Stress Needs and Real Estate Investing


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Stress Needs and Real Estate Investing

  1. 1. Stress Management and Real Estate Investing Hello and for today’s investor tip I want to focus on a silent strain on your business and life, and that is stress. Even the most productive and successful people are not immune to the effects of stress. All individuals, at one time or another, encounter stress in their personal and professional pursuits. Managing and relieving stress is an important skill that often means the difference between personal success and psychological despair.The first step in understanding stress management is realizing the mostcommon types of stress-inducers. Stress inducers are things such as illnessor injury, financial pressure, family difficulties, change in living condition,and even holidays. Many people consider stress as a fact of life, and inrealty it is. Do not overlook the potential for harm caused by stress levelsthat go unchecked. Make no mistake: stress can become a very dangeroushealth problem. People who absorb too much stress are at great risk forhigh blood pressure, fatigue, heart disease, anxiety, eating disorders, andmany other health problems.Every person has his or her own methods of relieving stress. The mostimportant thing for anyone suffering the effects of excessive stress is to finda release that works for them. There are some common stress relievingtechniques that most people find useful.But before beginning to manage stress, you must first identify the source ofthe stress. Once you identify the stressor, begin developing ways to relieveit. On key technique is to make sure you are eating and sleeping properlyand also get some exercise. Implement a solid time management plan. Do
  2. 2. not let deadlines sneak up on you. Spread out your workload and rememberto make time for stress relieving activities. Set realistic goals. Make goalschallenging, but certainly achievable. Make time to have fun and distinguishwhat is and is not important to you. These are just a few techniques forrelieving stress and each individual will have certain techniques that workbest for them. Until next time keep your stress under control and heck takethe afternoon off tomorrow and visit for some low stressreal estate investing!Author Zack WiestEmail social@realestateseminar2011.comKeyword: PA Deals LLC Real Estate InvestorsResource Box Resource BoxZack Wiest is owner of PA Deals, LLC. They are a residential real estateinvestment firm located in Harrisburg, PA. Though founded in 2006, theprincipals of the company have been investing in real estate since the year2000. You can find out more about us at Real Estate Investing with PADeals, LLCSummary: The first step in understanding stress management is realizingthe most common types of stress-inducers. Stress inducers are things suchas illness or injury, financial pressure, family difficulties, change in livingcondition, and even holidays