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User Testing Metrics Webinar Presentation Slides



Learn how to quickly identify your site or app's biggest problems with the help of UserTesting's new Metrics Questions! ...

Learn how to quickly identify your site or app's biggest problems with the help of UserTesting's new Metrics Questions!

Expert researchers, Ki Arnould and Toni Allen, will walk you through:
1) The different types of metrics questions, and when to use each one
2) How to write great metrics questions that will get you insights fast
3) The top things you can learn from these types of questions

View the webinar On-Demand here: http://info.usertesting.com/OnDemandWebinarMakingtheMostofMetricsDecember2013.html



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User Testing Metrics Webinar Presentation Slides User Testing Metrics Webinar Presentation Slides Presentation Transcript

  • What are Metrics ! How to write them ! What to learn from the results
  • Metrics What are they?
  • What are Metrics? Multiple Choice Rating Scale Written Answer
  • Popular Metrics in Remote Usability Studies UserTesting makes it easy to incorporate Metrics into your usability test
  • Metrics in a UserTesting test What the user sees
  • Benefits For UX professionals • Better research • In-the-moment responses • ! • Unlike traditional survey responses, Metrics let users explain the “why” • Benchmark progress of you and your competitors over time ! Saves you time • • Easily incorporated into any UX research methods • Collect simultaneous metrics-based and qualitative data • #UTWebinar Jump to important qualitative moments Implementing trusted scales
  • Benefits For Your Team • Help you communicate • Supplement the qualitative findings we know and love • Easily review and share results with “numbers people” • Demonstrates the value of UX research tools and methods #UTWebinar • Focus decision-making
  • What are Metrics: Questions?
  • Metrics How to write them
  • How to write them Set objectives, and keep them close. #UTWebinar
  • Multiple Choice
  • Multiple Choice Best for determining: • Preference • Expectations • Browsing Paths • Understanding • Task Success #UTWebinar
  • Multiple Choice: Do’s and Don’ts DO Include “Other”, “None of the above”, “I don’t know” options. #UTWebinar DON’T Overlap possible responses. Keep them unique. ! Ask leading questions.
  • Multiple Choice: Bad Example #UTWebinar
  • Multiple Choice: Good Example #UTWebinar
  • Multiple Choice: Creative Example #UTWebinar
  • Rating Scales
  • Rating Scales Best for determining: • Ease of Use • Confidence • Enjoyment • Satisfaction • Trust • Likelihood to Use/Purchase • SUS scores #UTWebinar
  • Rating Scales: Do’s and Don’ts DO Avoid bias by including both ends of the spectrum in your question. ! Clarify endpoint scores. ! Encourage users to explain their answers aloud. #UTWebinar DON’T Try to measure too much at once.
  • Rating Scales: Bad Example #UTWebinar
  • Rating Scales: Good Example #UTWebinar
  • Written Answer
  • Written Answer Best for determining: • Impressions • Word Association • Questions/Concerns • Summarizing Long Answers • Restating Concepts #UTWebinar
  • Written Answer: Do’s and Don’ts DO DON’T Limit frequency. ! Encourage shorter responses when necessary. Forget to have fun #UTWebinar
  • Written Answer: Good example #UTWebinar
  • Written Answer: Creative example #UTWebinar
  • Metrics – Best practices NO JARGON #UTWebinar CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS
  • How to write them: Questions?
  • Metrics What to Learn
  • Compile the Data UT Dashboard #UTWebinar Spreadsheet
  • Eyeball the Answers Consistent answers? On the high side - great! On the low side - watch! In the middle - watch, re-test Variety of answers? Start with the outliers Re-test, re-focus #UTWebinar
  • Sample Study
  • Metrics - What to learn Objectives • Determine how well the site educates potential buyers about tablets Determine if that education leads the user to consider to purchase a tablet from the site Determine any usability issues along the path of researching/buying tablets – navigation, product page, and learning center page • • Method • Metrics-based, remote, unmoderated usability study #UTWebinar
  • Metrics – Multiple Choice #UTWebinar
  • Metrics – Multiple Choice #UTWebinar
  • Metrics – Rating Scale #UTWebinar
  • Metrics – Rating Scale #UTWebinar
  • Metrics - What to learn #UTWebinar
  • Metrics - Summary They save you time ! They improve the quality of the research ! They make it easier to share results with others #UTWebinar
  • UserTesting Enterprise Accelerated learning + Deeper insights + Your target audience db@usertesting.com