Curriculum Vita


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Curriculum Vita

  1. 1. Curriculum vita Asghar Dalvandi university of welfare and rehabilitation science (Department of nursing ( Po. koodakyar St, box 19834 Address: Evin.Tehran . Iran Tel :(98 21) 22180036 Fax:(98 21 )22180036 ,Asghar management profession community health nursing Born:sep 23 , 1961 Citizen : Iran Languages:Persian,English Education : , Ph.D student in Gerontological care sciences at karolinska , institute,stockholm,SWEDEN Master in community health nursing management (university of 1997 welfare)1995 &rehabilitation sciences ( discountinue bacholar,s Nursing (shahid behshti medical 1989 sciences)-Tehran bachelor's associated Nursing( medical university of Iran )- 1986 Tehran1982 LPN 1983 (shahid beheshti medical sciences university)- Tehran natural sciences Diploma-free examination-borujerd 1980 Mathematic Diploma -bahrelolum high school-borujerd 1978 special field : Community Health & Management Community assessment, family health assessment&ntervention ,
  2. 2. group dynamic Publications : Books : Self concept and self care: theory and practice, under challenges and comments in selective, investigative, evaluative and- media Interviews 2004 Under Revision ,. New theories, structure and view of points in nursing rehabilitation, 2000), cooperation in this book with other colleagues . Paper publish '_ : A survey on Psychological Problem in adolescents with ‘ father drug abusers,(2001) j o rehabilitation ,vol 2,no 4 , Counseling and psychotherapy as :available cure: move to social welfare For mental retard children,(2002) social welfare quarterly 2,vol 1 winter Occupation of elderly people in the city of Tehran(2004), Quarterly of social work journals, USWR, Vol 4,Issue 4 Evaluation of educational situation of rehabilitation branches in University of welfare and rehabilitation ,from the student view of point ,in educational year 2003-2004.(2007)Journal of Rehabilitation, Vol 7 no 4 , Understanding challenge of stroke survivors with life after stroke, (2007) Journal of nurse researcher, impresses The study of effect self care education on quality of life and self care in heart failure patients (2007), journal of rehabilitation, impress Paper presented in Conferences/Seminars : Psychological Problem in child abusers,(1999) first Conferences of child problem in Iran Chronic mental disorder , Rehabilitation of schizophrenia people in home, (2000),1st family health and well-being Seminar, USWR
  3. 3. Use of ethnography in prevention, treatment and rehabilitation addiction person's.national congress on rehabilitation nursing (2003), Feb. 24-26 USWR,Tehran Pediatric nursing rehabilitation, focus on spinal cord injuries , 2nd national congress on rehabilitation nursing (2003), Feb. 24-26 USWR, Tehran Psychosocial recovery in earthquake (new approach) 2nd 2004(‫ و‬International congress Tehran Iran ( The challenges and related strategies of life after stroke among Iranian people, japans journal in nursing sciences ,2008.under revision What do stroke survivors', their family caregivers' and formal caregivers' perceive the problems face in their life after stroke? Journal of Clinical Nursing,2008 .under revision :Director ,consoler and evaluator in master thesis The study of effect self care education on quality of life and self care in heart failure patients (2007). Dep of nursing, by Rezai ,H Evaluation of educational situation of rehabilitation branches in University of walfare and rehabilitation ,from the student veiw of point ,in educational year 2003-2004, Dep of management of rehabilitation By Abdi ,K The study of individual, social factors on substance abuses relapse, (2003),social welfare Dep,by ghaem mohamadi, S.M.R The effect of education on family coping in additional families in semnan,(2003).By Mirshafiei . The comparative study on aggressive behavior between public and private girls high schools in Tehran ,2002, Dep of social work ,by
  4. 4. The effect of self care education on quality of life among patients with Heart Failure on Rajaei Heart Center 1386.Dep of nursing,by Habib olah Rezaei loyeh . The effect group game music on self-steam among chronic schizophrenia in Razi Hospital 2008 . Workshop as teacher Health education for elderly people, 2003,Iran medical university Home health care nursing process , focus on rehabilitation people, (2001) HAMEDAN, shahid beheshti rehabilitation hospital Future workshop (Macro ergonomic) 2000, Shiraz medical university As active participant : Future workshop (Macro ergonomic) 2000, Mashad medical university Focus group discusion,Uswr,1998 Continues quality improvement,Uswr,2000 Qualitative research method, USWR, 2000 Planning method in educational curriculums and basic revise educational plan USWR, Tehran,2002 Basic conceps of Ergonomy,(2006),USWR,TEHRAN Multi choice questioners design test,(2007),Uswr,Tehran
  5. 5. Refrences mananger( 2007).USWR.Tehran . LISREL software,(2007),USWR,Tehran Learnig by doing,2007,USWR,Tehran Determinate of social health ,(2008),USWR,Tehran Work Exprieces : Mental retard center Lorestan as aid nurse and supervisor 1980 addiction rehabilitation center Nurse and health care agent 1982 Hospital Aging kahrizak Nursing administration 1989 General med surg Hospital Staff Nurse 1982-94 Mental retard center Tehran Evin nurse manager 1990 member of Nursing Dep (non academic) clinical training 1991 at present ///////////// (academic) Lecturer 1994 Represent of workers and in ministry of labor and social security as advocate agent in labor judge more than 4 years head of Islamic labor council in general hospital MADAEN TEHRAN 2 years head of co-operation in general hospital MADAEN TEHRAN 2 years on permanent member of nursing association council in Tehran city more than 1 till 2004 education office executive manager in university of 1998 welfare& rehabilitation MEMBER OF STRATEGIC EDUCATIONAL PLANNING FOR 3 YEARS SCINE 2000 Member of nursing sciences association
  6. 6. Member of nursing organization member of post graduate committee in USWR more than 3 years about 5 years faculty member upgrade and development committee' in USWR for 4 years vice -manager in education office ''''''''' member of faculty evaluation committee, in USWR about 5 years . member of culture council in university USWR ''''''', about 3 years''''''' head of exceptional student committee'''''''''' USWR about 6 years, from 1998 USWR= university of welfare and rehabilitation sciences ,Tehran,Iran