Discover how i quit smoking


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Check out the tips and advice to kick the habit for good. Think about the money you will be saving and how much healthier you will become. If your goal this year is to finally quit smoking you need to visit

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Discover how i quit smoking

  1. 1. ==== ====Discover why quitting smoking is the best thing you can do. quit now. ====Improved health and wellbeing arent the only benefits of quitting cigarettes. The cost of youraddiction to nicotine (because thats exactly what it is) directly impacts your finances and themoney you have to contribute to your household expenses.Cigarettes are quite an expensive habit, and the cost increases if you smoke more than a pack aday. In the beginning many smokers start small, however as the addiction grows stronger theystart to increase their consumption in order to cope with the ever-increasing feelings of withdrawal.If you multiply the cost of the number of packs you smoke a day by 365, youll come up with adollar figure for what your addiction is costing you a year. If you multiply this by 10 youll get anidea of how much you will spend over the next decade if you dont quit.Astonishingly, if you quit smoking today and put that same amount of money into a 404 (k) thatearns 9% interest then youd have a hefty nest egg within the next 30 years.Smoking also has other detrimental effects on your finances. As a result of your habit youll beplagued with higher health insurance costs, because smoking puts you into a high risk category.But heres an even better reason to consider quitting. Have you ever stopped to consider that eachpack you purchase contributes to the already sizeable bank balance of a very large corporationthat has profited very nicely from your addiction?If you havent, I urge you to seriously think about where your money is going, and to whom, andask yourself, "Do I seriously want to continue allowing my addiction to make these businessesricher?"Also consider this bit of information: According to current estimates 500 million people alive on theplanet today will probably die of a tobacco-related disease!Do you want to be one of them?T.D. McKenzieT.D. McKenzie is the creator of Quit Smoking in 3 Minutes: Discover How You Can Use A SimpleWord To "Zap" Nicotine Cravings And Make Them Vanish Within Seconds, Starting Today![]
  2. 2. Article Source: ====Discover why quitting smoking is the best thing you can do. quit now. ====