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Getting Started on AWS
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Getting Started on AWS


Neill Turner's slides from the AWS User Group workshop 24th June 2009. More at www.ec2dream.com

Neill Turner's slides from the AWS User Group workshop 24th June 2009. More at www.ec2dream.com

Published in Technology , Education
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  • 1. AWS Getting Started Neill Turner www.ec2dream.com
  • 2. Getting Started Options http://www.ec2dream.com/search/label/Getting%20Started • EC2Dream System Admin. • AWS Management Console Tutorial. • ElasticFox. • Amazon Getting Started Guide.
  • 3. AWS Management Console Tutorial at http://ec2dream.webs.com/AWS- Management-Console.pdf • Introduction - Setting Up. • #1: Running an Instance. • #2: Bundling an Instance. • #3: Creating an Elastic Block Store(EBS) Volume. • #4: Associate an Elastic IP address with an instance. • Appendix #1: PuTTY.
  • 4. Introduction – Setting Up • AWS Account http:// aws.amazon.com • EC2 Account http:// aws.amazon.com/ec2 • S3 Account http:// aws.amazon.com/s3 • Logon to AWS Management Console https://console.aws.amazon.com and create a keypair, saving generated file in secure place.
  • 5. #1: Running an Instance • Step 1: Setting up a Security Group. • Step 2: Choosing an AMI. (I recommend the RightScale small instance AMI ami-cb52b6a2). • Step 3: Launching an Instance.
  • 6. EC2Dream System Admin Installation - Assumed you have a windows PC. If linux use ssh to access your instance. 1. Download from www.ec2dream.com 2. Unzip this zip to a folder say C:EC2Dream (No spaces in directory!) and follow reame.txt file 3. Go to Ruby folder and run the Ruby installer ruby186-27_rc2.exe. 4. Also on the Ruby folder run to add Ruby components (i.e. gems). gem_install_right_aws.bat gem_install_capistrano.bat 1. Correct known problem with capistrano. Change C:/Program Files/ruby/bin/cap (or whatever location Ruby was installed in) line that reads: require_gem 'capistrano', version to gem 'capistrano', version 1. Edit the run.bat file and set the EC2DREAM_HOME to the folder of the EC2Dream install (i.e. C:EC2DREAM) 2. Start a command window and cd to EC2DREAM_HOME and execute run.bat to start EC2DREAM GUI tool.
  • 7. EC2Dream System Admin Tutorial at http://www.ec2dream.webs.com/gettingstarted/ 1. Follow Creating an Environment Creating an Environment Creating a KeyPair (add to settings) 1. Then you should see your server and be able to access it by clicking on server in the tree and then click on the terminal icon.