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Sushant Verma Work Samples1

  1. 1. S ushant VermaAcademic & Professional Works
  2. 2. A cademic WorksC ontents1. New Sounds Baseball Stadium, Nashville TN2. Site of Space with in a space, Knoxville TN3. Sunshine House, New Orleans LA4. Layered Facade Systems: Hot & Humid Climate, New Orleans LA5. Commonwealth Games Village: Masterplanning, Delhi, India6. Commonwealth Games Village: Inter. Zone, Delhi, India7. Commonwealth Games Village: Training Center, Delhi, India8. Circular House, Simla, India9. Healthcare Design: Community Hospital, Lucknow, India
  3. 3. New Sounds Stadium at Sulphur Dell, NashvilleThe proposed Sulphur Dell master plan The Ball park design further extendsis a mixed use development with com- these ideas of the proposed master planmercial activities at the lower level and through connections visually and physi-residential facilities above on Jefferson, cally. Ball park designs are always in-5th Avenue and 3rd Avenue. This pro- troverted, since a typical AAA baseballposed development will have a new ball stadium does not have huge seating ca-park (new home of Nashville Sounds) as pacity, this new ball park explores thea central focus. This ballpark will act as a strategy of transparency through its skin.catalyst encouraging development aroundit. Sulphur Dell master plan is an exten- The ball park will have multiple programssion of downtown Nashville on the south a)Leased spaces for shops and restaurantsand the German town neighborhood on b)Residential Towerthe north. The main idea while develop- c)Food Courting this master plan was to create connec- Stadium Structural system design with integrated floodlight.tions to the river, German town neighbor-hood, downtown Nashville. The creekacts as a central spine stitching the Sul-phur Dell neighborhood to the ball park.A concept sketch encouraging the connections of the ball park to The circulation of the ball park extends and becomes a entrance gateway for the greenwaydowntown Nashville, the Capitol, German town neighborhood.
  4. 4. Sulphur Dell relationship to Downtown Nashville and State Capitol Master Plan Sulphur DellVisual and Physical connectivity through entry sequence at the end An early study model of structural system of the ball park.of streets and greenway
  5. 5. 13 3 12 Elevation: Jackson Street 11 9 14 2 10 7 3 8 3 6 5 3 4 8 2 Section through Field 15 Elevation: 5th Avenue 1 16KEY1 Museum2 Entrance Lobby3 Leased Space4 Player’s Showers5 To Field6 Athletes and VIP Entry7 HVAC Services8 Batting Tunnel9 Electrical Room10 Services11 Maintenance Office12 Service Entry North13 Kitchen Services14 Poche15 Connection to Greenway16 Parking Field Level Plan
  6. 6. 17 19 17 18 20 18 19Key17 Food Court18 Concessions19 Toilets20 Team Store21 Press Box22 Club Commissary Concourse Level Plan
  7. 7. 19 17 17 19 21 21 22 17 21 21 19 23KEY17 Food Court18 Concessions19 Toilets20 Team Store21 Suites22 Club Commissary23 Entrance Gateway to the Greenway Suite Level Plan
  8. 8. Public square in theball park creates aspace which encour-ages events andactivities during thegame.Transparencythrough facade iscreated to enhancethe user’s experienceof the space.
  9. 9. A view of thebleachers inthe outfieldThe outfieldof the BallPark capturesthe view ofdowntownNashville,a stadium’sgesture to thecity
  10. 10. Ball Park’s connec-tion to the greenwaythrough free seatsand transparencyin the facade at-tracts viewers to thegame.View of DowntownNashville from theFood Court
  11. 11. Section through FieldSection through 5th Avenue 8 7 6 5Key1 Concourse 12 Entrance Lobby3 Players Changing room4 Field5 Concrete Structure6 I beams 2 47 Steel Decking 38 Floodlight Detail Section
  12. 12. Masterplanning City Scale ConceptSite of Space within a spaceThis design exploration is based on Michel I developed my program on the Foucault third attempt has been done to bring togetherFoucault reading ‘Of Other Spaces’ in which principle of ‘Space within a space: A real space these two parts of the site together. Park-he talks about Heterotopic spaces existing capable of juxtaposing the several other space ing spaces have been proposed underneathwithin the society. A Heterotopic space is a which are in themselves incompatible’. The the garden space which connects theinbetween space between the real and the program being a theatre as a unreal space and pedestrian traffic from Gay Street, Westunreal. a garden being a real space. The theatre has Summit Hill drive and the Central Street. been developed as an extension of the garden The median width and the change inThe intent of this exploration is to bring space and this garden space further extends into ground texture of Western Summit Hilltogether two conflicting spaces in one united existing structure through moments of entry drive is done to slow down the traffic andprogram. A site has been chosen in down- sequences, circulation spaces and transition to encourage pedestrian connections. Thetown knoxville having a heterotopic quality spaces. cores connecting the parking to the gradeof a in-between space within the new and the have been developed as watch deck aboveold city. The program has been developed The project celebrates the Gay Street theatre grade to look over the canopy of the trees.inside the three abandoned structures, one of district history and emphasizes the importance The building scale of the project depictsthese structures is the Cal Johnson building of public spaces in an urban environment. The the juxtaposition of the old (masonry) andwhich is among the ‘fragile fifteen list’ of Sanborne map study of the early 1900 Knox- the new (steel) through revelations in theknoxville. ville revealed that this site is divided into two facade to show the skeleton of the struc- parts by western summit hill drive, therefore an ture underneath. These revelations in the
  13. 13. Masterplanning Neighborhood Scalefacade also reveal the garden spaces making thegarden as an important facade element. Thesemoments of the garden spaces in the circulationspaces extend to the roof of the existing struc-ture become an elevated public space with anopen air amphitheatre in it. The shading deviceson the roof create an amiable climate allowingwinter sun penetration while keeping the sum-mer sun away.
  14. 14. This collage describes the spatial aspects of a theatre showing the juxtaposition of dark and light spaces. A space that is unreal and empty which is filled by masks and signs through which the actor plays a role.This collage photomontage describes the environmental and ecological aspects of agarden space in an urban area.
  15. 15. Roof Shading Device Green RoofExisting Structure TheatrePerforming Arts Theatre Glass Circulation Circulation Slabs Existing Facade Green Spaces Grid
  16. 16. 2 52 2 1 3 2 4 Key 1. Parking 2. Cores 3. Ramp 4. Connection to Existing Structure 5. Green Level 1: Parking
  17. 17. B A 1313 15 13 14 12 11 1 Key 1. Main Lobby 2. Washroom 3. Back of House 4. Leased Retail Space 9 2 5. Concessions 8 6. Lift Lobby 10 7. Back of House Lobby B 8. Loding and Unloading Space 2 3 9. Orchestra Pit 10. Rehearsal Room 7 5 11. Entry Sequence Garden Space A 12. Ramp down to level 1 6 13. Cores 4 14. Paved Street to slow down traffic 15. Pavillion Level 2: Main Lobby and Concession spaces
  18. 18. 1 7 26 Key 7 3 1.Performing Arts Theatre 2. Stage 4 3. Dressing Rooms 5 4. Black Box Theatre 5. Lift Lobby 6. Interstitial space 7. Washrooms Level 3: Performing Arts Theatre and Black Box Theatre
  19. 19. 1 Key 2 3 1. Balcony Seating 2. Washrooms 3.Storage 4. Upper Level seating Black Box4 Level 4: Performing Arts Theatre and Black Box Theatre
  20. 20. 2 1 2 Key 1. Amphitheatre 2. Green Roof2 Level 5: Green Roof and Amphitheatre
  21. 21. Masterplanning:Bird’s eye View
  22. 22. A View of the Theatre fromthe Western Summit HillDriveUrban elevated publicspace on the roof of theexisting structure
  23. 23. Entry sequence: Atransition from theold structure to thenew through thegarden spacesJuxtaposition: Aplay of the oldexisting brick andNew steel structure
  24. 24. A view of the garden spacefrom the balcony lobbyTransition: A connection inbetween the two existingstructure
  25. 25. Juxtaposition: Aplay of the oldexisting brick andNew steel structureThe interstitialspaces is developedas a Entrance plazaconnecting the Gaystreet pedestiantraffic to the the-atre. The facadeis developed withvoids to reveal thegreen inside.
  26. 26. Section through the Performing Arts AuditoriumSection through the Circulation
  27. 27. The Sunshine house is a cleanis a clean geometric volume wedded to its from inside. The by view The Sunshine house geometric volume wedded to its surroundings by view surroundings main structure is comprise to four different blocks. Each block becomes a space that has its own func- tion. As you moveThe main house, there is acomprise to four different blocks. Each block be- from inside. through the structure is transition from public space to semi private and finally private space. According to the guidelines,function. As you move through the house, there is a comes a space that has its own the house is raised on seven feet stilts. The house has been designed keeping in mind the concept of prefabrication. Each block has itsprivate space. According to the transition from public space to semi private and finally own independent structure that can be modified according to the site condition. New Orleans lies in hot and humid climate, thus guidelines the opens upis raised on seven outer courtyard. In order to avoid been designed keeping each block of house house into its own inner and feet stilts. The house has summer overheat- ing of the inner courtyard, a of prefabrication. Each block has itsnot allows the summer sun to in mind the concept shading system has been designed which does own independent structure that penetrate in the courtyard. This shading system has a photovoltaic roof which creates anin hot and humid cli- can be modified according to the site condition. New Orleans lies ancillary source of electrical power for the house. This also increases the southern exposure of house as it is designed on mate, thus the each block of house opens up into its own courtyard. This also increases a very narrow lot of thirty feet by hundred feet. This southern exposure helps in passive heating sys- tem during the winter months. Thehouseblock acts designed on afor heating the public of thirty feet by the southern exposure of center as it is act as a sunspace very narrow lot and private zones. The central block also act helpsexposurecooling as it becomes a heating system during the winter hundred feet. This southern in passive helps in passive breezeway in summers. The structural system is port in place concrete with light wood frame construction at top. The phase change months. The center block acts act as a sunspace for heating the public and private zones. material is incorporated in floors which traps the heat during winter months and later reflects the heat to the interior. The central block also has passive cooling technologies which becomes a breezeway in sum- The central block also act helps in passive cooling as it helps in drawing the air from the outside using stack and cross ventilation. When there is no outsidewith light wood frame construction mers. The structural system is port in place concrete air movement, extractor fans located in the flooring systems helps in pullingis incorporated in floors which traps the heat during at top. The phase change material air from outside. winter months and later reflects the heat to the interior. The central block also has pas- sive cooling technologies which helps in drawing the air from the outside using stack and cross ventilation. When there is no outside air movement, extractor fans located in the flooring systems helps in pulling air from outside. Geometry Circulation Elements7. Front Court8. Inner Courtyard9. Back Courtyard10. Stair Lift
  28. 28. East ElevationWest ElevationSouth ElevationNorth Elevation
  29. 29. Total Cost 10,000USD Total Cost 12,000USD 1 Total Cost 20,000USD Total Cost 35,000USD Total Cost 45,000USD LEED Checklist Sustainable Sites - 19 points Water Efficiency - 8 points Energy and Atmosphere - 22 points Material and Resource - 10 points Indoor Air Quality -12 points Total Cost 85,000USD Location and Linkages - 6 points Education - 2 points Innovation in Design - 1 points Total points - 80 Points (Platinum)Cost 10,000USD Cost 20,000USD Cost 35,000USD Cost 20,000USD Total Cost 95,000USD + 5000USD Landscape Total Cost 100,000USD Sushant Verma
  30. 30. USGBC’s 2010 Natural Talent Design Competition
  31. 31. External shading device of the south facade of Sunshine House varying with season, allowing penetration of the winter sun while keeping the summer sun offLayered Facade System: Sunshine House, New OrleansThis independent study will focus on multilayered facade systems in buildings. The intent of these facades is to deliver exemplary solarthermal performance and natural ventilation. The first stage was to create parameters for designing a multilayred facade system. Since most ofthe climate types are based on three main climates, cold climate, hot arid, hot and humid, we created bundles: a packet of strategies for eachclimate type. These bundles have a hierarchy of strategies: contextual, critical and situational. The contextual strategies are main conceptsto be taken into account for each specific climate type. The critical strategies originate from contextual strategies are further subdivided intobuilding systems, elements and materials. The critical strategies have five core strategies: ventilation aperture, daylight aperture, separate andcombined openings, well placed windows, glass type. The situational strategies are the modifiers for critical strategies, depending upon thebuilding type and user preferences. Finally, I focused on the hot and humid layered facade system of my spring 2010 studio project in NewOrleans, LA.
  32. 32. West facade of the Sunshine House varying with the time of day, weather and season. The wing shape louvers in an aluminium frame can be moved in front of the wall to keep theview open. The wing wall responds to variation in wind directions and also helps in shading the openings Reflect Thermal Moveable Sunlight Mass Insulation Shady Daylight Double Absorbtance Night Daylight Double Thermal Courtyard open Skin less Cooled opening Skin Mass arrangement Mass arrangement Skin Evaporative Skin Stack Skin Thickness Cooling Thickness Ventilation Thickness Tower Thermal Separate Ventilation Night Mass Ventilation Exterior Cross Separate Ventilation External Storage & Aperture Cooled Arrangement Aperture Face Ventilation & Aperture Surface Combined Mass Color Combined M M M S E S E S E A A A Y L Y L Y L T T T Direct S Well E Daylight Glass Daylight S Separate E Daylight Glass Daylight S Well E Daylight Glass E E E Gain T Placed M Aperture Type Room T and M Aperture Type Room T Placed M Aperture Type R R R E Windows E Geometry E Combined E Geometry E Windows E I I I M N M N M N A A A S T S T S T L L L S S S Daylight Solar S Stack Well External S Courtyard Layers External S Room Aperture Ventilation Placed Shading Breezing of Shade Geometry Windows Shade Cr Internal Room Cr Cr itic Shade face itic itic al al al Sun/Wind Wind External External Internal Internal Catcher Layers Shade Surface and and of Inbetween inbetween Shade Shading shade Roof Cavity Contextual Wall Pond Contextual Contextual Air Flow Wind Cold Climate Situational Hot Arid Situational Hot & Humid Climate SituationalBundles: A packet of strategies for each climate type.
  33. 33. Winter Section of the Sunshine HouseSummer Section of the Sunshine House
  34. 34. Daylight West Facade Summer shading West Facade An Early Study Model during the facade study
  35. 35. The Urban Design of the Games Village frames the axis towards the Akshardham Temple from its entry points and the village squares President House Central Vista India Gate Commonwealth Games Village: Masterplan The commonwealth games is a multinational multi-sport event held every four years and involves the athletes from all the Commonwealth Nations. MasterPlanning Design Concept The masterplan is inspired from British Architect Edwin Lutyens New Delhi Capitol Com-Lutyens design of capital complex at New Delhi plex based on hexagonal grid iron planning. This hexagon planning caught the attention of varoius planners and architects in the early nineteenth century promising a panacea for the city planning ills and a replacement for the uniform rectangular street grid. The main driving force behind the Games Village master plan are: Traffic: A hexagonal street network has always three legged intersection which has three potential collision points as compared to four legged junctions interesction which has sixteen potential collision points. A three legged is theoretically superior to a four way junction as 120 degree angle improves sight lines as compared with 90 degree in a fourway junction. Security: Access Control Points (ACP) have been proposed on each entry and exits. Zone Control Points (ZCP) have been proposed at the connection of pedestrian traffic between International Zone and the Residential Zone. These ACP and ZCP will have security com-A rectangular grid iron pattern uses an additional10% more areas in roads thus reduction of land area for mand centers and vehicle check points, baggage screening, etc. .development in comparision to hexagon planning grids. TO GHAZIABAD TO GHAZIABAD PANDAV NAGAR PANDAV NAGAR T footpath PANDAV NAGAR TO NOIDA footpath footpath TO NOIDA footpath footpath footpath footpath footpath footpath footpath footpath footpath GL. 202.70 footpath footpath footpath footpath GL. 202.70 footpath footpath footpath GL. 202.70 footpath RAILWAY CORRIDOR CLOVER-LEAF JUNCTION HAS BEEN METRO STATION HAS PROPOSED AT THIS JUNCTION BEEN PROPOSED S PUBLIC & SEMIPUBLIC AKSHARDHAM TEMPLE AKSHARDHAM TEMPLE S ZONE PUBLIC & SEMIPUBLIC AKSHARDHAM TEMPLE E ZONE E R RAILWAY LINE R A FLYOVER HAS BEEN V V PROPOSED AT NH-24 TO GIVE SIGNAL FREE I RIGHT TURN TO GAMES VILLAGE I C C E E S S RESIDENTIAL ZONE COMMERCIAL ZONE RESIDENTIAL ZONE COMMERCIAL ZONE YAMUNA RIVER TO NEW-DELHI YAMUNA RIVER YAMUNA RIVERNorth: Busy railway corridor Commercial zone:Multiplex, shopping plaza & hotels Commonwealth Games Village and its ContextualSouth: National highway 24 Residential zone: Residential center for athletes development.East: Akshardham temple & noida link road Public zone: International zone, training centerWest: Yamuna river
  36. 36. 14 12 4 10 7 3 11 2 5 6 8 1 12 8KEY 131 Housing2 International Zone3 Training Center4 Security North5 Dining Room6 Commercial Zone Masterplan Games Village7 Akshardham Temple8 Landscape Buffer9 Games Village Square10 Games Villages Services11 Railroad Landscape Buffer12 Entry / Exit to Games Village13 Service Road14 Metro Station
  37. 37. International Zone: Commonwealth Games Village, New delhi, India CHECK OUT TRANSPORT MALLThe International Zone will be the heart of Games Village. This tem-porary structure will house all the necessary facilities for the athletes. MEDIA CENTERThese spaces are:a)Commercial Facilities CHECK IN TRANSPORT MALLb)Merchandize Storesc)Amphitheatre ENTRY PLAZA COMMERCIALd)The Media Center for press interviews & conferences for athletes CENTERkeeping the residential zone free from media traffic.e)The Transport Mall where the athletes buses will check in & out COMMERCIALinside and outside the village. CENTER AMPHITHEATREStructural System:The International Zone will be a temporary prefabricated structureinstallled six months prior to the Games opening ceremony. The struc-tural system is made of polycarbonate panels with steel frame with a ACCESS CONTROL POINTSwhite color pvc coated polyster fabric. This fabric further accentuates ACCESS CONTROL POINTS ARE THE SECURITY CHECK UPS FOR CHECKING ACCREDIATION OF WORKFORCEthe form and reduces heat gain from the roof. ACCESS CONTROL POINTS ACCESS CONTROL POINTS ACCESS CONTROL POINTS ARE THE SECURITY CHECK UPS FOR GIVING ACCREDIATION FROM RESIDENTIAL ZONE TO INTERNATIONAL ZONE ZONE CONTROL POINTS ZONE CONTROL POINTS ARE THE SECURITY CHECK UPS FOR CHECKING ACCREDIATION FROM RESIDENTIAL ZONE TO INTERNATIONAL ZONE 4 5 KEY 1 Front of House 3 2 1 2 Cafe 3 Back of House E E 4 PVC coated Polyster 5 Polycarbonate panels with steel frameInternational Zone: Detail Section
  38. 38. 6 4 5 3 2 1KEY1 Amphitheatre2 Open Green3 Entrance Lobby4 Tranport Mall5 Entrance6 Media Center International Zone
  39. 39. International Zone - Section A-A’International Zone - Section B-B’International Zone - Section C-C’International Zone - Section B-B’
  40. 40. Training Center: Commonwealth Games Village, New delhi, IndiaThe Training Center will house world class sporting faclities for the ath-letes during the commonwealth games 2010. These facilities will include:1. Swimming pool block with racing pool2. Driving pool & warmup pool3. Multi-purpose hall for indoor sporting activities4. Athletics block5. Adminstration spaces6. Media work areas7. Food court.8. Fitness centers. Structural Concept of the Multipurpose hall inspired from Butter-These block will have change rooms & seating spaces for spectators. The fly swimming stroke.central atrium will connnect the adjoining sporting facilities. 2 5 4 3 1 7 6 8 9 10KEY Training Center Multi Purpose Hall Sectional Detail1 Steel Truss2 AHU3 Steel Profile4 Duct5 Gutter6 Administration7 Washroom8 Change Rooms9 Corridor10 Store
  41. 41. Elevation B B A A 5 Elevation C 4 3 1 5 2 B 6 1KEY1 Athletics Track2 Athletics Training3 Swimming Training4 Multi purpose Hall5 Atrium6 Gym Training Center
  42. 42. Training Center - Elevation BTraining Center - Section A-A’Training Center - Elevation CTraining Center - Section B-B’
  43. 43. Circular House and its contextCircular House for a Fashion Designer couple.The Circular House is situated in an isolated site which slopes down to a lake. The site gradient is descending from the lev-el of the approach; a lower ground floor & upper ground floor have been created. The Residential spaces are on the low-er ground floor & upper ground floor level. The office & working area spaces are on the upper ground floor and first floor.The spatial layout of Circular house is planned with service spaces on the north and served spaces on the south. Architectur-al passive strategies have been incorporated in the facade design by the use of Trombe walls around the offices & bedrooms spac-es to collect heat during the day and radiate it in the night. The fixed glazing is used on the northern areas of the residence whichare the public & semi-public zones such as the kitchen & drawing room, etc to avoid heat escape & cold breeze penetration at night.
  44. 44. NorthSite Plan
  45. 45. 7 2 3 1 6 4 8KEY1 Lobby2 Terrace3 Bedroom4 Master Bedroom5 Balcony6 Entrance7 Toilet Level 18 Store
  46. 46. 6 7 4 8 2 5 1 3KEY1 Office2 Lobby3 Entrance Lobby4 Kitchen5 Drawing Room6 Terrace7 Master Bedroom Level 28 Toilet
  47. 47. View of the Circular House from the main street on the east.
  48. 48. View of the Circular House from the North
  49. 49. An early sketch of the Community Hospital AtriumCommunity Hospital, New Delhi, IndiaThe principal design force behind this community hos- Trauma Centerpital design is the segregation and sharing of circulationspaces through emphasis on security. These spaces are:a)Public spaces: atrium, lobby spaces.These double height spaces create a sense of openess forthe visitors and the patients through views of the land- Blood Bankscaped court.b)Semi public spaces: the outer sanctum of each depart-ment. These spaces are the connecting spaces in between Pathology Radiologythe outer large public spaces used by the visitors and theinner private spaces used by the staff. Atriumc)Private spaces: the inner sanctum of each department.These interior spaces are the spine of the communityhospital accessed the hospital staff only Out Patient Department Circulation Diagram: Level 2 Staff Circulation (Private spaces) Visitors Circulation (Public Spaces) Connecting Circulation (Semi Public Spaces)
  50. 50. 27 27 Level 4 - IPD 26 Private Wards 27 General Wards 26 23 22 21 24 Level 3 - IPD, OPD 21 CCU 22 ICU 23 Operation Theatre Block 25 24 Maternity 25 OPD20 18 17 19 16 Level 2 - OPD, Trauma 12 Washroom 15 13 Dispensary 14 Waiting OPD 14 15 Consult / Exam Room 12 16 Waiting Main Atrium 17 Pathology 13 18 Blood Bank 19 Radiology 20 Emergency / Trauma Center 11 10 8 9 8 6 7 Level 1 - Services 1 Medical Gas 2 LT Room 5 3 D. Generator 4 Kitchen 2 4 5 Biomedical Engineering 1 6 Housekeeping 3 7 Laundry 8 Workshop / Store 9 Boiler 10 A/C Plant 11 CSSD
  51. 51. 6 7 2 7 6 3 1 5Site Plan1 OutPatient Department2 Trauma Center3 Atrium4 Emergency Dropoff 45 Unloading and Loading Area6 Entry / Exits7 Ramp down to Parking
  52. 52. P rofessional WorksC ontents1. Brass Outsourcing Hub and Ware House, Moradabad,India2. Library and Academic Block of IFTM, Moradabad, India3. Birla Ins tute of Technology, Hyderabad, India4. Brick House for Dr. Du , Moradabad, India
  53. 53. A perspective view of the Brass Outsourcing HubBrassware Outsourcing Hub & Warehouse, Morabadbad, IndiaThe Brass Outsourcing hub will showcase the metal artwork of local artisians and craftsmen. Brass handicrafts 7has been one of the primary export of the city of Mora-dabad. The first thought while developing this schemewas to create a space for artisians and craftsmen wherethey would interact and share their resources. A space toexhibit their art work to the buyers and the visitors. The hub consist of a main central atrium space, circularexhibition hall and shops. The exhibition hall has beendesigned taking into account the flexibility of space.Parking spaces are provided in the basement. The Out-sourcing hub also consist warehouse spaces to store theart work and the exhibits. The warehouse is also pro-vided with workshop spaces to add finishing touches tothe metal work. 4 2 4 1 5 Level 1 1 Main Entrance 3 2 Atrium 3 Exhibition Hall 4 Shops 5 Lift Lobby 6 6 Ramp 7 Loading and Unloading
  54. 54. 6 7 58 9 4 2 Site Plan 3 1 Main Entry 1 2 Parking 3 Open Landscape 4 Entrance 5 Loading & Unloading 9 6 Warehouse 7 Warehouse Entry 8 Green Cover 9 Service Road
  55. 55. A perspective view of Adminstration block and the Library.Administration & Library block of I.F.T.M Moradabad, IndiaThe Library has been designed keeping in the mind the cost effec-tiveness of the project. A volumetric segregation of spaces is donethrough an expression in the structural system. Reading spacesare planned as double heighted spaces with a more open grid andStacking spaces are designed with closer grid and single heightvolume to accomodate more storage spaces for the book and thejournals. The main entry sequence spaces to the library block isthrough a double heighted volume. The basement is used as com-puter lab and digital library spaces.The Administration block consist of office adminstration spaces 9and principals rooms, etc. 7 16 9 15 7 8 6 6 10 7 Masterplanning 1 5 1 Main Road 2 Management Building 6 3 Boys Hostel 3 4 4 Computer Application 13 5 Multi Purpose Hall 6 Open Green 7 Dormitory 11 8 Mess 2 6 9 Applied Science 10 Mechanical Engineering 11 Staff Quarters 12 Residential Quarter 13 College of Engineering 1 14 Temple 14 12 15 Library 16 Administration
  56. 56. 9 4 3 2 8 8 8 16 5 2 1 8 7 4 Library & Administration 1 Main Entry 2 Double Height Lobby 3 Stacking Spaces 4 Reading Spaces 5 Seating spaces & Cafe 6 Restrooms 7 Double height void 8 Offices 9 Multi Purpose hall
  57. 57. A perspective view of the front facade of Brick HouseBrick House, Moradabad, IndiaBrick house is a clean geometric volume wedded to its sorrounding with exquisite views and vistas. This 1200 sf home sits in a new sprawlingneighborhood of Moradabad. This house is a contemporary home with clean form and exposed brick work.Ground floor spaces contain double height lobby spaces and a single bedroom. The first floor space has two bedroom and one master bedroom.
  58. 58. Level 3: Bedroom and Master BedroomLevel 2: Double height Lobby and BedroomLevel 1(Basement): Office Spaces