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Inter spirituality
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Inter spirituality


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An overview of the concept of inter-spirituality; One Source, many paths, by Rev. Ed Geraty of the Universalus Interspiritual Community

An overview of the concept of inter-spirituality; One Source, many paths, by Rev. Ed Geraty of the Universalus Interspiritual Community

Published in: Spiritual, Education

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  • 1. Many Paths..One Source
    Rev. Ed Geraty
    The Universalus Interspiritual Community
  • 2. One Power…….. invisible
    One Power…………. indescribable
    As simple as the love in side of you…..
    God, Spirit, Jesus, Lord, Buddha, Bahaullah, Angels wings, Heavens Door..
    In the heart we are all the same….
    Close you eyes to see.
  • 3. Interspirituality:
     The common heritage of humankind's spiritual wisdom;
    the sharing of mystical resources across traditions;
    the discussion about what humankind is experiencing spiritually;
    the movement of these discussions to the experience of Oneness.
  • 4. Ken Wilbur
    There are many different "flavors" of Spirituality based on the initial faith path the practitioner is walking in their life.
    There is even an evolving "Universal Integral Spirituality" that calls for one to walk multiple paths in the common elements of all the world's religions.
  • 5. Mahatma Gandhi
    “When you go to the heart of your own religion, you go to the heart of all others, too.“
    “There are as many religions as there are people." When you put these two ideas together, you have the basis for a belief in the possibility of universal understanding across all religions and among all people.
    This is the insight of interspirituality.
  • 6. Wayne Teasdale
    There is a way for us all, but it will require that we look into the spiritual depth of each of our great religions, discovering the mystical treasure that is hidden there.
    Spirituality, mysticism, inner realization, and contemplation represent the ultimate resources we possess to transform the consciousness of the world, of the human family--by allowing it to change us one by one
  • 7. The Mystical Process
    Spirituality names the individual commitment of each one of us to embrace the mystical path in our life.
    Doing so, we enter into the mystical process.
    The emphasis in spirituality is on our own individual commitment to live the spiritual life.
    We do not lean on the institution to accomplish our transformation for us, but rather, accept that responsibility as our own.
    No religious institution is capable of transforming us. That is our own individual task
  • 8. Mysticism and Contemplation
    Requires that we listen deeply to the “inner voice” , and HEAR the voice of Spirit
    Let me hear !!
  • 9. MYSTICISM & Transformation
    There is a transformation of character that slowly takes root in the person’s identity, becoming firmly established in one’s behavior, in the way he or she treats others, especially the most vulnerable.
    The transformed character conforms to love, compassion, kindness, mercy, and sensitivity.
    This sensitivity is a vast kind of awareness that sees, feels, and intuits the conditions of others, regarding them as precious.
  • 10. The 9 Vows of Interspirituality
    l.  I vow to actualize and live according to my full moral and ethical capacity  2. I vow to live in solidarity with the cosmos and all living beings3. I vow to live in nonviolence4. I vow to live in humility5. I vow to embrace a daily spiritual practice6. I vow to cultivate mature self-knowledge7. I vow to live a life of simplicity8. I vow to live a life of selfless service and compassionate action9. I vow to express the deepest realization of my inner practice through the prophetic call to work for justice, compassion and world transformation
    - Brother Wayne Teasdale; The Mystic Heart
  • 11. Dalai Lama
    “ We have a universal responsibility to change the course of history, to guide it in a more positive direction, a universal order that works for the welfare of the whole of humankind, and all sentient beings.
    Such a civilization with a heart, a planetary society animated by the deepest values of the human family--selfless love; compassion; kindness; can become an actuality even in our lifetimes if we are willing to work for it.
    If we Let the Love…wash over us !
  • 12. Are we willing to work for it??
    How would you describe your “flavor” of spirituality?
    How is spirituality transforming your life?
    Have you had what you would call mystical experiences?
    How are you transforming society in some small way on your spiritual journey?