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socialchorus_Value of the Power Middle in Social Marketing
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socialchorus_Value of the Power Middle in Social Marketing


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A 3-Step Guide to Activating Untapped Social Influencers …

A 3-Step Guide to Activating Untapped Social Influencers

Published in: Business, News & Politics

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  • 1. The Leading Social Word-of-Mouth Marketing SolutionThe Value of the Power Middle in Social MarketingA 3-Step Guide to Activating Untapped Social InfluencersGreg Shove @gregshove info@socialchorus.comFounder/CEO
  • 2. Engagement that Scales2Harnessing professional influencers to tellyour story isn’t the best way to reachmillions.Scale and engagement can be achievedwhen working with 100 – 300 Power Middleadvocates.
  • 3. Professional InfluencersHigh Reach. Low Engagement.350K to 1M+ followersRelatively large audiencesLower cost than celebritiesbut…Professional influencer audiences eventually reach a sizewhere active engagement gives way to simply consumingcontent.
  • 4. The Power MiddleLoyal Audience. High Engagement.4Large scale social engagement is increasingly driven by a group ofinfluencers and advocates we call the Power Middle.Smaller, but fiercely loyal audience (500 – 25K social reach)Trusted, niche communities = significantly higher engagement ratescompared to paid and owned media (16x on average)Hundreds of Power Middle Influencers.Tens of thousands of social endorsements.Tens of millions of consumers.
  • 5. A Look at the Numbers5DisplayAdvertisingFacebook(Top 30% of Brands)Power MiddleAdvocates(assuming 100-200)3x theengagement
  • 6. Typical Results6A Power Middle campaign with 100 advocates routinely drives10 endorsements per influencer and delivers 30K to 40K socialendorsements to millions of consumers.
  • 7. Spend Less, Get MoreWith the Power Middle7Editors &CelebritiesThe Power MiddleSocial InfluencersFans & FollowersThe NewPyramid of Influencers
  • 8. 3 Keys to a Successful AdvocateMarketing Campaign8There are 3 important factors in every successful advocate marketingcampaign:
  • 9. Find the RightPower Middle Advocates9Who are the most valuable influencers?Natural storytellers who will:Advocate on behalf of your brandDrive engagementMove the conversation beyond ‘likes’
  • 10. Reach out to Influencersthe Right Way10Establish trustHighlight mutual benefits and valueDon’t waste time – get started!
  • 11. Social CurrencyThe Mutual Value Exchange11Social currency can be divided into five categories:
  • 12. Learn More About theValue of the Power Middle12Social word-of-mouth marketingcontinues to dramatically change howbrands market to consumers.The social influencer landscape isshifting to focus more on engagement.
  • 13. Download the NewSocialChorus E-book Now!13Don’t make the mistakes othershave made.Click here to get all the details fromour ebook on the Value of thePower Middle in Social Marketing.