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2010 spring companynewsletter

  1. 1. AROUND I T H E H O U S E 10 Ways to Celebrate Spring Winter has come to an end at last, and your Champion store if you have any just plant a few flowers, getting the spring is a time of renewal. Here are a concerns or questions. seeds growing in early spring instead few fun, productive ways to celebrate the of buying seedlings later on can save season and get ready for an active, fun- 5. Add Color. Why not cycle out your you a lot of money. All you need is a filled summer. old accessories and replace them with sunny window or, depending on your some new, colorful décor? Simple spring weather, a sheltered spot on 1. Clean Your Closets. Changing additions such as a new tablecloth, the porch. seasons is a perfect time to go through scented candles, a few throw pillows, your clothes and get rid of things you or a new area rug can make your 8. Plant a Tree. Early spring is the no longer wear. Make room for new home bright and cheerful. perfect time to plant trees. Why not purchases to update your look, and try growing a fruit tree this year? It bless someone else with your castoffs 6. Detail Your Car. Spend a couple of won’t bear fruit right away, but the by donating them to a thrift store or hours out in the sunshine washing sooner it’s in the ground the sooner holding a yard sale. your car’s exterior, wiping the you’ll be enjoying its bounty. Try an inside surfaces, cleaning floor mats, easy shade tree or a lovely ornamental 2. Clean Your Carpets. Get rid of those vacuuming seats and carpets. Use such as red maple or magnolia. muddy paw prints and the salt and organizational tools such as nets, bags grime the kids tracked in on their that slip over seat backs, and bins to 9. Plan a Summer Reading List. boots this winter. Look for spring contain the toys and tools that clutter Check out the bestsellers, and try specials from professional cleaners, or up your car. Add a new air freshener some classic favorites too. Save money do it yourself with a rented machine for a final touch. by visiting the library - you can place from the grocery or hardware store. popular titles on reserve. Many older 7. Start Seeds. Grab a few peat pots publications in public domain are 3. Spruce up Your Houseplants. It’s a and some potting soil and get a head available free online in eBook format. great time to give your indoor plants start on your garden! Whether your Why wait till summer? some attention: re-pot those that are want to grow a vegetable garden or root bound or need new soil, fertilize 10. Evaluate Your Winter. Was there them for spring growth, examine anything you would change? How them for insect or fungal problems, could you save on next winter’s and wipe dusty leaves with a heating bill or make your life easier damp cloth. when the snow falls? Remember, Champion is always happy to help 4. Wash Your Windows. There’s you plan for the future, whether those no better way to enjoy the brighter plans include new siding, windows, sunlight of springtime than through or a new insulated exterior door. We clean Champion windows! Take make home improvement easy, and some time to wipe window frames we can make next winter a lot and tracks, too, and examine more enjoyable! windows to see if maintenance is needed for screens or seals. Call Tell Us Your Story... And You Can Receive A $25 Visa Gift Card! One of the best reasons to buy a Champion product is the savings in your energy bill! Tell us how your utility bills have decreased. We would love to feature you and your story on our website, an ad, or our brochure! E-mail your story to ath@mycwm.com Deadline is May 31, 2010 for a chance to win! Please include your name, address and phone number.
  2. 2. Puzzle - Earth Day Make Every Day C E Y S G C C R E O T R C L G Earth Day N O L Y N I L C Q D N E A N Q T O I C N A O E E O E S C A J and appreciation for the Earth’s environment. V Q I A Y S E R A N M O S T G Considered the beginning of the modern environmental movement, Earth Day celebrations A P G T Y C E C E N N U N U F and programs have helped to educate the public E R Z S A G E R O R O R V R B about risks to the environment and concepts such as recycling. Visit these web sites for some great O O T R N V G R E M R C R E P ideas and tips on how you can get involved in saving the planet every day! F E C A E Y R T G W I E T L J M X D W A N A E E A V S A B B Champion Is P N N N W W E C S Y N K T R E Green Seal Certified E F I L D L I W A N E E I E J CARBON ENVIRONMENT ORGANIC C L I M A T E M A R O J B T P CLEAN GARDEN POLLUTION CLIMATE GREEN RECYCLE P O L L U T I O N B B C A T F CONSERVATION HABITAT RENEWABLE ECOSYSTEM LITTER RESOURCES N E D R A G R E E N L O H I O ENDANGERED NATURE WATER N K F Q G I J T P W N E N L K ENERGY OCEANS WILDLIFE Plant A Fruit Tree what will grow well in your choosing trees that bloom at the Everyone is looking for ways to own backyard. same time. save money these days, and growing Choose the right size. Unless you Get off to a good start. Dig a your own food is always a great idea. crave a big, old-fashioned fruit tree, generous hole for the root ball, and If you’re looking for the best return consider dwarf or semi-dwarf varieties. make sure the graft line is just above on your investment and effort, you Ranging in height from the dirt level. Gently can’t beat a fruit tree. Your trees may firm the soil with not produce right away, but in a few for small yards and easy to your foot, and stake years you’ll have a great payoff - food, harvest. Smaller varieties if needed. Water along with shade in the summer and a also tend to produce fruit well, and be sure to beautiful floral display in the spring. sooner than larger ones. water regularly until How do you choose what to plant? Provide pollinators. Some your tree is well While there are varieties that claim to are self-pollinating, but established. be hardy outside their usual region, it’s others need companions Train and prune. best to stick with trees well-suited for in order to produce fruit. You’ll want to snip off your zone. Apples do well just about You might get lucky with branches that cross, anywhere in the U.S., as do pears and your neighbors’ trees, but encouraging an open plums. Peaches may not do well north sometimes you’ll need to pattern of growth put two compatible varieties around a central close together. Ask your leader. This is best Consult your local garden center to see local nursery for help in done in winter or Recipe - Banana Bread What does banana bread have to do with Earth Day? You can “recycle” those bananas that are starting to turn brown! If you have a delicious recipe you would like to share with us in our next issue, e-mail us at ath@mycwm.com for a chance to be published. Deadline 5/31/10 Directions bananas. Stir banana mixture into flour mixture, just enough to moisten. Add nuts, if desired. before removing from pan.
  3. 3. New EPA Rules for Lead & Renovations The Environmental Protection Agency The EPA requires that homeowners residential and commercial buildings. has new rules to protect homeowners and tenants be made aware of these risks Workers need to be trained in lead-safe against lead exposure during renovations. before renovation begins. It also requires work practices to minimize occupants’ Could it affect your projects? the business to be a Lead Safe Certified exposure to lead hazards. If your home was built before Firm with special training, certification, Champion is an EPA Lead Safe Certified 1978, chances are the new rules and work practice requirements for all Firm. You can trust Champion to be on will impact every renovation and workers involved in renovations of both top of all these new requirements - all of improvement you make to your home, our installers are regularly trained and including window replacement, door their skills updated, so we can continue to replacement, siding installation, provide you the very best quality service, patio room construction, and more! and to protect you during all phases These projects can create lead dust and of your project. Champion really does chips, which can create a health risk. deliver your easiest home improvement This health risk is especially dangerous project ever! to young children and pregnant women. The EPA’s new rules are aimed at protecting residents of these older CHAMPION IS AN EPA homes - but as a homeowner, how can LEAD-SAFE CERTIFIED FIRM you protect yourself against violating these rules? Photo Contest Wild about your windows? Passionate about your patio room? Show us how you feel about your Champion product by sending us your best family photos enjoying your Champion products! Top 10 winners could be in our new brochure, on our web-site, and will win a $100 VISA gift card Suggestions: Reading and relaxing by your bay window, enjoying A Few Photo Tips your kitchen garden window, partying in your patio room, posing by your beautiful new front door, tossing 1. Make sure your picture is in focus a football in front of your siding. Whatever you do, the 2. Make sure your important thing is this: you’re not scraping, scrubbing camera is straight 3. Make sure your and painting - you’re enjoying the day! picture is interesting E-mail your photos to ath@mycwm.com 4. Play around with Please make sure your digital photos are the highest quality your flash on/off outdoors your camera can take. Please include your name, address and 5. Try changing your phone number. Any questions? E-mail ath@mycwm.com white balance outdoors from auto Deadline is May 31, 2010. to cloudy for a warmer picture By submitting photos, you are giving Champion Window permission to use 6. Make sure the your photo in all advertising communications. Good Luck! resolution is high 7. Use a tripod if possible Eating Right: It’s Not Just For People For most people, feeding the family dog a cheap brand of pet food can actually total food bill will be lower or equal to or cat is a simple matter of opening up a end up costing more money in the long what you’d be spending on budget brands. bag or a can and dishing it out. But did run- not to mention shortening your pet’s you know that life. Low quality ingredients, excessive Make It Yourself all pet food is not chemical additives, and poor labeling You don’t have to feed your pets created equal. standards can result in many health commercially manufactured foods. The Choosing the right problems for your pet, including allergies, best diet for your dog or cat may be food can make a skin problems, diabetes, and cancer. one you create yourself, using common big difference in ingredients that are just as healthy for your pet’s health at a specialty pet supply store or through people. To save time, you can prepare and longevity, and several days’ food in advance. There are commercial pet standards, do not add artificial dyes, and many resources in print and online to foods are not the add supplements such as vitamins and help you create the perfect homemade diet only option? antioxidants. Super premium foods are for your pet, including fresh meats, eggs, made with human-grade ingredients, vegetables, grains, and even fruit. You Get What and pack concentrated nutrition into Ask your veterinarian for advice when You Pay For smaller portion sizes. According to Nan choosing the right type of manufactured Everyone Weitzman and Ross Becker in The Dog pet food or creating a homemade diet. A wants to save Food Book, the main difference between little attention to what goes into your money whenever Economy, Premium, and Super Premium pet’s food will really pay off in terms of possible, but dog foods is the clean up. Less goes in ... his health and happiness, and you may cutting corners less comes out! You may end up feeding actually save money in the process. by purchasing at least half as much, which means your
  4. 4. 12121 Champion Way Cincinnati, OH 45241 The EASY choice is the BEST choice. ChampionFactoryDirect.com Tell Us Your Story... And You Can Receive A $25 Visa Gift Card! Send Us Your “Champion” Picture... And You Can Receive A $100 Visa Gift Card! Details Inside Check Out Our Website ChampionFactoryDirect.com To Find Out Why Champion Is The Right Choice! AROUND T H E H O U S E Referral Program $ 100 Are your family, friends and neighbors noticing your home’s HOMEOWNER new look? If they express an REFERRAL COUPON interest in what you’ve done, please give us their name. If the referral leads to a sale, we will Your Contact Information: Refer as many people as you like. Name _________________________________________________ Phone _____________________ Simply complete the referral Address ____________________________________________________________________________ coupon and mail it to your local City ___________________________________________ State_________ Zip __________________ Champion office. Look inside Referral Information: for great Name _________________________________________________ Phone _____________________ Spring tips Address ____________________________________________________________________________ and stories City ___________________________________________ State_________ Zip __________________ and Comments _____________________________________ Champion Contests! Date Submitted _________________________________