Your Questions About Listen To Music On Computer
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Your Questions About Listen To Music On Computer






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Your Questions About Listen To Music On Computer Your Questions About Listen To Music On Computer Document Transcript

  • Your Questions About Listen To Music On ComputerSharon asks…Do you listen to music/use your computer when during athunderstorm?I’ve had NUMEROUS people tell me it’s dangerous to listen to music and use the computerwhen a thunderstorm is going on, since it could attract lightning. Being myself, I never listenand do it anyways. I want to know how many people do it anyways, and how many don’t.Big Arn answers:You shouldn’t use your computer during a thunderstorm. It has nothing to do with attractinglightning and everything to do with preserving your computer. If you get a line level surgethrough your broadband line during an electrical storm you can end up with a fried motherboard.If you insist on using your computer even during a storm you should get a top of the line surgeprotector – the kind they sell in an office supply store for $50 – $100 – and also install anethernet card in one of your expansion slots and plug your broadband cable in through thatcard. That way if you do get a surge you only have to replace a $25 card instead of paying for amotherboard swap. 1/4
  • George asks…How do i turn off all random computer noises so I can listen tomusic while surfing the web?I listen to music on my computer CD, while doing on-line homework or surfing web. My tunesare constantly interrupted by the computer‘s “beeps and pings” associated with changingpages or websites. Please help.Big Arn answers:You can set a silent sceme in the sounds in the control panel. Just use a non default that has nosounds. You can always go back and set it back. 2/4
  • Lizzie asks…How to hook up Tritton ax 720s to a computer to listen to music?I just baught my trittons and i want to listen to music on my computerBig Arn answers:I have not hooked one up to a computer,only an Xbox 360.But I do believe this unit comes withan optical (Toslink) cable with a G6 adaptor for use with a computer.If not you should go to thewebsite and contact support.Thomas asks… 3/4
  • How do you activate my xbox 360 on my computer so i can listen to music? Everytime i try to listen to music from my computer it says “Can’t connect. Make sure you have activated this console on your computer.” I remember doing this before and there is usually an icon in the tray in the bottom right corner… But its not there?? HELPPP!!!! Big Arn answers: I give you the link to a nice tutorial in the source below: Download Xbox 360 videogames for free: Powered by Yahoo! Answers Read more... Your Questions About Listen To Music On Computer 4/4Powered by TCPDF (