Reputation management final project


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Reputation management final project

  1. 1. Job description of a reputation managerAntonella ChahwanMBA2A
  2. 2. Job titleReputation ManagementSummary descriptionThe reputation manager has the responsibility tosupervise a team of online search engine managementconsultants who control search results in order tooverwhelm negative insulting content. The aim is to beensure that only positive one appear about a person,brand or company name on the first pages of searchengine result.Tasks and responsibilitiesDefine the group brand and sensibly start introducing it.Manage, measure and monitor the reputation of thehotel.Meet the clients to determine the extent of reputationdamage from negative content.
  3. 3. Oversee the contents appearing in the first pages of a search engineresult.Responsible for implementing online reputation management.Offer the options to the client to assist in their decision.Watch over the functions of the team of professionals to ensure theyprovide the best service to clients.Develop the strategies and standards in implementing search enginemanipulation properly.Ensure that the work is in accordance with company rules andstandards.Minor functions•Be involved in the financial communication matters of the hotel.Supervisor•Communication & PR department
  4. 4. QualificationsThe basic degree required for the job is a Master’sdegree in management and administration.Skills Necessary Experience in the development of a distinctive brandidentity or demonstrated success in defining andmanaging brand(s) in a large, complex organization orcontext; if no or limited experience, enthusiasm tolearn.A minimum of 5 years communications experience.Have excellent command of search engineoptimization as applied in search result handling.Skills of communication and negotiation are alsorequired and very important.Have excellent interpersonal skills to deal withwebsite owners and clients.Have excellent organizational and problem solvingskills.Flexibility: the ability and availability to perform therequired tasks and willingness to learn on an ongoingbasis. Ability to work under pressure and to setprioritiesMultitasking abilities to do the multi tasking job.Experience DesiredIt would be preferable to have a person with 7-10years of past working experience in marketing, publicrelations or risk management.Working Hours9:00 to 6:00 pm
  5. 5. 1/ How do these skills differ fromregular management skills?The basic skills common for bothmanagement and reputation managementinclude problem solving and decisionmaking, planning, meeting management,delegation, and communication.However the reputation management skillsdiffer from usual management skills sincethey are mostly based on effectivecommunication strategy.The reputation management is mostlyoriented to customer and not marketingissue. He has to be customer oriented for acertain success of the hotel/company theperson is working for. The key is having astrong reputation in research,understanding of the social medias and howdo they effectively work , being innovative.
  6. 6. 2/ In your vision, how should ReputationManagement relate to Social Media Marketingmanagement?Reputation Management has two main goals:significantly present the positive through searchengine optimization and social networking andaddress and learn from the negative. Maintaining thereputation ensures you make a positive impression;on search rankings and people’s minds.Reputation management, as a concept, is to makesure that the public’s interpretation of the businesswe are working for remains positive. Social mediareputation management is like a digital PR. This socialmedia presence means they can be searching forreviews or feedback given directly by their customersand respond accordingly (Facebook, Twitter…). Asocial media presence always provides opportunitiesfor organizations to interact with their clients; this willhelp build trust within the client-base and in-turn,build brand strength. That’s how social media andreputation management are quite related to eachother.
  7. 7. 3/ How will the hotel measure the success ofimplementing a Reputation Management role?The impact of reputation management will mainly play akey role in revenue management.This direct connection between reputation and revenue isan indication of how social media analytics is growing.For hotel organizations, it is really important to identifythat the relationship between social media and reputationmanagement is a serious strategic initiative and that theywill need to implement a consistent workout plan, decideto do respond to the social web, influencing the social webto improve guest satisfaction and then surely driverevenue.By making sure of managing well the social Medias andresponding properly to the guests the reputation of a hotelwill be positively affected, the hotel will see his place onthe first pages of the search engines and this will makethe revenue grow since the hotel will get to be knownmuch faster with its good positionning.
  8. 8. Case Study Example: Chateau BourbonAchieves Number-One Ranking “Social media and online reviews will continue to increase in importance and will have a direct impact on your revenue and profitability. With the proliferation of channels where consumers are leaving reviews, the complexity of monitoring and managing reviews increases “In Business, reputation is everything” significantly,”