The Difference Between Acoustic And Electric Guitar


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The Difference Between Acoustic And Electric Guitar

  1. 1. ==== ====Learn To Play The Guitar Fast! ====Learning guitarMost people like the thought of being able to play a musical instrument and one of the mostpopular choices is to play guitar. Nearly all the songs we hear on the radio and television haveguitar as an integral part of the song. This helps give guitar its appeal to people because theyhave a desire to be able to play the songs they know and like.When you are first thinking about playing guitar the obvious question that arises is should I learnto play acoustic guitar or electric guitar?. Here are some things to consider when you are thinkingabout which type of guitar you want to learn on.Learning to play an acoustic guitarAcoustic guitars are great for a lot of reasons. First of all they look great. As simple or trivial as thatmay sound its nice to have a guitar that looks cool. Acoustic guitars look good when people areplaying them and they also look great just sitting in the corner of a room or even resting on thesofa. Another great thing about acoustic guitars is that you dont require an amplifier to get a goodsound out of them. As the name suggests, they sound good acoustically. When played an acousticguitar compliments vocals very well, also without amplification. And you can always plug andacoustic guitar into an amplifier or a p.a. system.Thats one important thing to consider when thinking about learning to play guitar. Do you want tobe able to take it places and play so you can hear the guitar well without having to carry aroundother equipment? Another thing to think about is if you are wanting to play solo or with otheracoustic instruments or do you want to play in a band with louder instruments? Playing in a bandsituation raises the question about learning to play on an electric guitar.Learning to play an electric guitarLike acoustic guitars, electric guitars look great. As the name suggests, you need to plug anelectric guitar into an amplifier to get an audible sound from the guitar. One benefit of an electric isthat you can play it quietly when not plugged into an amp, or through an amp with headphones. Soyou can play in one room and someone wont hear you in the room next door. To state theobvious, acoustic guitars are louder instruments acoustically than electric guitars. However if youwant to play with friends in a band, especially when there is a drummer, then you will most likelywant to use an electric guitar so you can get the volume you need.Electric guitars are also better instruments for playing lead guitar on than acoustics. Acousticguitars are great for chords, but when you go to play lead the sound is not very rich and the notes
  2. 2. dont sustain very well. On an electric guitar, the notes sustain for much longer periods of time.This gives playing solo notes a fuller, richer sound.As well as sound, another fundamental difference in playing an acoustic guitar compared with anelectric guitar is the amount of strength required to play each instrument. You need more strengthgo play an acoustic guitar than you do an electric guitar. String tension on acoustic guitars istighter than the string tension on electric guitars, this makes acoustic guitars harder to play.Especially for beginner guitar players. Although having sore fingers from playing guitar for an houror two is actually quite a good feeling. Playing regularly builds up strength in the hands making iteasier to play guitar over time.You should also keep in mind the types of songs and music you wish to play. If you want to playsongs that are recorded with acoustic guitar then you obviously want that acoustic sound, so anelectric is probably not the right choice for you.Keeping the above in mind, youll be better equipped when deciding what type of guitar is the rightguitar for you. Whatever your choice, guitars are great instruments to learn and play, bothacoustics and electrics.Nick Cresswell is a musician, music teacher, author and webmaster of Free Jam Tracks provides guitarists, bassists and drummers withfree, high quality jam and backing tracks as well as articles and instruction on music and musictheory. Visit to download free jam tracksand backing tracks.Article Source: ====Learn To Play The Guitar Fast! ====