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  1. 1. i Approval Sheet This study entitled: “COMPARATIVE PERFORMANCE OF BSMTAND BSMAR-E STUDENTS IN MATH” prepared and submitted by BSMT III ca- dets, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for research subjects, has been ex- amined and approved for oral examination. Jose P. Batuigas Adviser PANEL OF EXAMINERS RAUL C. ALVARES, JR., Ed. D. ChairmanGERARDO T. TAÑADA, Ph. D. EDWIN P. BENITEZ, MBA-HRM Member MemberAccepted and approved in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the subject ofResearchCHRISTINE P. SALVADOR MAEd GERARDO T. TAÑADA, Ph. D. Research Instructor Dean of Maritime Studies
  2. 2. ii Table of ContentsTitle: Page:Title Page--------------------------------------------------------------------- iApproval Sheet-------------------------------------------------------------- iiTable of Contents----------------------------------------------------------- iiiDedication-------------------------------------------------------------------- vAcknowledgement---------------------------------------------------------- viChapter 1 Introduction---------------------------------------------------- 1 Statement of the Problems----------------------------------------- 10 Hypothesis----------------------------------------------------------- 11 Theoretical Framework-------------------------------------------- 12 Conceptual Framework-------------------------------------------- 14 Schematic Diagram------------------------------------------------ 15 Scope and Limitation---------------------------------------------- 16 Definition of Terms------------------------------------------------ 17 Significance of the Study------------------------------------------ 18Chapter 2 Review of Related Literatures----------------------------- 20 Foreign Related Literature---------------------------------------- 20 Local Related literature------------------------------------------- 23 Foreign Study------------------------------------------------------- 26 Local Study--------------------------------------------------------- 29Chapter 3 Methodology-------------------------------------------------- 34 Research Design--------------------------------------------------- 34 Subjet/Repondents------------------------------------------------ 34 Validity of Research Instrument-------------------------------- 36
  3. 3. iiiReliability of Research Instrument-------------------------------- 36Data Gathering Procedure------------------------------------------ 36Statistical Tools and Analytical Scheme------------------------- 37Bibliography--------------------------------------------------------- 38Webliography------------------------------------------------------- 39Appendix A---------------------------------------------------------- 40-44 Survey Questionnaire on Comparative Performance of BSMT & BSMar-E in Basic MathAppendix B---------------------------------------------------------- 45 Validation of Independent Observer’s Questionnaire Comparative Performance of BSMT & BSMar-E in Basic MathAppendix C---------------------------------------------------------- 46Interpretation Guide: Validation of Independent Observer’s Questionnaire Comparative Performance of BSMT & BSMar-E in Basic Math----------------------------------------- 47-49 Curriculum Vitae---------------------------------------------------- 50-56
  4. 4. iv DEDICATIONThis project is dedicated to God and to our Parents who have never failed to give us financial and moral support, for giving all our need during the research and forteaching us that even the largest task can be accomplished if it is than one step at a time. And to our teachers who teach us well to accomplish this Research. Mr. & Mrs. Bunsay Mr. & Mrs. Desierto Mr. & Mrs. Lumanog Mr. & Mrs. Aguirre Mr. & Mrs. Huerva Mr. & Mrs. Guillermo Mr. & Mrs. Jallorina
  5. 5. v ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The researchers are truly grateful to the following personalities who extendedtheir effort, time and support all throughout the process of making this work a successfulone: The Almighty God, for his power and blessings who showered upon us to con-tinue and accomplish what have started. Our Mom and Dad, for their endless love and caring in every endeavor wemake. VMA GLOBAL COLLEGE; Ms. Vivien Garasmia and Mrs. Fritzel Taba-que, for the references we borrowed. Mr. Jose P. Batuigas, our adviser for professional guidance and support to makethis study a reality. Ms. Stella Reciado, Assistance Research Officer of VMA GLOBAL COLLEGE,for being our mentor in this endeavor. Our jurors in order to validate and correct our survey questionnaire. Mrs. Christine D. Salvador, our subject instructor for the bodies of knowledgeyou have radiated to us.Thank you very much and God blessed THE RESEARCHER