Types of House Extensions


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House extensions are becoming common for many reasons. You can make your existing home more valuable and more practical using these additions. http://www.mtr.net.au

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Types of House Extensions

  1. 1. Types of House Extensions<br />Home extensions can be a great way of adding more value to your living space. There can be other reasons for home extensions as well. For example, addition to the family size leads to more requirement and the present living space might not be enough. Sometimes an older relative wants to live close by and at the same time is looking for some privacy. Granny flats can be an appropriate option in this case. For different reasons, different choices are available for home extensions. You have the choice of extending upwards or outwards. <br />There are certain things that need to be considered when adding extensions to your home, such as Brisbane roofing. The new building materials need to match with your existing materials as closely as possible. It is better to get good professional services of a builder and an architect for this purpose so that the new extension can be easily integrated with the existing house design. It has to appear that it has been there all along. <br />Extension can be made upwards or outwards depending on the space you have. If there is limited garden space then it is better to extend upwards. However, there can be different roofing requirements for upward extensions and outward extensions. When extending upwards, the existing roof might need to be removed and adjustments will have to be made for the house to handle extra pressure of the new construction. Many people at this stage opt to change their existing tile roofs with metal roofs. There are many reasons for this transition. Metal roofs are considered more durable than the tile roofs. When installed in the right manner, these can last for 20 to 50 years. Metal roofs have resistance to fire, mildew, pests and rot. There is also very little requirement for roof repair Brisbane with metal roofs. Metal roofs are lightweight and can also be easily applied to existing roofs without the need to much tear-off. When you are making an addition to your home, the use of metal roofs actually reduces the number of roof support members. It does not take very long to install metal roofs and the procedure is relatively simple. <br />House extensions are a cheaper option than building a new structure altogether. You can add more value and utility to your home by adding home extensions. This can be done in the form of complete granny flats or just simple additions of a few rooms. In any case, you need to make certain considerations while getting the construction done. <br />http://www.mtr.net.au<br />