Dermoid Ovarian Cyst Surgery Warning!


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Got Dermoid Ovarian Cyst problems? Learn what doctors Do Not tell you about ovarian cyst removal.

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  • I had a dermoid ovarian cyst removed about 6 weeks ago. I wasn't aware I had one until I went to the ER because I was in a massive amount of pain. They did emergency surgery and removed the ovary and cyst. This article describes almost exactly all the problems I had after my surgery! I am finally getting back to normal but I still have a lot of pain caused by the surgery. They cut open my whole stomach. The cut is about 7 inches long. I am hearing from other people who had the same surgery their incisions were only an inch or two. I am finding it difficult to understand why mine was so large!
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Dermoid Ovarian Cyst Surgery Warning!

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  2. 2. What Is a Dermoid Ovarian Cyst?An ovarian dermoid is typically a benign cyst that iscommon during a womans reproductive years. Only about1% of dermoids are cancerous and this is generally inwomen over age 40. Whats truly odd about this type oftumor is that it often contains hair, sebaceous glands, bone,muscle fibers, and even teeth.As alarming as this sounds, most dermoids are quiteharmless. But, they can pose a problem if they grow toolarge, twist, or rupture. A ruptured dermoid ovarian cystwill leak out its contents into the abdominal cavity leadingto a potentially life threatening condition known asperitonitis.
  3. 3. What Docs Dont Tell You!There seems to be some secret surrounding this particularsurgery. Maybe doctors do not want to scare off theirpatients. Ive found that many physicians are not entirelyhonest about the amount recovery time required afterovarian cyst removal.Whatever they tell you, it will probably not be entirelyaccurate. Given my experience, I say at least two weeksrecovery for laparoscopic and 6 weeks time for opensurgery. Complications will prolong your recovery time.Heres what Ive found to be the most common aftereffects of dermoid removal....
  4. 4. Expect Lots of BloatingI was shocked by the amount of gas and bloating Iexperienced after surgery. But, it makes sense. Air ispumped into the abdominal cavity so doctors can get abetter view of your internal organs. I had so muchabdominal bloating that I looked like I was in the earlymonths of pregnancy.My advice is to use an over the counter gas remedy withsimethicone to help disperse the gas. Avoid gas producingfoods.
  5. 5. Pain...EverywhereUnfortunately, the incision site and all of the gas used to fillthe abdomen also causes sharp pain. This pain is usually inthe neck, chest, and back areas. I remember that trying tolay flat on my back was nearly impossible immediately aftersurgery. Of course, trying to get a good nights restbecomes difficult.Yes, it hurt to cough and laugh. There was no bending atthe waist and definitely no reaching to get items off of ahigh shelf. My suggestion: use a pillow to brace theabdomen when coughing or laughing. Try to walk as muchas possible to regain muscle strength and disperse gasbubbles.
  6. 6. Constipation PreoccupationSince youll probably be taking a narcotic pain medicationfor all of those gas pains, youll most likely experienceconstipation. Constipation is also caused by lack ofmovement and is natural side effect from abdominalsurgery. Solution...take small walks to get things movingagain.
  7. 7. Unending PeriodsOvarian cyst removal throws your entire reproductivesystem out of whack. So, you can look forward toexperiencing prolonged menstrual periods. Your firstperiod after surgery may be up to two weeks in length.Youve been warned!
  8. 8. Oops...Where Is My Voice?As with any surgery that requires the use of generalanesthesia, expect some vocal hoarseness. After mysurgery I had no voice for a week and a horrible barkingcough for a good week and a half. Invest in cough dropsand hot lemon tea.
  9. 9. ResourcesOvarian Cyst Miracle (OCM) is a holistic system thataddresses the underlying reasons for ovarian cysts. OCMhelps you get rid of your problematic dermoid ovarian cystnaturally.I wish that I had known about this non-invasive optionbefore I had my surgery. It would saved me loads of painand suffering. Visit the link below to eliminate your cyst now!