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  1. 1. REORIENTATIONS Planting a tree Inhabiting a factory Hijacking a train Keeping the garages and inviting a new program Make contact with wa- ter Inteventions I have made seven proposals of actions that could be done in order to improve Murmansk. Key words for my interven- Putting up a “tent “ in tions are ecological processes,creativity and innovation the garden and diversity. In all interventions have I focused on temporality both in a longterm sense and shortterm. Hopefully my actions will develop further by themselves, improving life in Murmansk for both humans, landscape and wildllife.
  2. 2. Bird´s nest Lightway express Applefarm Kiwifruit backyard Flexi Factory Pier Garage rock and Art Studios Intervention mapRoads and railway 4-9 storey buildings, schools and hotels Single houses and 2-3 storey buildings Garages Houses not for living
  3. 3. GARAGEROCK AND ARTSTUDIOSThe unique garages of Murmansk has a long history though there is being built one youth house today.and are special to the russians not only because of I am suggesting that determined youth from mur-their appearance, but because of the many activities mansk could be handed a garage as a studio forand gatherings that have taken place there since the whatever crea-tive field they are pursuing.70s. Sadly, a lot of them are being thorn down todayto make place for parking houses. Fewer garage Art, music and creativity are some of the keyowners use their garage in the social way they used stones in a society.The garages are quite easilyto before. moved, so they can move them and shape the outside area after own preferences.But even though the garages are loosing its previousprogram, they have too many positive sides to It is not sure how this project would develop overremove them completely from the city. time, but hopefully there would be more creative, happy youth, maybe with initiative to make culturalThe offers for youth in Mutmansk are very few, even and social changes in the city.
  4. 4. BARENTSFJORD PIERToday most of the coast in Mur- In the wintertime the water freeze.mansk is not available for the citi- Then the Pier turns out as a waitingzens. bench for people ice skating down the fjord.I want people to get better contact Bird´s nestwith the fjord. The pier can be built longer and change after needs. Maybe we findI have made a pier that goes out more about the fish and seals sostraight out on the fjord and goes that we can adapt it more to theirdown into the water. needs.From the end point you can sit and By making some of traffic throughwatch the city from afar. the dock, I hope this can make the coast more available for the citizens.If the ocean is clean enough for thesalmon one can fish or take a bathand watch birds and people sailing.
  5. 5. APPLEFARM People sitting between the trees, eating applesAfter doing research and finding out that apple trees, allthough notthe same type in the south, do grow in the Arctic, I figured why notplant one here in Murmansk, right next to the road for cars?Maybe this could expand, attracting birds and wildlife, and thepeople of Murmansk would harvest it and make cider, like a newHardanger?On this collage I have also made a bigger space for vulnerable roadusers, so that people easily could be either skiing in the winter orbicycling in the summer.
  6. 6. THE KIWIFRUIT BACKYARD WAKING PEOPLE UP FROM THEIR “SLEEP” BY ART MAKE PEOPLE THINK “ MAKE VISIBLE THE INVISIBLEMost of the huge building blocks in the inner while in the winter, the snow on the net makecity has no green area and no place for the walls and roof like an iglo, and the naked THE WAY THE CITY IS, IS NOT A MUST, THEY AREpeople living there to meet and children to trees create diverse spaces. The organic INDEED FREE AND CAN DO WHATEVER WE WANTplay. grains softens the hard concrete block sur- rounding it.This is a space that changes vastly all year round with the plants, it can THE UGLY TRUTH; DON´T CLOSE YOUR EYES TO IT. IT ISI have made a proposal for a half inside-, halfoutside garden placed in the middle of the also be ajusted mechani-cally by changing A REASON WHY WE FEEL BAD REALISING REALITY, ANDbackyard. Suggestion for plants are the arctic the wires keepin it up. THAT IS BEACAUSE IT IS WRONGkiwi, arctic berries and other fruit. “he ArcticBeauty Kiwi is a native of Russia. It it is ableto withstand temperatures of -40 degrees andit grows equally well in sun or shade, how-ever to get the brightest colors it is best toplant it in a sunny spot. Tthey naturally attractbutterflies and hummingbirds.”The building materials are fishnets on whichthe plants grow.The whole structure is easilyadjusted to make new spaces and facilitatethe plants growth.In spring, summer andautumn it is a blossoming flower and fruitfest,
  7. 7. FLEXI FACTORYMuch due to the declining popu- area etc. With a couple of handylation, Mur-mansk have a lot of hands one can easily trans-formempty and decaying build-ings. it into almost anything.By findingMany of these can become a new program for one of them,usable by only a little work. there is a reason for people toThese buildings have char-acter hang out on this industrual partand make unique spaces.I have of the city which is heterogenicmade a new program in one of and full or surprises.As a furtherthe empty factories on the development I hope that peoplecoastal side of the city. The pro- can see the potensial in the oldgram is actually anything from before building something com-con-serts, markets, exhibition pletely new.
  8. 8. MURMANSK EXPRESSMurmansk has many traintracks. I have made use ofan unused one and turned it into a different kindtravelling for murmansk citizens. It is faster, moreeco-friendly than cars and more fun.It connects my other interventions in the city.
  9. 9. BIRDS NESTThe idea of the birds nest is to incourage people to go out of the cityand and see the surrounding nature and wildlife.It is mainly a pathway out of the city which ends up on a mountaintopnearby.The path is easy on the landscape.It can easily change direc-tion and spread out grains.The current endstop is a viewpoint where one can look at the cityfrom afar, with a birds view, without any enormous statues next toyou.