Louise Hamilton Centre, James Paget University Hospital, Norfolk


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Coverage of the Louise Hamilton Centre funded by the Palliative Care East appeal.

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Louise Hamilton Centre, James Paget University Hospital, Norfolk

  1. 1. 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Jenny Watson,appeal co-ordinator, said: “It’s suchan exciting time for all involvedand thanks to their hard work andcommitment they can now begin tosee the fruits of their labour.“For patients and families it’sstarting to become a reality and thiswill make a huge difference to themIt will be somewhere they can comethat will be calm, away from a busyhospital. They will have time andspace.”The Palliative Care East Appeal waslaunched in October 2006 with thevision of providing better supportand information to people whoselives are affected by cancer and otherlife threatening illnesses.More than £1m had been raised byFebruary 2010, and final plans fora state-of-the-art care centre weresubmitted in October last year.Borough councillors approved theplans last November, and now theproject is out to tender.“We need to keep the fundraisinggoing right to the end of the build,”added Mrs Watson. “We’re planningsome more big fundraising events.”The 525sqm building followsMacmillan Quality EnvironmentMark standards and will provideadvice and clinical support forpatients and relatives.There will be a meet and greetatmosphere at the entrance insteadof a formal reception. An innergarden is designed to be enjoyedrather than act as a show garden, andit is hoped it will become a wildlifehaven overnight.The building’s interior layout willconsist of a main lounge, seating,a children’s play area and bothcounselling and multi-function roomsfor therapy. The counselling roomswill offer privacy with screeneddoors.For details about the project, callJenny Watson on 01493 453348 www.palliative-care-east.org.ukFuneral of Cecilia (Celia) EbbageTHE funeral of Cecilia (Celia)Ebbage,whodiedonDecember,16 three days short of her95th birthday, was held in StAndrew’s Church, Gorleston,on January 5.Celia Ebbage, who waspossessed of a livelyintelligence and great acuityof intellect, expressing herviews on local and historicalmatters in many well-writtenletters to this newspaper, wasa highly respected and muchloved Gorleston resident aswas attested by the size of thecongregation at her funeral.Indeed, she has been describedas a Gorleston institution,although she was born just offthe Old Kent Road in London.The service was conductedby the Rev Albert Cadmorewho thanked everybody, onbehalf of the family andespecially Celia’s brotherStanley, for their support andmutual comfort.The Rev Cadmore paidmoving tribute to Celia andsaid that thanks should beoffered for her life.Churchwarden BrianHumphrey read Psalm 23 andRev Cadmore read from theGospel of St John.In his address, Rev Cadmorespoke of Celia’s pleasure inher maritime environmentwhen her father, who hadbeen a manager of LondonTransport, moved the familyto Gorleston.Celia was then aged about 11and her younger brother wasnot a year old.Later, she worked as asecretary and in an adjacentoffice met her husband, anaccountant and gifted birdand landscape painter, GeorgeEbbage, who she married in1951.Sadly, the blissfully happymarriage was cut short in 1967when George suddenly died.During 44 years ofwidowhood, Celia delightedin books, art, music andespecially ballet, beinginstrumental in setting upthe Kenneth MacMillan Fundfor Young Dancers, to helpaspiring young dancers.Celia, a member of Toc H,served voluntarily in thecanteen in Baker Street inabout 1941 and her parentshad Air Sea Rescue personnelbilleted upon them.It was largely throughCelia’s efforts that a memorialhas been placed, in the gardenof the Cliff Hotel, to the RAFofficers who occupied the hotelduring the war years.The vicar praised Celia’sfortitude and strength for herbrother had told him of theenormous support she hadalways been to all the family.Celia had drawn inspirationfrom the endurance of sirErnest Shackleton.The Vicar reflected that thefamily had worshipped at StAndrew’s for over 80 years.Celia loved the church and,in the ladies’ choir, formed in1939, had sung solo parts.The service included twohymns, Love Divine, andPraise my soul the King ofHeaven. The gifted organist,whose choice of introitsand valedictory music wasappreciated, was John Farmerof St Nicholas’ MinsterChurch, Great Yarmouth.The service was followed byinterment in Gorleston OldCemetery.CAROLINE BUDDERY
  2. 2. 18 Friday, January 13, 2012Grant boosts ceiling restorationTHE Lowestoft Civic Societyhas been awarded a £49,900grant to restore an historicplaster ceiling.TheHeritageLotteryfundingis a major step forward for therestoration of the 17th centuryceiling, rescued from a gradeII listed building in the villageof Stoven, but another £30,000is still needed for the work togo ahead.Originally part of afar mhouse that wasdemolished in 1978, the ceilingis linked to one at SutherlandHouse hotel and restaurant,in Southwold, which was theheadquarters of the Dukeof York when in 1672 hecommanded a Anglo-Frenchfleet in the Battle of SoleBay against the Dutch. TheStoven ceiling is in 12 door-sized pieces and was stored ina garage before being held intrust at the Lowestoft HeritageWorkshop Centre.Once the £80,000 is securedfor the restoration, theconservation work will be ledby Cliveden Conservation andwill involve Lowestoft Collegestaff and students.A team of volunteers willalso record and documentthe work and the public andschools can see the restorationprocess.It is hoped the work will becompleted by July and theceiling will go on permanentdisplay at the LowestoftHeritage Workshop Centre inthe High Street.Society chairman JohnStannard said: “It will enablethe people of Suffolk tocontribute directly to theconservation of a fantasticpiece of their local heritageand to get hands-on experienceof the restoration of thisceiling to its former glory. Thisis unique. There will never beanother time or chance to seethis taking place”.Anyone who wants tosupport the project shouldcall 01692 582632 or email stef.g@care4free.netAnyone interested inseeing the restoration inprogress should visit www.lowestoftheritage.org toarrange an appointment.Duo praisedfor ‘fantastic’fund-raisingWALKING TALL: Janet Ellis (second left) and Zoiyar Cole (second right) present a chequefor £6,500 raised at the 2011 Lowestoft Moonlight Walk to Jenny Watson, of Palliative CareEast (far right). Also pictured is Emma Forsdike, of the Hotel Victoria in Lowestoft, whichacted as host venue for the event.WHAT a fantastic effort!That was the verdict onthe latest contribution byPakefield fundraising duoJanet Ellis and Zoiyar Cole asthey handed over a cheque for£6,700 to the Palliative CareEast (PCE) appeal.The donation was theresult of the latest LowestoftMoonlight Walk in Octoberwhich saw nearly 140 people– many of them in fancy dress– joining the sponsored strollalong the seafront.For Janet and Zoiyar, whoorganised the event for thesecond year running, it wasthe latest charity effort inan 11-year fundraising drivewhich has so far seen themdonate an amazing £276,896 togood causes.Janet, of Grand Avenue,and Zoiyar, of Love Lane,decided to team up and startraising money after Zoiyar’sson Paul died from canceraged 35 in 1999. Since then,they have organised a host ofevents for charities includingPCE, Macmillan, MarieCurie, EACH and the SandraChapman Centre at the JamesPaget University Hospital.Jenny Watson, PCEfundraising co-ordinator,said the latest donation was“fantastic sum”.She praised Janet and Zoiyarfor their efforts and added:“Zoiyar and Janet and I wouldlike also to thank everyonewho took part in the MoonlightWalk and helped to raise thisamount. There are still a fewpeople whose sponsorshipmoney is outstanding andthis can still be paid to eitherZoiyar or myself.”Zoiyar can be contacted on01502 513573 and Jenny can becontacted on 01493 453348 or atPalliative Care East Appeal,James Paget UniversityHospital, Lowestoft Road,Gorleston, NR31 6LA.BEDROOMFURNITUREMASSIVE SAVINGS ONBEDS & BEDDINGDivans, Pine Beds, Bunk Beds,Metal Beds & Sofa BedsMattresses sold separatelyALL REDUCEDCURTAINS &CURTAIN FABRICSMaking-up serviceRemnantsDress FabricsSherbournerecliners andfurnitureplus10% OFF ALLSTOCKFOR FIRST 2 WEEKS OF SALE(Excluding Carpets, Vinyls & Blinds)NOW ON
  3. 3. 4 Friday, January 13, 2012 The Journal online: www.lowestoftjournal24.co.uk6,000 bladeshanded inMORE than 6,000 blades are to beshredded and recycled following ayear-long campaign in Suffolk. TheBin a Blade campaign was inspiredby anti-knife crime campaignerHolly Watson – the sister of 23-year-old murder victim Lewis, who waskilled in a knife attack in Sudbury in2009. The amnesty was launched inDecember 2010, with bins placedoutside main police stations acrossthe county, including Lowestoft,where 1,784 were handed in, Ipswich(2,084) and Bury St Edmunds (1,029knives). A fourth bin was then addedat Mildenhall police station whiletwo mobile bins toured Suffolk’ssmaller police stations and otherlocations, including KessinglandLibrary at Marram Green.InBriefHospital wards closedafter new bug outbreaklucy.wright@archant.co.ukBy LUCY WRIGHTTHREE wards at the JamesPaget University Hospitalhave been forced to close afteran outbreak of norovirus.The closures mean that patientscoming into A&E are facing longerwaiting times for assessment,and some patients being admittedto other wards are also beingdelayed.The hospital is urging anyonewho needs medical treatment forminor injury and illness not toautomatically go to A&E but considerother healthcare options.Three wards are closed as a resultof the bug – also known as the wintervomiting bug – and the number ofcases coming into the hospital hasincreased in recent days.A James Paget spokesman said:“The seasonal increase in norovirusand the closure of wards has addedto the pressures we are currentlyfacing.”Some patients visiting the hospitalfor elective surgery have also had tohave their treatment postponed.Visitors are being asked to washtheir hands thoroughly with soapand water when entering and leavinga ward; to visit only one ward; not tosit on the beds and not to eat or drinkwhile visiting a ward.Anyone with symptoms of sicknessand diarrhoea are asked not to visitthe hospital at all until their illnesshas passed.Carole Crocker, director of nursingat the James Paget, said: “It isregrettable that some routine electivesurgery has again been affectedand we sincerely apologise for theinconvenience this might cause forsome patients, especially those whohave had a previous cancellation.“A high level of illness within thelocal community has led to increaseddemand on the hospital and somepatients have conditions whichrequire them to stay in hospital forlonger. This has led to a fall in thenumber of discharges from the Trustand placed extra demand on ourresources. We do not take the decisionto cancel surgery lightly, but the levelof demand has unfortunately led usto take this step.”The James Paget is not the onlyhospital facing problems as a resultof norovirus. The Norfolk andNorwich University Hospital has hadfour wards closed to new admissions,and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital inKing’s Lynn has one ward closed andone bay shut on another.The West Suffolk Hospital in BurySt Edmunds had several wards shutearlier this month, but now has justone bay in one ward affected bynorovirus.If you feel you have to visit andyou have vomiting and diarrhoea,contact the infection control teamon 01493 452836 and they will takeappropriate measures. If you are illat home with these symptoms andrequire medical care, you shouldcontact your GP.Big response to share-your-experienceAN invitation to patients to sharetheir experiences and help shapethe future standards of care at theJames Paget University Hospitalhas prompted an overwhelmingresponse.An appeal went out earlier thismonth for people to attend aseries of ‘In Your Shoes’ meetingswhere patients will have theopportunity to meet nurses,doctors, managers and otherhealthcare staff and tell them faceto face about their ownexperiences at the hospital. Butthe sessions are now fully booked.The meetings are part of aninitiative that aims to improve thequality of patient care.Kirk Lower, the James Paget’sdirector of workforce and lead forthe project, said: “We are reallygrateful for the response frompatients to this programme. This isa genuine invitation to influencethe future of the care we provideand the public have really engagedwith this opportunity.“We sincerely hope people willenjoy these sessions as we needtheir help. We can only improveand offer services the people weserve want by listening andlearning to their views.”Anyone wishing to share theirexperiences can still have theirviews included in the final reportby writing by the January 22 to:Kirk Lower, Director of Workforce,James Paget University HospitalsNHS Foundation Trust, LowestoftRoad, Gorleston NR31 6LA.‘MEET AND GREET ATMOSPHERE’: A artist’s view of the interior of the new palliative care centre for people inGreat Yarmouth and Waveney.Work starts soon on palliative care centrePLANS to create a new £1.5mpalliative care centre for people inGreat Yarmouth and Waveneymoved a major step closer thisweek with news that building workis set to start next month.The Palliative Care East appealhas so far raised more than£1.35m towards its goal ofbuilding and equipping the newcentre in the grounds of the JamesPaget University Hospital. Whencomplete, it will offer dedicatedday care support to people withterminal illness and for theirfamilies and loved ones.As efforts continue to raise theremaining £150,000 needed toreach the appeal’s target, theproject has been put out to tenderand the successful building partneris expected to be announced bythe end of this month.Jenny Watson, appeal co-ordinator,said: “It’s such an exciting timefor all involved and thanks to theirhard work and commitment theycan now begin to see the fruits oftheir labour.“For patients and families it’sstarting to become a reality andthis will make a huge difference tothem.“It will be somewhere they cancome that will be calm, away froma busy hospital.“They won’t feel like they’rerushed and they will have time andspace.”The Palliative Care East Appealwas launched in October 2006with the vision of providing bettersupport and information to peoplein Yarmouth and Waveney whoselives are affected by cancer andother life-threatening illnesses.By February 2010, more than £1mhad been raised, including tens ofthousands of pounds raised inWaveney.Final plans for the new centrewere submitted last October andapproved by borough councillors inNovember.But Mrs Watson said the fund-raising would continue until the£1.5m target was hit. “We need tokeep the fund-raising going right tothe end of the build,” she added.The 525 sq m centre will provideadvice and clinical support forpatients and relatives. It will havea “meet and greet” atmosphereat the entrance instead of aformal reception in an effort toremove barriers and make thecentre as homely and inviting aspossible.For further details about theproject, call Jenny Watson on01493 453348 www.palliative-care-east.org.ukPakefield pair boost appeal –page 18Laptop stolenCraft fairsShed blazeMan chargedA MAN has been charged withthreatening behaviour after anincident in Salisbury Road,Lowestoft, at about 6.30am on NewYear’s Day. Stephen Collier, 24, ofWalton Road, Lowestoft, is due toappear before town magistrates onTuesday, January 24.FIREFIGHTERS were called toWhite’s Lane, Kessingland, onWednesday to deal with a blaze in agarden shed. Crews from Wrenthamand Lowestoft South were called tothe fire at about 10.50am. Theybrought the blaze under controlshortly after 11am. The incident isnot being treated as suspicious.LOWESTOFT Mencap will beholding fortnightly craft fairs ortable-top sales at the Unity Centre inMilton Road East. People arewelcome to sell their crafts orsecond-hand items and spaces willinitially be free but stallholders willneed to bring their own table.Refreshments will be available. Forinformation or to book a table, ring01502 539810 or e-mail admin@lowestoftmencap.orgA LAPTOP and cash were stolen in aburglary at Adnams Brewery inSouthwold. Staff discovered thebreak-in when they came into workon Tuesday morning. It happenedbetween 6pm on Monday and 7am onTuesday and police believe accesswas gained to the building inVictoria Street via an open window.Anyone with information on theburglary should ring the crimeinvestigation bureau on 101.Books winnerTHE winner of The Journal’s sportsbooks competition was AngelaBarrett of Highland Way, OultonBroad.A 23-YEAR-OLD man has beenarrested after an attempted robberyat a shop in Norwich Road,Lowestoft. Police were alerted atabout 11pm last Thursday to reportsthat two men had entered the storein via the back of the premises andassaulted a member of staff. Theyhad fled empty-handed when theowner ran into the shop afterhearing the disturbance. Police saidthe suspect was arrested this weekand, after questioning, was releasedon bail until February 8, pendingfurther inquiries. The employee whowas assaulted in the incidentsuffered bruising to his face.Raid arrest
  4. 4. 22 www.eveningnews24.co.uk Norwich Evening News Wednesday, February 1, 2012Top honour forcaravan parkA North Walsham caravan parkhas been named as one of the topholiday sites in the country.Two Mills Touring Park scoopedan AA regional campsite of theyear award after impressinginspectors with its landscaping,hospitality and facilities.But the award came as acomplete surprise to ownersBarbara and Ray Barnes who arepreparing for their ninth season atthe 81-pitch park in YarmouthRoad.Mrs Barnes said: “We knew we’dmade five stars but we weren’texpecting the certificate.“Over the years we have beenimproving the park, at themoment we’re refurbishing the oldshower block, so it’s very nice tohave it recognised.”A cabaret show will be performed thisweekend in memory of a teenagerwho died in a motorbike accident.Tom Forman, 18, from Bluebell Close,Watton, died on July 8 last year whilehe was travelling towards Derehamon the A1075 at Ovington, nearWatton.Tom, pictured right, spent a short timeat Norwich City College before startingwork at his father’s business, PJCamping, in Daniels Road, Norwich.Tom’s younger sister Ellie is a memberof the Stardance Company, based inThetford RoadBusiness Park,Watton, which hasput together thecabaret evening.The family showwill take place atWaylandCommunity HighSchool, in Watton,this Saturday from 6.30pm.Emily Harper, 23, who lives offNewmarket Road, Norwich, runs theStardance Company.She said: “The show is aboutcelebrating Tom’s life.”Miss Harper added that the cabaretnight was Ellie’s idea and the showwould be performed in the week ofTom’s birthday.She said that proceeds from the eventwould go towards the Nelson’sJourney charity, which supportschildren and young people who haveexperienced a close bereavement.Tickets cost £10 for adults and £5for children and can be bought fromMike Harper Tax and AccountancyServices, in Watton High Street, or byringing Miss Harper on 07766406542.For information visit www.star-dance.co.ukThe picture shows AimeeLamberson, Lucy Heaven and AbbyHikes from the Stardance Company.PHOTO: IAN BURTCabaret show toremember teenagerBuilding work on the PalliativeCare East support centre andoutreach service at the JamesPaget University Hospital inGorleston is soon to begin thanksto the work of dedicatedfundraisers.Tenders for the building workclosed last week, a maincontractor will soon be appointed,and construction work on the £1.5million centre will get under wayduring March.The Palliative Care East (PCE)appeal was launched in 2006 andthe latest round of localfundraising has brought the totalto within just £100,000 of its £1.5million target.The new information andsupportive care centre at theJames Paget University Hospitalis expected to open by Christmas2012. It is estimated 10,000 peoplea year will use the centre.Peter Franzen, interimchairman of the James PagetUniversity Hospital, said: “We areindebted to all our donors and thenew service will play an importantrole in many people’s lives overthe years to come. We are lookingforward to working with all ourpartners to help provide a widerange of information and supportservices in a centre that will be fitfor the 21st century.”The service will offer patientsand carers a one-stop-shop servicefor information and supportiveservices.The centre will not have bedsbut will offer a “home from home”environment offering; access tospecialist palliative care supportand advice, counselling,bereavement services,complementary therapies, welfareadvice, and information about life-limiting illnesses.A campaign group in Hethersett isholding two fundraising eventsthis month.Hethersett Our Way, which hasbeen formed to oppose plans formore than 1,000 new homes in thevillage, has raised enough moneyfor a planning consultant’s report.However, the group is continuingto raise funds for representationat a future planning committeeand will be coordinating a door todoor collection on Saturday,February 18, followed by a quiz atthe village hall on Saturday,February 25 from 7.30pm.For more information, visit http://hethersett-ourway.org.ukParish council hitsout at homes planFears have been raised that avillage near Norwich will be“clobbered” with over-development under plans for 180new homes in Mulbarton.Parish councillors have raisedtheir concerns over the proposalsfor a greenfield site on the edge ofthe village, which they say willexacerbate traffic problems andoverstretch local health servicesand school places.A parish council meeting will beheld at Mulbarton Village Hallfrom 7pm on Monday to discussthe proposals for land at LongLane by Welbeck Strategic Land.And parish councillors say theyhave so far had 100pc support fromlocal residents to a petition thathas been formed in opposition tothe scheme. It comes as SouthNorfolk Council have extended thepublic consultation deadline onthe outline planning applicationuntil February 20.However, Peter Leigh, chairmanof Mulbarton Parish Council, saidthere was a feeling among somevillagers that the 180 homedevelopment was already a “donedeal” because of a need to fill aquota for thousands of new homesin the district as set by the GreaterNorwich DevelopmentPartnership’s Joint Core Strategy.“There are areas we haveidentified for small infilldevelopments and people ingeneral would be happy with that.“To plonk another developmentof this size is absolutelyridiculous. We have beenclobbered over the years andenough is enough. We have taken aresponsible attitude that we willtake some houses, but this istotally disproportionate,” he said.Objectors to the latest expansionplans for Mulbarton say that LongLane is too narrow toaccommodate 180 homes and thescheme is outside the developmentboundary.What do you think? Write toEvening News Letters, Prospect House,Rouen Road, Norwich, NR1 1RE, oremail eveningnewsletters@archant.co.ukAdam Grettonadam.gretton@archant.co.ukMore local properties than any other website24homes .co.ukyour local property portalTo find out whats on at local theatres,dont miss Going Out, free withthe Evening News every Friday.Work to beginsoon on newpalliative caresupport centreFundraisingfor campaignChallengingtimes aheadfor new MDGreat Yarmouth-based familybusiness Palmers is embarking ona new era. New managing directorDavid Howard, who officiallysucceeds Bruce Sturrock today,has spent all his working life withfamily-owned independent retailstores.And he is relishing thechallenge as it celebrates its 175thanniversary.Palmers, which employs 300people across five stores inYarmouth, Dereham, Lowestoftand Bury St Edmunds, has aturnover of about £15m a year. Itenjoyed a merry festive periodafter seeing a 50pc rise in itsmonthly sales figures afterlaunching a revamped website,being managed by Mr Sturrock’sdaughter Emma.“I like working for a family-owned business, rather than alarge high-street chain,” MrHoward said. “It’s much morerelaxed and more productive. Thestaff have more input and moreteam-working.”The 46-year-old joined Palmersin June to work on the handoverwith Mr Sturrock, who willremain chairman. He said plansincluded a refurbishment of thefirst-floor furniture, beds andlinen department at Yarmouthand a coffee shop facelift.At the helm: David Howard.
  5. 5. From January to June 2011 The Advertiser, Gt Yarmouth/Gorleston edition, 40,480. www.advertiser24.co.ukTheAdvertiserGREAT YARMOUTH EDITION Advertiser24.co.uk60p where soldThursday, February 2, 2012Bulk Bags - Sand,Stone & Top SoilCall free now on0800 0556 750(Price dependent on size, location &waste type -- for a quote please call)www.eegreen.co.uk• MINI • MIDI • MAXI •LARGE •SKIPS FROM ONLY£30.00£30.0010% DISCOUNTON ALL SKIPSFor cash buyers only. Terms & conditions applyWE WILL BEAT ANY QUOTEDrafty Windows/Hinges Misted Units Window Handles & GasketsConservatory Repairs, leaking Affordables PricesSAME DAY SERVICELocksmiths UPVC Doors Dropped and CatchingNew Keys & Cylinder Loose Handles No Call Out ChargeD UBLE GLAZINGDOCTORTEL01502537847FREEWhen you buy any filled potato featuredon the menu, you will receive another oneup to the same value absolutely free.Please present Voucher at theBeginning of OrderNot in conjunction with any other offer.Photocopies not acceptable.114A Regent Road, Great YarmouthTel: 01493 843008SSPPUUDDGGOOOODDNNEESSSSIINNSSIIDDEE OOUUTTBuy oneget oneBaked Potatoes are really healthy and virtually fat freeValid only at Spud-U-LikeGreat Yarmouthuntil 17/2/12MEAL MADNESS IS BACK!!!YANKEE TRAVELLERDining in the American Tradition since 197336 King Street, Great Yarmouth Tel 01493 857065Valid Mon-Thurs 12pm-2pm & 5pm-10pm, Friday 12pm-2pm, Saturday 12pm-4pm.Open all day half term week. Vouchers valid Mon-Thurs 12pm-10pm, Fri 12pm-4pm.Purchase any Burger Meal and receive a Free Burger Meal of equal or lesser value.Minimum 2 persons per voucher, Maximum 3 vouchers per booking.Not valid for takeaways or lunch menu. Not valid Feb.14th after 5pmGET MORE VOUCHERS AT www.yankeetraveller.co.uk37yearsTHETHEVALID UNTIL 18th FEBRUARY 20122 FOR 1 BURGER MEAL VOUCHER37years37years37yearsPERFECTENGINEERINGHARFREYS ROAD, GREAT YARMOUTH,NORFOLK, NR31 0JLCall Now On01493 657131WWW.LGPERFECT.CO.UKMOT Testing Station -All ClassesCars, Vans, H.G.V. & P.S.V.Call Now for an MOT and Serviceor £95.00 Inc VATOpen6Days AWeekDiamondJubileeOfferFreeRetest onCars and LightVans(If Reqiured)Work on long-awaited £1.5mcentre set to start next monthBy Samuel Russellsamuel.russell@archant.co.ukis estimated 10,000 people a year will use thecentre.Back in 1998, Roberta Lovick, of PotterHeigham, lost her 28-year-old daughter Louiseto breast cancer and was inspired to start raisingmoney for a supportive care centre for people inGreat Yarmouth and Waveney.In 2000 she launched the Louise HamiltonCancer Help Centre Trust, working with DrPatrick Blossfeldt at the James Paget, with thegoal of improving care and treatment ofpatients, their carers and families whose livesare affected by incurable diseases.Roberta saw the latest plans for the new centrelast week.“It was just so emotional seeing the designsand realising it’s going to happen. It’s beenneeded for so long and I’d like to thank peoplefrom the bottom of my heart for donating andhelping make it happen,” she said.The new centre is being designed by Norwich-based LSI Architects who have designed thecentral space as a dramatic curving shaperesembling a boat, a reminder of the scheme’sseaside context and of the notion of an ‘ark’ asa place of refuge.The resource centre and outreach service is apartnership between NHS Norfolk and Waveney,local county councils and the voluntary sectorincluding funds from the Palliative Care Eastappeal.The service will offer patients and carers aone-stop-shop service for information andsupportive services.The centre will not have beds but will offer a“home from home” environment offering accessto specialist palliative care support and advice,counselling, bereavement services,complementary therapies, welfare advice andinformation about life-limiting illnesses.IMPRESSION: How part of the newPalliative Care East Centre may look.Families who have lost loved ones to terminalillness say the soon-to-be-built Palliative CareEast Centre will make a huge difference to theregion.Tenders for building work on the supportcentre closed last week, a main contractor willsoon be appointed and construction work on the£1.5m centre will get under way next month.The Palliative Care East (PCE) appeal waslaunched in 2006 and the latest round of localfundraising has brought the total to within just£100,000 of its £1.5 million target.The new information and supportive carecentre at the James Paget University Hospital isexpected to open by Christmas this year, and it
  6. 6. 26 Friday, February 3, 2012 Mercury online: yarmouthmercury24.co.ukQuality manufacturers of all purpose made joinery, windows, doors,staircases etc.Also PVCu window & door fabricators. We manufactureour own double glazed units with a 10 year warranty.Suppliers to domesticand trade customers.Installed or supplyonly.For local news online: www.yarmouthmercury24.co.ukInBriefMayor’sEngagementsOn Monday, January 30, the Mayorand Mayoress attended a charityevent celebrating Chinese New Yearat Riverside Norwich with the LordMayor of Norwich.On Tuesday, the Mayor spent theevening at a member trainingsession at the borough counciloffices.Today, (February 3) the Mayor andMayoress will officially open HerringHouse Trust on St Nicholas Road inGreat Yarmouth.On Sunday, February 5, the Mayorand Mayoress will attend theRededication Service of ThurneChurch.The Mayor will read a bible reading.Tree plantingVILLAGERS will be uniting inHaddiscoe this Saturday when theyplant hedges and trees on a newparish allotment.Haddiscoe Parish Council hasreceived a free 420 tree pack from theWoodland Trust for the planting atthe allotment, which is bordered bySt Mary’s Churchyard, Beccles Roadand Loddon Road. Villagers areinvited to be part of the tree plantingevent from 9.30am to 4pm.Eyesore hotelTHE owner of a derelict hotel in theheart of the Broads has been givenan ultimatum to put in a planningapplication by the end of the month.Jon Herbert, who has been accusedof making river-front Station Roadin Hoveton look like an inner-cityslum, has been given the deadline byNorth Norfolk District Council,which will issue an improvementnotice if no progress has been made.Broads grantsSUSTAINABLE development fundgrants have been given by the BroadsAuthority to projects across Norfolk.These include grants to the CountryTrust (£4,950) to bring inner citychildren to the country, a grant to theWindmill Project (£11,244) for schoolsprojects and a grant to RanworthVillage Hall (£15,000) for thatchingthe roof.www.yarmouthmercury24.co.ukFor your local news andviews online log on to:www.lowestoftjournal24.co.ukFor your local news andviews online log on to:...and cash continues to flow inPUPILS at Lynn Grove HighSchool held a raffle to raise£160 for the Palliative CareEast appeal.Jenny Watson, appeal co-ordinator, was presentedwith the cheque by Year 8students who had helpedraise the total. The ReppsRevellers have presentedthe Palliative Care Eastappeal with a cheque for£400. The cash was raisedat their Christmasproduction of Uncle Fester’sFestive Fiesta on December9 and 10 at Repps-with-Bastwick Village Hall.Theoriginal Repps Revellersbegan performing 50 yearswith the current groupcontinue to performpresenting The Pirates InMenzpantze in July.Christmas opening forpalliative care centreON IT’S WAY: An artistsimpression of the £1.5mpalliative care centre.FAMILIES who have lost lovedones to terminal illness saythe soon-to-be-built PalliativeCare East centre will make ahuge difference to the region.Tenders for building work on thesupport centre closed last week- a main contractor will soon beappointed, and construction work onthe £1.5m centre will get under waynext month.The Palliative Care East (PCE)appeal was launched in 2006 and thelatest round of local fundraisinghas brought the total to within just£100,000 of its £1.5 million target.The new information andsupportive care centre at the JamesPaget University Hospital is expectedto open by Christmas 2012, and it isestimated 10,000 people a year willuse the centre.Back in 1998 Roberta Lovick, ofPotter Heigham, lost her 28 year olddaughter Louise to breast cancer andwas inspired to start raising moneyfor a supportive care centre for peoplein Great Yarmouth and Waveney.In 2000 she launched the LouiseHamilton Cancer Help Centre Trust,working with Dr Patrick Blossfeldtat the James Paget, with the goalof improving care and treatment ofpatients, their carers and familieswhose lives are affected by incurablediseases.Roberta saw the latest plans for thenew centre last week and said: “It wasjust so emotional seeing the designsand realising it’s going to happen. It’sbeen needed for so long and I’d like tothank people from the bottom of myheart for donating and helping makeit happen.”Peter Franzen, interim chairman ofthe James Paget University Hospital,said:“Thelocalcommunityhasplayedsuch a big part in making the appeal asuccess. The fact that work will soonstart on the new information centreat the James Paget is a real testamentto the generosity of people acrossGreat Yarmouth and Waveney.“We are indebted to all our donorsand the new service will play animportant role in many people’slives over the years to come. We arelooking forward to working with allour partners to help provide a widerange of information and supportservices in a centre that will be fit forthe 21st century.”The new centre is being designed byNorwich-based LSI Architects whohave designed the central space as adramatic curving shape resemblinga boat - a reminder of the scheme’sseaside context and of the notion ofan ‘ark’ as a place of refuge.Flowing from the social space is aconcealed private garden. Extensiveglazing to the central area enables theinside and outside spaces to connectwith one other.The scheme also incorporates agreen roof with hot water heatingprovided by solar hot water panels.The resource centre and outreachservice is a partnership between NHSNorfolk and Waveney, local countycouncils and the voluntary sector;including funds from the PalliativeCare East appeal.The service will offer patientsand carers a one-stop-shop servicefor information and supportiveservices. The centre will not havebeds but will offer a “home fromhome” environment offering; accessto specialist palliative care supportand advice, counselling, bereavementservices, complementary therapies,welfare advice, and information aboutlife-limiting illnesses.
  7. 7. Friday, February 3, 2012 7The Journal online: www.lowestoftjournal24.co.ukWork to start soon on£1.5m care centreFAMILIES who have lostloved ones to terminalillness say the soon-to-be-built Palliative CareEast centre will makea huge difference to thepeople of Yarmouth andWaveney.Tenders for building workon the support centre closedlast week – a main contractorwill soon be appointed andconstruction work on the£1.5m centre will start nextmonth.The Palliative Care East(PCE) appeal was launched in2006 and the latest round oflocal fund-raising has broughtthe total to within just £100,000of its £1.5 million target.The new information andsupportive care centre atthe James Paget UniversityHospital is expected to openby Christmas 2012, and anestimated 10,000 people a yearare likely to use the centre.Back in 1998 RobertaLovick, of Potter Heigham,lost her 28-year-old daughterLouise to breast cancer andwas inspired to start raisingmoney for a supportive carecentre for people in GreatYarmouth and Waveney.In 2000 she launched theLouise Hamilton CancerHelp Centre Trust, workingwith Dr Patrick Blossfeldtat the James Paget, with thegoal of improving care andtreatment of patients, theircarers and families whoselives are affected by incurablediseases.Roberta saw the latest plansfor the new centre last weekand said: “It was just soemotional seeing the designsand realising it’s going tohappen. It’s been needed forso long and I’d like to thankpeople from the bottom ofmy heart for donating andhelping make it happen.”Peter Franzen, interimchairman of the James PagetUniversityHospital,said:“Thelocal community has playedsuch a big part in makingthe appeal a success. The factthat work will soon start onthe new information centreat the James Paget is a realtestament to the generosity ofpeople across Great Yarmouthand Waveney.”The new centre is beingdesigned by Norwich-basedLSI Architects who havedesigned the central spaceas a dramatic curving shaperesemblingaboat–areminderof the scheme’s seasidecontext and of the notion ofan ‘ark’ as a place of refuge.Flowing from the socialspace is a concealed privategarden. Extensive glazing tothe central area enables theinside and outside spaces toconnect with one other.Theschemealsoincorporatesa green roof with hot waterheating provided by solar hotwater panels.The resource centreand outreach service is apartnership between NHSNorfolk and Waveney, localcounty councils and thevoluntary sector; includingfunds from the Palliative CareEast appeal.The service will offerpatients and carers a one-stop-shop service for informationand supportive services. Thecentre will not have bedsbut will offer a “home fromhome” environment offering;access to specialist palliativecare support and advice,counselling, bereavementservices, complementarytherapies, welfare advice,and information about life-limiting illnesses.Regal Rachel isMiss CharityA LOWESTOFT womanwas all smiles this weekafter scooping a top titlein a prestigious beautypageant.The Miss Universe Norfolk2012 final was held atDunston Hall Hotel lastSunday – and 20-year-oldRachel Davies, a formerBenjamin Britten Highschool pupil, beat 19other hopefuls to becrowned Miss Charity, forher work to raise fundsfor the StrongbonesChildren’s CharitableTrust through the HemrajGoyle Foundation.Sponsored by Lowestoft-based Customs Kitchens,Rachel said: “I’ve neverdone anything like thisbefore, but it has helpedme to gain confidenceand raise awareness ofthe charities.”She now joins the winnerof the public vote, andthe overall winner of MissUniverse Norfolk 2012, inprogressing to thenational Miss Universefinals in Birmingham inMay – and if successfulhere, victory could leadto a place in the MissUniverse finals inAmerica.A receptionist atWaterside Park in Corton,Rachel “loved” being partof the Lowestoft Playerscompany who recentlycompleted their annualpantomime.After holding numerousfund-raisers to reach thisstage, Rachel is nowaiming to raise funds forcharity ahead of the GBfinals.“If there’s anyonewilling to help me insome kind of way,please get in touch on01502 733266,” shesaid.A WINNER: Rachel Davies, who was named Miss Charity, with Lee-Gemma Crockford,representing the Strong Bones charity, and Avnish Goyal, from the Hemraj Goyle Foundation.InBriefShop’s stockset on fireSTOCK at the side of a shop inOulton Broad was set alight.Damage was caused in Bridge Roadabout 3.40am on Friday, January 20.“A delivery driver discovered the fireand extinguished it,” a policespokesman said. “Loaves of breadwere set alight and nine destroyed, Amale, described as white, wearing ablack jacket with hood, a lightcoloured scarf around his mouth andon a bike, was seen making off.”Information to PC 247 Wardrop atLowestoft police on 101.Tree namesA FEW names were inadvertentlymissed off the Tree Of Lifededications list which appeared inThe Journal last week.These names are: Maude and HoraceJenner, Gus and Joan De-block, KeithRichardson, Brian Peter Whall,Maureen Hood, Joan De-Block, GusDe-block, Pam Keylock, Eileen Page,Flora Page, Kenneth Cunningham,Mary Fairhead, Henry Beamish,Frances Beamish, Charles Beamish,Arthur Beamish, Frank Beamish,Ronald Beamish, Constance Scarll,Ernest Layton, Stephanie Cranswick,Alice Catchpole and Richard Hubble.Winners all!THE winners of the Corton PlayingField Lottery for January were: 1st –Mr and Mrs Davies (ticket 1460) £90;2nd – Mrs L Webb (ticket 1100) £54;3rd – Mr A Jennings (ticket 1010) £36.To take part in the lottery, contactthe organiser Mrs Shreeve on 01502730571.Appeal collection needs helpersVOLUNTEERS are needed tohelp an annual appeal.Collections are takingplace across Lowestoft inforthcoming weeks as partof Marie Curie Cancer Care’sGreat Daffodil Appeal.Volunteer collectors willbe calling on people to weara daffodil, in return for adonation, and support MarieCurie Nurses. The collectorsare required to support theteam of volunteers at Tescoin Leisure Way on Friday andSaturday, February 24/25; atASDA on Saturday, March10 and Lowestoft town onSaturday, March 10.If you can help call AngelaBussey on 01284 747385.
  8. 8. 6 Friday, February 10, 2012 Mercury online: yarmouthmercury24.co.ukFor local news and views online: go to www.yarmouthmercury24.co.ukInBriefYarmouthhouse burgledPOLICE are appealing forinformation after burglars entered ahouse in Great Yarmouth while theowners were sleeping upstairs.It happened at a house in SalisburyRoad area of Great Yarmouthbetween 10.45pm on Monday,February 6 and 3am on Tuesday,February 7. The owners were awokenby noises around 3am and wentdown to find the back door of thehouse wide open. It’s thought thedoor may have accidentally been leftunlocked. Nothing appears to havebeen stolen.Officers would like to hear fromanyone with information. Call DCGillian Dawson at Great YarmouthCID on 101.Leap of faithAN Acle woman is to leap out of aplane to raise cash for a cancercharity.Janette Whittaker, 39, is going tocomplete a solo freefall sky dive onApril 28 to help the Big C Charity.She said: “I’ve never done anythinglike this before - but I had to dosomething outrageous as I turn 40this year.”She is funding all her training andthe dive so all monies raised will goto the charity.To sponsor Janette, visit www.justgiving.com/JANETTE-WHITTAKERSeminar ‘like’A FREE seminar in Hopton willprovide a topical overview of thepitfalls of social networking andemployment law for businesses inGreat Yarmouth and Lowestoft area.Leading regional law firm BirkettsLLP is hosting a free seminar onFebruary 28 at Potters LeisureResort at 8am.For more information or to registerfor the event contact Neil Kitson vianeil-kitson@birketts.co.uk or 01473406250 by February 21.www.yarmouthmercury24.co.ukFor your local news andviews online log on to:InShortDays of funfor JubileeROLL out the bunting, theborough is getting ready tocelebrate the Queen’s DiamondJubilee.Festivity organisers are askingresidents to bring all the familyalong to St George’s Park onSaturday, June 2 and Sunday 3for a classic British fete and foodfestival.There will be sheep shearingdemos, welly wanging, eggand spoon races, classic rides,delicious food, space to picnic andplenty of fun for all the family.On the evening of Monday,June 4 head down to AnchorPlaza and Gardens for musicalentertainment, the Beaconlighting ceremony and a fantasticfireworks display courtesyof Greater Yarmouth TouristAuthority.The borough council has agreedto provide a fund of £5,000 whichwill be allocated for grant andproposes in respect of the Queen’sDiamond Jubilee Celebrations2012.Robin Hodds, the council’smember services manager, said:“The borough council recognisesthe great importance of theQueen’s Diamond Jubilee, andthe council hopes that a numberof events will be held across theborough over the Jubilee weekendin June.”The fund is open to any parishcouncil, organisation orindividual in the borough. Toapply for grant aid, write to MrHodds at the town hall eitherby letter or email at rh@great-yarmouth.gov.ukNorwich starhelps pupilsFORMER Norwich City starDarren Huckerby dropped by tosupport pupils as they bid to savethe world from a fuel apocalypseat the University of East Anglia.The Year 9 pupils GreatYarmouth High School, NorwichOpen Academy and Denes Highin Lowestoft were charged withfinding new energy sources topower a city deprived of fossilfuels – researching, buildingand testing their designs on aworking model in a single day onWednesday, February 8.They were given a surprise visitat lunchtime by the Canarieslegend, who spoke to theyoungsters about their designsand took part in a ball-jugglingactivity aimed at improvingteam-building skills.He said: “It’s the first time I’vedone something like this, but it’sfantastic to see the kids beingso enthusiastic in what they aredoing.“Events like these are aboutencouraging the kids and I hopethat I can give them a bit ofmotivation.”The event, entitled GenerationGenerators:24HourPowerPeople,aimed to show young people thereal-life application of STEMsubjects – science, technology,engineering and maths.An exclusive look atpalliative care plansEXCLUSIVE new architects imagesof the £1.5m Palliative Care EastCentre can be revealed by theMercury today.Families have spent more than half a decaderaising cash to build the day care centre, andit is set to open its doors by Christmas thisyear.And new images from Norwich-based LSIArchitects can give fundraisers a furthersamuel.russell@archant.co.ukBy SAM RUSSELLPEEK AT THEFUTURE:above, thelounge areainside the carecentre; and left,the sun-trapgarden, ahaven of peaceof calm.glimpse of the centre they havehelped to make a reality.Digital pictures show thelush green plant life that willsurround the centre, and invitingopen spaces within whichallow sunlight to pour into thebuilding.The central space will bea dramatic curving shaperesembling a boat, a reminder ofthe scheme’s seaside context andof the notion of an ark as a placeof refuge.Tenders for building work on thesupport centre have now closed,and a main contractor will soonbe appointed.Construction work is to getunder way next month.The Palliative Care East (PCE)appeal was launched in 2006and the latest round of localfundraising has brought the totalto within just £100,000 of its £1.5million target.The new information andsupportive care centre at theJames Paget University Hospitalis expected to open by December,and it is estimated 10,000 people ayear will use the centre.The resource centre andoutreach service is a partnershipbetween NHS Norfolk andWaveney, local county councilsandthevoluntarysectorincludingfunds from the Palliative CareEast appeal.The service will offer patientsand carers a one-stop-shopservice for information andsupportive services. It will nothave beds but will offer a “homefrom home” environment offeringaccess to specialist palliative caresupport and advice, counselling,b e r e av e m e n t s e r v i c e s ,complementary therapies,welfare advice and informationabout life-limiting illnesses.For details about the project,call Jenny Watson on 01493 453348www.palliative-care-east.org.uk
  9. 9. Mercury online: yarmouthmercury24.co.uk Friday, February 24, 2012 13InBriefDid you knowabout StephenTHE Coroner’s Office is appealingfor anyone who may have knownStephen Betteridge, who was fromthe Great Yarmouth area, to comeforward.Mr Betteridge, 67, was found dead athis home address on February 7.There were no suspiciouscircumstances and a post mortemexamination has found the cause ofdeath as being natural causes.The Coroner’s Office would like tohear from anyone related to MrBetteridge or has knowledge ofhim.Call 01603 276493.Cable theftA QUANTITY of cable and twowheelie bins were stolen from theback garden of a home in St JohnsRoad in Belton between 9.15am and10.30am last Friday. Police say itappears the offenders took around£300 worth of scrap cable from theside of a shed, put it in the wheeliebins and then wheeled them aroundto the front of the property andthrough a hedge.Call PC David Punter on 101.www.yarmouthmercury24.co.ukFor your local news andviews online log on to:lucy.wright@archant.co.ukby LUCY WRIGHTHelp name the newpalliative care centreLOCAL people are beingcalled on to suggest names forthe new Palliative Care Eastcentre building.The centre will have informationand supportive care services providedby a wide range of organisationsworking in partnership: from theNHS, to cancer charities, patientsupport groups, and bereavementgroups.Organisers are looking for a namethat will sum up what the centre isabout and will be easy to remember.Suggestions to date include TheArk, The Haven, The Butterfly Centre,and The Sanctuary.But what name do you think thecentre should have?A panel of nurses, doctors, patientrepresentatives, and the editor of theMercury, will select the winner froma shortlist.Public donations have raised almost£1.5m for the Palliative Care Eastcentre.Building works starts on a site atthe James Paget University Hospitalnext month and is expected to openby Christmas.It is estimated 10,000 people a yearwill use it.The Palliative Care East appeal waslaunched in 2006 and the centre willprovideGreatYarmouthandWaveneywith a stunning information andsupportive care centre that will helppeople with life-limiting illnessessuch as cancers, chest, neurological,and heart failure diseases.The closing date for suggestionsis Friday, March 23. To make asuggestion online, visit http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/V5CVNHL
  10. 10. 24 Friday, March 9, 2012 Mercury online: yarmouthmercury24.co.ukFor local news and views online: go to www.yarmouthmercury24.co.ukVALID planning applicationsreceived by Yarmouth BoroughCouncil for 28 days prior toMarch 2.Belton and Browston — Rearextension for kitchen spaceand study area at 4 The Cove,Belton, for Mr J Bowman.Bradwell N — Proposed frontand rear extensions at 43Blackbird Close, for Mr RBean.Proposed six residentialdwelling with garages at landto rear of 156 Burgh Road,new double garage at 156Burgh Road at 156 Burgh Road(land to rear of), Gorleston, forMr B Keenan.Bradwell S — Demolition ofgarage, side extension androof conversion at 32Hawthorn Crescent, for Mr NHargreaves.Caister-on-Sea — Proposedrear extension with first flooracc in loft space. Add, replace,detached garage/workshopand temp location of steelcontainer at 8 BelsteadAvenue, for Mr and MrsAdcock.Proposed extensions andalterations creating anadditional 8 bedrooms andancillary accommodation atClaremont Nursing Home,Yarmouth Road, for HealthcareHomes Limited.Continued use of land forgrazing and one stable block atThe Paddocks, Back Lane, forMr K Lawson.Continued use of land forgrazing and one stable block atThe Paddocks, Back Lane, forMs L Ireland.Extension to rear elevation at5 Scott Cottages, Beach Road,for Mr S Jones.Filby — Board mounted signoutside Bowling Green, MainRoad, for Mr S G Hewitt.Fleggburgh — Change of usefrom agriculture to private openspace at 6 Westfield Close, forMr L M Todd.Great Yarmouth and Gorleston— Proposed flat roof garagewith stairs and balustrading togarden roof at 5 High Street,Gorleston, for Mrs S Adaway.Retrospective application for asmoking shelter at Ferry BoatInn, 5 Ferry Hill, for Mr LBracey.Proposed change of use fromretail shop unit to residentialunit at Fredrick Road (formerFredrick Road Garage),Gorleston, for Oakville HomesLimited.Demolition of former publichouse and erect eight two-bedterraced houses, one three-bedhouse, six two-bed apartmentsand three one-bed apartmentsat The White Horse, 39 BurntLane, for Mr J Scott.Block of five beach hut chaletsat Lower Esplanade, LowerMarine Parade, for Mr CJohnson.Demolition of conservatory,extension to rear elevation toform family room at 322Beccles Road, for Mr J Corby.Removal of partition on firstfloor, refit door frame, doorand ironmongery in newposition at 245 SouthtownRoad, Victory House, for Mr PBonham.Change of use fromeducational building (D1) togeneral industrial (B2), atBoundary Road, The Ex RowanDrilling Prop, Southtown,Gorleston, for Mr C Jones.Proposed four storey sideextension to residential carehome at 29-32 St GeorgesRoad, Florence House, for MrP Christophi.Cut out existing internal walls600 X 100 X 215mm and castin-situ pad stones, fit steel Ibeam to support floor atMaritime House, MaritimeParade, for Mrs J Beck.Convert one room from retailshop to residential toincorporate into existing houseat 134A Northgate Street, forMr S Dionysiou.New sign board to identifycompanies which are based inthe building, to match theexisting sign of the catalyst atNovus Centre, The Conge, forEnterprise GY.Demolition of all existingbuildings and construction of98 dwellings, three officeblocks, associated works andopen space at Halls site,Riverside Road, for Mr and MrsTW and VJ Hall.Demolition of existing retailunits and construction of anew open A1 retail unit andassociated external works at176-177 High Street,Gorleston, for Binden EstatesLimited.Change of use from offices(B1) to a fitness studioaerobic/dance (D2) at 1stfloor, Anglia House, RiversideRoad, for Miss H Powsey.Alteration of main roof pitch to32 degrees from 271/2 setbuilding back 1500 fromoriginal position at 56 NorthDrive, for Mr M Cutajar.Martham — New bus sheltersat Hemsby Road, for MarthamParish Council.Mautby — Double garage,carport, outbuilding andgymnasium/studio at Keeper’sCottage, Lacons Corner, for MrR Flatman.Ormesby St Margaret —Construction of double garagewith cloakroom at Beechcroft,74 Station Road, for Mr DTroy.Continued use of outbuildingas a granny annexe at 14Station Road, Rossvilla, forMrs S Garwood.Ormesby St Michael — Internaland external alterations toManor at Manor Farm, StMichael’s Close, for Mr I andMrs E Peters.Construct a detached garage,construct a wall to incorporateentrance gates withtarmacaden being laid atentrance at Casa Nuestra MainRoad, for Mr S Leggett.Repps — Rebuilding of existingouthouse as residentialextension and infillconservatory at Reed Cottage,Ashby Road, for Mr and MrsWallace.West Caister — Alterations toexisting staircase up to roofspace and alterations toextend existing dormer windowfor Health and Safety reasonsat The Cannons, Front Road,for Dr and Mrs R and SJesudason.Repair and/or replacement ofsix windows at The Cannons,Front Road, for Dr and Mrs Rand S Jesudason.Planning applicationsCheque out thesesuper fundraiserssamuel.russell@archant.co.ukBy SAM RUSSELLHANDOVER: Lions president Denise Freeman presents a cheque to JohnHemming, chairman of the Palliative Care East Appeal.KIND-HEARTED fundraisers havebrought the Palliative Care Eastappeal another step closer to its£1.5m goal.Great Yarmouth Lions Club presentedJohn Hemming, chairman of thePalliative Care East Appeal, with a £3,200cheque at the Lion Club meeting held atthe Imperial Hotel.Lion president Denise Freeman saidthat hopefully there will be some morefundraising before her year as presidentfinishes in May.Meanwhile Bungay Inner Wheel Clubraised £450 at a Ploughman’s Lunch onDecember 1, boosting the fund to builda new care centre by the James PagetUniversity Hospital.And club members Jennie Cundy andPat Tyacke have since presented thecheque to palliative care locum consultantDr Bernadette Auger.The centre is due to be open by Decemberthis year, but the £1.5m target has notquite been reached.With a further £100,000 still needed, acharity coastal walk from Winterton toSouthwold has been arranged.The fundraiser on Saturday, May 5 willcover the coastal perimeter of the JPUH.It is being divided into three routes, butthe super fit can complete the whole 32miles.The three sections of the walkare Winterton to Great Yarmouth,Yarmouth to Lowestoft, and Lowestoft toSouthwold.People are asked to take part in eithera 10 mile stretch or for the very fit, thewhole 32 miles.Appeal organisers have thanked thegenerosity of the public for helping raise£1.4m so far.For more information, call PalliativeCare East on 01493 453348.INNERWHEEL:Bungay InnerWheelmemberspresent acheque topalliative carelocumconsultant DrBernadetteAuger.Public to suggest name for new centreLOCAL people are being called on tosuggest names for the new PalliativeCare East centre building.The centre will have information andsupportive care services provided by awide range of organisations working inpartnership: from the NHS, to cancercharities, patient support groups, andbereavement groups.Organisers are looking for a name thatwill sum up what the centre is about andwill be easy to remember.Suggestions to date include TheArk, The Haven, The Butterfly Centre,and The Sanctuary.But what name do you think the centreshould have?A panel of nurses, doctors, patientrepresentatives, and the editor of theMercury, will select the winner from ashortlist.Public donations have raised almost£1.5m for the Palliative Care East centre.Building works starts on a site atthe James Paget University Hospitalnext month and is expected to open byChristmas.It is estimated 10,000 people a year willuse it.The Palliative Care East appeal waslaunched in 2006 and the centre willprovide Great Yarmouth and Waveneywith a stunning information andsupportive care centre that will helppeople with life-limiting illnesses suchas cancers, chest, neurological, andheart failure diseases.The closing date for suggestions isFriday, March 23. To make a suggestiononline, visit http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/V5CVNHL
  11. 11. From July to December 2011 The Advertiser, Gt Yarmouth/Gorleston edition, 39,893. www.advertiser24.co.ukTheAdvertiserGREAT YARMOUTH EDITION Advertiser24.co.uk60p where soldWE WILL BEAT ANY QUOTEDrafty Windows/Hinges Misted Units Window Handles & GasketsConservatory Repairs, leaking Affordables PricesSAME DAY SERVICELocksmiths UPVC Doors Dropped and CatchingNew Keys & Cylinder Loose Handles No Call Out ChargeD UBLE GLAZINGDOCTORTEL01502537847Bulk Bags - Sand,Stone & Top SoilCall free now on0800 0556 750www.eegreen.co.uk• MINI • MIDI • MAXI •LARGE •SKIPS FROM ONLY£30.00£30.0010% DISCOUNTON ALL SKIPSFor cash buyers only. Terms & conditions apply(Price dependent on size, location &waste type -- for a quote please call)follow us onThursday, March 15, 2012Work starts on new centreBuilders are now on site to constructthe new £1.5m Palliative Care East inthe grounds of the James PagetUniversity Hospital.The contractor, Suffolk-based ISG,began preliminary work on site thisweek with the building due to becompleted in December 2012.The Palliative Care East (PCE)appeal was launched in 2006 with theaim of establishing an informationcentre that will help people withincurable illnesses such as cancer,respiratory, neurological, and cardiacdiseases.And that vision is moving closer toreality.Interim chairman of the JamesPaget University Hospital, PeterFranzen, said: “We’re delighted thatISG is starting work and this marksan exciting time for the appeal.“Local people have been so verygenerous and it’s great to see thatgenerosity and hard work payingdividends now.“This centre will make such adifference, not only to patients withincurable diseases but also to theirfriends and families.“Having access to information,help and support from the local NHSandlocalcharitieswillhelpthousandsof local people”.The new centre will host a range ofinformation and supportive careservices provided by a wide range oforg anisations working inpartnership.These include the NHS, localcancer charities, patient supportgroups, and bereavement groups.The centre will not providepalliative care beds, and will be aboutliving life.The Palliative Care East centre willprovide people with access to adviceand support and will also signpostthem to appropriate communityservices.By Samuel Russellsamuel.russell@archant.co.ukHOW IT MAY LOOK: An artist’s impression of how the new £1.5m Palliative Care East centre may look. Thecontractors are now on site and the building is due to be completed by December of this year.Friday 16th March 2012 and Saturday 14th April 2012HANDBAGS ANDGLADRAGS8PM TO MIDNIGHTMusic from the 70’s & 80’s. Featuring DJ Chris Speed.FREE ENTRY.Why not stay the night for just £75 per coupleCliffCliffT H EH O T E LGorleston NR DH | | reception@thecliffhotel.co.uk | www.thecliffhotel.co.ukAt
  12. 12. Eastern Daily Press, Friday, March 16, 2012 www.EDP24.co.uk/news NEWS 45LOWESTOFTRoadworksmeeting to beheld in townBUNGAYConcerns over traffic levelswith new one-way systemCampaigners against a proposed one-way scheme in Bungay say trafficproblems will be made worse whenthe system is introduced.Craig Trickett, who owns butchersBairds Of Bungay, said there wereproblems this week when a lorry wasunable to pass a delivery truck andsaid this will become a more commonsight in the future.He said the queue of traffic thatformed in both directions in UpperOlland Street was 45 minutes longand felt that the situation wouldhappen three to four times a daywhen the new system wasintroduced.However, town mayor Terry Reeveresponded to further criticisms ofthe much debated scheme by sayingthat it was aimed at alleviating someof the problems currently faced onthe town’s roads, rather than makingthem worse.The proposed system will see trafficsent north along St Mary’s Street andLower Olland Street and south alongTrinity Street and Wharton Street.Last month, Suffolk County Councilbacked the scheme, which is part ofwider proposals to improve the townthat include creating new paths inLower Olland Street and wider onesin St Mary’s Street.It is likely to be introduced in Julyfor a trial period of at least six monthsafter an independent study iscompleted into the suitability ofTrinity Street to be used in the one-way system.Shop owners and businesses inLowestoft have been invited to meetwith bosses from Anglian Water todiscuss the controversial StationSquare roadworks.Waveney MP Peter Aldous has setup a meeting with the water companyat his constituency office in SurreyStreet on Friday, April 27.The meeting has been called afterthe town faced six weeks of trafficdisruption as Anglian Water blockedoff part of Station Square to carryout £130,000 of repairs to a brokensewer.In an email to businesses andbusiness representatives, Mr Aldous’soffice says: “You are welcome to comealong to talk to them (Anglian Water)about the recent traffic problemsexperienced.”Mr Aldous said: “I think we wouldlike to understand what went wrongand see if lessons can be learned fromit.”The roadworks which started onJanuary 23 were originally scheduledto last five weeks; they finally finishedon Friday, March 2. They finished latedue to a delay in installing a newsewer lining.Shop owners say the works caused aslump in trade as people were put offfrom coming into the town.There was also anger as AnglianWater did not inform WaveneyDistrict Council it would be carryingout the work.GORLESTONWork set to start on newcentre for a better lifeBy SAM RUSSELLBuilders are now on site to constructthe new £1.5m Palliative Care Eastin the grounds of the James PagetUniversity Hospital.Contractor Suffolk-based ISG beganpreliminary work on site this weekwith the building due to be completedin December 2012.The Palliative Care East (PCE)appeal was launched in 2006 with theaim of establishing an informationcentre that will help people withincurable illnesses such as cancer,respiratory, neurological, and cardiacdiseases.And that vision is moving closer toreality.Peter Franzen, interim chairman ofthe James Paget University Hospital,said: “We’re delighted that ISG arestarting work and this marks anexciting time for the appeal.“Local people have been so verygenerous and it’s great to see thatgenerosity and hard work payingdividends now.“This centre will make such adifference, not only to patients withincurable diseases but also to theirfriends and families.“Having access to information, helpand support from the local NHS andlocal charities will help thousands oflocal people”.The new centre will host a range ofinformation and supportive careservices provided by a wide range oforg anisations working inpartnership.These include the NHS, local cancercharities, patient support groups, andbereavement groups.Bernard Clarke, managing directorof contractors ISG South East, added:“The start of this project is anextremely important moment foreveryone involved in this impressivefundraising effort. As a purpose-builtresource to focus patient support andadvice, the new centre willundoubtedly become an invaluableregional healthcare asset.”Thecentrewillnotprovidepalliativecare beds, but will be about livinglife.Many people need help to live as fulla life as possible when they have anincurable condition.The Palliative Care East centre willprovide them with access to adviceand support and will also signpostthem to appropriate communityservices.The new centre is being built on agreenfield site at the northern end ofthe JPH site.The architects are Norwich-basedLSI Architects.It is estimated 10,000 people a yearwill use the centre.samuel.russell@archant.co.ukPicture: NICK BUTCHERWORK BEGINS: Staff from the James Paget University Hospital celebrate the news that work will soon bestarting on the Palliative Care East Centre.PRIZESONLINETickets tosee BuddyHolly:A LegendRebornin King’sLynnwww.EDP24..co.uk/enterJSD Air & Acoustic (Sound) TestingThermal Imaging (Detection) BuildingsStop wasting heat and money!It takes one phone call and we do the restand you save £s...Tel: 01366 387354 enquiries@jsdaat.co.ukwww.jsdaat.co.ukNo huge outlay oryears to recover that outlay.Air Leakage Testing (heat loss) has been compulsoryon new housing since 2006.Research and Tests carried out on property withsimilar test results, confirm heat saving of between31 to 35% reduction in heat loss.Air Leakage Testing will define areas where heat isescaping through small areas but added togetherthese small leaks can be equivalent to the size of anopen window day and night, while your heatingsystem tries to compensate.Thermal Imaging will define areas of loss throughthe fabric of your property. Are your walls and loftinsulated adequately or is it poorly installed? Is yourdouble glazing doing what it should do, is thatpoorly installed?Air Leakage and Thermal Imaging Test packages with verbalreport start from £150 + VAT through to full written reportswith rectification advice and costs or full energy auditing.All tests can be carried out with no interruption to the occupier; you can be in theproperty while tests are completed. Do not be put off by thinking that rectifying theseproblems will cost thousands of pounds. In many cases, to bring older style properties inline with current legislation would take around 2 hours and minimal materials. All theabove would go undetected in a normal building survey. Discounts apply for group orders.Attention Plumbing andHeating Engineers!Save time finding under floorleaks. Thermal Imaging is a quickand effective way to find thoseproblems. We can take a thermalphotograph and quickly identifyleaks/escaping hot or cold water.1970’s house with anair test failure at 14.7Unit 1b, Sovereign Way, Trafalgar Industrial Estate, Downham Market, PE38 9SW
  13. 13. 4 Friday, March 16, 2012 The Journal online: www.lowestoftjournal24.co.ukSpate of oiltank raidsPEOPLE with oil-fired centralheating are being warned to securetheir storage tanks after a spate ofthefts in recent weeks. Oil worth anestimated £300 was stolen from atank outside Crossways Cottages inCorton between Thursday, February2 and Tuesday, March 6, and about500 litres of oil was stolen from atank in a back garden at Sands Lane,Oulton, between 8pm on Thursday,February 23 and 8am on Friday,February 24. Oil worth more than£800 was also stolen from anunsecured tank in a back garden atHigh Street, Kessingland, some timebetween Thursday, October 20 andSaturday, February 18.Anyone with information on any ofthe incidents, should contactLowestoft police on 101.Post office joyPEOPLE in Wangford are beinginvited to mark the launch of theirnew post office outreach service nextweek. After nearly a wait of nearlythree years, a determined campaignby Wangford and Henham ParishCouncil has ended in success. Thenewe outreach service will beoperated at the community centre inMillfields by the postmaster fromSaxmundham post office and willrun twice-weekly on Tuesdays from10am-noon and Thursdays from 1pm-3pm. People are being invited to thelaunch of the service at 1pm nextThursday, March 22.Rape chargeA LOWESTOFT man has beencharged with two counts of rape.Marcus Johnstone, 41, of DenmarkRoad, was arrested after an incidentat an address in central Lowestoft onMarch 5/6. After appearing beforeLowestoft magistrates, he wasremanded to appear at IpswichCrown Court yesterday.Strolling outWAVENEY Ramblers’ walk onSunday is 9.5 miles in the Dunwicharea, starting at 10.30am. For detailsring 01502 723886. On Wednesdaythere are two walks: the first is 11miles in the Trowse/Rockland StMary area, starting at 10am. Fordetails ring 01502 475188. The secondis five miles in the Barsham area,starting at 10.30am. For details ring01502 710792.InBrief£4m hospice will offertranquil, caring retreatsamuel.russell@archant.co.ukBy SAM RUSSELLPLANS for a new £4m hospiceto provide better end-of-lifecare for people in Waveneyand Great Yarmouth havebeen officially lodged – withhopes high that approval willbe granted by May.The proposed 10-bedroom EastCoast Hospice (ECH) will stand infive acres of landscaped grounds atGorleston, offering a tranquil retreatfor people with cancer and other life-limiting illnesses.At present, Great Yarmouth andWaveney is one of just two areas inthe country without hospice beds.But when the cash is raised tobuild the new hospice, it will offer 10bedrooms, each with a private gardenand fold-out beds where peoplecan stay with loved ones and shareprecious final time together.Day care and respite support forcarers is also planned in the state-of-the-art building, which award-winning architect Henry Kelf hopeswill be “more like a hotel or countryhouse than a medical institution”.David Nettleship, chairman of theECH trustees, said the independentcharitable hospice – to be built onland off the A12 next to Beacon Park– was a response to the desperateneed to widen the choice in end-of-life care in the area. “There are toomany gaps,” he said. “The choicepeople have now is to die at home orin hospital.“Many people would choose todie at home and would never needa hospice but, for some, a hospicewould be their choice and it will bethere if people need it – if it gets toomuch to bear at home.”A specialist eight to 10-bed unit wasa recommendation for Waveney andYarmouthinMarieCurie’sDeliveringChoice report. And the challenge thecommunities now face is raising the£4m to build the hospice and to finda way of meeting its £1.8m-a- yearrunning costs.“It is difficult to get across to peoplehow different a hospice is to otherhealth care establishments,” said MrNettleship. “This hospice is basedon need. The urban areas of GreatYarmouth and Waveney are areas ofdeprivation which means the needfor a hospice is greater.”Hospice facilities will include a daycare area, quiet rooms, a hairdressingroom, lounges, a garden room, adomestic kitchen to show peopletechniquestomakelifeathomeeasier,a sanctuary for quiet contemplationand assisted spa baths.As well as conventionalmedicine and care, the hospice wouldprovide a full range of alternativetherapies.The red brick hospice with cedarcladding, topped with a curved darkgrey zinc roof, would also providerespite care and a 24-hour helpline.Full plans have been submitted toGreat Yarmouth Borough Counciland trustees hope to have planningpermission by May. They also hopethe detailed plans will encouragepeople to fund-raise and donate tothe hospice.To raise the money, the trusteesare investigating different fundingstreams, as well as local fund-raisingandtherevenuefromthecharity’sfiveshops in Lowestoft, Great Yarmouth,Gorleston, and Bungay.To help the East Coast Hospice,call Corinne at the charity’s officeon 01493 718707 or email office@eastcosthospice.co.ukPeople are being invited to a nightof music at the Seagull Theatre inPakefield which will raise funds forEast Coast Hospice. The concert,organised by Tessa Clarke on Sunday,March 25, will include music fromWest End shows and recent charthits. It starts at 7.30pm and ticketsare available from the box office on01502 589726.Work under way on palliative care baseCONSTRUCTION of the new £1.5mPalliative Care East centre isgetting under way.Suffolk-based contractor ISG beganpreliminary work in the grounds ofthe James Paget UniversityHospital this week and theconstruction project is due tofinish in December.The Palliative Care East (PCE)appeal was launched in 2006 withthe aim of establishing aninformation centre that will helppeople with incurable illnessessuch as cancer, respiratory,neurological and cardiacdiseases.And that vision is moving closer toreality.Interim chairman of the JamesPaget trust, Peter Franzen, said:“This marks an exciting time forthe appeal. Local people havebeen so very generous and it’sgreat to see that generosity andhard work paying dividends now.“This centre will make such adifference, not only to patientswith incurable diseases but also totheir friends and families. Havingaccess to information, help andsupport from the local NHS andlocal charities will help thousandsof local people”.The new centre will host a rangeof information and supportive careservices, provided by a variety oforganisations working inpartnership. These include theNHS, cancer charities, patientsupport groups, and bereavementgroups.Bernard Clarke, managing directorof ISG South East, said: “The startof this project is an extremelyimportant moment for everyoneinvolved in this impressive fund-raising effort. As a purpose-builtresource to focus patient supportand advice, the new centre willundoubtedly become an invaluableregional healthcare asset.”The centre will not providepalliative care beds, but will focuson helping people live life throughtheir illness. It will seek to provideaccess to advice and support andto direct them to appropriatecommunity services.The new centre is a stand-alonebuilding on a greenfield site at thenorthern end of the James Pagetcampus.Designed by Norwich-based LSIArchitects, it is expected to openby Christmas 2012.It is estimated 10,000 people ayear will use the centre when it isfully up and running.An event promoting bodyconfidence is set to help thePalliative Care East appealtowards its £1.5m goal. KatyCornish is organising the Love theSkin You’re In event in GreatYarmouth on Saturday,March 31, which will offer womenactivities and fun including healthand beauty, exercise classes, nailand hair treatments andmassages. There will also be freegoody bags, demonstrations,drinks and snacks. The event is atthe Bwell Gym, on Gapton HallIndustrial Estate from 3pm to6pm.PLANS: An outline of the 10-bed hospice plan for terminally ill people inGreat Yarmouth and Waveney. Inset, the East Coast Hospice logo.WORK TO START: Staff from the James Paget University hospital celebrate the news that work will soon be starting onthe Palliative Care East Centre.First aid coursePEOPLE are being invited toimprove their first aid skills whileraising funds for charity by joining afour-hour course in Lowestofttomorrow. The Health-Start basicfirst aid course is being run bySuffolk Deaf Association at its baseat 50-52, Blackheath Road, Lowestoft,from 10am to 2pm. Those taking partare asked to make a £2 donation. Formore information, ring 01502 512073or email lowsda@btconnect.comShop opensA SEASIDE-inspired clothing andgift company is opening a shop inSouthwold this weekend. The GoneCrabbing store at 64, High Street isemploying a full-time manager andtwo part-time staff. Its product rangeincludes leisure-wear, postcards,aprons, mugs and other gifts. Theshop is the second opened bycompany founder and designer SusieMason whose other outlet is atBurnham Deepdale in Norfolk.www.lowestoftjournal24.co.uk
  14. 14. Advert ID:TIINMEM32 mm by10 mmBooking Code:INMEMCustomer ID:INMEMColour:4MARGARET ROSENORMINGTONMarch 22nd, 2006To me you were so special,And I miss you more each day,The saddest day of my life,Was the day you passed away.Your memory is a keepsake,With which I will never part,God has you in his keeping,But I have you in my heart,Always and ForeverWith All my LovePaul x xPHYLLISRICHARDSONMarch 17th, 2006A lovely Mum andGrandmother,Always in our hearts andthoughts, forever near.Daughter Jean andTommy, grandsonMark, Debbie, Tanyaand Jayne x xTHOMPSONKATHLEEN3 years on,Still thinking ofyou every dayLove Jack andFamilyDOYAXLEY(Sprason)March 17thI do not need a special day tobring you to my mind,The days I do not think of youare very hard to find,Each morning when I awake Iknow you are gone,And no one knows theheartache as I try to carry on.My heart still acheswith sadness,And secret tears still flow,For what it meant to lose you,No one will ever know.My thoughts are alwayswith you,Your place no one can fill,In life we loved you dearly,In death we love you still.Love, Dean, Tanya,Sarah, Callum, Dylanand Brodyx x x x xDOYAXLEYTwo years have passed Do,and I miss you more than ever.The pain of losing youwill never go away.I will always love you, DoPatx x xYAXLEYDOIn our hearts you willalways stayloved and rememberedevery dayLove youalwaysClaire, Seanand KidsDOYAXLEYMarch 17th, 2010A special Mum and Nanny.In our hearts youllalways stay,Loved and rememberedevery dayDebbie, Aaron, Kelseyand Bryanx x x xAdvert ID:TIBIRMEM32 mm by10 mmBooking Code:BIRMEMCustomer ID:BIRMEMColour:4JAMESHURRENA Star You AreThinking of You AlwaysWith All the Love onYour 30th BirthdayGod Bless SonMiss YouMumsy, Daniel,Thomas, Nanny,Shirly, Grandad RonxxxJAMESHURRENI had someone special inmy life, who left mewith a broken heart.That someone specialwas you.Luv you to the stars and backMiss you so muchNan JoannexAdvert ID:TIACKN32 mm by10 mmBooking Code:ACKNCustomer ID:ACKNColour:4Advert ID:206804CB32 mm by30.4 mmBooking Code:206804CBCustomer ID:DR POOLEColour:1First Appearance:16/03/12Last Appearance:16/03/12Advert ID:207320GH32 mm by49.5 mmBooking Code:207320GHCustomer ID:EVELYN JOYCEColour:1First Appearance:16/03/12Last Appearance:16/03/12Advert ID:206808GH32 mm by30.4 mmBooking Code:206808GHCustomer ID:SOLOMON OLIVEColour:1First Appearance:16/03/12Last Appearance:16/03/12Advert ID:207212GF32 mm by38.9 mmBooking Code:207212GFCustomer ID:STANTON VERNONColour:1First Appearance:16/03/12Last Appearance:16/03/12Advert ID:207312GH32 mm by32.5 mmBooking Code:207312GHCustomer ID:TENNANT HAROLDColour:1First Appearance:16/03/12Last Appearance:16/03/12Advert ID:207418CB32 mm by34.6 mmBooking Code:207418CBCustomer ID:WRIGHT BILLYColour:1First Appearance:16/03/12Last Appearance:16/03/1216 Friday, March 16, 2012 Mercury online: yarmouthmercury24.co.ukFor local news and views: go to www.yarmouthmercury24.co.ukWork starting onnew care centreBUILDERS are now on siteto construct the new £1.5mPalliative Care East in thegrounds of the James PagetUniversity Hospital.Suffolk-based ISG - the contractor- began preliminary work on sitethis week with the building due tobe completed in December 2012.The Palliative Care East (PCE)appeal was launched in 2006 with theaim of establishing an informationcentre that will help people withincurable illnesses such as cancer,respiratory, neurological, andcardiac diseases.And that vision is moving closer toreality.Interim chairman of the JamesPaget University Hospital, PeterFranzen, said: “We’re delightedthat ISG are starting work andthis marks an exciting time for theappeal.“Local people have been so verygenerous and it’s great to see thatgenerosity and hard work payingdividends now.“This centre will make such adifference, not only to patients withincurable diseases but also to theirfriends and families.“Having access to information,help and support from the localNHS and local charities will helpthousands of local people”.The new centre will host a rangeof information and supportivecare services provided by a widerange of organisations working inpartnership.These include the NHS, localcancer charities, patient supportgroups, and bereavement groups.Bernard Clarke, the managingdirector of contractors ISG SouthEast, added: “The start of thisproject is an extremely importantmoment for everyone involvedin this impressive fundraisingeffort.“As a purpose-built resource tofocus patient support and advice,the new centre will undoubtedlybecome an invaluable regionalhealthcare asset.”The centre will not providepalliative care beds, and will beabout living life.Many people need help to live asfull a life as possible when they havean incurable condition.The Palliative Care East centre willprovide them with access to adviceand support and will also signpostthem to appropriate communityservices.The new centre is a stand alonebuilding being built on a greenfieldsite at the northern end of theJames Paget University Hospitalsite.The architects are Norwich-basedLSI Architects.The new information andsupportive care centre at theJames Paget University Hospital isexpected to open by Christmas 2012.It is estimated 10,000 people a yearwill use the centre.samuel.russell@archant.co.ukBy SAM RUSSELLNurses again feel pride in their hospitalNURSES at the James PagetUniversity Hospital are feeling“pride” again in their work as theyhelp the site recover from a series ofcritical inspection governors havebeen told..The governors council have beengiven an update on how the hospitalwas addressing concerns raised bythe Care Quality Commission(CQC).The 30 governors heard lastFriday that the JPH’s medicinemanagement was an area of majorconcern for the CQC while itscare and welfare provision was ofmoderate concern and its use ofrecords and documentation was ofmodest concern.But the governors and seniorhospital bosses heard the CQC wasdue to report in the next month onimprovements it has seen in careand welfare provision and recordsand documentation thanks to a raftof measures introduced by the JPH.Measures, which are also tacklingthe medicine management, includeward risk assessments, a medicinemanagement group, a weekly trustwide review of documentation,new medicine charts and improvedtraining for staff who prescribemedicines and registered nurseswho administer it.The governors also heard threesenior nurses had been given thesole role of carrying out a wideranging audit involving the privacyand dignity of patients, their careand welfare, patient meals, medicinemanagement and staffing.As result of the work to overcomethe faults highlighted in the CQCinspections Julia Hunt, chiefmatron, said it had boosted moraleof nurses.She said: “The element of prideis returning. They are seeing theresults of the outcome of theirefforts.”The meeting also heard thatconcernsoverthequalityof patients’meals were being addressed withgovernor John Pope saying he wasvery impressed with the roles ofmeal time co-ordinators.Another measure being introducedwill see patients asked for theirviews on the JPH when they aredischarged.More than 80 patients took partwith more than 40pc of commentsbeing about positive experiences atthe JPH with the remainder focusingon negative experiences and areasof improvement. About 800 staffand governers also took part in theconsultation.A recent survey also showed theJPH receives 368 compliments aweek across the organisationalboard.DR POOLEBERNARDThe family would like tothank the many people whowrote to them and attendedhis funeral, especial the Rev’dBowles and all the friends whocontinued to give their helpand support. A total of £1234in donations has been sharedbetween the Norfolk WildLife Trust and The CamphillVillages Trust.EVELYNJOYCEGEEDonald and Family would liketo express their heartfeltthanks to all family, friendsand neighbours for the manyfloral tributes, cards anddonations to the G.P. Unit,Northgate Hospital. Specialthanks to all the staff for theexcellent care and attention,Pat Kane for a lovely service,brother Jack, brother-in-lawDavid, Bobby and Maureenfor all their help, Arthur Jary& Sons for excellent funeralarrangements, Michelle, SoloFlorist and the ConservativeClub for a warm welcome andrefreshments.SOLOMONOLIVEThe Family of the late Olivewould like to thank allrelatives and friends for theirkind messages of sympathy,floral tributes and donations.Special thanks to the Rev.Arthur Bowles, for acomforting service and staffat the Co-operative for thefuneral arrangements.STANTONVERNONThe Family would like tothank everyone for their kindmessages and their heartfeltcondolences and would like topass on their appreciation tothe following;To father Gordon from StMary’s Church, The Co-operative Funeral Services,Caister-on-Sea, TheClaremont staff and also tothe Green Gate Public Housebut most of all to those whocame to the funeral.Many thanks to all of you.TENNANTHAROLDMiriam and Family would liketo thank everybody whoattended the service forHarold and for all the cardsand donations for ProstateCancer. Special thanks to theMinister Rev. Chris Shreevefor the lovely service and toArthur Jary & Sons Ltd., forexcellent arrangements andfor all their help and kindness.WRIGHTJoan and family of the lateBILLY, wish to thank allrelatives, friends andneighbours for the kindmessages of sympathy anddonations received followingtheir sad loss. Special thanksto Rev’d John Stride for hiscomforting service and toMurrell Cork Funerals ofStalham for their funeralarrangements. Please acceptthis as the only, but mostsincere acknowledgment.PersonalAnnouncementsBirths, Marriages,Engagements, Deaths andIn MemoriamsCall in person to169 King Street, Gt. Yarmouthor fax (01493) 847977Personal announcementsthat can be placed bytelephone are Birthdays,Congratulations, Get Well,Good Luck, Anniversaries andSpecial Occasions.Call (01493) 847942E-mailfrontcounter@archant.co.uk
  15. 15. Mercury online: yarmouthmercury24.co.uk Friday, March 23, 2012 23InBriefJewellery takenin home raidBURGLARS stole a quantity ofjewellery after breaking into a housein Great Yarmouth.It happened sometime during theweekend of Saturday, March 10, andSunday, March 11, at a home inNorth Drive when burglars broke inthrough a window and searched theproperty. Anyone with informationshould call DC Mark Randall atGreat Yarmouth CID on 101 orCrimestoppers on 0800 555 111.www.yarmouthmercury24.co.ukTurf-cutting ceremonyto mark centre’s startsamuel.russell@archant.co.ukBy SAM RUSSELLT H E t u r f - c u t t i n gceremony whichheraldsthe start of constructionof the £1.5m PalliativeCare East centre, hasbeen announced.Suffolk-based ISG, thecontractor, began preliminarywork on site last week with thebuilding due to be completedin December 2012.And the turf cuttingceremony is to take place onWednesday, April 4, at aroundmidday.The Palliative Care East(PCE) appeal was launchedin 2006 with the aim ofestablishing an informationcentre that will help peoplewith incurable illnessessuch as cancer, respiratory,neurological, and cardiacdiseases.And Yarmouth’s MPBrandon Lewis has expressedhis excitement about theprogress being made.“The centre is a tribute tothe power of the people ofGreat Yarmouth,” he said.“By coming together ourcommunity has managed togenerate a huge amount ofmoney and support to createthis fantastic asset.“I am delighted that aftermany years the fund has beensuccessful and I am sure thatit will help support vulnerablepeople for years to come.”There is still work to bedone before the total £1.5mis raised, and fundraisersare continuing to put in thehours.Sophie Radcliffe, 21, raisedcash for the appeal at her21st birthday party instead ofreceiving gifts.Her mother Jill and otherfamily presented a chequefor £200 to the Palliative CareTeam.These monies were raisedat the celebrations of MrsRadcliffe’s daughter Sophie21st birthday party.And further events areplanned to help raise fundsfor the appeal.On Friday, March 30 therewill be a charity auctionsupporting local cancercharities.ItisbeingorganisedbyGreatYarmouth Soroptimists.On Saturday, March 31 awellbeing event called Lovethe Skin You’re In is to beheld at Bwell Gym in GreatYarmouth.It will run from 3pm to6pm.Guests are invited to thehealth and beauty day,which includes exerciseclasses, goody bags anddemonstrations.A sponsored coastal walkwill take place on Saturday,May 5.The women’s walk, underthe banner of Girls on theEdge, will see participantsput their best feet forward towalk the coastal perimeter ofthe James Paget Hospital.And Lowestoft CollegeCharity Dog Show is onSaturday, May 5.Hounds and their ownersare invited to Camps Heath inOulton Broad from 10am.There will be competitionsfor pedigree and funclasses.All dogs are welcome andyou can register on theday.BIRTHDAY CONTRIBUTION: Jill Radcliffe on the farleft with her father-in-law in the middle.LOOKING AHEAD: Staff from the James Paget Hospital.
  16. 16. 60pbbjournal24.co.ukAUCTION TODAYAntiques & Fine Art SaleAtPeddars Lane,Beccles01502 713490RESIDENTIALAGRICULTURALCOMMERCIALONSITEAUCTIONSPLANNING&DESIGNBUILDINGSURVEYINGAUCTIONROOMSHOLIDAYLETTINGSAbsolute£10 OAP TUESDAYS**On selected treatments -£10 set & style£10 nail & toe tidy£10 wash & blowdry1-5 Hungate, Beccles01502 714454Friday, March 30, 2012WIN!£2500 tospend inAldissSport Reliefday of fun8-page pull-outCentre pagesCARE BEDSON THE WAYrichard.wood@archant.co.ukBy RICHARD WOODTHE first palliative carehospice beds in Waveney willbe available from Sunday.The three beds will be at All HallowsHospital, Ditchingham, and will bemade available for patients living witha progressive illness such as heartfailure, kidney disease and cancer.The move follows an agreementbetween the hospital and the Ipswich-based St Elizabeth Hospice.It has been made possible after NHSNorfolk and Waveney and HealthEastCIC, the new clinical commissioninggroup for Great Yarmouth andWaveney, commissioned two of thehospital’s in-patient beds for two yearsas part of the Marie Curie DeliveringChoice programme.St Elizabeth Hospice, which mergedwith Waveney Hospice Care last year,is directly providing a third bed inconjunction with All Hallows Hospital,with the hospice investing £2.2m in theWaveney and Great Yarmouth area inthe next three years.This will allow the charity, whichalready provides day services atBeccles Hospital on a Thursday, toalso offer services at All Hallowson Mondays as well as servicesat Crossroads Care Waveney inLowestoft and at Cutlers Hill Surgeryin Halesworth. Further day servicesare planned for Great Yarmouth laterthis year.Palliative Care in the Waveney andGreat Yarmouth area is set to improvedramatically in the coming months.Last week work began on the new£1.5m Palliative Care East centrein the grounds of the James PagetUniversity Hospital in Gorleston.The centre will provide a rangeof day care facilities, information,and supportive care provided by avariety of organisations working inpartnership with the NHS.It has been supported by an appealwhich saw many individuals andorganisations contribute since it waslaunched in 2006.The East Coast Hospice Appeal isworking to bring 10 hospice beds tothe area and hopes to have plans for a10-bed hospice in Gorleston approvedby May.See story on Page 5SUNSHINE FUN:Sisters Hannah, left, 5,and Zoe Payne, 4,enjoy the daffodils atthe Daffodil Craft andCountry Fayre, atLangley School, onSunday. See story andother pictures onPage 3.Picture: DENISE BRADLEY