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Sorting Rocks Learning Center

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  • 1. -685800228600Magnifying Glass<br />
    • Magnifying glasses make things
    • 2. look bigger.
    • 3. They help you see objects close up.
    • 4. You can see many details when looking
    through a magnifying glass.<br />22860094615Ruler<br />
    • Rulers help us measure the length of an object.
    • 5. It can tell us how long or wide an object is.
    • 6. Rulers can also tell us how thick something is.
    -914400-914400<br />SORTING ROCKS<br />Directions:<br />
    • With a partner or alone, gather the following items: Sorting Mat, Sorting Rocks Worksheet, magnifying glass, ruler, pencil, and colored pencils or crayons.
    • 7. Take one box of rocks and dump them onto your sorting mat. Use the tools (magnifying glass, rulers, microscope, scale and others) to spot the ways the rocks are the same and different.
    • 8. What are some ways you can put them into two piles? The rocks in each pile should be similar to each other in some way.
    • 9. Once you find a way, sort the rocks and record the information onto your Sorting Rocks Worksheet. Be sure to tell how you are sorting them and draw a picture of each pile. Use the colored pencils or crayons to show color differences.
    • 10. Try to find at least 4 different ways to sort the rocks. If you can think of more, try it out and write it at the bottom of your worksheet. Write down the tools you used while sorting your rocks. Be as creative as possible.
    • 11. Put all of your rocks back into the box, return your supplies and tools the proper place, and turn in your worksheet to the teacher!
    ASK THE TEACHER IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS!<br />-685800457200Scale<br />
    • Scales tell us the weight of an object.
    • 12. They are also called balances.
    • 13. Sometimes objects may look the same size, but weigh different amounts.
    2971800478155Microscope<br />
    • Microscopes are similar to magnifying glasses, but they let us see objects even closer.
    • 14. You can see very tiny details using a microscope.
    • 15. You can even change how close up you see the objects.