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Destiny saga complete presentation pdf


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  • 1. A Tale of Two Princes, Reality and Visions Created by Rochard Scott
  • 2. Hosted by The Fates of Destiny The Boy The Lost Child
  • 3. We are “The Fates of Destiny”, two beings who watch over and record every moment of history within The Destiny Saga. The Boy represents all that is positive in the Saga, while The Lost Child represents everything negative. We are eternal enemies as well as the key to marketing The Destiny Saga.
  • 4. “We are also characters that are bothplayed by the writer and creator of The Destiny Saga, Rochard Scott.”“But for now, let’s keep in character until Part Five, shall we?”
  • 5. “Before we get into the particulars of this epic tale, we’d like to give you a fundamental idea of what we have in mind for this artistic venture…”
  • 6. “The Destiny Saga’s initial conflict is a story about its major characters fighting a being named Chaos who wants to drivemankind insane because he feels it is our true nature. And if he can’t achieve that goal…”
  • 7. …He will wipe out all of existence… because he loves us.
  • 8. “Within this story of our heroes versus Chaos , TheDestiny Saga will be able to expand its tales into many different media outlets such as novels, television shows, video games, comic books, and films. It will also extend itself into digital media, social networks, and apps. There will be eventual stageperformances and YouTube events to market the Sagawhile maintaining its artistic integrity… because if wedon’t give our fan base something to care about while we generate revenue, whatever business model we decide on will not be able to sustain itself.” This is a multimedia universe…with the novel as its hub.
  • 9. “This presentation is to primarily give you the potential of this intellectual property and the highlevel of return on your investment due to the nearly limitless amount of story and integrity that can be used to create strong art/product. We are the storytellers with a respectful mind on the importance of taking business very seriously, so wefigured the best way to come at this potential venture with you would be to come at it creatively and not with a sterile and cold explanation. Discussions about how we go about achieving our mutual goals can come after if you decide that you want to work with us.”
  • 10. “The Destiny “…and thenSaga’s after allstoryline is that, we’lldivided into 4 get intoseparate eras who we arewith their and what’sown our artisticdistinctive andstyle and marketingflavor. purpose is pertainingWe’ll explain to Thethem in Saga.chronologicalorder with So now,some notes as withoutwe go along…” any further ado…”
  • 11. “According to The DestinySaga universe, at thebeginning of Earth’s time,there was but one landcalled Pangaea.And the people therelived in perfect harmony.It would be the first and, “Of course it couldn’tunfortunately, the last last, Peace Boy!time human beings What else do youwould have a Utopia…” expect from humans? There was this battle between two beings called ‘The Creator’ and “The Destroyer.’ They went by many other names, but those work for me, so let’s continue…”
  • 12. The Terra Warriors“ The conflictbetween the twobeings caused a greatdivide between amother and adaughter. Harmenewas the first angelever created andserved The Creatorand her daughter,Melede, joined TheDestroyer andbecame the firstdemon in history.”
  • 13. Melede Has a Plan“Melede suggests toThe Destroyer thatshe and a few otherdemons go down toEarth and corruptthe supercontinentof Pangaea. TheDestroyer agrees andthe demons set shopin the center of theEarth and they buildThe Dark City ofYangde.”
  • 14. Harmene Goes After Her Daughter“Harmene learnsabout her daughter’splan to corrupthumanity, so shetakes some angelswith her down toEarth to build TheLight City of Anyinto combat Melede’sassault on humanity.Demons can neverhave any fun…”
  • 15. “This war onEarthbetweenmother anddaughter “Since theylasted for so were spirituallong that beings, theythey all could only dobecame battle in theknown as minds of menTerra and women.Warriors. This conflictThis name was to bedifferentiated known as ‘Thethemselves Battle offrom the Conscience’.”angels anddemonsfighting TheWar inHeaven.”
  • 16. “We’ll pause at this point before moving on to explain the storytelling possibilities up to this point. You can many stories about the conflict between Harmene and Melede and how their falling out affected the other angels and demons following their orders on Earth. You can parallel these battles with various stories of the Pangean citizens and how they struggle with the new concept of having a conscience. I bring this up to keep in mind that not all of the stories in The Destiny Saga need to have world ending ramifications and involve the main characters. You can have everyday dramas and morality plays in a fantasy setting… but with warring angels and demons!The Boy Now the major villain wants to introduce himself…”
  • 17. “I started off as just a being made of pure ‘energy’ observing the citizens of Pangaea until, one day, I came across the terrible conflict of those TerraChaos Warriors. It was unfair to give those poor humans a conscience. But the Utopia that those humans were living in was an even bigger lie. So I became a man and decided to release humanity from the poison of structure and community. Your minds should be free to do whatever it pleases, whenever it pleases. And If you can’t do that… I’ll put you out of your horrible misery. It’s the least I can do for you.”
  • 18. “So you can see that that Chaos guyis a pretty upstanding individualthat needs to be punched in themouth. I guess Harmene and Melede agreedwith me because they knew thatChaos was a threat to their plans.They had been on Earth so long thatthey developed a taste of power andnow wanted to dethrone The Creatorand The Destroyer and rule all ofexistence for themselves.They crowned themselves queens oftheir respective factions and tookmajor action to get rid of Chaos…” The Lost Child
  • 19. “But Linkera didn’t want that life…so he escaped to Pangaea…”“…because they knewonly a human couldhurt Chaos. So theygave him the addedstrength of both “And he fell in love with a womanangels and demons…” named Seraph.”
  • 20. Her father was a Her brother was aminister named Calm minister named Carious
  • 21. “Chaos tried to convert “…but Seraph could nother to insanity…” be turned so…”
  • 22. He murdered her.
  • 23. CariousCalm handled his loss handled his with prayer… loss by questioning everything around him… Linkera handled his loss by returning to his duty to defeat Chaos…
  • 24. But none of them knew that theQueens were up to something thatwould change the Earth forever…
  • 25. “The outcome ofthat battlecreates thesecond era ofThe DestinySaga.But before we goon, I’ll let my “Thank you,nemesis wrap Peace Boy!things up here.” (There’s not gonna be too much more of you ordering me around, jackass.) So I’ll recap over in the next slide. Follow me…”
  • 26. Recap of “The Linkera/Chaos Era:“1. The simplest way to describe this era is to call it a spiritualKung fu-ish epic.2. What I mean by Kung Fu-ish is that Linkera creates the firsthand to hand fighting form in a Utopian society.3. He needs those skills to fight off Chaos’ minions who arecalled Legion. They are the people that Chaos converted.4. And, finally, Calm and Carious become men with spiritualpowers due to the familial bond they have with Linkera. Theywill be known as Mystics.And now that we have all that out of the way, we can move onto the second era which is better known as…”
  • 27. “In this second era of The Destiny Saga,the themes of spirituality and duty arejoined by the concepts of friendship and„the price of ambition.‟After the outcome of the previous conflictbetween the Terra Warriors, Chaos, andLinkera, the Saga‟s universe opens upbeyond that of Earth and the Solar Systemthrough a mode of transportation whichwe call THE PORTANEXUS.But before we continue with the ongoingstoryline, The Lost Child will break downhow the Portanexus works and thestoryline possibilities that willdifferentiate this era from the previousLinkera/Chaos Era.”
  • 28. The Portanexus…or “How to get around in The Destiny Saga.”
  • 29. “Way back before the creation of Earth, The Creator and The Destroyer made several other realmsbefore deciding to create the Solar System and human beings. These other realms had species that were able to visit each other by their mutual ability to open the Portanexus to visit each other.Humans beings do not have this ability to use the Portanexus.”
  • 30. When the “War in Heaven” ended and The Creator found out about The Terra Queensviolation of his rules on opening the Portanexus,he exacted a serious punishment on the wannabe “rulers of existence”…
  • 31. But the punishment of the Terra Queens is a storyfor another time…We‟re here for the Portanexus mind you. 
  • 32. “Since the damage wasalready done, TheCreator allowedLinkera, Mystic Calm,and Mystic Carious tosearch for the person(or people) who coulddestroy Chaos once andfor all.During this time theycame across newspecies in these distinctrealms calledSECONDARYBEINGS.”
  • 33. “In The Destiny Saga, there is a belief among theSECONDARY BEINGS that humans were created inthe image of „God.‟This belief that humans are closer in image to God thanthe other species earns humanity the title of beingPRIMARY BEINGS (aka HOLY BEINGS) who live inin the PRIMARY REALM (aka The Solar System).All the other realms are called SECONDARY REALMSinhabited by SECONDARY BEINGS who try to livetheir lives positively in the hopes to become human inanother life to be closer to „God.‟Who gave the SECONDARY BEINGS this beliefsystem?That is a very interesting question.”
  • 34. “Now that we‟ve shown you that The Destiny Saga can go beyond Earth to give us tales beyond the initial Linkera/Chaos conflict, we‟ll give you a few examples of these Secondary Beings. This will give you a clearer idea of what type of imagery and stories that will separate the flavor of this era from the previous one. If the Linkera/Chaos Era could be described as a „quasi-biblical kung fu epic‟, then this era could best beThe Boy described as „The Avengers meet King Arthur and the Knights of the Round.‟”
  • 35. The Netrel from theSecondary Realm ofNetra-Six.“For example, these are theNetrel. They are a speciesthat have artificial bodiesthat look human. They live inthe realm of Netra-Six whichis located through thePortanexus gate of Neptune.Each known planet in theSolar System is namedbecause it‟s discovered thatthey are really gates to theother realms. So Neptune isthe gate to Netra-Six.And the tales from this realmare Sci-Fi flavored because ofthe Netrels‟ advancedtechnology.”
  • 36. The Harmens of theSecondary Realm ofHarmor Ari“The Harmens are a Secondaryrace that are actually beingsmade of blue light (note theblue lights floating in thebackground of the picture).They inhabit organic bodiesthat they can operate (note theblue light in the chests of thebodies). They use these bodiesto talk with other speciesbecause their energy formscan‟t communicate withoutthem.The planet Harmor Ari isconnected to the gate ofSaturn. The stories of theHarmens can besteampunk/gothic. “
  • 37. The Terrans from theSecondary Realm ofTerra Casia“Also known as the GoldenPeople, the Terrans live inTerra Casia and are a peoplewhose primary business is inluxury and romantic getaways.Their culture can best bedescribed as Techno-Egyptianwith their massive pyramidsand airships that are similar toEarth luxury liners.The Secondary Realm of TerraCasia is connected to the gateof Mercury. Their stories canbe romantic with a dash ofclass warfare because of theirrelationship the other speciesthat lives on Terra Casia, theCait (aka the Silver People).”
  • 38.  Earth- Primary Realm  Uranus- Karussh Jupiter- Fegra  Pluto- The Retrolands Venus- Giradia  Neptune- Netra-Six Mercury- Terra Casia  Undiscovered- Mars- Secrit Tresh Torimaru  Undiscovered- Seara Karr
  • 39. So now that we‟ve established the concepts of the Portanexus and the Secondary Realms, we can wrap this portion of the presentation with the main plot of “The First Elite Era”.
  • 40. This team is known as “The Elite.”
  • 41. The Elite‟s tales of honor and integritywill be mostly told through the eyes ofthe people they are protecting and how the Elite‟s influence affects their personal lives. These citizen tales run along the tragedy of the Elite‟s optimism andidealism being destroyed solely by the fact that, no matter what they do, the universe is not going to change…But maybe it will take another version of the Elite to make a difference? …And we now move on to the 3rd storyline of The Destiny Saga…
  • 42. Part 3: The Second Elite Era
  • 43. “And now we come to the era that our fan base will first be introduced to, The Second Elite Era. Right now we have ‘The Destiny Saga: The Two Princes’ out as an eBook on Kindle and NOOK. ‘The Two Princes’ is the first part of the full novel, ‘Children of Chaos’ which should be out in late Winter 2012/early Spring 2013. ‘Children of Chaos’ serves as not only a complete story in its own right but it is also a mission statement and the hub for the entire Destiny Saga…” So let’s take a look at theThe Boy illustrations for the three parts of ‘Children of Chaos’”
  • 44. The Three Books of ‘Children of Chaos’ “Now let’s get on with the main plot…”
  • 45. After The Elite dissolved and went back to their respectiverealms, Chaos somehow regained his memory and startedpreparations to return to Earth to save humanity from thedisease he called Sanity.But he needed more than his Legion to achieve this goal,so he found a weak spot he could exploit in the SecondaryRealm of Fegra in order to gain control of their powerfulmilitary…
  • 46. He used Lord Cat Tiamano to help him take over TheFegarian Army. This army has an member that you might remember from the last era in their ranks… Lord Cat Tiamano
  • 47. … ex-Elite member Tigra Brosmate who was now a member ofthe Fegarian Army’s High Command better known as…
  • 48. … The Baron Four of Fegra. “ And now for the role call…”
  • 49. “At the fore front of the Baron Four is their Commander, Baron Claw. He isa man who is loyal to the Fegarian Army and the laws of the realm.”
  • 50. “Next you have the half-breed, Baron Stealth. He is the greatesthunter that Fegra has ever known because of both his Fegarian and Giradian genes.”
  • 51. “Then you have Baron Panthra Harlequin, a pretty boy with a twisted sense of humor who is now married to…
  • 52. “…Baroness Tigra Harlequin. The woman who once fought against Chaos’army is now serving the madman that rules her homeland now. But why?
  • 53. Chaos orders The Fegarians to attackThe Kingdom of “Old” France on Earth. This kingdom is ruled by one of Baroness Tigra’s old Elite allies, King Shard Destine.
  • 54. “King Shard Destine, his wife ,Queen Serena, and his son, Prince Torell, tried to fend off the Fegarianattack, but the young prince became separated from his family and kingdom until…” Queen Serena King Shard Dismara- Destine Destine Prince Torell Destine
  • 55. “… Mystic Calm brought the exiled young prince to the Secondary Realm ofGiradia, home to the final ex-member of the Elite and his family…”
  • 56. “…King Umbrage (the warrior formerly known as Vintage), his wife Queen Incense…” King Umbrage Queen Incense
  • 57. “…and their sons, Prince Rampage and Successor Contemn.Prince Rampage Successor Contemn
  • 58. “But after a tragic “Mystic Calm situation on thought, that by Giradia, the fate of bringing Prince the two princes, Torell Destine to Torell and Giradia, the exiled Rampage, would prince could be lead them far into protected by The the future… and Giradian Army. But back on Earth.the Fegarians struck once again… “ To be more specific, the town of Piersdale, NJ circa 1995…”
  • 59. “…where they would meet up with these three unique individuals…”Rachel Fairs, editor-in-chief Lt. Carlos “Rain” Morales, Karen Weathers, a followerand owner of the newspaper, member of a secret military of Linkera. She’s tasked The Blazing Sun. A woman group created by Mystic with being the bodyguard with a strange recurring Calm to the boy that appears on dream. the next slide.
  • 60. “… and Terrell Dest, an 18 year old with a connection to both princes and Chaos himself.”
  • 61. What is the ultimate destiny of “The Two Princes?”
  • 62. “This portion of “In the Childrenthe Destiny Saga of Chaos novel,is meant to it is importantshow the public that it ends thethat there are Chaos storylinenot only fantasy and headsaspects to this towards thestory but also future with mostmodern loose ends tiedsensibilities. up because theThis will make it style and texturea somewhat of the fourth andeasier sell final era ismarketing wise unlike the otherfor those not three and weinto straight consider it thefantasy.” most ambitious of them all…”
  • 63.  This tale is focused on Carlos Morales’ daughter,Carmen Morales, a girl in a hip hop/rock band. Music is a HUGE theme in this era and will be used inMANY different ways. The Fates of Destiny take center stage in this eraafter being behind the scenes for the other eras. On the surface, this era may seem skewed towardsyoung people, but adults will be able to read betweenthe lines. There is a definite ending to the Saga here. There is a link between Carmen and Linkera thatsyncs up the entire Saga thematically.
  • 64. Part 5: The Fates of Destiny
  • 65. The concept of “The Fates of Destiny” is a simple one: Positive Energy vs. Negative Energy
  • 66. The color scheme is very simple; the symbolism is deceptively simple: “The Boy” wears a black shirt with white lettering with blue jeans. “The Lost Child” wears a white shirt with black lettering and blue jeans. The colors of black and white between the two characters and how they wear them stay consistent but, thematically, they are supposed to be mirror images of each other. By maintaining these three colors (black, white & blue) for the Fates, we maintain a uniform color scheme for marketing the Saga.
  • 67. Anatomy of “The Boy” Part 1: “I wear glasses to“I use a sword for symbolize clarity.”defense againstThe Lost Child. Ihate violence, but I “The blue thathave to protect I wearmyself.” represents hope.”“Any words that “I don‟t wearappear on my shoes becauseshirts have to that representshave positive the primalconnotations.” nature of humanity‟s positive ideas.”
  • 68. Anatomy of “The Boy” Part 2:“My nemesis “This rock-and I have a starish part ofrock-starish our nature will quality to play into the our nature. music theme of There‟s a the fourth era playful nicely.quality to the both of us. This also allows the I‟m more marketingvirtuous and imagery to be he‟s more more kinetic sadistic.” and fun rather than droll and overly serious.”
  • 69. Anatomy of “The Boy” Part 3: “As far as being a “…there are infinite marketing tool opportunities forgoes, I‟m not only promotion and a character that exposure for both Rochard plays, writer and The Destiny which puts the Saga. author into the And the best thingspotlight uniquely, about this course ofbut with YouTube action is that it all clips, stage reinforces the themesperformances, and of the Saga at the sameusing social media time. like Twitter to We maintain artistic maintain integrity while character…” providing a unique marketing strategy.”
  • 70. Anatomy of “The Lost Child” Part 1: “I wear sunglasses to symbolize deception and“My weapons are called sais. secrecy.”Their dangerous look goes in line with my destructiveattitude towards everything.” “The blue that I wear represents the sadness of humanity‟s destructive behavior.” “My shirtsshould always have negative wording etched on them.” “And, like my goody two shoes enemy, I am too shoeless because that represents the primal nature of hate and anger.”
  • 71. Anatomy of “The Lost Child” Part 2: “My good twin only has one form because he“Since I representsrepresent stability, but mydeception and ability to shiftdestruction, I‟m between forms isalso a shape symbolic of myshifter.” duplicity. This is my “male” form which will always be played by Rochard.
  • 72. Anatomy of “The Lost Child” Part 3:“This is my female “This will allowform…which will for morealways be played interactionlive by a female between me(sorry, no cross and “The Boy”dressing).” when it comes to live performances.”
  • 73. Anatomy of “The Lost Child” Part 4: “This form“This is my can befinal form, my played byshadow form… dancersotherwise either maleknown as „It‟.” or female in a black body suit.”
  • 74. Anatomy of “The Lost Child” Part 5: “As usual, “The reason why Rochard has to The Boy and I haveplay his creative such immature cards close to names is that, his chest beyond our because there creator‟s aging, in are some print and digital interesting we are forever events that we young…can pull off with this marketing …and we alsotechnique that is represent a storyline unto humanity‟s itself.” immaturity both ways…”
  • 75. The Relationship between Creator and Alter-Egos:“To maintain a “…but this whole entirelack of confusion enterprise will alsobetween us as showcase Rochard ascharacters and versatile ,which willRochard as allow for his standingartist, there will as a storyteller whonever be any of dabbles in any creativethose cheesy form that allows forinterviews in storytelling.character. TheFates are just a I hope he proved thatunique way to to you by thisconnect with the distinctive way ofaudience on an explaining his creationartistic level…” using two fictional characters such as ourselves…”
  • 76. The Purpose of “The Fates”“At the end of the day, our “We can use the otherongoing battle can be used characters in the Saga to visually (and eventually, interact with us in print sonically) to reveal ads and animated media upcoming plotlines, to express the conflict inthemes, and events for the each storytelling Saga. medium whether it‟s for a novel, video game, TV In The Destiny Saga, the show, or film.way we work is that we can set up situations but the But the point of The characters have free will. Fates, beyond „The Fates‟ are more marketing, is to explore representations of ideas Rochard‟s positives andthan actual living beings. It negatives alongside should work the same way society‟s positives and for marketing as well.” negatives.”
  • 77. And now to completely break character… I hope that you enjoyed the way I presented the potential of “The DestinySaga” and that it may peak your interest to want to work with me. I know inmy gut that, with the right exposure, this creative endeavor can survive long term financially, socially, and, most importantly, spiritually. Of course there is far more to talk about, but I hope that you consider working with me and on the next slide there is information on how to contact me and learn more about the Saga. Thank you for your time. -Rochard Scott, Storyteller
  • 78. For more information and to contact me: Destiny Saga Website Destiny Saga Encyclopedia
  • 79. Thanks Again!