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PLEASE NOTE: That the contents of this presentation may be SENSITIVE; however, it is IMPORTANT to REVEAL the TRUTH to the PUBLIC/WORLD of what appears to be United States of America President Barack Obama’s, United States of America CONGRESS’ and their Lawyers’ Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz’ ROLE in the George Zimmerman Trial:

If you have problems viewing this presentation of George Zimmerman’s RE-ENACTMENT, please feel free to try the following link:

The presentation for the 911 EMERGENCY CALL from George Zimmerman may be viewed here:

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  2. 2. DETECTIVE Today’s date is February 27, it is now 5:20 in the afternoon (17:20 hours) and this is in reference to Sanford Police Case No. 2012-5000 . . .(INTERRUPTED) UNKNOWN 1136. . . DETECTIVE 1136. WOMAN’S VOICE This is where he first tells me he sees him. DETECTIVE He first spots him here? . . . ANOTHER VOICE Right here. . . DETECTIVE So we’re stopping at the bend. . . This is Retreat WOMAN’S VOICE This is still Retreat View Circle. . . DETECTIVE Retreat View Circle, yeah. . .So at this point he hasn’t gotten out of his car? He spots him and he’s watching him right? WOMAN’S VOICE Yes, it’s about where 1440 is that he indicated on the map. . .is about where he saw him. . . DETECTIVE Okay WOMAN’S VOICE Where he first spotted him. . .
  3. 3. DETECTIVE But he’s walking in what direction? WOMAN’S VOICE The person is walking towards . . . DETECTIVE Which is through the opening right there? . . . WOMAN’S VOICE Um hum. . .Trying to figure out. . . (INAUDIBLE) DETECTIVE Okay, so through the opening right there? WOMAN’S VOICE No, no, no, he’s walking up the street here. DETECTIVE Okay. WOMAN’S VOICE He’s continuing down Retreat View Circle. . . DETECTIVE Why don’t you go ahead and ride with them to get the audio from inside there? To see what he’s talking about. . . . WOMAN’S VOICE He’s going to stop again up there. . .because he’s. . . DETECTIVE Okay. . . WOMAN’S VOICE (INAUDIBLE) DETECTIVE Yeah why don’t you do that? WOMAN SWITCHES CARS DETECTIVE 2 . . .Where did you pick him up at? ZIMMERMAN Right here. . . Right here in front of this house. DETECTIVE 2 Okay. Right in front of 1460? ZIMMERMAN Yes sir. DETECTIVE 2 Alright. . .and what was he. . . he was walking between the buildings? ZIMMERMAN He was walking like in the grassy area. . .like up towards. . .kinda between these two poles and. . . DETECTIVE 2 Um hum. . ZIMMERMAN Like I said, it was raining. . . and he was just leisurely looking at the house. . ah, like I said, my wife . . . I had left for the grocery store and I just felt like something was off about him . . . DETECTIVE 2 Right ZIMMERMAN . . .so I said, there’s been a HISTORY of break-ins in that building and I called PREVIOUSLY about this house. DETECTIVE 2 Right. ZIMMERMAN When the police arrived at this house, when I called the FIRST TIME, the windows were open and the doors were unlocked. And the police came and secured it so I said, “You know what? It’s just better to just call” . . .and . . . DETECTIVE 2 Okay. ZIMMERMAN I kept driving . . . I PASSED HIM. . . and he was . . . he KEPT staring at me. . . . and staring around. . .looking around. . . . DETECTIVE 2 Uh huh. ZIMMERMAN . . .to see who else was . . . I don’t know why he was looking but. . . DETECTIVE 2 Did he walk off from there or did he stop there last night? ZIMMERMAN He stopped. . . and he liked looked around. . . . and THAT’S WHY. . .THAT’S WHAT THREW ME OFF. . .It’s raining. . .. I DIDN’T understand why somebody would be just STOPPING IN THE RAIN! Especially when it wasn’t like he was trying to run to get out of the rain. . .and I had NEVER seen him before. . . It DIDN’T LOOK LIKE HE WAS EXERCISING! DETECTIVE 2 Where was he . . .Where was he standing at when you . . .when you . . . ZIMMERMAN Right there.. . . DETECTIVE 2 . . .when you stopped? ZIMMERMAN Right in front of 1460. DETECTIVE 2 On the sidewalk or in the grass. . .
  4. 4. ZIMMERMAN No. . . no. . .in the grassy area. . . DETECTIVE 2 In the grassy area? ZIMMERMAN Yes. DETECTIVE 2 Okay. . . Right about where the car is? ZIMMERMAN Yes sir. DETECTIVE 2 And then you just. . . ZIMMERMAN I DROVE PASS him . . . DETECTIVE 2 Okay.. . . ZIMMERMAN . . .and I went to the Clubhouse. . . DETECTIVE 2 Alright. ZIMMERMAN . . .Up here on the right-hand side. . . . DETECTIVE 2 . . . and parked up there? ZIMMERMAN Yes sir. DETECTIVE 2 And what was his. . .naturally. . . you’re good. . .naturally he left. . .He caught up to you up here or. . . ZIMMERMAN . . .Yes, I CALLED the NON-Emergency Line. . . DETECTIVE 2 Um hum. . . ZIMMERMAN . . .and when I got through, I parked at the Clubhouse. DETECTIVE 2 Alright. ZIMMERMAN . . . and they asked me. . .you know “WHERE I WAS”. . .I told them the Clubhouse . . . .and I THINK I GAVE THE ADDRESS TO THE CLUBHOUSE. . . DETECTIVE 2 Where did you park at? ZIMMERMAN Right up here. . .next to that green truck. . . DETECTIVE 2 Alright. . . ZIMMERMAN I don’t think that truck was there, I just pulled up. . . DETECTIVE 2 Okay. . . So you just pulled in here? ZIMMERMAN Yes sir. DETECTIVE 2 This is where you got out? ZIMMERMAN No, this is WHERE I JUST STOPPED TO CALL. . . to call. . .THEN HE WALKED PASS ME and he kept looking at my car . . . STILL LOOKING AROUND AT THE HOUSES and STUFF. . .Then the Dispatcher said, “Where did he go?” “What direction did he go in?” . . . and I said, “I DON’T KNOW”. . . cause I lost. . . he cut down here and made a right. . .and this is ___ Lane and he made a right in there. . .and they said what direction did he go and I said, “I DON’T KNOW, I CAN’T SEE HIM!” This is a BOLDFACENOTE: by George Zimmerman. The 911 OperatorLIE asked,NEVER NOTE: He“Where did he go?” adoes PROVIDE of aNAME STREET !in RE-ENACTMENT
  5. 5. DETECTIVE 2 Okay. ZIMMERMAN And they said, “CAN YOU GET TO SOMEWHERE WHERE YOU CAN SEE HIM” and I said, “YEAH I CAN” and I BACKED OUT. . . IMPORTANT TO NOTE: The 911 Operator NEVER asked, “CAN YOU GET TO SOMEWHERE WHERE YOU CAN SEE HIM” DETECTIVE 2 Alright. ZIMMERMAN And I made this RIGHT here.. . .and a LEFT here. . .and I PARKED right about WHERE THAT SIGN IS IN THE YARD. . . DETECTIVE 2 In front of the Ford truck? ZIMMERMAN . . . Yes. And I saw him (INAUDIBLE). . . Right about there. . .And I saw him walking back that way and then cut through the back of the houses. He LOOKED BACK and he NOTICED ME and he cuts back through the houses. I was still on the phone with NON-Emergency Line. . . DETECTIVE 2 Um hum ZIMMERMAN Um. . .. and then he CAME BACK and he started walking up towards the grass and then CAME DOWN and CIRCLED MY CAR. I told the operator that, “THAT HE WAS CIRCLING MY CAR!” I didn’t hear if he said anything. . . IMPORTANT TO NOTE: NEVERGeorge Zimmerman told the 911 Operator that Trayvon Martin Neither“WAS CIRCLING MY CAR!” did the Operator EVER say, “WE NEED AN ADDRESS. . . GIVE US DIRECTIONS TO GET TO YOU. . .!” DETECTIVE 2 Right. ZIMMERMAN He had his HAND IN HIS WAISTBAND.. . .and I think I told the Operator that. . .and they said, “WHERE ARE YOU?” And I COULD NOT REMEMBER THE NAME OF THE STREET! DETECTIVE 2 Um hum ZIMMERMAN Because I DON’T LIVE ON THIS STREET! DETECTIVE 2 Right. ZIMMERMAN Retreat View Circle goes in a circle.. . . TheNOTE: George Zimmerman isNEIGHBORHOOD WATCHMAN NOT familiar in his neighborhood in which as awith the STREETS heNEIGHBORHOOD WATCHMAN and has aPATROLS ESTABLISHEDWELL- of makingHISTORY 911 CRYING- Calls – i.e. calls which can beWOLF checked to determine DIFFICULTY if any( ) in reporting addresses to the !911 Operator DETECTIVE 2 Right.. . . ZIMMERMAN . . .and I said I DON’T KNOW. . .and he goes, “WE NEED AN ADDRESS!”.. . and I said, “I DON’T KNOW AN ADDRESS!” I think I gave them my address. . . and they said, “GIVE US DIRECTIONS TO GET TO YOU” . . . and I said, “IF YOU TELL THE POLICE TO GO STRAIGHT UP TO THE CLUBHOUSE AND MAKE A LEFT, MY TRUCK WILL BE THERE” and again they asked me, “WHERE HE WENT, WHAT DIRECTION DID HE GO IN”. . . and I said, “I DON’T KNOW!” Then I thought, TO GET OUT AND LOOK FOR A STREET SIGN.” DETECTIVE 2 Alright. ZIMMERMAN So I got out of my car and started WALKING. . .
  6. 6. DETECTIVE 2 Go ahead. . . ZIMMERMAN I WAS STILL on the phone with NON-Emergency Line and I STARTED WALKING DOWN THIS WAY! And because I DIDN’T SEE A STREET SIGN HERE, but I KNEW that if I went STRAIGHT THROUGH, that, that’s Retreat View Circle and I COULD GET THEM AN ADDRESS. And they said, “GIVE ME THE ADDRESS OF THE HOUSE YOU’RE IN FRONT OF”. . .and there’s NO ADDRESS because these are the BACK of the houses. So I WALKED straight through here and I DIDN’T SEE HIM AT ALL. . .I was WALKING. . .and I was STILL ON THE PHONE with NON-Emergency Line. . . DETECTIVE 2 Okay. ZIMMERMAN I got to about . . .I got to about here and I had a flashlight. DETECTIVE 2 Okay ZIMMERMAN But my flashlight was dead though. . .and I looked around and I DIDN’T see anybody.. . .and I told NON-Emergency Line, “You know where, he’s gone!” He’s NOT even here! DETECTIVE 2 Right. ZIMMERMAN So, I still thought I could use their address. So I WALKED ALL THE WAY THROUGH and actually walked all the way to the street and I was going to give them this address and they said, “WELL IF HE’S NOT THERE, DO YOU STILL WANT A POLICE OFFICER?” And I said, “YES!” They said, “DO YOU STILL WANT A POLICE OFFICER?” And I said , “YES!” And they said, “ARE YOU FOLLOWING HIM?”. . .Oh, I’m sorry, BACK THERE, they said, “ARE YOU FOLLOWING HIM?” And I said, “Yes” because I was in the area. . .. and he said, “WE DON’T NEED YOU TO DO THAT”. . . and I said, “OKAY!” So that’s when I WALKED straight through here to get the address so I could meet the police officer . . .
  7. 7. IMPORTANT TO NOTE: NEVERThe 911 Operator said “Well if he’s not Neitherthere, do you still want a Police Officer?” was George Zimmerman WALKING 911 recording, RUNNING– i.e. from the he was according to the wind from theGUSHING at which he was movingrate of speed (he also sounded WINDED OUT-OF-BREATH/ ). and then they said. . .I said, ”HE’S NOT HERE”. . .they said, “WHERE DO YOU WANT HIM TO COME?” I said, “YOU KNOW WHAT, JUST TELL HIM TO MEET ME AT MY TRUCK. . . NEXT TO THE CLUBHOUSE. . .IF YOU GO STRAIGHT INTO THE CLUBHOUSE and MAKES A LEFT, I HAVE A HONDA . . .I HAVE A SILVER HONDA RIDGELINE, I WAS PARKED RIGHT THERE. thisKEEP IN MIND, CONCOCTED isVERSION OF EVENTS allegedly happening in BETWEEN 4 – 5 of aMINUTES 911 NON- call – at which Zimmerman states the Operator wasEmergency still on the phone with him at this point! According to this RE- ENACTMENT, George Zimmerman’s truck IS NOT –at the Clubhouse HOW heEXPLAINING FAR inRAN of Trayvon Martin!PURSUIT So I started WALKING back. When I got to. . .I passed here, I looked. . . I DIDN’T SEE ANYTHING AGAIN! I was WALKING back to my truck. . . and then when I got to right about here, he YELLED from BEHIND me . . . BESIDE me. . .he says, “Yo, you got a problem?” And I said, “NO, I DON’T HAVE A PROBLEM MAN!” DETECTIVE 2 Where was he at? ZIMMERMAN He was about there. . .but WALKING TOWARDS ME! DETECTIVE 2 So he was coming in this direction here? ZIMMERMAN Yes sir. Like I said, I was already passed that so I didn’t see exactly where he came from. . .but he was about where you are.
  8. 8. DETECTIVE 2 Okay. ZIMMERMAN And I said, “I DON’T HAVE A PROBLEM” and I went to GRAB MY CELL PHONE . . . I had left it in a DIFFERENT POCKET. . .and I went. . . I looked down in my pants pocket and he said, “DO YOU HAVE A PROBLEM NOW?”. . .. And he was here and he PUNCHED me in the face. DETECTIVE 2 Right here? ZIMMERMAN Right around here. DETECTIVE 2 Okay. ZIMMERMAN To be honest, I don’t remember exactly.. . . I STUMBLED, I FELL DOWN, and he PUSHED ME DOWN and SOMEHOW, he GOT ON TOP OF ME! NOTICE: VIDEO,When viewing the how George Zimmerman HESITATES WHERE SHOOTINGas he looks to the area the of ACTUALLYTrayvon Martin’s body may have taken place – i.e. AWAY from this area! DETECTIVE 2 On the grass or on the cement? ZIMMERMAN It was more over. . . over here. . .I THINK I was TRYING TO PUSH HIM AWAY FROM ME. . . and then he GOT ON TOP OF ME SOMEWHERE AROUND HERE and. . .that’s when I STARTED screaming for HELP. . .I started screaming HELP, HELP. . . as LOUD AS I COULD. . .and uh. . .then that’s when. . ..oh. . .oh. . .I TRIED TO SIT UP. . .and that’s when he GRABBED ME BY THE HEAD and he TRIED TO SLAM MY HEAD DOWN! . . . DETECTIVE 2 Were you on the cement? ZIMMERMAN No, MY BODY WAS ON THE GRASS. . . MY HEAD WAS ON THE CEMENT. . . DETECTIVE 2 Because you BOTH WERE FACING THIS WAY? ZIMMERMAN Yes sir.. . That’s as BEST I COULD FEEL THOUGH MY JACKET! Because I felt like my body was on the grass and my head was on the cement. He just kept SLAMMING and SLAMMING. . .and I kept YELLING “HELP,” “HELP,” “HELP”. . . as long as I could. He put his hand on his nose. . . on my nose. . .and his other hand on my mouth. He said, “SHUT THE “F@CK UP!” . . .I tried squirming again, because all I could think about was when he was hitting my head against it, it felt like my head was going to EXPLODE and I thought I was going to lose CONSCIOUSNESS. So I tried to squirm so I could get. . .because he only had a SMALL PORTION of my head on the concrete. So I tried to squirm off the concrete. . .and when I did that, SOMEBODY HERE opened the door and I said, “HELP ME, HELP ME” . . .and they said, I’ll call 911. . . and I said, “NO, HELP ME!” I need help. . . and I DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY DID. . . but that’s when my JACKET MOVED UP AND I HAD MY FIREARM ON MY RIGHT- SIDE HIP . . . MY JACKET MOVED UP AND HE SAW IT. . . I FEEL LIKE HE SAW IT. . . HE LOOKED AT IT. . . he said, “YOU’RE GOING TO DIE TONIGHT MOTHER F@CKER”. . . and he REACHED FOR IT. . . but he
  9. 9. reached. . . like I felt his arm going down to my side.. . .and I GRABBED IT, and I JUST GRABBED MY FIREARM and I SHOT HIM - ONE TIME! With that the person in the nearby house it appears thatKNOWLEDGE was calling 911, George Zimmerman (telling the person “NO, to keep the personHELP ME!” FROM the Police) incalling COLD BLOOD /shot Trayvon Martinmurdered him andto SILENCE attempt to keep about histhe TRUTH andCRIMINAL actsRACIST With theHIDDEN! on the way,POLICE did George ZimmermanWHY /SHOOT Trayvon Martin!MURDER DETECTIVE After you shot him, what did he say? ZIMMERMAN After I shot him. . .HE LIKE SAT UP! DETECTIVE And you’re. . .you’re still in this position here basically. ZIMMERMAN Yes sir. DETECTIVE . . (INAUDIBLE) the subs facing the grass. ZIMMERMAN Yes sir. He WAS ON TOP OF ME LIKE THIS. . . and I SHOT HIM. . .and I DIDN’T THINK I HIT HIM. . .because he SAT UP and he said, “YOU GOT ME”. . .”YOU GOT IT” . . . “YOU GOT ME”. . .”YOU GOT IT” . . .something like that! So I thought he was just saying, “I KNOW YOU HAVE A GUN NOW, I HEARD IT, I’M GIVING UP!” So, I don’t know if I PUSHED HIM OFF ME or IF HE FELL OFF OF ME. EITHER WAY, I GOT ON TOP OF HIM and I PUSHED HIS ARMS APART.. . .and I . . . The Report allegesAUTOPSY Trayvon Martin was atSHOT range (INTERMEDIATE NOT CLOSE Range) - - Wounded -FATALLY couldHOW haveTrayvon Martin andSAID this?DONE George Zimmerman thanAlready DEAD, with Trayvonmesses Martin’s it appears toHANDS STAGE what he claims was a !FIGHT DETECTIVE Did you FLIP HIM OVER? ZIMMERMAN I DON’T REMEMBER HOW I GOT ON TOP OF HIM, I’M SORRY! BUT I GOT ON HIS BACK and I MOVED HIS ARMS APART because when he was REPEATEDLY hitting me, in the FACE and HEAD, I THOUGHT he had SOMETHING IN HIS HANDS! So I MOVED HIS HANDS APART. SELECTIVE AMNESIA George Zimmerman was– about eventsVERY DETAILED IT COMES TO THEUNTIL “FLIPPING OVER – It appears inOF THE BODY” hisCOVERING UP having to Trayvon Martin’s bodyTURN OVER because it was GEORGE ZIMMERMAN who was ON as well asTOP POINTING in the DIRECTION HOUSEof the (at his BACK to support what) appears ZIMMERMAN being on TOP! DETECTIVE So you had him FACE DOWN THEN? ZIMMERMAN Yes, and I was ON HIS BACK. . . and then somebody came with a flashlight and I thought it was a Police Officer. So I said, “ARE YOU THE POLICE?”. . .and I STILL HAD MY HAND OUT. . and I TOLD HIM. . .ARE YOU THE POLICE?. . .And my GUN’S RIGHT HERE! . . .And he goes, “I’M CALLING THE POLICE!” I said, “DON’T CALL THE POLICE; HELP ME RESTRAIN THIS GUY” . . . and he says, “I’M CALLING THE POLICE!” I said, “I ALREADY CALLED. THEIR ON THEIR WAY. THEIR COMING! I NEED YOUR HELP!”. . .Then that’s when the Police Officer came around. . .I saw the Police Officer so I STOOD UP and HOLSTERED my WEAPON and he said, “WHO SHOT HIM?” And I said, “I DID” and I PUT MY HANDS UP! I PUT MY HANDS UP. . . .I DON’T KNOW IF HE TOLD ME TO, I JUST AUTOMATICALLY TURNED MY BACK TO HIM and I LIFT MY SHIRT and said, MY GUN’S RIGHT THERE. . . and I TOLD HIM A FEW TIMES, MY GUN’S RIGHT THERE! And he’s like,
  10. 10. “OKAY, I UNDERSTAND!” “I JUST NEED YOU TO KEEP YOUR HANDS UP.” He put the handcuffs on me and then he took my firearm from me. George Zimmerman that he told the personACKNOWLEDGING “DON’T CALL THE The person probablyPOLICE!” that there wasSEEING NO LIFE OR MOVEMENT from the BODY Zimmerman was wanting to ! As well as Zimmerman with aRESTRAIN in hisGUN hand and an person on the ground !UNARMED LIFELESS DETECTIVE Any questions. DETECTIVE 2 I don’t have any. . .Anything else. Firearms analyst AMY SIEWERT from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement - Siewert examined the gun and said Zimmerman had one bullet to fireready as well as ain the chamber magazinefully loaded the shooting occurred.when - Carter taught a criminal litigation class that ZimmermanALEXIS CARTER, completed, and testified that the class included coverage ofEXTENSIVE Florida's laws.self-defense