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Victor 2

  1. 1. Flat Roof Repair: The Miracle of Infrared LeakDetectionA flat roof repair is tricky. Why? Because by the time a repair is needed it mayalready be saturated with water. It then becomes a band-aid cure that traps thewater so it can fester and rot your entire roof.Many contractors will happily fix the leak spot so no more water will continueleaking under the roof - but the water already trapped under the roof will staythere, for years.Sounds like a real nightmare, yes?Well, it IS a nightmare, and YES this article was purposely written to scare you. Ifyou want to hear a pretty story about how easy it is to fix a leak in a flat roof, thengo to Mother Goose or Disney. If you prefer the real deal, the REAL story, the realSOLUTION then this is the right place for you.No sales pitch. No sugar coating. No lies.Ready?Flat roof repairs REALLY are tricky. Mostly because unlike a sloped roofingToronto, the water or snow has a hard time rolling off and away. This compoundsthe degree of damage if a leak is present because ALL the water sits for longperiods of time. Therefore, by the time the leak is detected, serious water damagehas occurred. Patching the leak to stop the leak only makes it worse.If you have a bottle of water and you want the water to evaporate, the last thingyou would you is put a cap on the bottle. Obviously the water would take foreverto dry out or evaporate.
  2. 2. So whats next?How do we truly DETECT and solve the leak and the damage in the mostefficient, cost effective way so you wont get nailed with a string of flat roofrepairs that will never solve the problem at its core?Infrared Leak DetectionThis technology pin-points water damage and leaks that cant be seen by the nakedeye.This scanner is a miracle of flat roof repair. It scans and detects every area wherewater is present, even through steel and wood and concrete. Before this scannerwas invented, it was required to drill holes in the roof to physically "see" wherethe trapped moisture was hiding (more holes and potential leaks).Now it is very easy to SCAN the water damaged areas - and know EXACTLYwhere the water is trapped and where the water was originally leaking.One problem: Most roofing companies refuse to invest in this ground-breakinginvention. And most roofing companies refuse to pay for this technology becauseit is a tad expensive.You now have a choice: You can hire the REAL deal or hire a flat roof repaircompany that uses guess work instead of proven effective repair technology.