Research aarkstore enterprise clinical laboratory testing volume 1 ivd reagents and instruments markets


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Research aarkstore enterprise clinical laboratory testing volume 1 ivd reagents and instruments markets

  1. 1. ResearchAarkstore Enterprise Clinical Laboratory Testing Volume 1: IVD Reagents and Instruments Markets laboratory analysis for in vitro diagnostic (IVD) testing is one of the most importantsectors of medical care. By all accounts, it is very mature, large market employing over 100,000laboratory workers, and spawning an industry for reagents and instruments comprised ofthousands of companies worldwide. The term clinical laboratory analysis usually refers todetermining the concentration or activity of a protein, carbohydrate, lipid, electrolyte, enzymeor small molecule in easily collected body fluids such as blood, serum, plasma or urine. However,it is not necessarily limited to these determinations. The purpose of this TriMark Publicationsreport is to describe the specific segments of the global clinical laboratory instrumentation andreagent market. Within this area, the report covers those segments that are highly active interms of innovation and growth. Specifically, this global clinical laboratory markets reportexamines the markets for small lab equipment all the way up to highly-automated, large labplatforms, as well as accessory equipment such as reagents, supplies and manufacturers’original equipment manufacturer (OEM) additional equipment. The emphasis in this analysis ison those companies and products that are actively developing and marketing laboratoryanalyzer products for the clinical setting, including hospitals, independent labs, physician’soffices and miscellaneous clinics. This study concentrates on the clinical laboratoryinstrumentation industry market segment and the companion reagents sector in the U.S. andaround the world. The regional markets and their differences are examined, including Europe,Asia (Japan, China and India) and the rest of the world (ROW). Particular attention is paid tothose areas of the clinical laboratory instrumentation and reagents sector that are showing thegreatest growth or the most innovation.Table of Contents :1. Overview 81.1 Objectives of the Report 81.2 Methodology 91.3 Scope of the Report 10
  2. 2. 1.4 Executive Summary 112. IVD Industry 192.1 Industry Overview 192.2 IVD Industry Leading Players Comparison and Review 192.2.1 Roche Diagnostics 202.2.2 Abbott Laboratories 222.2.3 Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics 252.2.4 Becton, Dickinson & Co. 262.2.5 Beckman Coulter, Inc. 262.2.6 Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics 312.2.7 bioMérieux 322.2.8 Sysmex 322.2.9 Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. 322.2.10 ARKRAY, Inc. 332.2.11 Cytyc Corporation (A Hologic Company) 332.2.12 Gen-Probe, Inc. 332.3 Biotechnology Reagents and Supplies 342.3.1 Vendor Quality Assurance 362.3.2 Partnership Support 362.3.3 Protecting Supply of Raw Materials 372.3.4 Selecting a Second Source for Chemicals 382.3.5 Cost Analysis for Reagent Manufacture 392.3.6 Outsourcing Production of Reagents 392.4 The Fastest Growing IVD Reagent Markets 392.5 High Growth Applications Spur Industry Growth 40
  3. 3. 2.6 Automated Instrument Platforms Evolution 412.7 Reagents and Supplies Market for Clinical Lab Instruments 412.8 Spending for Clinical Laboratory Testing 412.8.1 Reimbursement Pressure 422.8.2 Medicare Part B Spending Trends 432.8.3 Strategies for Revenue Growth 452.8.4 Electronic Health Records 45For more information please visit link: EnterprisePhone:08149852585Email:enquiry@aarkstore.comURL:www.aarkstore.com Breast Cancer Therapies Markets HIV-AIDS Testing Markets Over-the-Counter Diagnostic Products World Markets DNA Sequencing and PCR Markets Medical Imaging Markets Clinical Laboratory Testing Volume 2: Key Players for Laboratory Testing, BusinessTrends and Strategies Clinical Laboratory Testing Volume 1: IVD Reagents and Instruments Markets
  4. 4. Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Cardiovascular DiseaseCatheter MarketsBlood Glucose Testing and Diabetes ManagementGlobal Flow Cytometry MarketU.S. Glucose Testing MarketsHigh-Growth Diagnostic Testing MarketsEuropean Point of Care Diagnostic Testing MarketsDisposable Syringe MarketsPoint of Care Diagnostic Testing World MarketsDisposable Medical Supplies MarketsMolecular Diagnostics in Infectious Disease TestingCompanion Diagnostics in Personalized Medicine and Cancer TherapyWorld Glucose Self-Testing MarketsVeterinary Health MarketsPoint of Care Diagnostic Testing Sector TrendsCardiac Marker Diagnostic Testing MarketsMass Spectroscopy for Clinical Laboratory AnalysisCardiac Rhythm Management Devices World MarketsPicture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS)Biomarker Technology Platforms for Cancer Diagnoses and TherapiesCancer Diagnostic Testing World MarketsPositron Emission Tomography (PET) MarketsMolecular Diagnostics MarketsMolecular Diagnostics in Cancer TestingDrugs of Abuse Testing MarketsUltrasound MarketsNuclear Cardiology MarketsMedical Imaging BundleCancer Vaccines MarketsEuropean Medical Imaging MarketsRespiratory Therapeutics and Devices MarketsDiagnostics BundleMammography World Markets
  5. 5. Indias In Vitro Diagnostic Testing IndustryOrthopedics MarketsCell-Based Assays for Drug DiscoveryCytology and HPV Testing World MarketsClinical Chemistry AnalyzersClinical Immunoanalyzer MarketsMicroscopy MarketsAutomated Microbial Testing MarketsAnti-Infective Drugs MarketsPlastic Surgery Markets