My Reveiw Journal - First 7 Days Doing The Usana RESET Program


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My 1st 7 Days Journal of weight loss!

On Jan 6th of 2014 I took the plunge to enter the USANA RESET Challenge for weight loss that USANA was holding. I had done the 5 Day RESET before and had some great results though this time I felt there was a big difference. I was actually taking part seriously in the Usana Reset Program challenge to win the competition in weight loss.

I had to learn to focus...

This meant that I had to focus 100% on what I would eat, drink and do for the next 90 days. I had no idea what lay ahead for me as I had never before done a challenge of this sort with this serious an intention.

Being overweight was no fun...

Now I was a bit overweight, feeling a bit uncomfortable as my weight made me feel so and my clothes reminded me too. My belly did poke out and the inside of my thighs did rub against each other when I walked. I did feel terrible. I thought I was not fat but when I looked into the mirror I did not like what I saw.

I loved eating...

The problem was I was so used to picking on nuts, sultanas and chips while watching TV. The evenings were spent more often than not in front of the television munching away like a squirrel in a corner. Half way during a TV movie I would fill a bowl with yoghurt topped with sultanas and two or 3 tablespoons of honey. Life was too sweet for me.

Sacrificing was not easy...

So the hardest thing to give up was all the good sweet things I liked such as chocolates, sweets, honey, nuts, sultanas, cakes and biscuits. Coffee was also on that list as well as beer, fried foods and burgers.

It was not easy going...

When I started my journey into the first 7 days of RESETNATION I first found it very hard. As I got started with the RESET Kit, the first day was dreadful as the lifestyle rubber band was pulling me back to where I had started from my old habits. I wanted those sultanas and cakes and a beer. I suffered!

Each Day had its challenges...

The second day was a bit easier though was still hard as the cravings had not gone away completely. It was far too early for that to happen. But I learned from the first day not to eat at random but eat at regular intervals so I now was not thinking of food all the time. This made a big difference in helping curb my food cravings.

Water helped!

I also started to drink more water and that made me feel fuller longer too. As for exercise I found I could hardly walk 2KM without feeling tired. This was something I had to work on if I did want to lose weight and win the challenge.

Th side effects were not pleasant..
Then on day three I was hit with massive detoxing headaches. These pains did not go away for 3 whole days and boy it hurt. But I stuck at it as I knew what I was going through - cleaning my system out. I just took extra Hepasil supplements (Hepaplus from Usana) to help with the detox process.

I added vitamin supplements.
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My Reveiw Journal - First 7 Days Doing The Usana RESET Program

  2. 2. THE 5 DAY RESET AND MUCH MORE • • • • • • • Nutrimeal Nutritious bars Vegetables Fruits Exercising Plenty of good water Nutritional supplements
  3. 3. FOODS I STARTED TO FALL IN LOVE WITH • • • • • • Vegetables Fruits Organic green teas Juicing Salads Tofu
  4. 4. THINGS I LOVED THAT I HAD TO GIVE UP • • • • • • • Bread, rice, cookies and cakes Sweets & chocolates Coffee Beer, wine and spirits Coca cola, etc. Cheese Bacon and ham
  5. 5. THE SIDE EFFECTS I only had one big side effect--Massive headaches as I detoxed. The headaches lasted for 3 days but I felt so much better once they passed.
  6. 6. THINGS I LEARNED • • • • • • Smaller portion sizes Drinking water regularly Evenly spacing meals out Pre cutting vegetables Walking an extra 10 minutes a day Substituting coffee with green tea
  7. 7. THE FEELING AFTER THE 5 DAYS! Detoxed Control the cravings for high GI foods Lighter in my belly Lost 7.8 pounds in total Learned so much about good eating – food portion control, eating fresh vegetables and less meat. A balanced diet • Exercise • Sleep • • • • •
  8. 8. THANK YOU FOR READING! Dear Friends, Thank you for reading about my weight loss journey. It is something I wanted to do to improve my health and I feel if I can share my journal with you maybe you too can benefit while I lose weight. Its great to have a buddy to do this with so lets do this together. Follow me on Facebook--