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List Advertising ROI Webinar
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List Advertising ROI Webinar


Measurable List Marketing …

Measurable List Marketing

Understanding List Buyer Behavior (List Brokers)
Review List Seller Techniques (List Managers)
- Email Blasts
- Search Engine Optimization
- Space Advertising
- Contextually Targeted Search
- List Research Positioning & Highlighting
- Broker Meetings
- Sales Calls (Seasonality, Test Follow-Up)
- Direct Mail
- Lead Generation Programs
- Projecting List Rental Outcomes (Return on Investment)
- Start With Best Fit For Broker Buyer Behavior (BBB)
- Build Projection Model
- Sample Template: http://www.nextmark.com/cta
- Apply Historical Data
- ROI Scenario Analyses
- Test Program(s) and Apply Actual Results To Projection Model

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  • Here's a video on how list managers are getting their files noticed on free list search engines:

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  • 1.
    • Welcome To
    • “ Your List Advertising ROI”
    • 30 Minute Webinar
    • We’ll Be Starting Shortly…
    • Hosted by:
  • 2. Your List Advertising ROI
    • Agenda
    • Understanding List Buyers/Brokers
    • Review List Sellers’ Techniques
    • Projecting List Revenue Outcomes (ROI)
    • Open Line For Questions & Answers
    • At any time during or after this webinar, you may
    • email [email_address] for more information.
  • 3. Understanding List Buyers/Brokers
    • Usage Is Key!
    • “ If someone else is using the list successfully, then it reduces my exposure with the client and adds credibility to my recommendation.”
    • New Lists Trump Rebranded Titles
    • “ New lists to market, especially response lists, are always on my radar; I’ll pay attention if it’s new.”
    • Don’t “Peddle Your Wares”
    • “ There’s nothing less productive for me than sitting through a manager’s presentation of untargeted list recommendations – it’s a waste of time. If it’s a new company, however, then I usually like to see what they’ve got.”
    • Rollout Potential
    • “ If there isn’t a sufficient universe for rollout, then I’m not going to include the test unless it’s a perfect fit.”
  • 4. Understanding List Buyers/Brokers
    • Avoid The Fluff!
    • “ If the data card does not tell me what I need to know about the list, then I move on; only if I’m REALLY interested will I call the manager to find out more.”
    • It Depends On The Campaign
    • “ The level of detail in my list research is directly correlated to the campaign size and my familiarity with the offer; I need to work harder to find lists to test when I’m less familiar with the offer.”
    • Timing Is Everything
    • “ It needs to be relevant – yes, but it also needs to be in front of me when I’m searching for new lists to test; my memory is just not that good anymore!”
    • Targeting In Tough Times
    • “ Only targeted lists make it in right now – I’m less open to recommending lists from secondary markets to test.”
  • 5. Understanding List Buyers/Brokers
    • Dip Into The Down Time!
    • “ &quot;There is no better day than Friday when it comes to doing list research; I've been making new test recommendations for 20 years, and the best ones are created on the days with the least interruptions.“
  • 6. Understanding List Buyers/Brokers
    • List Research Channels
    • NextMark Meridian Interface (Paid)
    • NextMark mIn IDC Interface (Paid)
    • SRDS DirectNet & DMLS (Paid)
    • Public List Management Sites (Free)
    • Public NextMark Sites (Free)
    • Licensed Data (Paid)
    • New Test Recommendations
    • Data Card Evaluation (Broker Interviews)
      • Low: 2.0% (1/50) make it to the recommendation
      • Average: 20.9% (10/50) make it…
      • High: 50.0% (25/50) make it…
    • Based on client market, uniqueness of offer, experience
    List Buyers Your Data Cards
  • 7. List Sellers’ Techniques Space Ads Email Blasts Search Positioning & Highlighting Direct Mail Flyers Contextual Search Broker Meetings SEM/SEO Lead Generation Sales Calls Featured Lists What’s Measurable ? Web Analytics
  • 8. Projecting Outcomes
    • List Research Decision Stream
    Clicks To Orders Ratio (COR) COR Statistics Broker Survey Statistic = 18.60% N B = 5 Clicks To Orders Ratio = 29.97% N c = 473,322 (6/07 – 5/08) Average TCR 3.3 to 1 Click-Through Rate (CTR) Tests To Continuation Ratio (TCR) CTR Statistics Range (Low) = 0.65% Range (High) = 3.38% Mean = 1.68% Median = 1.27% Correlation Coefficient = 0.96 N i = 1,169,422
  • 9. 4 P’s of List Marketing
    • P romote your
    • P roduct (list) in the right
    • P lace for the right
    • P rice
    • 50 Lists
    • x 1.4
    • 70 Recos
    • x 75%
    • 52 Orders!
    • Annual Cost = $480
    • $9.23 Per New List Order
    Statistics Active List Titles = 53,444 Active List Managers = 743 Preferred Providers = 87 Clicks = 466,813 Recommendations = 138,320 Clicks Per Title (PPP) = 12.4 Recommendations Per Title (PPP) = 3.6 Lift = 63.6% P roven P referred P rovider P rogram
  • 10. Demonstration ROI Calculator Go To NextMark http://www.nextmark.com Sell Mailing Lists Put Your Lists on Top List Search Example Go To marketing INFORMATION network http://www.minokc.com/ Free List Finder Search on “Investors”
  • 11. Questions? Email [email_address] for more information. Special thanks to the brokers from the following companies who participated in the interview process:
  • 12. Press Release
      • Press Release!
      • http://www.nextmark.com/news/pr_08202008.html