Does Celebrity Equate Success?


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Does Celebrity Equate Success?

  1. 1. HOME WELCOME WHAT IS EMPOWER NETWORK? VISION LEADERSHIP SYSTEM Subscribe to RSSGET MONEY CONTACT THOMAS AMAL THOMASAMAL.COMDoes Celebrity Equate Success?by Amal | on May 31, 2012 0 Tweet Does Celebrity Equate Success?While reading the latest addition of Forbes, the stories relating to celebrity 100 is featured. Itmentions current stars such as Justin Bieber and his multimillion investments within numerouscompanies (a young venture capitalist of sorts). How about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Go Daddy!becoming the biggest action hero with new movies and his ability to revive movies thatstaggered before him. Grossing over $2.3 billion globally, that number will probably double in lessthan 5 years.Doesn’t it make you wonder where all this money comes from? How is it that there are so manypeople unemployed, struggling to eat or have the basic necessities of life but celebrities arecontinuing to cash in massive sums yearly. It’s rather unbelievable that in this day in time, wespend this way.The June 4, 2012 issue states that since his debut three years ago Bieber has sold 15 million converted by
  2. 2. albums, grossing $150 million on 157 tour dates across two dozen countries alongthe way. His biopic, Never Say Never, pulled in $30 million on its opening weekend,just shy of the concert-film record, and racked up $100 million at the box office intotal. His fragrance, Someday, debuted last June and did $60 million in retail salesduring its first six months on the market. Those income streams helped Bieber Postspersonally earn an estimated $55 million over the past 12 months and $108 millionover the past two years. Look Who’s Telling Big Brother Enough IsJennifer Lopez brought in $52 million from sales of her music, cosmetics, touring, television, etc. EnoughTiger $58 million, Lady Gaga $52 million, Steven Spielberg $130, Howard Stern $95 million, I cango on and on because the amounts in millions is overwhelming. Is Philanthropy The End Result Of Wealth? Only For The Wealthy.. What Is A Celebrity? Ideas Of What Not To Do In Order To Have A Productive Day Online Shopping, Its Advantages And WhyIt’s a famous or well know person, simple. Who makes a celebrity a celebrity? Is it the It’s Become So Popularpowers that be? Or the fans? Actually I’ve always believed that in a world of followers or thoseeasily lead a person can actually become a celebrity overnight. All that’s needed is the right Ways to Obtain Money Fast With The Use Ofperson or people to market you, talent is the least of concern, marketing is king. The Internet While At HomeWho doesn’t remember “where’s the beef?” or “588-2300 Empire” or when you make a copypeople recently stop saying “Xerox this page please..” See, it’s all in the marketing, these are justthree quick examples of marketing campaigns well over 20 years old. It’s a conscious play totickle a individual’s mindset not only for activity now but it’ll be remembered in the future action. Get Started Now!It’s brilliant. *Email Success…Is It The End Result? start nowAchieving or attaining heights be it financially, status wise, in the entertainment industry, orobtaining a favorable outcome is the basis of success. It’s the ultimate objective, gaining successin whatever the task is. Money isn’t always the genesis. Think about it, who wants to be theconstant failure, who wants to live with the shame of no achievement, no one. It’s more thaninstant gratification, it’s more than petty competition, it’s so much more, it actually kisses theentire community of self. Success is all mental, success is ongoing, non stopping, it’s aplethora of events which accomplishment is derived.Be smart, think before action and go for it. So I guess that with all stated celebrity does equalsuccess but on different levels. What level are you? What level do you want to be on? Only theindividual can answer those questions. Well let me go think about my successful celebrity life butfirst I have to figure out the best way to pay a few bills.Now is the time to display your creativity and writing skills, let us know what youthink pertaining to anything, click here. Can you believe that saving money is thiseasy? See what I did and you should to, here. Is there anyone that doesn’t shop?Does anyone like to make money? How about shopping and meanwhile makemoney? This is unbelievable, check it out here. converted by
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