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  1. 1. Anti aging products can be found practically anywhere that cosmetics are sold. As people get older they sometimes begin to look at all the products offered as they race to combat the aging process. Everyone ages differently and while someone might not need anti aging products untiltheir in there fifties, other people tend to look in their late twenties.aging gracefully
  2. 2. There are many products available that can cater to your entire bodyfrom your hands to your face/neck and even your entire body Thatmakes the idea of wrinkles seem like there in the past! Althoughmany products claim to work, others may do nothing but moisturizethe skin It is important to know that products can work differently oneveryone and that trying various ones might be the answer to fightingthe aging process Yves Roches is a company that has been aroundfor a long time They have many different kinds of cosmetic productsbut they also have an anti-aging line One of their popular products isthe Bust Firming Cream
  3. 3. It is made with mangifera extract and rehydrating maple sap, it`sconcentrated and features SPA This cream is recommended for useevery day and there are specific instructions on the packaging forexact use Another product they offer is called `Anti aging bodytreatment ` It features ten botanical oils; it`s also scented and has amilky replenishing feel to it This product can be used on the wholebody; they also carry one for night time use and another for daytime,specifically for the neck and face Intense reconstruction bodylocation and anti dryness in 24 hours is another product offered byYves roches
  4. 4. It has over 30 oils and there is one for the eyes for night timeapplication, a deep regenerating one and a day/night time cream Lifteffect age defying body lotion serum with Shiitake is a product thatclaims to provide stronger and more revitalized skin over long timeuse There is also a similar product for anti-fatigue, a smooth erasercream and serum, a duo toner pack, a serum with shiitake and atoner with shiitake Borba is another cosmetic company that alsocarries an anti-aging product line They have an advanced agingcustom control cleanser, hand cream, recovery cream, revere andtone cream, and a deep wrinkle repair With all of the creamsavailable there is sure to be one that fits your direct need andconcern
  5. 5. They also carry a popular age defying aqua-less crystalline productthat comes with packets This product features the famous Acaiberry and it is high in antioxidants and it has a bio-vitamin complexEster Lauder is another very popular cosmetic company that has ananti-aging line They offer a product called Perfectionist, it says that itcan lift and firm and provide a wrinkle serum that offers great resultsThey also have an advanced night repair cream and a synchronizedrecovery complex cream and ultra firming cream lotion that is quiteliked by many consumers
  6. 6. You may seem baffled by all of the products available for theprevention of skin that looks aged They key is to find one or twoproducts and test them out for a few days or aging gracefully weeksYou can go by the recommendations of an expert or find the brandsand products that are best selling And keep in mind that everyone isdifferent so one product might not work for two people
  7. 7. aging gracefully