BOB, a partner in socially responsible development


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A presentation to the Phoenix Club of Vancouver on the value of socially responsible development.

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BOB, a partner in socially responsible development

  1. 1. BOB: a partner in socially responsible community building<br />Shirley Chan,CEO <br />Based in Vancouver, B.C. Building Opportunities with Business (BOB) is a non-profit organization that is championing an inclusive revitalization process for the inner-city that values existing businesses and residents. BOB is a connector, a resource and a facilitator working to: strengthen the inner-city’s community capacity; identify and build on untapped business opportunities; improve employment opportunities and retention; and increase investment in Vancouver’s inner-city.<br />
  2. 2. Who is BOB?<br /><ul><li>Non-profit society
  3. 3. Based in Vancouver’s inner-city
  4. 4. Fosters inclusive revitalization for inner-city
  5. 5. Businesses
  6. 6. Residents</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>A revitalized and diverse inner-city with a healthy and sustainable economy</li></ul>Vision<br />
  7. 7. <ul><li>To support an economic development model for Vancouver’s inner-city that is inclusive of existing residents and businesses. </li></ul>Mission<br />
  8. 8. Key Objectives<br /><ul><li>Strengthen the inner-city’s community capacity
  9. 9. Identify and capitalize on untapped business opportunities in the inner-city
  10. 10. Improve employment opportunities and retention for inner-city residents
  11. 11. Increase investment in Vancouver’s inner-city</li></li></ul><li>Successful 5 Year Pilot Program<br /><ul><li>Accomplishments
  12. 12. $48.75 million in business generated
  13. 13. 418 residents trained / employed
  14. 14. 65 businesses in clusters / partnerships
  15. 15. Helped to fill over 10 vacant storefronts
  16. 16. 185 business / social enterprises received business advice, interventions
  17. 17. 36 Grants & Loans made through BOB’s Business Development Team
  18. 18. 90% success rate for BOB’s Supported Employment Program</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>Bell
  19. 19. Millennium
  20. 20. Vancity
  21. 21. Western Economic Development Canada
  22. 22. Ministry of Housing & Social Development
  23. 23. City of Vancouver</li></ul>Partners and Sponsors<br />
  24. 24. A Credible Organization <br />“BOB has been a valuable and practicalresource to Recycling Alternative. <br />Louise Schwarz, Owner Recycling Alternative<br />“The High Response rate is to be considered an indicator of the relevance of BOB to its stakeholders in the community”<br />Helen Sheridan, Principal<br />The Bridge Consulting<br />“The VRCA is proud to be a partner with BOB.”<br />Keith Sashaw, President Vancouver Regional Construction Association<br />“The partnership between Bell and the Vancouver Agreement has resulted in an effective and credible economic development agency”<br />Cathy Chalupa, <br />Manager, Small Business and Economic Development<br />“Vancity is a proud supporter“<br />Derek Gent, Executive Director, Vancity Community Foundation<br />““I have been telling everyone about how impressed I am with the people at BOB. You are not  just playing at this, you're sincere and you do your jobs above and beyond.” Heather Blakemore, Theatre Manger SFU Contemporary Arts<br />“Working with BOB has been an inspiration… an organization committed to innovative programs and partnerships with tremendous impact in the community” <br />Steve Williams, Director <br />Worldwide Community - Technology & Environment <br />Programs SAP Business Objects Division<br />“Tradeworks Training Society is proud to be a partner with BOB”Ross Gentleman, Executive DirectorTradeworksTraining Society<br />
  25. 25. BOB in the Media<br /><ul><li>“Collaborative effort transforms look and life of skid row”
  26. 26. “STIR is a step in the right direction”
  27. 27. “CORE values rebuilding career opportunities for hard-luck Eastside residents”
  28. 28. “Vancouver's construction industry offers training for inner-city residents”
  29. 29. “New community garden takes root in the Downtown Eastside”
  30. 30. “Road to 2010 opens a road to a new life for inner-city workers”
  31. 31. “Downtown Eastside economic growth program gets green light”
  32. 32. “Downtown Eastside seeks new lease on life”
  33. 33. “Construction employment awaits many CORE graduates”</li></ul>Green Space | Business in Vancouver | Vancouver Sun | BC Business Construction in Vancouver | Georgia Straight | Journal of Commerce<br />
  34. 34. Building Community Woodward’s<br />
  35. 35. Current BOB Supported Initiatives and Enterprise<br /><ul><li> Great Beginnings Program- Façade Improvements (Phase 1)
  36. 36. Hastings Renaissance – Façade Improvements (Phase 2)
  37. 37. Hastings Street BIA
  38. 38. Chinatown Active Storefront – Façade Improvements (Phase 2)
  39. 39. SOLEfood Urban Farm Network
  40. 40. BOB Industry Cluster Strategy (Tourism & Hospitality, Construction, Creative Industry, Information & Communication Technologies and Green)
  41. 41. coworking@BOB: creative shared workspace
  42. 42. Gastown/Chinatown Pedicab Service
  43. 43. NE False Creek CBA
  44. 44. W2 Media and Culture House</li></li></ul><li>BOB and the Phoenix Club<br />How can the Phoenix Club members make a difference?<br />Practice corporate social responsibility<br />Hire inner-city residents through BOB<br />Buy from inner-city suppliers in BOB’s social purchasing directory<br />Contribute goods, services, funds to the inner-city<br />Sign MOUs, CBAs with agents of change like BOB<br />
  45. 45. BOB is a partner in Social Responsibility <br />Why BOB?<br />BOB is committed to revitalizing the inner-city<br />BOB connects developers, contractors and sub-contractors to resources you need from socially responsible sources <br />BOB has experience in administering Vancouver’s first Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) for SE False Creek Athletes’ Village<br />We can help you to meet the City’s requirements of ODPs and other legislation.<br />
  46. 46. BOB can supply readily available trained, reliable & supported workers<br />Our construction directory is comprehensive (over 200 construction and construction-related businesses) to meet your needs<br />BOB ‘s Resources<br />
  47. 47. 2010 & Beyond<br /><ul><li>Federal funding to September 2010
  48. 48. Provincial funding to September
  49. 49. Successfully completed $100,000 fundraising campaign from private/corporate sector in 2010
  50. 50. BOB Social Enterprise “coworking@BOB”
  51. 51. Fee-for-service business services
  52. 52. MOUs with BC Housing, VRCA and BladeRunners</li></li></ul><li>Questions???<br />Add photo??? <br />