Water use[2]
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Water use[2]






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Water use[2] Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Water Use By: Beth ,Maiken, and Matjis
  • 2.
    • People waste water, reducing the amount available for others
    • People argue over the rivers that flow into other countries
    Lines of Inquiry How does water use affect other countries? Ways humans waste water
    • People take baths
    • people buy older technology instead of modern technology
    • people let water running
  • 3. Lines of inquiry #2
    • Don’t let the tap run while brushing teeth, soaping hands or shaving, etc.
    • Take a quick shower instead of a bath.
    • If the technology is available, choose a short flush after using bathroom .
    Human responsibility to use less water and advice Technology impacts on water use
    • Old technology wastes more water than new technology.
    • Modern gadgets such as garden hoses and high pressure water sprays have also increased water consumption.
  • 4. Utensils at Home
    • A dripping tap can waste 10L per day
    • Brushing your teeth for 3 min. with a running tap : 18L
    • An average bath tub can hold 100L
    • A shower uses :9L a minute
    • Flushing the toilet : 8L
    • 1 load of washing : 70L
    • 1 dishwasher load : 20L
    • 1 car wash : 200L
  • 5. Using Water for Production
    • 1 car:35,000L
    • 1 KG of paper:300L
    • 1 KG maize: 900L
    • 1 KG of cheese:1,100L
    • 1 KG of lettuce:25L
    • 1 KG of sugar:80L
    • 1 KG of wool: 150L
    • 1 KG of aluminum: 1,250L
  • 6. Water Around the World
    • An average African uses 8L per person per day (too little)
    • People in Europe use 150-200 per person per day (normal)
    • People in Asia and Former Soviet Union use up to 800L per person per day (too much)
    • A person needs 8L to survive one day
  • 7. How We can Save Water
    • Take a shower not a bath
    • Don’t let the tap run
    • Buy water saving products
  • 8. QUIZ!
    • In 1 minute how much water does a shower use?
    9L How many liters of water do you need to produce a car? 35,000L How many liters does a person need in a day to survive? 8L
  • 9. QUIZ!
    • Should you take a bath or a shower for 2 minutes to save more water?
    A shower for 2 minutes How many liters of water does a dishwasher use per load? 20L How much water does the average European use in a day? 150-200 liters
  • 10.
    • Thanks For Watching Our PowerPoint !!!
  • 11. Bibliography
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