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Karen Pedroza Publication Optimized High


Published on

This is my print portfolio. Enjoy!

This is my print portfolio. Enjoy!

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  • 1. Luck Luck Luck LuckLuck Luck Luck Luck Luck Luck Luck Luck Luck Luck Luck Luck Luck ck Luck Luck Luck Luck Luck L Luck Luck Luck Luck Luck uck uck Luck uck Luck Luck Luck Luck Luck Luck Luck uck Luck Luck Luck Luck Luck Luck Luck Luck Luck ck Luck Luck Luck Luck Luck Luck Luck KAREN PEDROZA Luck Luck Luck Luc GRAPHIC/WEB DESIGNER 2271 torrance boulevard no. 6 torrance ca 90501 Luck Luck p: 210.380.9547 e: Luck w: Luck Luck Luck Luck Luck Luck uck Luck Luck Luck Luck Luck Luck Luck Luck Luck Luck Luck Luck Luck Luck uck Luck Luck Luck Luck Luck Luck Luck Luck
  • 2. ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUB NOPQRSTUBVWXYZabcde* VWXYZ ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUB ABCDEFGHIJKLM vwxyz$@%#!@#$%^&* fghijklmnopqrstu NOPQRSTUBVWXYZabcde FRank SinatRa q 109 fghijklmnopqrstu Luck be a vwxyz$@%#!@#$%^&*** ABCDEFGHIJKLM* ›› acdefqrsvwxz$@#!@#$ LaDy (4:57) M J Finding a penny with head facing up They call you lady luck Horseshoes Horseshoes But there is room for doubt Four-leaf clover At times you have a very un-lady-like way A rabbit’s footclover Four-leaf Of running out Amanita muscaria mushroom Amanita muscaria mushroom (fly agaric) Ladybugs (Ladybirds) Your on this date with me The pickins have been lush E And yet before the evening is over The numerals seven,seven, China), and nine (in Thailand) The numerals eight (in eight (in China), and You might give me the brush. You might forget your manners Knocking on wood DEFGHI You might refuse to stay VWXYZ And so the best that I can do is pray Crossing one’s fingers Luck be a lady tonight Luck be a lady tonight A Buckeye nut A Buckeye nut Luck if youve been a lady to begin with Maneki Neko (in Japan) JKLM Luck be a lady tonight Omamori (in Japan) Luck let a gentleman see Winning the lottery (in Japan) Maneki Neko Just how nice a dame you can be VWXYZ I know the way youve treated other guys youve been with Bamboo Omamori (in Japan) Luck be a lady with me Eating black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day Being born on Christmas Day A lady never leaves her escort Throwing rice at a bride and groom R It isnt fair, it isnt nice A lady doesnt wander all over the room. Lets keep this party polite OPQRSTUB Never get out of my sight Stick with me baby, Im the guy that you came in with Luck be a lady tonight Making an X on your windshield if a black cat walks by by your car walks your car A lady never flirts with strangers Shed have a heart, shed be nice JKLMN A lady doesnt wander all over the room And blow on some other guys dice Lets keep this party polite q Never get out of my sight 108 Stick with me baby, Im the guy that you came in with Luck be a lady tonight DEFGHI Introduction 23 e Americans love to gamble. One reason for this was the enor- In the 1980s many tribes looked More than half of all adults say they Many states started to permit mous growth that Las Vegas expe- to casino gambling as a means of play the lottery, and more than a betting on horse and dog races in rienced in the early 1990s. Tourism generating both jobs and tribal rev- quarter regularly frequent casinos, the 1920s, and Nevada became the jumped by 24 percent in this period, enues. In 1987 the Supreme Court according to a 1999 National Opin- first state to legalize casino-style and by 1996 the city’s population ruled that tribes could operate legal ion Research Center study. Each gambling in 1931. Every state was almost four times what it had forms of gambling on their lands year Americans lose more than $50 had banned lotteries because of been in 1980. This was in part free from state regulation and taxes. billion on legal wagering in casinos scandals in the 1880s involving because the gambling mecca had In response to criticism of the large and bingo halls, on lotteries, and at embezzlement and fraud, but in pursued a massive public relations amounts of untaxed, uncontrolled racetracks. They spend an additional 1964 New Hampshire, which has campaign, downplaying its image income, Congress passed the Indian unknown amount in private settings, no income or sales tax, revived the as “Sin City” and instead marketing Gaming Regulatory Act, which such as poker games, and through lottery as a means of generating itself as a family-friendly vacation returned some power to states. illegal channels, such as bookies. revenue. It was an enormous suc- destination. Casinos such as the The result has been a compromise, “Judging by dollars spent,” writes cess, with the majority of tickets MGM Grand, for example, built with tribes and state governments Timothy L. O’Brien in his book Bad purchased by out-of-state residents. roller coasters and theme parks in negotiating over whether a tribe Bet, “gambling is now more popular “In the next ten years,” writes addition to slot machines and craps may build a casino The result has in America than baseball, the mov- economics professor Richard Mc- tables, and the $900 million Mirage been a compromise, with tribes and ies, and Disneyland—combined.” Gowan, “every northeastern state casino-resort created an all-ages state governments negotiating over approved a lottery.” But, he reports, tropical theme park in the middle whether a tribe may build a casino This enthusiasm for gambling is as “the greatest growth of state lot- of the desert. Another factor in the and what types of games it may old as the nation itself. During the teries occurred between 1980 and city’s growth was the lure of slot offer. Today there are more than 120 Revolutionary War, states sponsored 1990. Twenty-five states approved machines, one of the most popular Indian casinos in 28 states. The most lotteries to help finance their armies. lotteries, offtrack betting, keno, and forms of gambling: In 1983, revenue successful of these has been the Thomas Jefferson advocated state- video poker machines.” from slot machines surpassed that Mashantucket Pequots’ Foxwoods sponsored gambling as a voluntary, of other games, such as blackjack or Resort Casino in Connecticut, which rather than a coercive, tax. Lotteries However, the 1990s may be roulette, for the first time. is the world’s largest casino. became popular again after the Civil remembered as the decade in War, when southern states used which Americans truly embraced Another important development in them to finance Reconstruction gambling. In 1993, for the first the 1990s was the spread of Indian projects. Lotteries were sanctioned time in U.S. history, revenues from casinos. Many American Indian because they raised funds for wor- casino gambling were greater than reservations are on lands that lack thy causes; other forms of gambling those from state lotteries. According natural resources, and poverty and remained illegal and socially unac- to McGowan, “this marked a turning unemployment are exceptionally ceptable until the twentieth century. point: Casino gambling became the e high among Native Americans. preferred form of gambling in the 22 United States. It also marked the acceptance of gambling as a legal source of entertainment.”
  • 3. w 57 In Japan there are certain things one does not do because they are thought to cause bad luck. Cut nails at night: The number four: A few examples are: If you cut your nails at night, you will not be The number four is considered inauspicious with your parents when they die. because it is pronounced the same as the word for death (shi). Therefore, one should Lie down after eating: not make presents that consist of four If you lie down immedeately after eating, pieces, etc. In some hotels and hospitals the you will become a cow. room number four is skipped. Whistle in the night: Stick chopsticks into the rice: If you whistle in the night, a snake will come Do not stick your chopsicks into your food to you. generally, but especially not into rice, because only at funerals, chopsticks are Black cat: stuck into the rice which is put onto the altar. There are also some imported superstitions Give food from chopstick to chopstick: such as the believe that black cats crossing the street in front of you cause bad luck. This is only done with the bones of the In many shrines, temples and souvenir cremated body at funerals. shops, amulets are sold that are supposed Sleeping towards the North: to bring luck, safety or good fortune. There are amulets for money, health, love, success Do not sleep towards the North beacause on exams, safety on the streets, etc. Small bodies are laid down like that. pieces of paper (omikuji) that predict your Funeral Car: future are also available. These pieces of paper are tied around the branch of a tree If a funeral car passes you should hide your after reading; either to make the good thumb. fortune come true or to avoid the predicted bad fortune. w 56 For as long as I can remember, I’ve been playing cards with my family and friends, and winning too. Cards have a special place in my heart and bring back memories of a wonderful childhood. 19 q Since I’ve become a graphic designer and have Luck refers to that which become so involved with symbols and logos, Luck as an essence If “good” and “bad” events occur at random to everyone, believers in good luck will There is also a series of spiritual, or super- I can’t help but love the card suites’ symbols, experience a net gain in their fortunes, and natural beliefs regarding fortune. These happens beyond a Spades, Diamonds, Clubs, Hearts. I always try vice versa for believers in bad luck. This is beliefs vary widely from one to another, clearly likely to be self-reinforcing. Thus, but most agree that luck can be influenced to incorporate these symbols into my work in person’s control. although untrue, a belief in good luck may through spiritual means by performing any way I can, and since one of the words I could actually be an adaptive meme. certain rituals or by avoiding certain circumstances. work on was Luck I found it perfect for associat- This view incorporates phenomena that To a rationalist, a believer in luck commits ing it with cards. Numerology One such activity is prayer, a religious prac- are chance happenings, a person’s place the post hoc logical fallacy which argues that tice in which this belief is particularly strong. Most cultures consider some numbers to of birth for example, but where there is no because something is sequentially con- Many cultures and religions worldwide place be lucky or unlucky. This is found to be uncertainty involved, or where the uncer- nected it is connected otherwise as well: Luck also has a big association with gambling a strong emphasis on a person’s ability to particularly strong in Asian cultures, where tainty is irrelevant. This is the view of luck as influence their fortune by ritualistic means, the obtaining of “lucky” telephone numbers, contingency. Within this framework one can A happens (luck-attracting event or action) and superstition. I decided to take that fact and sometimes involving sacrifice, omens or automobile license plate numbers, and differentiate between three different types and then B happens; spells. Others associate luck with a strong center my book around it. In this book you will household addresses are actively sought, Therefore, A caused B. of luck: sense of superstition, that is, a belief that sometimes at great monetary expense. find a variety of articles, lyrics, lists of symbols certain taboo or blessed actions Constitutional luck, that is, luck Numerology, as it relates to luck, is closer to will influence how fortune favors them for an art than to a science, yet numerologists, and associations related to gambling. Even with factors that cannot be changed. Place the future. astrologists or psychics may disagree. It is of birth and genetic constitution are typical In this particular perspective, probability is though I’ve never gambled in my life, I know it’s interrelated to astrology, and to some degree examples. only affected by confirmed causal connec- Luck can also be a belief in an organization to parapsychology and spirituality and is important to other people and can be fun but also tions. A brick falling on a person walking of fortunate and unfortunate events. Luck is Circumstantial luck, that is, luck based on converting virtually anything mate- below, therefore, is not a function of that very dangerous if it becomes an addiction. a form of superstition which is interpreted rial into a pure number, using that number in with factors that are haphazardly brought person’s luck, but is instead the result of a differently by different individuals. Carl Jung an attempt to detect something meaningful on. Accidents and epidemics are typical collection of understood (or explainable) described synchronicity: about reality, and trying to predict or examples. occurrences. Statistically, every person I think it’s also important for you to understand calculate the future based on lucky numbers. walking near the building was just as likely to the “temporally personal gains.” Ignorant luck, that is, luck with factors Numerology is folkloric by nature and started the process of this book. The folios will always be have the brick fall on them. when humans first learned to count. Through one does not know about. Examples can be different on every page, as you will find the col- human history it was, and still is, practiced identified only in hindsight. The gambler’s fallacy and inverse gambler’s Luck as a placebo by many cultures all over the world from umn count will also be different on every page. Another explanation of luck could be given fallacy both explain some reasoning prob- traditional fortunetelling to on-line psychic Some encourage the belief in luck as a false as when preparation meets destiny. lems in common beliefs in luck. They involve Since luck has a big part to do with gambling reading. idea, but which may produce positive think- denying the unpredictability of random ing, and alter one’s responses for the better. A rationalist approach to luck includes the and randomness also does as well, I decided to events: “I haven’t rolled a six all week, so I’ll Others, like Jean Paul Sartre and Sigmund application of the rules of probability, and definitely roll one tonight”. incorporate a randomness factor into this book Freud, feel a belief in luck has more to do Luck in scripture an avoidance of unscientific beliefs. The with a locus of control for events in one’s life, The bearing that Isaiah 65:11 has on beliefs rationalist feels the belief in luck is a result of through the folios and page columns. Luck is merely an expression noting and the subsequent escape from personal concerning luck is a matter of controversy. poor reasoning or wishful thinking. an extended period of noted outcomes, responsibility. According to this theory, one The lot is cast into the lap, but its every completely consistent with random who ascribes their travails to “bad luck” will decision is from the Lord (Proverbs 16:33 I’ve really come to love this book and I hope you walk probability theory. Wishing one “good be found upon close examination to be living NIV)The lot is cast into the lap, but its luck” will not cause such an extended period, risky lifestyles. On the other hand, people do as well with all of the meaning and associa- every decision is from the Lord (Proverbs but it expresses positive feelings toward the who consider themselves “lucky” in having 16:33 NIV) one -- not necessarily wholly undesirable. tions behind it. I hope you find a lot of useful good health may be actually reaping the benefits of a cheerful outlook and satisfying I have seen something else under the sun: information in here with some fun on the side. social relationships, both of which are well The race is not to the swift or the battle to q known statistically to be protective against the strong, nor does food come to the wise many stress-related diseases. or wealth to the brilliant or favor to the Enjoy! 18 learned; but time and chance happen to them all. (Ecclesiastes 9:11 NIV) eqrw q 11 1Luck - DeFinition oF qrw q10
  • 4. IntRo THIS BOOK WAS ORIGINALLY CREATED AS AN ADvENTuRE book in mind. One that you could flip through and read whichever storyline for whichever particular character you cared for. However, after revaluating my original concept of change through travel, it seemed best to keep this book in the tradition of maps. This book was based off of a map of New York City. This only seemed fitting considering that the story takes place in New York. As you travel though the different chapters, you will notice that the text also changes it’s position depending on where the story takes place. The five different quadrants are: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and Staten Island. Manhatten represents Snow White’s main character storyline, Brooklyn features Bluebeard and Boy Blue, Queens for Prince Charming and Pinnochio , The Bronx, Bigby and The Adversary, and Staten Island for Animal Farm.
  • 5. or the computer. Must have one black and white screenshot from TV, a game, Must have one silhouette. Must have one hand-rendered image. yourself, all must be sans-serif. from magazines, newspapers, or you shoot with a camera Headlines must be taken from movie posters that you find IMAGE GAMES the page. Headlines and quotes, must be hand rendered or 10% of All body text must take up less than 20% of the page. Must be taken from Movie Posters. SECTION 1: unless hand-rendered. Must use only Helvetica Neue, any weight, no other font Must be taken from Games. TYPE Must be taken from CDs. Must use Illustrator to make silhouettes. Must be taken from magazines. Must use a scanner to scan in hand-rendered images. Must be taken from books. Must be 40% of white space Must use pen or pencil to hand render images. sections: Do, Think, and Need. Must be done through google images/content. interchangeably TOOLS The primer for the design process is broken into three separate So only Body Text (x1), or Headline (x1), or Image (x1), Should be portrait RESEARCH/CONCEPTING Cannot use more than 3 elements on a spread. ORIENTATION COMPOSITION sitting at. Must be half of the resolution of the computer you are Must make contact sheets of researched images. Must be 2 times smaller than the first movie poster you see. collage composition. Should be made into a poster. One color from Googled image, black and white. Must be taken from research and compiled into a Must be 2 times bigger than a DVD case. Print should be bound into a plastic case. Black and white only! NO COLOR! Must be hand rendered. FORMAT PRODUCTION METHOD COLOR THUMBNAILS THE FLASH AESTHETIC ON CDS THE wHO. wHAT. wHERE. wHEN. ITEMS FO UND SECTION 2: SO DESIGN SHOULD USE SIMPLE FORMS. PLAY? MESSY DESIGN IS THE SUCk AND CONFUSING, FLASH INSPIRATION SECTION 3: FUN TO SOMETHING TRAVELING FOR LOOkING FORwARD NEXT: BUTTON TUTORIAL SECTION 4: 商品番号 B3395クロ+クロ 当店 常価格 9,800円 OUTLET&SALE! 4,900円 税込) 送料別 もう、これは可愛いでしょ???帆布の生地に、 ドクロの刺繍と2種類のヘビ柄合皮の組み合わせや、ファーや鋲や ックルの組み合わせが、やっぱり可愛いでしょ??? 2WAYボスト から、ヘビ柄合皮の、ショルダーストラップも付いてるよ。ポケットも、 両横にバックル使いのポケットがついていたり、メインのファスナーの ケットの隣に、すごく便利な秘密のポケットが付いていたりって、もち ん、使い勝手もいいんです!!サイズ:高さ 27cm 幅35cmマチ12cm ス 22336クロアカ)アルゴ 商品番号 トラップ70cm〜140cm 素材:帆布 綿100% B3395クロ+クロ 当店 常価格 9,800円 OUTLET&SALE! 4,900円 (税込) 送料別 もう、これは チェック柄とた ンキンワッシャーボーダーワ 愛いでしょ???帆布の生地に、ドクロの刺繍と2種類のヘビ柄合皮の組み合わ ぷりのフリルがキュート せや、ファーや鋲やバックルの組み合わせが、やっぱり可愛いでしょ?? なシャツワンピースです★ スカー ッペン付きVベスト 商品番号336ク ト部分は切り替えしてギャザーを ボストンだから、ヘビ柄合皮の、ショルダーストラップも付いてるよ。ポケット ロアカ価格 5,800円 (税込) 送料別 れているので、ジャケットやカ も、両横にバックル使いのポケットがついていたり、メインのファスナーのポ ーデを合わせたときにもかわい の隣に、すごく便利な秘密のポケットが付いていたりって、もちろん、使い勝手も これは、かわいいですよ。全 いいシルエットに♪♪ - HELL- いんです!!サイズ:高さ 27cm 幅35cmマチ12cm ストラップ70cm〜140 CATPUNKS:ヘルキャット 体でクシュクシュってなっ m 素材:帆布 綿100% 商品番号 B3395クロ+クロ 当店通常価格 9,800円 OUT- 商品 番号 H パンクス NO. HCP-A723 SALE! 4,900円 (税込) 送料別 もう、これは可愛いでしょ???帆布の生地に、 フリルシャツワンピ PRIC シワ加工の薄手のニット クロの刺繍と2種類のヘビ柄合皮の組み合わせや、ファーや鋲やバックルの組み合わ E ¥15,900 QUALITY BO 1820 当店通常価格 3,900円 OUTLET &SALE が、やっぱり可愛いでしょ??? 2WAYボストンだから、ヘビ柄合皮の、ショルダース DY ポリエステル65%, ベスト。全体の雰囲気 トラップも付いてるよ。ポケットも、両横にバックル使いのポケットがついていたり、 レーヨン25%, ウール1 メインのファスナーのポケットの隣に、すごく便利な秘密のポケットが付いていたり 王冠をかぶった大き 0%, フリルチュール部 て、もちろん、使い勝手もいいんです!!サイズ:高さ 27cm 幅35cmマチ12c 分 ポリエステル100% !1,950円 (税込) 送料別 ▼ 下記商品リストからご ドクロのワッペンと COLOR&SIZE MEASUR m ストラップ70cm〜140cm 素材:帆布 綿100% 商品番号 B3395クロ+ ロ 当店通常価格 9,800円 OUTLET&SALE! 4,900円 (税込) 送料別 も E S. 着丈83cm/バス 相性も抜群!!しかもお これは可愛いでしょ???帆布の生地に、ドクロの刺繍と2種類のヘビ柄合 ト 92cm/ウエスト 8 希望の商品をお選びください。カラー 被り心地の の組み合わせや、ファーや鋲やバックルの組み合わせが、やっぱり可愛い 1cm/袖丈59cm/肩 手ごろ価格!!正直言っ Dress しょ??? 2WAYボストンだから、ヘビ柄合皮の、ショルダーストラッ 幅 36cm/袖口幅 9cm 袖口幅 9cm 注文数 プも付いてるよ。ポケットも、両横にバックル使いのポケットが M. 着丈 86cm/バスト ギャザーを入れて るので、ジャケットや ーデを合わせたときにもかわい いシルエットに♪♪ - HELLCAT- PUNKS:ヘルキャットパン チェック柄とたっぷりのフ ¥31994 この画像より、ぜんぜん可 ルがキュートなシャツワンピース いていたり、メインのファスナーのポケットの隣に、 いい、パイル地のミミ付き帽子。大きめワンポイン 98cm/ウ エスト 87 ANGELIC PRETTY す★ スカート部分は切り替えして ギャザーを入れているので、 cm/袖丈 561cm/ です。サイズ:身丈65 バスト90 肩幅 39 cm/ 肩巾32 素材:アクリル70% ウール トの、ドクロの刺繍にもご注目!! サイズ:H19 夏に大活躍間違いなし 30%. これは、かわいいですよ。全 のスエットスカート。暑 cm W26cm 素材:パイル(アクリル48% レー い夏を涼しく演出してくれ でクシュクシュってなった、シ そうだね。 - HELLCATPUNK S:ヘルキャットパンクス NO. の薄手のニットのベスト。全体の雰 HCP-A117スエットスカートPRI CE ¥9,240 QUALITY COTTON 1 囲気と、王冠をかぶった大きめド 00% COLOR&SIZE MEASURE S. 総 丈 34cm/ウエスト 60-78cm M. 総 ロのワッペンとの相性も抜群!! 丈 37cm/ウエスト 74-92cm 注文数 夏に大活躍間違いなしのスエットスカー かも、お手ごろ価格!!正直言っ ト。暑い夏を涼しく演出してくれそうだね。 Handbag, SALE: ¥4950 Headphones, ¥1890 この画像より、ぜんぜん可愛いで ALOGONQUINS SWIMMER Hat, SALE: ¥1950 ALOGONQUINS Tie, ¥2300 Dress, ¥8700 Shirt, ¥3600 HELLCAT PUNKS Skirt, ¥5600 HELLCAT PUNKS SECTION 5: RIFF: Now I know Tony like I know me and I guarentee DICk HALLORANN: I can remember when I was a little boy. My 50’s 60’s 80’s SCOTTIE: What’s this doohickey? DICk HALLORANN: Try to think of what it was. you can count him in grandmother and I could hold conversations MIDGE: It’s a brassiere! You know about those things, DANNY TORRANCE: Mr. Hallorann, are you scared of this place? ACTION: In, out, let’s get crackin’ entirely without ever opening our mouths. you’re a big boy now. DICk HALLORANN: No. Scared - there’s nothin’ here. It’s just GEE-TAR: Where you gonna find Bernardo? She called it “shining.” And for a long time, I screen. For his next and 1991’s Cape Fear, Bass created a sequence of SCOTTIE: I’ve never run across one like that. that, RIFF: He’ll be at the dance tonight at the gym thought it was just the two of us that had the furrier and his wife, he was a creative child who SAUL BASS (1920-1996) was not only one of Hitchcock commission, 1959’s North by Northwest, blossoming rose petals for Scorcese’s 1993’s The Age of MIDGE: It’s brand new. Revolutionary up-lift: No shoulder you know, some places are like people. A-RAB: But the gym’s neutral territory shine to us. Just like you probably thought drew constantly. Bass studied at the Art Students the great graphic designers of the mid-20th the credits swoop up and down a grid of vertical and Innocence and a hauntingly macabre one of Robert De straps, no back straps, but it does everything Some RIFF: A-rab, I’m gonna make nice with him! I’m only you was the only one. But there are other League in New York and Brooklyn College under century but the undisputed master of film title diagonal lines like passengers stepping off elevators. It Niro falling through the sinister neons of the Las Vegas a brassiere should do. Works on the principle of “shine” and some don’t. I guess you could say gonna challenge him! folks, though mostly they don’t know it, or Gyorgy Kepes, an Hungarian graphic designer who design thanks to his collaborations with Alfred the cantilevered bridge. the Overlook Hotel here has somethin’ ICE: Great daddy-o. modern style. Martin Scorsese once don’t believe it. How long have you been able is only a few minutes after the movie has begun — with Strip for had worked with László Moholy-Nagy in 1930s Hitchcock, Otto Preminger and Martin Scorsese. SCOTTIE: It does? almost described his approach as creating: “an emblematic to do it?... Cary Grant stepping out of an elevator — that we realise the director’s 1995’s Casino to symbolise his character’s Berlin and fled with him to the US. Kepes introduced MIDGE: An aircraft engineer down the peninsula like “shining.” image, instantly recognisable and immediately tied Why don’t you want to talk about it? the grid is actually the façade of a skyscraper. descent into hell. Bass to Moholy’s Bauhaus style and to Russian When the reels of film for Otto Preminger’s designed DANNY TORRANCE: Is there something bad here? to the film”. DANNY TORRANCE: I’m not supposed to. it; he worked it out in his spare time. DICk HALLORANN: Well, you know, Doc, when something Constructivism. DICk HALLORANN: Who said you ain’t supposed to? controversial new drugs movie, The Man with Equally haunting are the vertical bars sweeping across Saul Bass died the next year. His New York Times SCOTTIE: Kind of a hobby, a do-it-yourself kind of thing! happens, you can leave a trace of itself DANNY TORRANCE: Tony. the Golden Arm, arrived at US movie theatres the screen in a manic, mirrored helter-skelter motif at the obituary hailed him as “the minimalist auteur who put a behind. Say like, if someone burns toast. DICk HALLORANN: Who’s Tony? After apprenticeships with Manhattan design firms, in 1955, a note was stuck on the cans — beginning of Hitchcock’s 1960 Psycho. This staccato jagged arm in motion in 1955 and created an entire film Well, DANNY TORRANCE: Tony is a little boy that lives in my mouth. Bass worked as a freelance graphic designer or “Projectionists — pull curtain before titles”. sequence is an inspired symbol of Norman Bates’ genre…and elevated it into an art.” maybe things that happen leave other kinds DICk HALLORANN: Is Tony the one that tells you things? “commercial artist” as they were called. Chafing fractured psyche. Hitchcock also allowed Bass to work of traces behind. Not things that anyone can DANNY TORRANCE: Yes. at the creative constraints imposed on him in New Until then, the lists of cast and crew members on the film itself, notably on its dramatic highpoint, the notice, but things that people who “shine” DICk HALLORANN: How does he tell you things? WELCOME TO THE 21ST York, he moved to Los Angeles in 1946. After which passed for movie titles were so dull that famous shower scene with Janet Leigh. can DANNY TORRANCE: It’s like I go to sleep, and he shows me freelancing, he opened his own studio in 1950 projectionists only pulled back the curtains to reveal see. Just like they can see things that haven’t things. But when I wake up, working mostly in advertising until Preminger invited the screen once they’d finished. But Preminger happened yet. Well, sometimes they can I can’t remember everything. Assisted by his second wife, Elaine, Bass created brilliant him to design the poster for his 1954 movie, Carmen wanted his audience to see The Man with the see things that happened a long time ago. I DICk HALLORANN: Does your Mom and Dad know about Tony? titles for other directors — from the animated alley Jones. Impressed by the result, Preminger asked Golden Arm’s titles as an integral part of the film. think a lot of things happened right here in DANNY TORRANCE: Yes. cat in 1961’s Walk on the Wild Side, to the adrenalin- this CENTURY. YOUR FIRST Bass to create the film’s title sequence too. DICk HALLORANN: Do they know he tells you things? laced motor racing sequence in 1966’s Grand Prix. He particular hotel over the years. And not all of DANNY TORRANCE: No. Tony told me never to tell ‘em. The movie’s theme was the struggle of its hero then directed a series of shorts culminating in 1968’s ‘em was good. DICk HALLORANN: Has Tony ever told you anything about this Over-shadowed by Bass’ later work, Carmen Jones — a jazz musician played by Frank Sinatra — to Oscar-winning Why Man Creates and finally realised his DANNY TORRANCE: What about Room 237? place? About the Overlook Hotel? elicited commissions for titles for two 1955 movies: overcome his heroin addiction. Designed by the ambition to direct a feature with 1974’s Phase IV. DICk HALLORANN: Room 237? DANNY TORRANCE: I don’t know. Robert Aldrich’s The Big Knife, and Billy Wilder’s The graphic designer Saul Bass the titles featured an DANNY TORRANCE: You’re scared of Room 237, ain’t ya? DICk HALLORANN: Now think real hard now. Think. Seven Year Itch. It was his next Preminger project, animated black paper-cut-out of a heroin addict’s VISUAL MOVEMENT When Phase IV flopped, Bass returned to commercial DICk HALLORANN: No I ain’t. DANNY TORRANCE: Maybe he showed me something. The Man with the Golden Arm, that established Bass arm. Knowing that the arm was a powerful image of graphic design. His corporate work included devising DANNY TORRANCE: Mr. Hallorann. What is in Room 237? as the doyen of film title design. addiction, Bass had chosen it – rather than Frank DICk HALLORANN: Nothin’. There ain’t nothin’ in Room 237. But highly successful corporate identities for United Sinatra’s famous face - as the symbol of both the you ain’t got no business goin’ in there Airlines, AT&T, Bell Telephone System and Warner Over the next decade he honed his skill by creating movie’s titles and its promotional poster. anyway. So stay out. You understand? Communications. He also designed the poster for the an animated mini-movie for Mike Todd’s 1956 STAY OUT. HAS ARRIVED. 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games. Around The World In 80 Days and a tearful eye That cut-out arm caused a sensation and Saul Bass for Preminger’s 1958 Bonjour Tristesse. Blessed reinvented the movie title as an art form. By the end with the gift of identifying the one image which of his life, he had created over 50 title sequences for To younger film directors, Saul Bass was a cinema symbolised the movie, Bass then recreated it in Preminger, Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, John legend with whom they longed to work. In 1987, he a strikingly modern style. Martin Scorsese once Frankenheimer and Martin Scorsese. Although he was persuaded to create the titles for James Brooks’ described his approach as creating: “an emblematic later claimed that he found the Man with the Golden Broadcast News and then for Penny Marshall’s 1988 image, instantly recognisable and immediately tied Arm sequence “a little disappointing now, because it Big. In 1990, Bass found a new long term collaborator in to the film”. was so imitated”. Martin Scorsese who had grown up with – and idolised - his 1950s and 1960s titles. After 1990’s Goodfellas In 1958’s Vertigo, his first title sequence for Alfred Even before he made his cinematic debut, Bass Hitchcock, Bass shot an extreme close-up of a was a celebrated graphic designer. Born in the woman’s face and then her eye before spinning it Bronx district of New York in 1920 to an emigré
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