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A great transformation has been unveiled. We will either lead in the transformation, or follow it closely, or get eliminated. There is no a fourth way for us to choose. Lifechanyuan will usher in a new era (the Lifechanyuan era) for the mankind on this earth after 2013.Lifechanyuan is the last course for human beings to learn and follow :

The new era of mankind — Lifechanyuan Era has unveiled its curtain. It is being unfolded in full swing, in terms of both theory and practice. Every member of mankind should get to know the connotation of Lifechanyuan Era as early and quickly as possible, otherwise, he or she will certainly lag far behind.

Mankind is about to be ushered into Lifechanyuan Era that will span a thousand years.

Lifechanyuan is the homestead of man’s spirit and soul, the transfer station for seculars to move toward the higher level of LIFE space, and the headspring for every individual to obtain sublimation of spiritualism and acquire spiritual wealth.

The optimum system of administration for human society is “Lifechanyuan plus secular government”. Lifechanyuan takes charge of man’s spiritual being, while secular governments shall be responsible for the material construction and ensure the efficiency and order of life and society of humankind.

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800 values-lifechanyuan era

  1. 1. 800 Values for New Era Human Being800 Values for New Era Human being (Second Edition) Deiform Buddha Chapter 1:Lifechanyuan Era1. Mankind is about to be ushered into Lifechanyuan Era that will span athousand years.2. Open the windows and the sunlight and fresh air will come in.Take a broad view and you will see faraway mountains are fresh andgreen.Stay and study in Lifechanyuan will a new LIFE begin.You will see clear paradise scenes.3. There are mainly eight major identifying brands for Lifechanyuan Era:(1). The disappearance of state, religion, political party, and family life;(2). The absence of court, judge, and lawyers;(3). The absence of constitution, law, statutes, commandment, anddharma, there will be only values of Lifechanyuan;(4). Instead of following constitution, laws, statutes, commandment, anddharma as the norm for behavior, people take sincerity, kindness, beauty,
  2. 2. 800 Values for New Era Human Beinglove, faith, honesty, diligence, and harmony as the guideline for wordsand behaviors;(5). The disappearance of war, diseases, hunger, and crime;(6). Man will shift from the pursuit of material comfort to the pursuit ofspiritual satisfaction;(7). The production and life of man all over the world will be uniformlysteered by sages and managed by wise men;(8). Man will coexist harmoniously with other advanced LIFE of theuniverse and nature in an orderly manner.Lifechanyuan will establish 256 branches around the globe to correspondwith the secular governments. The resident members of each branch shallnot surpass 300. The people under the jurisdiction of secular governmentscan range from tens of thousands to hundreds of millions. Each branchshoulder three functions: copy the life style of the Thousand Year Worldand provide Chanyuan celestial with bases to cultivate into celestialbeings; assist the secular governments and train management personnelfor secular governments; strive to transit all the humankind to Chanyuancelestial within 200-300 years and transform the secular governments toHome without marriage and family.4. Marching toward Lifechanyuan Era is the will of the Greatest Creator,the wish of Christ, the hope of Buddha, the ideal of sages and saints whohave exerted their utmost effort to that purpose, and also the desire of thetoiling masses who yearn toward such an era. To devote our whole life toLifechanyuan is the greatest value of LIFE, which has contained thedeepest teachings of Christ and Buddha, the beautiful dreams of sages
  3. 3. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingand saints of mankind, and the expectations of all the kind-hearted anddiligent people. Let’s march toward Lifechanyuan Era—all people whowish to cultivate the character of celestial beings and Buddha, all peoplewho are willing to devote all their LIFE to the beautiful ideals of mankind,all people who are trekking and climbing toward the highest compass oflife and LIFE and all people who wish to enter the heaven throughcultivation.The greatest characteristic of Lifechanyuan Era is the absence of family,religion, political party, and state in the world. “the talented will be put togood use, and the whole world will be one family”, in which “no onewould pocket anything found on the ground, and doors are not bolted atnight”, The people will be natural and pure, the weather will be good forharvest, the society will be harmonious, the will of the people will bepeaceful, the products will be plentiful, and everyone will be happy.5. Family, nationality, state, political party, and religion is the source ofmisfortune for mankind.6. Those favoring private ownership are seculars, those preferring publicownership are sages, those bent on non-ownership are celestial beings.7. The thing will be of greater value if it is shared to a larger extent. Thegreater the extent of sharing, the higher the utilization ratio of resourceswill be, and the greater their values and significances will be. Man mustbring his talent into full play, and materials should be put to full use. Thisis the will of the Greatest Creator, as well as the wish of all kind-hearted,diligent, honest, and trustworthy people. A civilized society is one inwhich resources are shared by all its members; a barbarian society is onein which resources are contested and occupied.
  4. 4. 800 Values for New Era Human Being8. Only after Lifechanyuan Era is initiated for people to lead the life ofHome without marriage and family in Lifechanyuan, can people get rid ofthe suffering of life, and obtain a happy, joyful, free and blessed life.9. The optimum system of administration for human society is“Lifechanyuan plus secular government”. Lifechanyuan takes charge ofman’s spiritual being, while secular governments shall be responsible forthe material construction and ensure the efficiency and order of life andsociety of humankind.10. Lifechanyuan is the homestead of man’s spirit and soul, the transferstation for seculars to move toward the higher level of LIFE space, andthe headspring for every individual to obtain sublimation of spiritualismand acquire spiritual wealth. The core of Lifechanyuan is reverence forthe Greatest Creator, LIFE, and nature, and following the Way of theGreatest Creator. The purpose of Lifechanyuan is to gradually eliminatethe shackles and bondages of family, nationality, state, political party, andreligion and lead man to Lifechanyuan Era.11. All the mankind must enter Lifechanyuan Era, initiate LifechanyuanEra, and march toward Lifechanyuan Era—this is the best road of life, themost miraculous road of self-improving and self-refining, and the onlyroad for man to solve all the crises he faces and march toward civilizationand happiness. The relationship between Lifechanyuan and government isthat between fish and water. Government is water, and Lifechanyuan isfish. Lifechanyuan does not interfere with and comment on governmentactions. Lifechanyuan is unconditionally subject to the administration ofgovernment. Any Chanyuan celestial will be punished by government ifhe has violated government regulations. Lifechanyuan will not interfere.If any branch of Lifechanyuan across the world is to be banned because
  5. 5. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingof its inappropriate behaviors. The instructions of the government mustbe enforced immediately, and the branch must be disbanded instantlywithout any defiance. The disbanded branch shall not lodge anycomplaint or plan any secret activities. If any Chanyuan celestial abet orinstigate other Chanyuan celestials to rival and create difficulties for thegovernment, he is then proved to be a careerist and schemer, and shall beimmediately ridded of his competency as a Chanyuan celestial andexpelled from the homestead.12. Before the birth of Lifechanyuan, man has chosen two wrong paths:one is the abandonment of this life in pursuit of a future life, which ischaracterized by a passive and pessimistic cultivation for the futureinstead of positively and optimistically creating the present life; the otheris the abandonment of the future life in pursuit of a befuddled present life,viewing the future as an illusion and engrossed in the enjoyment of thepresent life to the negligence of future life. Man has taken two wrongroads: one is the placement of hope upon gods and emperors, submittinghimself to the will of Heaven, leading a conservative life, and expectingwindfall from the sky; the other is the placement of hope upon himself,harboring the idea that man is to conquer nature, and showing noreverence for the Greatest Creator and god, which as a result has not onlyrendered him unable to enjoy the pleasure of life but also forfeited hissplendid prospect for the future.13. The network era is coming for all religions tending toward unification,and for “Harvest the ripe crops”. It is also coming for the LIFE of theuniverse which is undergoing grand adjustment, and for purifying theearth. . The network era is coming and we are to be ushered inLifechanyuan Era.
  6. 6. 800 Values for New Era Human BeingThe symbols of “ripe crops” are:(1). Reverence for the Greatest Creator, LIFE, and nature, and follow theWay of the Greatest Creator.(2). No involvement in marriage and family, state, political party, andreligion.(3). The absence of status, property, fame, and influence.(4). The absence of jealousy, complaint, and comparison; the absence ofselfishness, greed, and scheming; the absence of sloth, arrogance, andresentment; the absence of worry, anxiety and dread.(5). Not opinionated, be flexible and accommodating, act as accordsone’s nature, and follow the Tao.(6). Humble, kind, hardworking, honest, trustworthy, simple andunsophisticated, healthy, and civilized.(7). Know how to play, know how to play games, like collective activitiesand collective life, open-minded and active, and maintain a happy andjoyful state of mind.(8). Do not cling to a mortal’s life but a celestial life; do not cling to amortal’s human relationship but a celestial order, do not pursue a mortal’spath but a celestial road, do not long for the human world but thefairyland.14. The heaven becomes clear and bright when unified, the earth becomespeaceful when united, the deity becomes effective when united, the grainbecomes prosperous when united, all things become thriving whenunified, and a saint’s idea may become universal if he pursues the
  7. 7. 800 Values for New Era Human Beinguniform truth. The whole of mankind has only one government, onebelief, one order, and one pattern; man can only have one goal, one wish,one path to build, and one road to follow all through his life. Otherwise, itwill be difficult to realize the clarity, peace, effectiveness, and prosperity.Excess breeds confusion and heterogeneity causes irritation. Only if “allmethods are unified into one general principle”, and “all religions areunified into one uniform religion”, can the uniformity be realized. Only ifthe uniformity is realized, can we enjoy harmony, peace, auspiciousness,good weather, and a happy, joyful, free and blessed life.15. Localism and nationalism are the symbols of barbarism and fatuity.No affairs on the earth belong to any particular nation or localismadherents. Instead, they belong to the whole of mankind. Theadministration of every region should be exercised not by the peoplechosen from among the locals or from among a local nation but by themost outstanding talents selected from the whole of mankind. Only if thetalented are entrusted with important missions can the whole world beunited as one family. Only in so doing can the toiling multitude obtainfreedom and happiness.16. Everyone has the power endowed by god to condemn and intervene inaffairs in any corner of the earth and condemn and intervene in the affairsof all countries, all political parties, all religions, all nationalities, and allorganizations.17. You cannot enter the life of Home without marriage and familywithout leaving the traditional family, you can not escape thetransmigration in the human world without cultivating celestial being, andyou cannot enter Lifechanyuan Era without disbanding family, state,religion, and political parties.
  8. 8. 800 Values for New Era Human Being18. Man must seek the guidance and teachings of god, Buddha, immortals,and sages in order to enter the era of peace, nature, auspiciousness,happiness, and pleasure. We must revere Jesus Christ, Sakyamuni,Mohammad, and Lao Tzu, we must listen to their teachings and actaccordingly.19. The best way of funeral and internment in history is cremation, afterwhich the ashes is sprinkled and scattered among the towering mountainranges, rivers, lakes, and seas, with no corpse, no tomb, and traces leftbehind. The system of funeral and internment prescribed by Lifechanyuanis beneficial to the future of LIFE of Chanyuan celestial. It minimizes theburden on friends and relatives. There would be no troubles caused tooffspring by the occupation of space on the earth. It is the symbol ofcivilization and the sign of the sublimation of culture. In LifechanyuanEra, the funeral and interment system of Lifechanyuan is implemented:the cremation after the death of man and the scattering of ashes amongthe rivers, lakes, seas, and green mountains and fields, which dispenseswith the building of tombs, the keeping of ashes, the establishment ofmemorial, and the mark of any traces.20. Compendium of holographic order management procedure for man’snew life:(1) Establish a global government, gradually disband all countries, cancelthe immigrant bureaus and embassies of all countries, and permit the freemovement of global citizens around the world.(2) Gradually dissolve all religious organization, and unify the variousbeliefs as the reverence for the Greatest Creator, LIFE, and nature, andthe adherence to the Way of the Greatest Creator.
  9. 9. 800 Values for New Era Human Being(3) Gradually disaggregate the traditional pattern of marriage and familylife, and guide man to the new life pattern of Home without marriage andfamily created by Lifechanyuan.(4) The interest of the whole mankind reigns supreme. Gradually makethe disappearance of all political parties in the world. Adhere to onebelief, one government, and one idea. A saint’s idea may becomeuniversal if he pursues the uniform truth.(5) The function of government lies solely in the general arrangement ofman’s production and life.(6) Cancel the constitutions and laws of all countries, including theCharter of the United Nations, abolish all bylaws, commandments anddharma, and man will jointly abide by 800 Values for New Era HumanBeing.(7) New life of mankind shall dispense with family, close or distantrelations, nationalities, and private properties. Everyone has nothing ofhis own but yet can possess everything.(8) Everyone shall try his utmost and be allotted as accords his needs.(9) Advocate thrift and simplicity; keep luxury and extravagance incheck.(10) Advocate diligence, credibility and rein in laziness, corruption andhypocrisy.(11) Make everyone do the work he likes.(12) Guarantee that every global citizen has his share of business toattend to.
  10. 10. 800 Values for New Era Human Being(13) Make money disappear.(14) The Sage Manages affairs without action and Preaches the doctrinewithout words;(15) Exalt not the wise, So that the people shall not scheme and contend;(16) Prize not rare objects, So that the people shall not steal;(17) Shut out from site the things of desire, So that the peoples heartsshall not be disturbed.(18) Banish wisdom, discard knowledge; banish "humanity," discard"justice,"; banish cunning, discard "utility,".(19) Fill up its apertures, Close its doors, Dull its edges, Untie its tangles,Soften its light, Submerge its turmoil, This is the Mystic Unity.(20) Tao models itself after nature. Abnegate all ethical sermons.(21) Respect facts, science, logic, and spiritual perception, seek truthfrom facts, and tell truth.(22) Explain the connotation of Tao, sublime man’s quality, eliminatejealousy, complaint, and comparison.(23) I shall not offer help if no one seeks it, I will eagerly offer help ifhelp is needed.(24) Education imparts only three aspects of knowledge: the Way of theGreatest Creator (including music, art, and the like), the Way to conductoneself (including human culture and history), and science.
  11. 11. 800 Values for New Era Human Being(25) Inspire the qualities of sincerity, kindness, beauty, love, faith, andhonesty in man’s inner world. Man’s production and life are graduallytransformed into a holographic order pattern which distinguishes nosupervisor and supervisee.(26) Citizens all say what they feel like saying, do what they feel likedoing, build their own road, and follow their own paths, not mindingother people’s business.(27) Retain only the traditional and natural festivals, and annul allfestivals related to god, Buddha, man, state, political party, army, andreligion.(28) Celebrate no birthday.(29) Promote natural way of health preservation, guarantee everyone’sphysical and mental health, and gradually eliminate the weakness of thesystem of hospitals, doctors, and medical treatment created by humanwisdom, which may attend to one problem but at the same time neglectanother.(30) Gradually ensure that Home without marriage and family may takecharge of everyone’s food, clothes, shelter, transportation, birth, aging,disease, and death. Make sure that education and medical treatment isfree of charge.(31) Lifechanyuan Era has no churches, Buddhist temples, mosques,Taoist temples, cloisters, and any architecture and idols used forworshipping or sacrifice.21. The earth created by the Greatest Creator is for all people on the earthto inhabit. It is everyone’s responsibility to protect the earth. Everyone on
  12. 12. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingthe earth has the power endowed by the god to walk freely on the earth.However, the laws and regulations instituted by all countries and thefrontier defenses and the immigration bureaus have hindered the freemovement of people on the earth. Therefore, although the immigrationbureaus of all countries have played certain functions during the earlyperiod of its establishment, the existence of immigration bureaus in allcountries is against the principle of civilizations, against the will of thepublic, and against the Way of the Greatest Creator, so immigrationbureaus should be banished.22. Lifechanyuan Era shall last for a thousand years, during which thefirst one hundred to two hundred years will still be spent on thepurification of souls. During this period, capitalist should be allowed toexist. The wealth owned by capitalists are results of their hard work andwisdom. Any individual’s personal wealth shall not be bereaved underany pretense or excuses. Private property shall in no way be plundered.Lifechanyuan follows the way of the Greatest Creator, the Way of theGreatest Creator is the Tao of nature, and the Way of the Greatest Creatordoes not preach any form of coercion.23. Lifechanyuan revere LIFE and cherish LIFE. It does not tolerate harmand maltreatment of LIFE, including all forms of LIFE. It respects andcherishes not only god, Buddha, celestial beings, saint, man, animals,plants, and insects, it also respects demons, monsters, ghosts, devils,goblins, evil spirit, and other LIFE forms, because all beings have theirvalues and significances for existence.24. The life style of Lifechanyuan Era is an urbanized Xanadu. Notpurely urban or rustic, it is a close combination between the two lifestyles, an intimate integration of the natural with the artificial. For
  13. 13. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingexample, a stretch of meadow is nature, but transformed into a lawn, itbecomes artificial. Therefore, artificial intelligence cannot be dispensedwith, science cannot be discarded, and power, telecommunications, andtransportation, and other inventions created by science cannot beabandoned. Website of Lifechanyuan —“New OASIS FOR LIFE”