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Viswam Edutech focuses on developing
effective plans and programs that are
needed for the students for overall
development of their career, in
collaboration with top schools in India.
Its research driven innovative educational
products help students gear up for the
corporate life.

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Vedutech brochure

  1. 1. Education TodayViswamViswamEdutech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.ISO 9001 : 2008 CertifiedViswam Edutech focuses on developingeffective plans and programs that areneeded for the students for overalldevelopment of their career, incollaboration with top schools in India.Its research driven innovative educationalproducts help students gear up for thecorporate life.“The brain and musclesmust develop simultaneously.Iron nerves with an intelligentbrain — and the whole world isat your feet.”- Swami Vivekananda
  2. 2. Viswam Edutech Solutions (ViswamEdutech) is a privately ownedorganization, engaged in the business ofproviding a wide range of educationalproducts and tools for children andyoung adults. Run by highly qualifiedentrepreneurs, the company focuses onpromoting/enhancing the reasoning,lateral thinking and linguistic skills ofchildren.Viswam Edutech recognizes the demand for qualified trainedprofessionals to meet the challenges faced by various industries. In itsendeavor to meet the high demand for quality, Viswam Eductech hasembarked on a mission to provide high quality programs through itsdifferent products and concepts. It delivers cutting edge solutions forenhancement of knowledge, which will help the aspiring students toflourish in their career.Viswam Edutechsvision is to arouseawareness to thinkingprocess, instill thinkingabilities and reinforcelife skills. It is dedicatedtowards innovation ofeducational productsand workshops thathelp to enhance theinherent abilities ofstudents through itsSchool AssociationProgram (SAP). SAPprovides a holisticpackage to students ofall grades / classes thatwill help make themsmarter and sharper intheir academics.missionAbout UsEnhancing KnowledgeEmpowering SkillsVISION
  3. 3. ABACUS is a brain developmentprogram which enhances the mentalabilities of the students. Accelerates concentration power,improves listening skill. Develops logical thinking, memorypower and judgment abilities. Calculation of arithmeticalcalculation without help of pen,paper or ABACUS. Students overcome the phobia ofmath and also do better in theiroverall academics. Activates right brain functionality,which in turn develops creativethinking.Vedic Math helps in solvingnumerical problems withspeed and accuracy. Unveils the shortcutmethods in math.Teaches time E n c o u r a g e s m e n t a lcalculations. Helps to solve problems inminimum / simple steps. Very much useful in talenttests, OLYMPIAD andaptitude exams.AbacusTotal levels - 10 levelsst thEligibility - 1 to 8 classesEach level duration - 3 monthsClasses - 2 per weekPractice - 10 min/dayExamination – after each levelCertificate - for 2 levelsVedic MathTotal levels - 5 levelsth thEligibility - 6 to 10 classesDuration - One month(each level)Classes - 2 per weekPractice - 10 minutes dailyExamination – after 5th levelCertificate - after final examCourse DetailsAbacusVedicMathAbacusmanagement.
  4. 4. The English Language Lab aims to enhance proficiency in spokenEnglish through its emphasis on activity-based learning. The Laborganizes a host of contests right through the year, to promoteconfidence-building and personality development.VSELL follows the natural method: listen, understand, read, speakand write - the way we all learnt our mother tongue, to teach the spokenEnglish. VSELL is based on learning English through number ofactivities, games, Sudoku and crossword puzzles. The lab is activity-centered completely.VSELL concentrates on phonics for each level. Viswam Edutechinvites you to be a leader and install VSELL in your school.IntellectualLab Works as a tool to thinkbeyond the limitations. Gives opportunity toapply practical ideas. Enriches in focusedconcentration. Open this gate toapply/implement yourcreative ideas. Most of the puzzles areh a v i n g m u l t i p l esolutions.Package Details:rd thTotal levels – 4 levels. Eligibility – 3 to 10 classes.Classes – 2 per week. Requirements – One exclusive room.Intellectual lab is an innovative educationalprogram developed by Viswam Edutech. Theconcept is to use wooden puzzles and gamesas educational tools to improve cognitiveskills among children. Purpose of the systemis to keep thinking and analysis abilitiessharp at edge. Intellectual lab functions as a“Mind Fitness Center”. It is the physicalthinking facility, where children can play,have fun, be competitive or get trained.Children are guided to discover their greatestpotential, that will make their future lifebetter.English LabCourse Details :-Available in packs of 25and 50 with clues andsolutions.
  5. 5. Fact FindersMath Lab“Fact Finders“ (Math Lab) isspecifically designed for primarygrade students to observe, exploreand learn mathematical concepts;it teaches students math in simpleand easy way and also help conquerthe phobia of math.An integral part of math lab isthe manipulation of objects.Through manipulation of concretematerial, the child is better able tobridge the gap between the real andabstract world.Math lab helps in: Development of math concepts reasoning discovery exploration planning questioning solving open ended exercisesUnique features of Fact Finders:Designed in accordance withCBSE, ISCE and State boardsyllabus.Covers all the topics of math fromst th1 class to 5 class.Student will have unique handson experience.Overcomes the Math phobia andcreates interest to learn.Apart from teacher kit, studentkit is also provided whereverpossible.Fact finders consist of 20clusters, which possess approx1500 manipulatives.Teacher can easily carry a clusterto class room to explain topic inpractical manner.Each cluster will be provided adetailed manual.Most of the items are importedand also custom made.Excellent preservative options areprovided for each cluster.Fact Finders is teachers centered– student friendly product.For safeguarding the entirematerial a wooden almarah isprovided with locking facility.Material free of choking hazard.
  6. 6. Viswam Edutech teaches to write correct andbeautiful cursive hand writing. Its trainers will teach thestudents directly in the school.Course Details:-th thEligibility : 4 – 10 classesDuration of program : 7 -10 daysClasses for days : Batch wise (100 per batch)CalligraphyBusiness OpportunitiesBefore ProgramAfter ProgramThe Hand WritingImprovement ProgramCorp. off.: II Floor, A.N.K. Towers, HIG ,Plot #162, Phase VI, KPHB Colony, Hyderabad – 500072.Tel:.040-64592499, Mob:.9396661536. E-mail: Website: www.vedutech.comViswamEdutech Solutions Pvt. LtdISO 9001 : 2008 CertifiedMaster Franchisee / Franchisee : Franchise option is available for individuals/ housewives /business class who wouldlike to start the center in their area.Course Trainers : Start home based center and earn decentIncome.Franchise enquiries are solicited all over India.Franchise enquiries are solicited all over India.Follow Us On