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SemaRule Navigator: An Open-Source Framework for Semantic and Text Analysis Applications

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Wouldn't it be nice if they all played together nicely? You know... Jena, Lucene, HermiT, Joseki, Pellet, Python, JavaScript, BeanShell, Prolog, OWL API, SPARQL, SWRL... your stuff... the whole......

Wouldn't it be nice if they all played together nicely? You know... Jena, Lucene, HermiT, Joseki, Pellet, Python, JavaScript, BeanShell, Prolog, OWL API, SPARQL, SWRL... your stuff... the whole gang. SemaRule Navigator leads the way and it's Open Source!

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  • 1. SemaRule Navigator An Open-Source Framework for Semantic and Text Analysis Applications
  • 2. This presentation provides a cursory glimpse of the core SemaRule Navigator Architecture and supported SemaRule Discovery applications
  • 3. SemaRule Navigator Architecture is based on processing-unit plugins providing a wide range of semantic capabilities:
    • Publishing of Federated Queries via a single Semantic Query Server (SPARQL Endpoint) with the option to improve performance by persisting federated data in a Semantic Warehouse
    • 4. Using Rules and advanced OWL 2 Reasoning to perform data transforms, knowledge discovery, policy monitoring, etc.
    • 5. Integrating unstructured text into Semantic data .
    • 6. Monitoring of web pages and RSS feeds.
    • 7. Improving Visibility of underlying data patterns using advanced processing and graphics.
  • 8. SemaRule Navigator supports a number of popular Open-Source and Free-License tools; like these...
      • Semantic Platforms:
          • Jena ,
          • 9. OwlApi ,
          • 10. Franz AllegroGraph Triple Store*
      • Reasoners:
          • HermiT ,
          • 11. Pellet **,
          • 12. AllegroGraph Reasoner
      • JSR-223 Scripting Languages:
          • Bean Shell ( Scripting using the real Java Language)
          • 13. JavaScript ,
          • 14. Jython (Java Python)
      • Full Standalone Language Systems:
          • SWI- Prolog ,
          • 15. CPython (Classic Python)
    *Non-Open Source, free license restricts usage to 50 million triples. **Dual Community/Commercial Licensing model.
  • 16. The SemaRule Navigator Core Platform is provided under the terms of the Apache License, Version 2.0 . A required OWLAPI plugin is provided under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License, Version 3. Optional components are offered under terms consistent with the licensed software used, support, and use. For further information contact [email_address]
  • 17. SemaRule Navigator t argets diverse Information from Spreadsheets (CSV), Legacy RDBs, Semantic Triple Stores, RSS Feeds, to SPARQL Endpoints...
  • 18. SemaRule Navigator addresses real-world deployment needs by running major processing tasks on SemaRule Server hosted on one or more machines. ™
  • 19. SemaRule Server: Under the Hood... SPARQL Endpoint J2EE Servlet External Data Context Resource Context Configuration and Local Data It's Powerful. Processors Processors Processors
  • 20. SemaRule Navigator provides a complete toolkit and it works side-by-side with existing toolkits; either way, you can Venture, Manage, and Maintain better than before Supports Jena and OWLAPI imports from resource context, URLs, and Jena Semantic Datbase Models!
  • 21. Virtual SemaRuleServer (VSS) Runs in the IDE You don't need a dedicated server machine to test!
  • 22. Its Integrated
    • Integrated Development Environment based on Eclipse.
    • 23. Advanced Design-Mode Interactive Bridges support:
    • ApplicationProjects move easily from desktop to server.
    Assemble and Test individual components or an entire SemaRule Server application right from here!
  • 26. Its Modular
    • Processors query, extract, transform, assemble,persist and manage.
    • 27. Processors pass data from one to the next using a ProcessContext structure
    • 28. Processors perform unique tasks, but share a familiar configuration framework.
    Extends with Plugins!
  • 29. Processor Chain Programming Model Simple context-in context-out Processor API Simple Control flow Mechanisms Jena Model OwlApi Ontology test key2values properties Processor A Processor B Processor C Process Decision Process Context It's Simple ;-)
  • 30. Processor Chains
    • Are assembled to perform a bounded analysis task
    • 31. Limited Iteration, essentially gravity- fed, AKA monotonic, Control Flow.
    • 32. No Wait Functions
    • 33. Run in IDE on VSS
    • 34. Good for Federated Query processing
    Basic Tasks
  • 35. The Joseki Connection Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4 :
    • SPARQL Query with Chain and any parameters identified in WHERE clause.
    • 36. Query intercepted and passed to SemaRuleServer which runs the Chain.
    • 37. Resulting Jena Model passed back to Jena to do actual query processing on model.
    • 38. Joseki passes back the results.
    W3C Standards Publishing Joseki Processors Processors Processors SemaRule Server Controller Any SPARQL Client 1 2 4 3
  • 39.
    • Use Finite State Automata to control Processor Chains
    • 40. Handle complex, long running, or continuous tasks
    • 41. Server based engines are controllable from IDE.
    • 42. Test in IDE on VSS.
    • 43. Can share data and synchronize with one another
    • 44. Good for Policy Monitoring , Indexing , and similar complex Analysis Tasks.
    FSA Engines Advanced Tasks
  • 45. SemaRule Navigator supports the Semantic Engineer or Researcher with tools to develop and run on a single workstation...
  • 46. ...and to move solutions into production, fulfilling the ultimate mission: to Inform
  • 47. (It's as easy as 1,2 :- )
    • Download and unzip the latest Eclipse Helios SR1 for Java EE developers.
    • 48. Download and unzip SemaRule Navigator and drop the "eclipse" folder into the Eclipse apltly-named “dropins” folder.
    IDE Installation is easier than π.
  • 49. Server installation almost as easy.
    • Only needed to put application into production.
    • 50. VSS can be used for virtually all testing.
  • 51. RC1 November 01, 2010
    • The 1.00 RC1 version of SemaRule Navigator is now available.
    • 52. RC1 focusses on tooling to support integration of disparate data sources.
    • 53. An extensive set of examples demonstrate step-by-step the development of a federating SPARQL Aggregator Endpoint with free-text search capability. For these and details on supported features, etc.:
    • To download code:
  • 54. Thank You. SemaRule and the SemaRule Navigator Logo are trademarks of Thomas E. Hoge. Oracle and Java are registered trademarks of Oracle and/or its affiliates. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners. Checkout: www.semarule.com Questions? [email_address]