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Find hot news in dairy products china news 1401


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  • 1. Find Hot News in Dairy Products China News 1401 Tag: grain & food processors, General Administration of Customs of China, local food safety standards, dairy farming, UHT milks, infant formula product, the State Council Summary: Data from 5 key processors shows that their performance in H1 is rather mixed, reflecting market challenges. Published on the 31th every month, Dairy Products China News is a monthly publication released by CCM. It offers timely update and close follow up of China’s various kind of Dairy market dynamics, analyze the market data and trends. Major columns include the latest information on new market dynamics, company dynamics, new dairy products and consumption trend, new legislations and policies and raw milk supply dynamics that are shaping the market. Following are headline news of the latest issue of Dairy Products China News: Milk Price Rises in Heilongjiang On 6 December, Ausnutria releases its financial report for 2011, confirming its poor performance in this period – which many suspect has continued up to the present day. Abbott's Similac Launched Online On 5 December, Abbott launches its imported US Similac ranges on e-commerce site, likely a well-timed move given the problems which Dumex has encountered in the market since last year. Detailed Rules for Infant Formula Processor Approval in 2013 Released On 25 December, the China Food and Drug Administration holds a press conference to announce the Detailed Rules for Infant Formula Processor Approval in 2013, and also outlines its work reviewing processors' production licenses. Ausnutria's Profitability Challenged On 6 December, Ausnutria releases its financial report for 2011, confirming its poor performance in this period – which many suspect has continued up to the present day. Fonterra's Challenge in China's Dairy Market Fonterra remains challenged in the Chinese market after the contamination scare last August, but remains in a strong position despite the increasing opportunities the situation has provided for suppliers from the US and the EU. Rebornne Focuses on E-commerce At a conference held in Guangzhou on 8 December Rebornne announces a switch to selling its infant formula entirely online. Biostime to Boost Domestic Production of Infant Formula
  • 2. On 30 December, Biostime announces its acquisition of Changsha Yingke, a move designed to strengthen its position in 4th and 5th tier cities. Biostime Acquisition Brings Local Production Capability Government Concerns over Milk Safety and Quality In December the State Council's Food Safety Committee holds talks with domestic dairy processors to urge them to ensure the safety and quality of their dairy inputs. China Tightens Supervision on Infant formula Sales On 18 December, the CFDA releases notices to urge its local branches to tighten supervision over the sales of infant formula in general, and the pilot sales of infant formula in pharmacies. Government Focuses on Infant Formula Safety On 3 December, the China Food and Drug Administration issues two regulations on infant formula, part of the ongoing drive to streamline and so clean up the domestic infant formula industry. Import Tariff Cut for Infant Formula On 16 December, GACC announces an import tariff cut for infant formula in 2014, suggesting growing demand and rising imports for foreign infant formula. Guangzhou Cancels School Milk Guide Price Guangzhou cancels government guide price on school milk from 1 December, a change which reflects the increasing market orientation being encouraged in China's school milk programme. About CCM As a leading market research consulting company in China with more than 10-year-experience, CCM offers Market Data, Analysis, Reports, Newsletters, Buyer-Trader Information, Import/Export Analysis all through its new proprietary product ValoTracer. For more information, please visit Contact Email: Tel: 86-20-37616606 Fax: 86-20-37616968