with Professional ImpactSpellingGrammarCreating a Cheat SheetLesson 2 - Structuring Sentences for Effectiveness andReadabilityParts of a SentencePunctuationTypes of Sentences
  5. 5. Lesson 3 - Creating Paragraphs with Persuasive PowerThe Basic PartsOrganization MethodsLesson 4 - Writing Meeting AgendasThe Basic StructureChoosing a FormatWriting the Agenda
  6. 6. Lesson 5 - Professional Email and Email EtiquetteAddressing Your MessageAppropriate and effective use of „Urgent‟Make the most of your prime email-estateIntroduction – Body – ConclusionEffective Subject lines: Don‟t make me open the email tofind out the purposeDon‟t make me scroll! – 1 page view onlyDon‟t make me translate your sloppy language
  7. 7. Cont.Don‟t make me read redundant words2 – 3 lines per paragraphSalutationSign-off and SignatureCorporate Communications TaglinesUsing „Draft‟Using „Time Delays‟Grammar and AcronymsEmail StyleChoosing a StyleWriting the Email
  8. 8. Lesson 6 - Writing Business LettersThe Basic StructureChoosing a FormatWriting the LetterLesson 7 - Writing ProposalsThe Basic StructureThe key elements to a great proposalWhat to leave out
  9. 9. Lesson 8 - Writing ReportsThe Basic StructureThe key elements to a reportUsing Tables Graphs and ImageryCommon mistakesLesson 9 - Other Types of DocumentsRequests for ProposalsProjectionsExecutive SummariesBusiness Cases
  10. 10. Lesson 10 - Proofreading and Finishing – Avoid theCringeA Proofreading PrimerHow Peer Review can helpPrinting and PublishingPD Training delivers a one day training course on“Business Writing Skills” inCharlotte, Memphis, Orlando, Columbia, Atlanta,Birmingham and Flowood.