The new YPY chairman


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Recently Young Professionals Yokogawa got a new chairman. In this article both Bas Kortweg and the new chairman, Bart-Jan Homan, talk about YPY.

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The new YPY chairman

  1. 1. FEBRUARy 2014 CONNECT The new YPY chairman New office of chairman within Young Professionals Yokogawa Bas Korteweg recently stood down as chairman of the infamous Young Professionals after five years. A successor has been found in the person of Bart Jan Homan. Connect posed a few questions to Bas and his successor. Bas, why are you standing down? future. It was an honour to be part of this great employee, who meets the criteria, Bas: When I took on the initiative 5 years ago platform and I would like to thank all YPY become a member of YPY? for YPY, I wanted to create a platform for all members for their contribution and enthusiasm! Bart Jan: I think that it can really contribute to young professionals here in Amersfoort with your development and that you can then look the objective: to share and learn [based] on About Bart Jan beyond your own position. We are all at the the pillars “career, network and fun”. During Bart Jan Homan is 30 years old and lives same point within our career, and that provides these 5 years I have achieved these objectives together with his girlfriend in Zwolle. He has a sense of belonging. Beyond that, it is and YPY has developed into an established been working for Yokogawa for nearly 4 interesting, fun and extremely instructive institute within our organisation. Now, after 5 years in the PCI Sales department. In 2010 to know what is happening within other years, the right time has come for me to make he started as Inside Sales Engineer, but since disciplines in the company. You can look way for new insights and energy that others 1 April 2013, working as Account Manager, beyond your own ‘Yokogawa horizon’, and might bring to YPY. he has been responsible for the PCI Sales in who wouldn’t want to do that?! Central and North Holland. In addition, Bart And what do you think about your Jan has thus been the chairman of the YPY Is there anything you would like successor Bas? since the end of 2013. He forms the executive to say…? Bas: Bart-Jan is an enthusiastic and motivated management together with Joost van Rekum. Bart Jan: I am really looking forward to it! person, who has a real feel for the issues that In addition, we could use some more hands resonate within young professionals and for Bart Jan, what is your vision for YPY? and ‘brains’ within the management. Are you the huge involvement in the organisation. His Bart Jan: You can learn an awful lot from one interested? Then let us know by emailing: vision and drive make B-J an extremely suitable another as Young Professionals. I think that person to lead YPY in the years to come. it is important, as YPY, to contribute to the development of its members both on a personal and corporate level. We can achieve this by Any last words? Bas: Sharing and learning to establish the personal growth as well as a sustainable network within the “Old age is like everything else. To make a success organising various specialist, community and of it, you’ve got social activities. By doing so, within a group of o start young.” young talented people, important knowledge - Theodore is shared, a network is built and an (extra) Roosevelt - bond with Yokogawa is formed. The beautiful thing is that the members of the YPY come from different disciplines within the company. Often you can learn the most from people with a different/fresh outlook on the business. organisation creates Do you have any specific plans yet for added value amongst YPY? all of us. The YPY Bart Jan: Thankfully I am not alone as platform provides chairman, but am working together with my a sustainable base ‘partner in crime’ Joost van Rekum (CS Service for you and the Coordination | IA Services). We currently have organisation to support a number of plans that we are working on. your personal and They are, however, not so concrete that I can organisational goals give you a ‘scoop’ on them just yet. now and in the Why should any Yokogawa 9