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Think tank

  1. 1. THINK TANK ASSIGNEMENT<br />Reputation Management – Klout by ReviewPro<br />
  2. 2. What’sE-Reputation Management?<br />It consists in managing the reputation of a brand or a company on Internet.<br />It is a very large processwhich has to benormallyassociated to a qualityprocess and to the quality of the customerrelationship.<br />Some of these types of reputation management couldbeused: building, maintenance and recovery.<br />90% of customerspay attention to friendsadvice and comments on the Web.<br />85% of customers are looking for commentsbeforepurchasing.<br />
  3. 3. What’sKlout and ReviewPro?<br />Kloutis a toolthatmeasures social influence across the Web.<br />The higher the Klout score, the higher the social influence.<br />« ReviewProoffers a web-based, analyticaltoolthatallowshotels to efficientlyaggregate, organizedand manage their online reputation and presence in leading social media sites. »<br />
  4. 4. Whatwillbe the impact on customer service expectations of the capabilitiespresented?<br />It will help us to betterunderstand the customer and hisneeds and provide to him a better service<br />It willalso permit to a hotel to identifyproblems and provide a rapid solution thanks to ReviewPro for instance<br />At the end, wewillbe able to respond and to anticipate a customer expectation.<br />
  5. 5. What type of hospitalitywillbenefit and how?<br />Here, wecould talk about the quality, the customer service. Actually, hospitalityis all about that.<br />Not especiallyluxuryhospitality as hotelslike Ibis or Campanile are more sollicited by comments. At the George V for instance, guestwilleasily comment directlyinstead on the Web.<br />E-reputationisbased on comments, feedbacks, and mentions etc. Each comment whichisbad or good contributes to the e-reputation.<br />The problemnowisthat the Web isso large thanitis impossible to beeverywherewithoutusing a dashboard.<br />E-reputationwill impact hotel sales.<br />
  6. 6. What types of services or benefitscurrentlyoutside of a propertycanbeintegratedintopresentedcapabilities?<br />In a hotel, we have a concierge whois able to givesomeadviceregardingoutside services. Hereitispretty the same, wecouldintegratesomereviewsregardingmuseums, restaurant, exhibitions…<br />Customerswill have the possibility to post comments and givetheir impression on ourselection.<br />
  7. 7. How can a hotel use the capabilities to create digital differentiation and thus a competitiveadvantage?<br />To personalize the internet user navigation.<br />For example, if a customerconnectshimwith Facebook, or wecould use his navigation affinities. If the customeris a girl and sheused to navigate on e-shops, wecoulddirectlygivehersomeadvice on shops close to the hotel.<br />The competitionadvantagewillbe on the personalization.<br />
  8. 8. Whatimpressed me the most about the particulartopicthat I selected…<br />As far as I amconcerned, I wouldsaythatitis the volume data whichisabsolutelyincredible !<br />Evenwith a dashboard, itissodifficult to manage itse-reputation.<br />The thingisthateven if we are not looking for anycomments, and wejust put the name of the hotel on Google, weimmediatelyaccess to reviews, on Tripadvisor for example.<br />