Quick case for operationalizing social media


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  • (SAP manages 86% of the world’s athletic footware or 70% of the worlds chocolate production or 72% of the worlds beer production . . . Now, when I start think of my company in terms of beer and chocolate, that’s sexy . . .Now, in regards to social media . . .
  • Not only is our footprint large, as you would expect from a larger global company, but our growth is phenomenal . . .talk to stats . . .Now, this isn't an SAP infomercial . . .But it is important to understand where we are coming from to help explain our team’s role. We were not getting the word out about how SAP is changing and we have 47 products that did not have any discipline on how to approach social media – so, we candidly, had as many failures as we had successes . .
  • SB: OK, Todd, you have this broken down into 4 key steps on how you all managed this, correct? Audit the company, develop practices, pilot, replicate programs.Listen to every storyEveryone’s input made it into our key learningsEven failures . . . !!(My talk with discuss the audit process. I will make this relatable by talking about how to do this in their org and where it fits into their understanding of social . . . .)
  • Tweak existing programs with new strategyLaunch new pilotsSergio – this is key for us. Let’s discuss on the call how to interact for this section to tell the pilot story – referencing CFOknowledge.
  • Prioritize: company objectives, chance of success, resource constraints, etc.Recruit help: Champions ProgramTraining and Documentation: Playbooks
  • SB: Questions that lead Todd to share anecdotes about results in addition to quantifiable data.We have three ways to talk about results. You saw the big picture data of SAP, but let’s look at this from a more “humanizing the brand” perspective. Our programs yielded playbooks and training programs for us, but it also led to some great results – both in sheer numbers and in anecdotal information. We were recognized at shows as the “guys in the videos” or go requests to teach lunch and learn webinars, we saw an increase in press coverage and now are sought after from NYT, WSJ, BusinessWeek, CFO.com, etc.They key here is we built trust into the market . . . (Todd – please suggest questions or comments I can use to support your narrative)
  • Quick case for operationalizing social media

    1. Operationalizing Social Media:How to successfully replicate social media practicesaround the globeTodd WilmsSr Director, Social Media Audience Marketing
    2. Email in 72 hours: Toddwilms.comTwitter: @toddmwilmsPersonal Blog:www.Forbes.blogs.com/sap/todd-wilms
    3. SAP Customer Facts… Over 54,000 employees in 128 countries provide . . . >50% >72% >86% >70% of the world’s athletic of the world’s of the world’s of the world’s footwear provided packages couriered chocolate production beer production >30 million >2 million >77,000 households use energy people work more automobiles more responsibly with safely using People manufactured per Smart Grid solutions Safety solutions day
    4. The Social DNA of SAP • 83,000 fans • 11,500 followers • 36,000 video• 70,000 followers • 600% increase views in 2011 • 250k page views in• 178,000 page YoY in fans 2011 views in 2011 • 110% increase YoY in fans SAP Community Network: 2.5M members 20k new per month 4,000 new blog posts per day
    5. SAP’s challengeMaking 47 products and 28 industries in 128 countries successful in the social media world. 5
    6. Step 1: Review your social history 6
    7. Step 2: Develop replicable best practices Develop THE framework your programs 1. Know yourself, 2. Develop the right goals and objectives, 3. Find your audience (aka social listening), 4. Set the right metrics and set them early, 5. Think “long term” for social, 6. Sell Up and Down into the organization, and 7. Know that “social is not the answer to every question.”@socialb2p 7
    8. Step 3: Tweak/launch pilots 8
    9. Step 4: Replicate process everywhere 9
    10. Results Metrics Repeatable Anecdotal 1576 Twitter • Blogging Playbook • Interviews with followers • Listening Playbook NYT, WSJ, Busines 7,500 monthly page sWeek, Forbes, CF • Content Playbook views O, etc. • Two new Pilots Brand stats (slide • “You are the „video 4) guys‟” • Lunch and Learn network • Personal requests @socialb2p 10