Easy to Edit PowerPoint Map of Uruguay


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The editable map product has a wide range of slides which includes country map showing administrative regions (departments), the flag colors and major cities. There are slides for each department well. Also included is a slide of reusable icons with flag colors of Uruguay. Download our Uruguay PowerPoint Map at http://www.24point0.com/ppt-shop/uruguay-editable-ppt-map. Also download other editable PowerPoint products at www.24point0.com

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Easy to Edit PowerPoint Map of Uruguay

  1. 1.  All departments can be pulled apart and customized, including resizing. To re-color a departments, select it and customize accordingly from the Format tab. You can group the departments by selecting more than one department, right click and select Group > Group. To ungroup, go to Group > Ungroup. To know the name of each departments, open the Selection Pane To open the Selection Pane, go to the Home tab. Under the editing group click on the little arrow under “Select” and click on Selection Pane. You will now see the names of each department. To remove the 24point0 footer, go to the Master Slide (View > Slide Master) To place the maps into your corporate/personalized template, simply select all the slides and copy & paste them into your own template. This will also ensure the slides use the color scheme from the new template. To change color scheme, go to Design > Colors. You can use any of the preloaded themes or create your own. Download from 24point0
  2. 2. UruguayNational Capital BRAZIL ARGENTINA URUGUAY Atlantic Ocean MONTEVIDEO Download from 24point0
  3. 3. UruguayNational and State Capitals ARTIGAS Artigas Rivera RIVERA SALTO Salto Tacuarembó PAYSANDÚ TACUAREMBÓ Paysandú Melo CERRO LARGO RÍO NEGRO Fray Bentos DURAZNO TRIENTA-Y- TRES Durazno Treinta-y-Tres Mercedes SORIANO Trinidad FLORIDA FLORES LAVALLEJA Florida ROCHA SAN JOSÉ COLONIA Minas Rocha San José de Mayo Colonia del Sacramento MALDONADO Canelones CANELONES MONTE VIDEO Montevideo Maldonado Download from 24point0
  4. 4. UruguayMajor Cities Bella Union Artigas Termas del Arapey Rivera Mataojo Tranqueras Salto Biassini Tacuarembo El Eucaliptus Acegua Paysandu Guichon San Gregoria Melo Rio Branco Young Paso de los Toros Blanquillo Fray Bentos Vergare Mercedes Rincon de Durazno Treinta-y-Tres Palacio Sarandi Del Yi Dolores Jose Pedro Varela Trinidad Chuy Carmelo Florida San José de Mayo Rocha Colonia del Sacramento Minas Las Piedras San Carlos Santa Lucia Pando La Paloma Canelones Maldonado Punta del Este MONTEVIDEO Download from 24point0
  5. 5. UruguayTacuarembó Paso de las Caretas TACUAREMBO Tambores Marhinote Las Arenas Curtina Cuchilla Caraghuata Achar Blanquillos Chuchilla de Peralta San Gregoria Chamberlain Paso de los Toros Download from 24point0
  6. 6. UruguayBar Graph-02 5 4 3 2 1 0 Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4 Insert text  Insert text  Insert text  Insert text  Insert text Download from 24point0
  7. 7. Download from 24point0
  8. 8. Tips on using our PPT Products and ToolsClick here to find out how to customize and edit our PowerPoint Products and Tools http://www.24point0.com/using-editable-ppt-products/six-quick-tips/ Download from 24point0
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