in the cArgo

   WorldWide deMAnd           for windmills is rising      “So now w...
A 90-tonne loaded trailer is
lifted and then rolled on to the
weather deck of the vessel
when moving the 44-metre-long
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Customer Case Nordex Wind Mill Blades


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Customer Case Nordex Wind Mill Blades

  1. 1. in the cArgo MOViNGWiNdMiLLS: ATRiCKyBUSiNESS WorldWide deMAnd for windmills is rising “So now we have a 90-tonne loaded trailer rapidly as countries take up power generation which we need to lift and then roll onto the from renewable energy. These hi-tech, modern vessel. Obviously the operations team had to day equivalents of one of the world’s oldest check this was achievable before we could technologies are making a significant contrib- give a definite okay. ution in the battle against climate change. “The blades themselves are not only very Top ten business supplier, Nordex of long but also very delicate, so they have to Germany, has formed a new partnership with be fitted in a transport frame which is spe- Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics, together with cific to the cargo. And they have to be lifted Dako Worldwide Transport, Dusseldorf, and with two cranes which needs a great deal of UTC Overseas of Atlanta, to ship 25 such wind skill and concentration from the operations energy systems from Bremerhaven in Ger- team. This is where our competence and many to Baltimore on the eastern seaboard of experience with over-sized cargo is put to the US. the test.” “The world market for wind turbines has grown by 34% in the past three years; but we WWl hAs Worked closely on overcom- have grown by 54% in this period,” explains ing these challenges with Dako Worldwide Sandra Jaekel of Nordex. Transport and UTC USA. Added value services “Europe is still the biggest market but the at the dockside have been provided by steve- Americas, particularly the US and Canada, will dores, Atlantik Hafenbetriebe. see a rapid increase over the next five years. “Because of road transport height restric- The other big area of growth is Asia, especially tions, Nordex delivered the nacelles and cool- China and India.” ing hoods from Rostock separately,” explains The WWL service to Baltimore offers Nasser. “Working with Nordex personnel and Nordex a route to enter the US market as part in close cooperation with Atlantik, these hoods of its three-continent growth strategy. The 25 were mounted at the dockside after the cargo turbines, broken down into their major compo- was stowed on the roll trailer.” nents, are all scheduled to be shipped by the Given such a complex operation, it was end of this year. not surprising that Nasser, plus the WWL port manager Volker Freese and teams from And it is not just the tight time scale that both Nordex and Dako Worldwide, were all at presents a shipping challenge, according to Bremerhaven to see the first shipment being Abu Nasser, Manager Sales Marketing, successfully loaded in a very professional and WWL Europe. smooth operation. “Quite apart from the 44-metre long blades, “The whole process provided by WWL for which we have to handle separately, each wind the first shipment was very convincing,” com- energy system consists of a number of differ- ments Jaekel. “We were happy with the quick ent large components which have to be loaded and safe handling of our components and we and then stowed and lashed under the deck. can easily imagine further cooperation.” photo: hAns sCherhAufer “The project is very focused on the optimum With world energy prices still close to stowage of the components on the roll trailer. record highs, it seems more and more For instance, the drive-train is 5.95 metres long consumers should get used to the idea that and weighs 45.5 tonnes. In order to save time renewable energy, and especially windmills, and cost, the customer asked if we could ship are the future. two pieces on each trailer. rupert sAunders 6VENTURE32008
  2. 2. A 90-tonne loaded trailer is lifted and then rolled on to the weather deck of the vessel when moving the 44-metre-long blades of the windmills. VENTURE320087