House Exhaust Fans: Let’s Talk Savings


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This article explores the many different ways that whole house exhaust fans enable home-owners to save, including vastly reduced electricity bills and healthcare expenses.

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House Exhaust Fans: Let’s Talk Savings

  1. 1. 19050-295275-933450-923925<br />This article explores the many different ways that whole house exhaust fans enable home-owners to save, including vastly reduced electricity bills and healthcare expenses.<br />Looking for a fantastic way to save? House exhaust fans are an innovative technology that offers home-owners a cost-effective way to keep the home cool and full of fresh air throughout the year. One of the biggest consumers of electricity in the home is traditional air conditioning. Now, you work hard for your money, and having to spend large sums of it just to stay comfortable during the hotter months is starting to seem like a bit of an injustice. Especially considering that air conditioning doesn’t even introduce fresh air into the home, but rather endlessly recycles it. Essentially, you are paying dollars per hour to run a cooling system whose only benefit is… well, cooling! <br />Enter house exhaust fans. These high volume ventilation fans have been cleverly engineered to keep the home cool simply by forcing all that old, hot and stale air from vents in the attic while drawing in fresh cool air through your open windows and doors. Instead of combating the symptoms of the problem, house exhaust fans get to the very source of the heat in your home (your attic - where temperatures can reach as high as 150ºF) and replace it with fresh cool air from outside. So how can these high volume ventilation fans help you to save?<br />House Exhaust Fans: Let’s Save Money, Money, Money! And the Environment!<br />19050-635House exhaust fans run on 10% of the electricity required by traditional air conditioning. In some climates, these ventilation fans can even completely eliminate the need for air conditioning in the home and this affords people savings between 50% and 90% on their annual cooling bills! In fact, studies have shown house exhaust fans to enable home-owners to save as much as $1,880 per year on electricity, which represents an incredible return on investment. Furthermore, by saving this amount of electricity, these innovative ventilation fans render the home far more energy efficient, which is so important considering the global environmental crisis we face today. Whole house exhaust fans have been declared the most energy efficient way to cool the home by the U.S. Department of Energy.<br />-923925-914400<br />House Exhaust Fans: Promoting the Health of You and Your Family<br />You know what else is extraordinarily expensive nowadays? Healthcare. Research by the Environmental Protection Agency has revealed that indoor air pollution is directly responsible for $1 billion in direct health care costs every year and a further $60 billion in lost productivity! Molds, mildews, humidity, old cooking residues, tobacco smoke, pets, dust, parasites, exhaled gases and airborne germs… all of these factors define or contribute to indoor air pollution. Without an effective ventilation system, you and your family are repeatedly being exposed to this essentially poisonous environment! House exhaust fans are so powerful and efficient that they drive 15 to 20 fresh air exchanges per hour.<br />415290063500This means that the air in a room is constantly being replaced with fresh air from the outside, preventing moisture from accumulating in rooms such as the laundry, kitchen and bathroom (and the subsequent growth of molds and mildew). Furthermore, by constantly flushing out the home’s air content, house exhaust fans vastly reduces allergies and the contagiousness of illnesses, such as colds or flu. A home filled with fresh air also promotes the health, vitality and wellness of you and your family, saving you an incredible amount of money on medication, doctor’s appointments and even hospitalizations as well as the disruption of time off from work or school.<br />Whole House Exhaust Fans: In Conclusion…<br />Whole house exhaust fans afford considerable savings, on both your electricity bills and healthcare. So, make that initial investment and enjoy the many years of incredible return!<br />-9525357505<br />