Welcome To The San Diego Home Energy Professionals


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PDF of slideshow from the first San Diego Home Energy Professionals meetup at CCSE on 6/8/2010.

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Welcome To The San Diego Home Energy Professionals

  1. 1. Double Panes Music Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pezKEkBIhqA Created by Grassfedfilms.org
  2. 2. Welcome to the San Diego Home Energy Professionals PLEASE FIND A SEAT AND INTRODUCE YOURSELF TO A NEIGHBOR
  3. 3. San Diego Home Energy Professionals Thank you!
  4. 4. Who is here? Anyone from CCSE, SDG&E, the City or Counties Business owners Solar Sales and/or Installers Energy Efficiency Consultants (HERS, BPI…) Homeowners Anyone else?
  5. 5. Meeting Outline Welcome and overview of groups goal 5 Quick terms (i.e. Is solar energy efficiency?) Discussion about PACE / AB-811 Split into groups and identify important issues affecting energy professionals in the San Diego area Discuss important issues Discuss ideas for the group
  6. 6. Welcome and Groups goal The San Diego Home Energy Professionals group was created to discuss topics around Energy Conservation and Efficiency in the San Diego region. There is a significant amount of opportunity for businesses to help home owners save energy. Our focus will be the social, political and technical aspects of energy efficiency and conservation. We also hope to support and advocate for energy efficiency in our community. This meetup is open to all. What value can we add to get people involved?
  7. 7. Quick 5 EE Terms Is Solar Energy Efficiency? Efficient energy use, sometimes simply called energy efficiency, is using less energy to provide the same level of energy service. For example, insulating a home allows a building to use less heating and cooling energy to achieve and maintain a comfortable temperature
  8. 8. Quick 5 EE Terms Efficacy The number of lumens produced by a watt used for lighting a lamp. Lighting Efficiency. Cost-effective Having an acceptable payback, return-on- investment, or savings-to-investment ratio.
  9. 9. Quick 5 EE Terms Solar gain Heat from the sun that is absorbed by a building and contributes to the need for cooling. U-factor The amount of heat that will flow through a square foot of building cross-section experiencing a temperature difference of 1 degree F. - From Residential Energy, Krigger & Dorsi
  10. 10. PACE / AB-811 Windfall? Don’t believe all the rumors When is it going to happen?
  11. 11. PACE / AB-811 Property Assessed Clean Energy or “ PACE” programs, also commonly referred to as AB 811 - style programs, allow local government entities to offer sustainable energy project loans to eligible property owners. Through the creation of financing districts, property owners can finance renewable onsite generation installations and energy efficiency improvements through a voluntary assessment on their property tax bills. The assessment district approach adds a powerful new option to the clean energy finance landscape. CCSE’s Role: Facilitator , Educator , Administrator - From Energycenter.org
  12. 12. Where to get more info on PACE CCSE http://energycenter.org/index.php/incentive- programs/pace-property-assesed-clean-energy CaliforniaFirst - http://www.californiafirst.org/ This program will apply to San Diego County
  13. 13. Break into groups Introduce yourself, what you do and why you joined the group Spend a few minutes on the top issues related to energy efficiency that affect you Put together a list of your top 3 and discuss what we can do as a group Select one person from your group to report
  14. 14. What issues did you identify?
  15. 15. Ideas for the group Guest Speakers? Meeting Places? Meeting Times? Meeting Topics?
  16. 16. Upcoming events Movies with Meaning – No Impact Man CCSE at 6pm, Wednesday, June 9th EnergyCenter.org > Outreach & Education > Workshop & Event Calendar Solar Cooking Demo & Cook Off at CCSE's Solar Day CCSE at 9am, Saturday, June 19 Kensington Clean Energy Festival 4121 Adams Ave. San Diego, CA 10:30am – 2:30pm Thanks for coming!