Top 5 reasons Jesus(as) is not the begotten son of god. 1


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    The title must be as your other ppt: TOP 5 REASONS WHY JESUS IS NOT THE BEGOTTEN SON OF GOD!
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Top 5 reasons Jesus(as) is not the begotten son of god. 1

  1. 1. Top 5 reasons Jesus is not the Begotten son of GodDisclaimer: The following material is may be sensitive to some readers. The intention of this paper isto educate my brothers and sisters and not to insult anyone or any religion. There are many ways to worship God, but as logic tells us, God has chosen a particular way forus to worship him. He has chosen the best people of all time and has given them Prophet Hood. God haschosen these Prophets to declare Gods message to humanity and the way we have to submit to him. Allthe Prophets of God have described God as Uniquely One, external absolute, and has no beginning orend. They have described God as one with no partners as well as the creator of everything in theUniverse. These Unique attributes of God are the exact reason why he’s the only one worthy of worship.Therefore people in general have to make the effort to try to understand and study these Prophets sothat we understand how to worship God. One does not draw closer to a person or God by exceeding the reality. What do we mean bythat? Jesus Christ called himself the son of Man; others called himself the son God. If he is identifyinghimself as the son of man, you’re not going to draw closer to the prophet by making him more thanwhat he is. The following is the Top 5 reasons why Jesus is not the begotten son of God. 5. Do you believe Jesus was Begotten and not made? If you ask most Christians if you believe in this doctrine to begin with , do you believe that Jesuswas begotten and not made? Most will say yes its part of my religion, yes. Yes it’s part of your religionbut do you believe it? Most will then start to back pedal. If you look up the word begotten in MerriamWebster’s dictionary, Its says begotten means to procreate as the father, it implies the cardinal elementof sex. Are you saying that you actually believe that God had sex with Marry to have Jesus? Is that whatyou’re saying begotten and not made? 99% of people will say of course not. They would realize theblasphemy of that claim. So then they would begin to change their position. If this is what begotten
  2. 2. Top 5 reasons Jesus is not the Begotten son of Godmeans, and you don’t believe that to mean the procreation of the father like the definition says it is,then why do you believe in it? After then most people would soften their stance.4. It is an evolved doctrine. Derived in Council of Nicaea in 325, It was later placed in the Nicene creed. Glanadious , thepatriarch of Constantinople when he heard the Council of Nicaea’s decision of the matter said “ Theseare the words of a drunken man”. The Nicene Creed states “God from God, light from light, true Godfrom true God, Begotten, and not made. This doesn’t mean that anyone who believes in this is adrunken man; however when one truly analyzes the statement for somebody who sits down and thinksabout these words with an open heart and open mind, the vast majority of mankind would say theywouldn’t accept this.3. Psalms 2:7 Psalms 2:7 says “The Lord has said to me, you are my son, today I have begotten you. Are wetalking about Jesus Christ? No. We’re talking about David. The doctrine of Jesus being begotten notmade, is not just Jesus Christ was begotten not made, but he was the only Begotten son of God. . Howcan you have Jesus Christ be the only begotten son of God when we have David many generationsbefore being told he was the only begotten son of God? Actually the bible has sons by the tons. Manypassages speak of the sons of Gods, and the children of God. Sons of God were known as metaphoricalissues and not a literal one. In fact the all the Jews saw themselves as the children of God. Sons anddaughters of God. That was the status they conceived for themselves. This was a metaphorical issue andnot a literal one. But hold on. What about Jesus? With Jesus it’s a capital S. Problem with this argumentis there is nothing to support it. The manuscript the bible is translated from is the Hebrew, Aramaic, andGreek manuscripts and there was no capitalization of any these manuscripts. Whenever you read thebible and see any letter capitalized, even the beginning of sentences, these letters were not capitalized
  3. 3. Top 5 reasons Jesus is not the Begotten son of Godin the manuscripts which the bible was translated. The bible is translated from a body of manuscripts.Right now we have over 5400 manuscripts. None of them have capital letters. The capitalization issomething people have put in. Sometimes as a device to emphasize to what they wanted to emphasize,but that’s not being sincere towards the scripture. A lot people get turned off by religion because theysee people play with religion. This is one of those cases. As people are adding or removing things to thebible.2. The word Mono-genes translated as only begotten son. This word Mono-genes is found 9 times in the bible. 3 times in Luke: 7:12, 8:42 and 9:38. In all3 of these passages it’s not talking about Jesus Christ but other individuals, and it’s not translated as theonly begotten son. This is the same word, but when found in John it’s translated as the only begottenson. But when this same word is used in Luke it’s not translated as only begotten. This is anotherexample of people playing with scripture adding and taking away what they want which in the end turnspeople away from religion. There is an inconsistency with translation. You have to ask yourself why. Theword is found 9 times in the bible. Again, 3 times mentioned in Luke which is not translated to onlybegotten and is referenced by people other Jesus. 5 times in John, 4 times in the gospel of John, 1 timein John 1.. In those 5 instances, it refers to Jesus as the only begotten. The 9th time is in Hebrews 11:17.This is important because is talking about Isaac. Isaac is Mono-genes. Now why is that important? It’simportant because Ismael was born 14 years before Isaac. How can Isaac be the only begotten son ifIsmael was 14 years old when Isaac was born? Well Ismael wasn’t really considered his son, because itwas with Hagar and not Sarah. This argument is invalid, because at the time polygamy was allowed, andHagar was taken as a wife. David and Solomon had a lot of wives. If you question that Ismael was not areal son Abraham then just look up Genesis 16:11, 16:15, 17:7, 17:23, and 17:25. Why do we read these
  4. 4. Top 5 reasons Jesus is not the Begotten son of Godverses? Because in these passages God recognized Ismael as Abraham’s son. If God is recognizing Ismaelas Abraham’s son 14 years before Isaac was born how Isaac can be the only begotten son?So what are we actually saying when we say that Jesus is the son of God? Kats have kittens, dogs havepuppies. What does it mean for God to have a son? Does God have a baby God? Is he a number twoGod? At this point every one’s own personal opinion comes in to play. People explain it in differentways. If we truly look at it honestly, no one really understands the concept. According to the TrinityDoctrine, Jesus and God are co-equal, co-eternal, and of the same substance. That means they are co-eternal, but how can a son be eternal, if he comes from the Father. This was an early argument from theUnitarian priest Arias who basically said if you’re going to call him the son, you can’t call him eternal.Because the son comes from the father. How can they be of the same substance? How can they be co-equal? One prays to the other. Jesus prayed to God. If Jesus had Godly powers himself he wouldn’t callon or pray to God. To pray to God means you’re in need of God. The purpose of Prayer is to ask God todo something for you. If you have Godly powers you do anything you want. So one sincerely reflects onthis they will realize that it does not make sense. 1. Don’t listen to me or anyone, Just ask your Bible. The NIV, NRSV, The Good news Bible, The Jerusalem Bible and many others have recognized the arguments presented and have removed this from their biblical texts. The NIV and Revised Standard Version are the most sold and authentic bibles in the history of mankind. You will find the biblical scholars themselves have removed this from their texts. But no I grew up on the King James Bible. The problem with this argument is that King James Version was written in 1611. That’s 400 years old. There were many biblical texts found after that. The earliest biblical texts ever discovered were the codex vaticanis and the codex sanatacus, and they were discovered after the King James Version was written. So the newer
  5. 5. Top 5 reasons Jesus is not the Begotten son of God Bibles are agreed upon a coalition of different Christian groups and they agree on th New Revised Standard Version. So who was Jesus? He was exactly what he said he was. He was man. He was Prophet barring revelation from God. He was sent only to the house of the lost sheep of Israel. He was there to bring them back from their deviation and to provide a revelation to keep the people on the correct path. I hope and pray that one can review the following information and reflect on what it has to say. I hope that one can take the courage to search for the truth, and to not follow any belief blindly. More info on the subject may be viewed at The following research was put together by Dr. Brown PHD. Religious studies.